Esha Gupta gets mercilessly trolled for wishing Happy Republic Day

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Posted: 4 years ago

It's India's 73rd Independence day today and the entire internet is flooded with a zillion wishes and celebratory messages. All the Btown celebrities too have taken to their social media accounts and posted pictures of the Tricolor and messages of Vande Maratarm. 

Esha Gupta too took to her social media account and wrote,"Gantantra ke hardik shubkamnaye" to her fans to wish them a Happy Independence Day. What she didn't realize was that the netizens would come after her life. 

They trolled her left, right and center and mocked her for her carelessness of confusing Independence day with Republic day. Some trolls said,"Did you mean, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi?" and some mocked her with memes. Have a look:

Later from Esha's account a few other messages asking for numbers and direct messages were posted. The actress then claimed that her account got hacked. She wrote,"Account hacked please don’t open or respond to any DM through this account. Thanks." After a few hours she wrote,"Finally got the account back in order. Thanks to a lot of people who informed me on IG. (P.S-don’t change your password if you get a mail about any suspicious activity on twitter and asks you to change the password as that can lead to hacking)."


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Posted: 4 years ago

These actors call themselves creative artists but cant come up with a creative excuse ever. Har baar same stale excuse of account getting hacked😆

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Posted: 4 years ago

Drama company people drama...😆