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Posted: 1 years ago

Hello Everyone,

Welcometo the KZK 2 Forum. We sincerely hope youhave a great time here. We take this opportunity to share the rules andregulations developed specifically for this section with all our membersto ensure a peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, members are requested toabide by these rules at all times in the forum.

No BashingIndia-forums.comCode of Conduct strictly forbids members from bashing fellow members,DT members and celebrities.   This includes the use of foul language, aswell as any personal remarks, i.e. how the actor looks like, as theyhave no control over it! We welcome members to share their constructivecriticism on the absurdity of the series's story line and character, aswell as to discuss the actor's talents, however, please refrain fromengaging in any kind of bashing, which may have severe consequences

 What some of you are doing is breaking the COC.

  • BashingDev. Team Members is strictly against IF Rules.  Warning Levels will beraised of members found bashing the Dev. Team. If you have any issuescontact the  GMs. 
  • No personal attack direct / indirect, abusive / sarcastic,  within or outside the forum (KZK 2 Forum) shall be tolerated.

Personal attack: Eachand every one are entitled to having their own point of view, likes anddislikes. Differences in opinions are bound to exist in a forum However, this does not permit one to attack theirfellow members for not sharing the same point of view. Let us respectour fellow members and refrain from making any provocative statements,which may only lead to unnecessary quarrels.

Memberscome here to relax and unwind. Quoting some one's post and making aharsh comment begets displeasure. You have no right to post any abusive,derogatory, insulting or sarcastic comments which is enough to hurt thesentiments of your fellow member. All these fictions are not worthhurting a fellow IF ian. Please do remember that!

Character BashingEveryonehas a favorite character and some people prefer unpopular charactersdue to the actor playing such characters. And for them its incrediblyoffensive to see bashing of such character to the extreme. Characterbashing frequently occurs when the hated character is seen as a threatto the fan's preferred ship or main leads. The act of depicting acharacter in a negative light for the purposes of blatantly showing fansand viewers how bad or terrible the character is but not to restorefilthy or abusive words. Filthy language and cheap words leaves a badtaste in people's mouths and creates unpleasant environment for themembers and fans. Please remember the serial is a fictional story withvarious plots and subplots. The actors and actresses are merelyprofessionals who are enacting their respective roles. So, theactor/actresses are different than the characters they play. If you donot like a character, criticize the character but NOT the actor. Samegoes to fans too. If you see a criticism against a character, please donot jump in to defend the actor/actress, for it is only the characterthat is getting criticized. If anyone is at fault then it is the storyplot.

Thereis a fine line between bashing and criticizing. It's one thing to beanalyst but another to instigate and mock. Things can be said in a morecivilized manner rather than being brutal. Also, there's a differencebetween real and reel. You cannot abuse the actor citing characterreferences. Insulting real people crosses a line, so if your characterbashing entails bashing the members who likes the character will not betolerated. Additionally, while criticizing, remember to not postanything unsavory that you wouldn't like hearing about yourself spokenby others. Please do not take the liberty to stereotype any fan bases.This will not be accepted at any cost. At the same time members shouldalso not resort to personal attacks or cyber bully other member justcause the other person have a different view then yours. Any derogatoryreferences or name callings against actors /characters/members/Dev teammembers are strictly a NO NO here

Indirectly Mocking Opinions and Pinpointing: Youall know exactly what we DT mean. It's been happening way to frequentlyhere and will not be entertained. You are free to express your opinionand have a healthy debate with one another. However, mocking and postinginstigating remarks on one's opinion will not be tolerated. If you aregoing to make a topic and mention "Oh, I don't get how many people thinkXYZ/ABC are ___" or "I have been seeing that many people are openingtopics based on _____" or "WTH? How can people not understand that ___isn't ____ and like do they not understand the show?" That means thatyou cannot mock/mention other member's opinions in your topics. Ifmembers want to speak they can do it themselves. You cannot be like -How mature or immature fans thinks, or how their opinion says a lotabout them, how stupid and what not. All these shall not be entertainedany more. You want to express your opinion, please do so in a civil wayand do not bring in Freedom of Speech as Human Rights when the wholemeaning are simply misinterpreted according to one's benefit. We DTrespect Freedom of Speech but one should also be well enough to judge onif they have used their Rights of Freedom of Speech responsibly. Anyindividual and topic seen mocking opinions and pinpointing will see adirect warning level increase of 20% and the topic shall be closed. 

Name CallingWhilecriticizing something, there are times when members tend to gooverboard and use certain derogatory and downright offensive words whichshouldn't be used for any celebrity/member/DT member. Please rememberthat any derogatory references, comparing celebrity/member to animal orname calling any person [celebrity/member/DT member] is against forumrules, and strict action will be taken against those who indulge in it.Name calling is allowed only and only if it is used to describe acharacter or his/her behavior. Also, names used in the show can also beused given it is used in context of the show or particular scene it wasused for and not otherwise to take dig/mock the character. Any abusivenames are not allowed and will be edited or removed at the DT'sdiscretion.

No Slangs/Swear words/Curses/ Profanity in Posts : Theuse of foul language is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the forum. Whether theword is written in its complete format or abbreviated, it is still notallowed under any circumstances.  This is a family friendly forum.Hence, anyone found using swear words, curses, slang's or profanity willhave to face serious action. If members do come across such languageplease do report the post.  Use of such language will lead to warningsand warning level raised for repeat offenders.

Counter-Posting: Refrainfrom making counter posts on the forum, for example if you see a postwhich you feel you do not agree with in believe to beinsulting/instigatory or abusive, DO NOT then go an create another topicin relation to it counter arguing the post maker, this only leads tofurther disrests and more arguments breaking out in the forum. Don't sayother fan-group/member started it and what you did was in retaliationto that. You are responsible for your own actions and the circumstancesare insignificant there. If you have any issue with regards to anymember contact the section Dev Team. If you come across any posts whichyou believe are not in accordance with the IF COC just REPORT and letthe Global moderators to handle the situation.

No Moral Policing: Everyoneis welcome to express their opinions within the forum rules and IF COC.We would prefer members to stop preaching on the forum telling memberswhat to do what not. Let the moderators decide what is needed on thisforum and what is not or what one member is allowed to do or not. Youcannot stop someone from posting in any topic or making new topics. Donot become a moral police on the forum. If you find anyone breachingrules, please Report the topic and or contact the GMs.  We will dealwith the issue at the earliest possible.

India-Forumsis a platform to allow everyone to express their opinions freely withinthe COC and respectable limitations. Members have the freedom toexpress their own perspective, which may disagree and or contradictsomeone else's point of view. 

Disclaimers: Anyposts that we see with people telling others what to do, to leave theforum because they belong to one fan group, or anything along thoselines, will be removed. Any posts that we see with a "PS: Bashers stayaway", "Only for ____ fans", etc. containing disclaimers will be editedby Dev Team. If member is found doing the same even afterreminders/warnings it will lead to warning level raise.

Editing Post: Asyou all must be aware by the forum as well as IF rules, please abide tothem while making comments. Sometimes certain thread reaches many pagesbefore coming to DT attention. On such threads MODS are not liable toedit each and every comment which is against the rules. Members shouldbe accountable themselves on what they post and NOT hold the DTresponsible for not editing such comments and closing the topic.Additionally, any post made with a sole intention for mocking andinstigation which leads to ruckus in the forum will be trashed without anote. Additionally, when a title has been amended by a Dev Team or anote has been put into a members posts, please refrain from editing suchposts, this will be seen as going against the code of conduct and themembers will be reprimanded.

Before postingBeforestarting a topic please check the first 3 page of the forum. If asimilar topic is already opened, comment there. All the similar topicsopened later will be merged with the one opened first!

Morphed Pictures and SignaturesPleaserefrain from posting fake or morphed images intended to defame/ridicule /abuse any celebrity &/member. This includes posting animalimages with the intent to be sarcastic and bash any member/celebrity.Any morphing OR merging faces of celebrities onto existing (original)pictures from other sources are STRICTLY prohibited on highly violates the copyrights of the original picture and suchactivity will not be tolerated! If anyone is seen to engage in suchactivity will receive raise in W/L without any further question.Furthermore, those morphed creations will be removed from the posts,immediately once it comes into the development team's attention. Signatures attacking taking dig at any fandom will not be tolerated. Atall times  *ATTN.- Guidelines/Rules/Specifications/etc* rules will apply towards any creations.

Use of Caps: Avoid usingcaps and big font for an entire sentence or post as it representsshouting on a public forum. You can use caps to emphasize a word or two.But Using CAPS in all your post is not allowed.

Quoting: Pleaserefrain from quoting long posts and/or multiple posts at once, as itlengthens the posts and may also alter the codes, making it difficultfor the readers. If you wish to reply to a post by someone else, simplyquote the member's post and delete the parts other than the ones youwish to address. You may also use @ followed by the member's name (forexample: @Username: your point).

Multiple ID (MID): India-forums.comCode of Conduct strictly prohibits members from having multiple IDs.Please refrain from making MIDs, especially to bash celebrities,characters and/ or member. If ever convicted with having MIDs, allexcept the most active ID will be inactivated, followed by a raise inW/L to the active ID. And not every newbie is an MID - some aregenuine members so do NOT attack members who belongs to newbie ladder bygeneralize them as MIDs. If Members suspect MID they are requested tocontact DT. We DT will look into the matter but under no circumstancesare members allowed to bully newbies or groupbie claiming then as  MIDsin the Forum. In addition, we kindly request members to refrain fromcreating MIDs purposely to cause chaos and fights between the members.If anyone is seen to engage in such activities, the original ID will geta warning level raise and MIDs will be banned, without furtherquestion.

Havingsaid that additional ids for FFs, ATs and creation galleries will betaken in consideration as long as it is used for the specified purposeonly and not otherwise. 

Past Shows and Comparisons:ATTN : Reg Comparison of KZK1 and KZK2

Bringing physical attributes into discussion:  Suchnegative posts are strict NO as far as IF rules go. Anyone now onwardsfound making negative posts on physical appearances of acharacter/actor/fellow member will face strict action, even indirectmention of the matter will not be entertained.

Personal lives & Non KZK 2 TopicsThissection is only intended for the discussion of the show, KZK 2, andtopics related to it. Any topics or posts about the personal lives ofthe actors or makers outside the show will NOT be allowed unless it has aclear and direct relationship to the show. Any topics or posts judgingor commenting on the personal life of the actors will not beallowed. Actors personal life can be discussed ONLY if its published inmedia and members do have a source to verify it. Any other baselessspeculations about the actors private life or link ups between co starswill not be TOLERATED.

Accounts,email addresses and personal pictures/information of actors are notallowed to be posted or revealed unless they themselves give it.Remember it is their personal life and they would not feel comfortable.Also, posting your email address on open forum is not allowed - itreally isn't safe as it gives an open invitation to spam attacks on yourEmail ID.

Inaddition to these, discussion of reality shows where actors of SBRKhave participated or will do so in future are not to be discussed in theforum. Members are requested to use either the allocated forum of theshow or CFC forum or their respective ATs for such discussions.

Issues on External Sites: Weunderstand that social networking sites are an integral part ofcommunication in the cyber world. And therefore we understand thatTwitter/Facebook /Instagram accounts of celebrities are religiouslyfollowed by fans for news/updates. But please understand that whileposting show/character related content from cast/crew, production houseand official sources  accounts is allowed, there is absolutely NO needfor members to be posting their own discussions from these said externalwebsites onto IF. Any personal discussions/issues occurring betweenmembers on external sites will NOT be allowed on IF.  Personaltweets/Instagram/facebook updates of the actors/actress can only beshared in the respective ATs which is irrelevant to the show. And anyfights between different fangroups will not be allowed to be discussedhere from social networking sites!

Please refer here for further clarifications: External Content from Social Networking Sites.           

Sharing Personal Information and PrivacyYouare welcome to discuss PROFESSIONAL updates by the celebrities andproduction house associated with SBRK but any PERSONAL photographs andupdates will NOT be allowed on IF either. They may be celebrities buteveryone is entitled to their privacy and as such that right will berespected.

Additionally, Donot share your personal information with others on the net. If you aresharing any information with an unknown person you are doing that atyour own risk. The conversation that takes place in private messages,face book, messenger between two people is between them and not to beshared in the open forum. Privacy and safety of members is of the primeimportance in IF. If anyone is found sharing members private andpersonal content from other social networking site on IF, they will beheld responsible for breaching privacy and should be prepared for theconsequences. 

Forum and Development Team related Issues:  Donot bring forum issues into the threads under any circumstances. If youhave any problems with any of the threads on the forum either reportthem or PM the Development team members of the forum. DO NOT createposts to discuss forum issues and DO NOT start discussing forum issuesin threads already open.

TheDT is not allowed to disclose what we are doing with certain threads orwhat action we are taking so please don't try to make judgments on ourdecisions because we just don't go through the topics you guys reportbut through EVERYTHING in that particular thread. Just because we don'thighlight step by step as to which action was taken against whichmember, it doesn't mean action wasn't taken. If you have a problem, PMthe Dev Team members. Also once a DT member has posted a note on athread regarding rule breaking, please refrain from further dragging thematter in the thread.

Reporting an Issue: Pleasedo not report the same post more than once. Member reporting the samepost multiple times will receive PM warning and if it continues therewill be raise in Warning Level too. This rule certainly does not intendto discourage the members from reporting but often same post is reportedmultiple times from the same member. Please do understand that DT needsat least 24-48 hrs to work on the reported post and simply pressing thereport button multiple times will only delay the process. Somesituations demand the time and consultation of people and hence taketime to get back.

Report Button/Response TimePleasekeep in mind that the Moderators are also members like yourself. Wewould also want to have the time to make posts like yourself and discusswith our friends; and we also have a personal life. Meaning, we cannotbe around to babysit the forum 24/7. Please allow a reasonable timeframe of 48 hours. We try to address issues and respond to PMs andReports as soon as we can get to them, but we request you to grant ussome leverage as well. Instead of mass PMing it would appreciated if oneperson PM's the concerned DT with regards to the issue.

Appreciation Threads:

Appreciationthreads are to be used to praise and appreciate particular favoriteactor/actress/characters. All discussions related to actor's/actressperformance, looks, style and personality can be confined to  ATs.

Anynegative(bashing/filthy language) comments/opinion on othercharacters/actors or on storyline that are not relevant to the thread'stopic, scene or actor/characters scene with other characters should NOTbe discussed here. Members can discuss relevant scene where othercharacters are involved but no speculation or hint about non-existentcouple/love angle! We are forced to implement this restriction becausemany members asked for a place where they can discuss about theirfavorites while being free of the negativity towards them that theymight encounter elsewhere in the main forum. Main purpose is bond herewith other members who likes the same thing, while being free ofnegativity towards what they likes. 

Chatting -Members seem to be more into chatting so please reduce the personal chattingbecause we do have a chat club for that purpose so keep that in mind.However, we do allow  chatting in ATs, provided it is related tothis AT alone. Additionally Do not spam with just emotions/numbers toincrease post count/pages. Do not quote long quotes. You can quote threeposts maximum and they should be small.

ATs are open foreveryone, however, do not invade the AT with the purpose to rile up thefans or instigate them.  Everyone has their right to voice out theiropinions and should NOT be judged/generalized based on theirlikes/dislikes. If any of your fellow members/friends fails to followthe rules, kindly ask them to edit out or tell them its wrong ratherthan joining them and aggravate the issues further and equallyresponsible for carrying forward an unfavorable situation. Hence beresponsible and take responsibility because that way you may preventaction taken against your AT thread!

ATs/discussions threads canNOT be used to target other members and NO pinpointing activity/mock ortaking digs here toward other fan groups.Any derogatory references orname callings against actors /characters/members/Dev team members arestrictly PROHIBITED here.

Report - Ifyou see anyone breaching the rules in any of the threads in the mainforum, you will not come here and rant it out about it and snowball theissue further! Instead make use of the "REPORT" button and report thethread by stating the reason clearly. As soon as the Dev Team comesonline they would take the necessary action.

We can assure youguys that we only takes action where it's legit reason. However, here isa little catch for the stalkers who just want to report in order to getthe AT closed down - If you report any post/comments that has no legitreason, you will be reliable for action against you for stalking.

Penalties: Ifthe DT sees more than 3 people breaking the AT rules constantly for aweek, the effects of violations will kick start, which go as follows:

First Violation - Warning Note

2nd - Another Warning Note 

3rd - Another Warning Note

4th - Close the AT for 24 hrs (1 Day) 

5th - Close AT for 72 hrs (3 Days)

6th - Close AT for 1 week (7 Days) 

7th - Get rid of AT completely from the SBRK Forum/Shift it to Celebrity Fan Club Forum!

Therules are applicable for multiple violation and not single post as itwill be dealt individually! Having said that, please do not assume thatevery report submitted by opposite fan group will be entertained. Wewill go through the reports and only if we find the report valid basedon above rules, then we will speak to the Admins of the AT and actionwill be taken accordingly as stated above.

Avatar/Signature rules:

India-forumshas got many great talents and their creations tempt us to adorn oursignature boxes. We want every members to take a look at the followingnew rules and abide by it:

*ATTN.- Guidelines/Rules/Specifications/etc*

Anyonewho doesn't abide by the rules, will be asked to take down theirsignatures and may face consequences by the Development Team!

Refrainfrom posting fake or morphed images intended to defame/ ridicule /abuseany celebrity &/member. This includes posting animal images withthe intent to be sarcastic and bash any member/celebrity. Signaturesattacking taking dig at any fandom will not be tolerated. At all timesAvatar & Signature Shop Rules rules will apply towards anycreations.

Fan Fiction - Adult contents:

Thistopic has been extremely controversial at this forum for both thewriters and the Dev Team members. Due to the increased problems the DThas to face regarding the mature content, FF DT has wrote details hereabout what and whats not allowed:

Mature Content In FFs

RPF (Real People Fiction), isa genre of fan fiction written about actual people, rather thancharacters potrayed in a book, movie, or TV show. We do understandfandom love their preferred actors so much that sometimes , they writefictional stories based on supposed real life events/history/articles.Example : RPF writers build a fictional universe , where in a celebrityis involved in a supposedly real relationship with anothercelebrity/costar. India-Forums DOES NOT find such RPF acceptable in anymanner. Members may write about the Characters based on a TV show butNOT about the actors who portray them.


Pleaseunderstand that freedoms in the forum are accompanied by an expectationof MATURE behaviour and CIVIL discourse and if these two are seenlacking, then such freedoms will also be revoked. Our primary concern isto keep the forum open for HEALTHY discussion and if members do notdemonstrate a capability to indulge in healthy discussion with thepresent liberties than rules WILL be redesigned to help us all inreaching that healthy environment. 


In addition to the above-mentioned rules, the following rules apply to the SBRK forum:

Regarding Fun Names/Nicknames: Therewill be no allowances given for the use of nicknames, unless it is anickname that is already being used in the sure.  Regardless of whetherthe term being used is as a form of entertainment or abuse, it will notbe allowed.  The use of nicknames/fun names is very much subjective andwhat one member considered a name to be fair use may not be taken in thesame manner by others.

No Fanbase Groupism Or Instigating/Bullying any Member/Fan base: Nosingle fan group will try to dominate or create a ruckus on the forum.Tolerate and learn to respect other's choices. Please do NOT rile orinstigate any fan base group or member. Name calling or code names areNOT allowed towards any member or fan group. If found, strict actionwill be taken against the offender/s in question.

No Provocative Signatures or DP Wars Allowed : Signature/DPwar is NOT allowed among members. So please ensure that your signatureor DP is directly or indirectly not pointing to any member on the forum,fan base or actor on the show.While posting signatures/videos ensurethat none of the content carries any hate speech towards anyNationality/religion/region/ethnicity/race/community. No one is allowedadvertising external blogs, sites using their signatures on IF, as thatbreaches forum rules. Similarly, using offensive signatures, in a mannerto rile fan bases and start a signature war of sorts, is strictlyprohibited. Any signature or DP which is derogatory or meant to createchaos in the forum will be removed immediately and if the membercontinues to display it then the offender will receive an increase inthe Warning Level.

Also,please refrain from passing comments against a particular fangroup: Comments such as "Oh fans of XYZ actor are always bashing ABC,and they expect us to sit and listen" are NOT allowed. Such comments donothing except create animosity between the members and disrupt theatmosphere of the forum. If you do feel that certain members are actingin an unruly manner, please feel free to present your POV via PMs to theDT, and let the DT intervene and take the needed action.

Regarding Abusive/Threatening PMs : Abusiveand/or threatening PMs should be taken up directly with the DT orhigher admins. Please do not make PM's public knowledge or use the forumas a way to target another member. It will not be tolerated and youwill be held equally responsible as the other member.

In addition to the above mentioned section guidelines, at all times Participation Guidelines & Rules  will be in effect. We hereby hope that all of you will abide by these rules. 

We hope to have everyone's understanding.



 Final Reminder To Everyone:IMPORTANT

 IMP -ATs & EDT Moderation

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Posted: 1 years ago
Hello EveryoneHug

Welcome to the forum!!

There is lot of excitement for this show, which is a reboot of  Kasauti Zindagi Kay (Original, let's call it KZK1 for reference)  , the production house, character names  are same, however the cast is different , presuming story/scenarios and characterizations might be different and keeping that in mind, any SORT of direct or indirect comparisons between the two shows, story, plot, tracks , the actors, their physical attributes, acting skills, or TRPs, of these two shows ( KZK1 and KZK2) with an intention to belittle, mock, demean, incite to  start a fan war,  will NOT be tolerated in the forum. Please refrain from all sorts of satirical/inciting/taunting remarks or comments against any of the two.

 Please avoid any  direct or indirect comparison posts between the two seasons... as these topics usually incite fanwars in the forum. Also please refrain from discussing or sharing any information about the cast/crew of KZK1 who are NOT part of KZK2 . Lastly strictly refrain from discussing previous shows/co-stars of the current stars in this forum. Breach of these rules will dealt accordingly !

All topics discussing KZK1 or comparing these two seasons will be closed right away and repeated offenders will be dealt accordingly .

This forum is for KZK 2 ,and we will confine it to KZK2 discussions ONLY  

For all KZK 1 discussions please use this thread 
KZK Season 1 Discussions HERE ONLY

Hoping for your complete compliance here:)

Have fun and enjoy the show!!

KZK-2 Dev Team
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Posted: 1 years ago

Munni Mod came on scooty

to do her mod wali duty

fandoms ki lanka note se looty

but mod munni u r still a cutie smiley37

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Posted: 1 years ago

Hello Everyone

This note is to address the recent issue in the forum, we request all  members to follow the hierarchy, , first please contact forum moderators (   munnihyderabad )  for any permissions needed or for any  of the forum issues , getting back door deals with respect to getting permissions or getting WLs lowered from GMs/Admins will NOT be allowed in the forum as they may   not be aware of the forum at ground level and the forum DT reserves the right to revert any such decisions, if need be .  As long as we both are here in this forum as mods , we will be your first point of contact, however if you guys have any issues or complaints against us with regards to our moderating , please contact Global Moderator Jyoti06 as next in hierarchy .


Edited by -RD- - 1 years ago
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Posted: 10 months ago

Hello Folks

Munni is also mod for BB forum so to just to make it more streamlined the following be in effect from now for the following threads:

AnuPre AT - any issues around this thread or any issues members of this AT have with things in forum should be directed to -RD-

Similarly for PreRish AT contact is Munni

For  Anu AT and Pre AT contact is Munni

For KSG AT: -RD-

For EDT: Munni 

All other forum  threads concerns issues will be dealt by both RD and Munni as usual.

This process will hold true till BB is on air. However if either of us is unavailable  u can always contact the other.


KZk 2 DT

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Posted: 9 months ago

Hello Everyone 

This is to notify all the forum members regarding the ongoing issues in the KZK 2 forum , we have decided to put a cease  on topics dedicated to Rishab Bajaj / PreRish , both criticisms and appraisal, for and against topics, based on past episodes or general impact (positive or negative) of the character,   for the time he is out of the show.  

Topics can be made on these lines : 

- A completely dedicated topic to Rishab Bajaj, be it appraisal or critical IS NOT to be made in the forum until his comeback , any topics made to criticize will be removed or locked with no further note and all praise/appraisal topics will be merged in respective AT . 

- A tweet regarding RB's come back (from Ekta or team)/teaser/promo can be discussed 

- VMs/media/print interviews/Fan Fictions or any news from the PH/actor/Ekta can be shared and discussed .

-If Prerna has any flashbacks of RB or Kukki in an episode a topic can be made and discussed like any other topic which cater to episode discussions. 

- If any character mentions or discusses RB or Bajaj family or if Mehra is shown , in an episode that can be discussed in a separate topic .

-RB can be discussed as reference but no point in making new topics, based on past episodes or general impact of the character,   just to rile up either of the fandoms , by posting appraisal or critical topics. 

Another point to be made, just because Rishab Bajaj character is out doesn't mean the fandom should leave the forum or they are not supposed to discuss a general  episode . 

All the fangroups can stay in the forum, irrespective of whose fan you are  and discuss the episodes and show amicably and cordially . 

IF a character has a break from the show, there is no point in continued discussions and fanwars based on that particular character, in the forum.  Let's  give some respite to the forum and the fanwars there by.

Thanks and Regards,
KZK 2 and IF DT 

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