Lets Discuss Site Issues and Site Updates Here 😇

Posted: 2019-07-01T11:31:25Z

Hi All,

Please share the site issues that you are facing here as this will help us understand which feature to prioritise.

At the moment I am working on the following and we are hoping to fix it by end of this week:

  1. Email alerts on receiving PMs / Slambook / Scrapbook / Testimonials
  2. Feature to add link in Signatures ( 
  3. Processing the entire forum database to show Old Images which still exists and remove the ones which no longer works. This will speed up the site also since it will no longer try to access non-existent images while loading the page.
  4. Updating old forum links to new links so that its faster to access them.
  5. Only https links will work.

Thank you for being very patient with us and supporting us.


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Posted: 2019-07-01T11:32:43Z

Update Log:

  1. Last week we have worked on the speed issues so that the site loads much faster compared to other sites and will continue to further optimise it.
  2. We have successfully scanned and updated Images in Forum Posts so that it shows up properly. Old Images which no longer exists or does not support HTTPS has been removed.
  3. Chaska Meter Rating Started
  4. PM Notification Alert is now working again.
  5. Show Signature is now enabled by default and can also be edited in the Edit Post page.
  6. Member search has been added to the Site Search.
  7. Show Members Past Usernames in their profile.
  8. Buddy Search is now working
  9. Last User Visit Date is now showing in the Hover Card
  10. Friends Count is done. (Coming)
  11. Image Signatures and Links now working.
  12. Replying to PM will now contain the earlier PM in quotes. 
  13. Show Image Signatures option added to the Forum Post page.
  14. Page count has been added to the Topic Search.

More update will be posted soon.

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Posted: 2019-07-01T11:46:50Z

We have not been recieving notifications for the PMs for like more than two weeks now. I hope that is fixed soon.

Posted: 2019-07-01T11:49:28Z

Thanks for this thread.

Where are the moderators. Our requests are being ignored. Please open all the requested forums.


Posted: 2019-07-01T11:58:39Z

Hi vijay

Do see following issues below if it is too long I underlined main points

1. Please get back avatar/ gifs and signatures asapI loved having a gif on my profile and signature box made the forum so colourful. Please try to allow longer gifs on laptop/PC if  you want you can disable showing gifs on mobile/IF app. Also please do something so show signature is in settings option, not something we have to tick every time before it was done automatically from settings

2. I am not able to send multiple PMs of the 20 limit. the username gets messed up even if I copy and paste it and checklist does not work. 

when using checklist even if I only tick 10 people or less it says

500 OOPS, Internal Server Error

We’re experiencing an internal server problem.
Please try back later, or 

Also if 1 username is wrong despite copy and pasting it no PM gets sent. Allow us to PM 50 people in one go.  I get random errors when sending PMs no external links allowed, no long PMs etc sometimes my PM is not delivered without giving any reason.I want a record of previous pms to that user within the same PM like before otherwise I forget the whole chat. PMs have no search bar does not let me check by the username only by title. There are no PM notifications like before I do not want any email notification.

3. I am not able to block people I can only block people in my buddy list that is not useful. It is weird to make someone accept me as a buddy then block them and what about the old block lists?smiley5

4. Slambook, scrapbook and testimonials are still not working properly some are blank or disappeared or not showing. I am not able to send a link in scrapbooks even if it is IF link at least internal links and youtube links should be allowed. Please look into this.Some of my scraps/testimonials have gone

5. Allow us to turn all notifications off if we want to e.g. facebook and twitter 

6. We need more variation in colours and font styles the old font styles were good 

7. please try and get no copy on the whole of pg1 

8. My last 10 topics was useful because I liked to know if anybody replied to recent topics I posted in. I felt it was more useful than notifications. 

9. The screen is too bright in the individual topics. You can consider more than 1 colour as Twitter has night mode

10. My post in topics keep changing page number in certain threads, for example, it was on pg15 it goes to page 14

11. one more issue is the banner of forums it is enlarged so this hampers the quality. Also why is the show name on top of the banner it would be better if the show name shows below the banner only not on top of the banner? The show name is already on the banner and below it. IF should add the show name maybe below the banner because on top of it looks bad.

12.  Allow us to go on penultimate pg too  when I go on the last page button it mostly goes on quick reply instead of the last page still

13. when is the show forums ranking going to be updated?

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Posted: 2019-07-01T12:17:57Z

Originally posted by altgr

Thanks for this thread.

Where are the moderators. Our requests are being ignored. Please open all the requested forums.


Will get it done. 

Posted: 2019-07-01T12:28:19Z

Originally posted by Octothorpe

We have not been recieving notifications for the PMs for like more than two weeks now. I hope that is fixed soon.

Will look into it tomorrow and get it fixed.


Posted: 2019-07-01T12:43:23Z

Sir thanx for open new thread

Sir when will pics updated in sing. banner is back

Search option &no. Of friends still pending list option

Creating a poll it's very difficult mostly time 500 error and very messy

Hall of fame option is back or not

Difficult to click  show sing every time when post

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