Happy Birthday Randeep Rai- The Enigma Jhansi Aur Humare Dilon Ka Raja

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Randeep Rai, to the world a name synonymous to an awesome actor, a charming personality, a brilliant performer par excellence, a perfectionist and an equally talented and dedicated artist, who has always put in an extra effort to bring alive and justify the character he plays on screen.

The name is just not confined as an actor, but Randeep is an equally dedicated son, brother, and an outstanding trusting and caring friend. His life is an amalgamation of his work and fun, with the support of his family. Filled with zest, he is lively and lives life utmost with a streak of adventure and daunting with courage. His approach to life is reflected in his work and attitude, which takes him an extra mile!

Over the span of years of his survival in the Television industry Randeep has been associated with several projects and campaigns. Ranging from print media assignments, corporate film projects to over a few television serials he has touched upon a variety of roles. Randeep's first venture into television as Kabir to his latest avatar Sameer, in this duration not only his journey as an actor has been fulfilling, but also a journey to be cherished with the constant audience support and appreciation backing him all the way he has always starved to only better his work. His never give up attitude and sheer professionalism is appreciated by his Co-stars and all this producers and Creatives, and his easy going nature has never failed to earn him friends in every project he has touched upon.

His sweet naughty cute and adorable histrionics have always been loved and left Us, the audience, at awe and incessantly demanding for more. Randeep always had the capability of bringing smile to even a morose soul and has the charm to give wings to our imaginations and has always faithfully taken us along him in his flight...

Today, on 8th of June, as we all gather to celebrate Randeep's 26th Birthday, lets all take a plunge into the pool of memories, a trip down the memory lane!

We wish he achieves great heights of Success, an epitome of Happiness , Health and Wisdom and flies higher and higher and always soars up and reaches beyond  the sky unto the Stars that shine bright...for the Sky is not the limit for Him!!

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Hailing from Jhansi Uttar Pradesh Mr. Rai born on June 8th 1993. He is ladla of his family proud son of his parents and best friend of his big brother.

He did his schooling from Christ the king college Jhansi. Then joined MIT college in pune where he graduated as a bachelor of commerce.

He belong from a business family but his dream was something big. He always wanted to become famous. And he followed his dream, trusted himself and came to Mumbai the city of dreams to achieve stardom.

Randeep Rai started his acting career in 2014 by playing the role of Kabir Scindia in Channel V's "O gujariya badle chal duniya". Before acting career he has done commercial with big stars like Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Disha patani and Ranveer Singh. He has done almost 120 television commercial. Soon he is going to debut in Bollywood in the movie " Saroj Ka Rishta" with Sanah Kapoor directed by Abhishek Saxena.

He has been part of many TV series like Diya Aur Bati Hum, O Gujariya, Pyar Tune Kya Kiya, Secret Diaries, Big F season 1, Yeh Hai Ashiqui.

In 2017 he lost 11 kgs of weight in 3 months to look like a 16 year old school going boy for the role of Sameer Maheshwari in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat hai. He also grew his hair to look like 90s Salman Khan as the look of his role was inspired from him.

In 2018 he was nominated as best actor male popular in ITA. He stood 16th in Biz Asia's TV personality list 2018. And in the same year he bought his own house. Ever since he came to Mumbai he had been living in rented apartment but by his struggle and handwork he achieved his dream.

Randeep's work till date-

O Gujariya Badle Chal Duniya (Channel V) as Kabir Scindia

Secret Diaries (Channel V) as Rishi

Emotional Atyachar (BINDAAS) as Rohit

Yeh Hai Ashiqui (BINDAAS) as Shashank & Vikas (2 episode)

Fear Files (Zee TV) as Ankit

Tujhse Naaraz Nahin Zindagi (And TV)

Big F season 1 (MTV) as Nakul Desai

Pyar Tune Kya Kiya (Zing) as Mohit

Diya Aur Bati Hum (Star plus) as Aryan Rathi

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai (Sony TV) as Sameer Maheshwari

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Navbharat Times IV

What do you do in your spare time, if you get any

We generally don't get a day off from shoot, but whenever I get an off, I try to meet the 4-5 friends of mine, if they're free, and plan to go for a movie with them or invite them for lunch or dinner at my place.

Are you a big movie buff? 

I like watching movies, but as I said, I shoot 26-27 days a month, so I don't get time. But whenever I get time, I try to watch 2-3 movies in a day.

Bollywood crush?

I had said this some time back, that I have a huge crush. Earlier it was Deepika, but now it's Sara Ali Khan. I had even DMed Sara but she hasn't replied yet.

Single or taken?

Right now, I'm single but I want to meet a nice girl whom I can date and spend the rest of my life with.

Best or worst date till now?

I've had a teenage relationship in school, you know just talking on phone, no meets, because I'm from a small town so meeting isn't possible there. So all my dates have been very kiddish, like just eating together. But since I've come to Mumbai, I'm single, but now I want to date someone.

Would you date a fan?

Why not! Fans are also humans and if I feel that I like a girl and she too likes me a lot, then I would like to date her.

You're from Jhansi and now you're a big star. Do you feel like you've made Jhansi proud?

I wouldn't call myself a big star; it's your kindness to call me that. I feel nobody becomes a star by themselves, audience make them a star. I believe, things have just begun now, I have a long journey ahead and I'm working hard on that.

If not as an actor, where do you see yourself?

If I wouldn't have been an actor, I would've been struggling to become an actor because I've already said I've always loved fame, which comes from three things in India- cricket, politics and acting. Politics and cricket have always been a little far from me. So I thought acting is a bit easier, so let's do that.

Your reason for not choosing cricket has been very interesting, would you like to share that?

I've always had problems because of heat and sunlight. I never used to step out in sunlight. So that's why I never opted for it.

What about the struggle then?

I'm struggling now.

Tell us something about your upcoming movie.

It's a story based in Ghaziabad. It has Sanah Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor's sister in it along with Gaurav Pandey and me. Hopefully, it will be releasing in August 2019. I'm hoping people like the film and my character in it.

How was your experience in it?

It was very different for me because I'm doing a show since two years and show life is really busy because we have to shoot 26-27 days, so you don't have much time to think or know your character that well. But in films, you get the time and briefing about your character, and doing scenes is lot more easier. So it was a different and nice experience. It's not like TV experience is not nice, both are good in their own place.

Can you ever choose between TV and films?

I've always said that I have never categorized work. I've been open to every kind of work and whichever I thought I should do and I can do, I did. I never categorized it as TV or film or web series or anything else. And I'm still open to all.

Style Quiz

Tell us about your style in one sentence- Comfort.

Fashion to you is- Same answer, comfort.

One thing from your wardrobe that completes your look- Shoes. 

One thing which you compulsorily carry for shoots- There are lot many things, but....perfumes. 

Favourite brand- For clothes Calvin Klein and for shoes ASICS, Tiger.

Favourite party outfit- Casuals. 

One colour that dominates your wardrobe- White. 

Your ultimate style icon- When I was a kid, it was Feroze Khan. I was crazy about his style and infact, I got my ears pierced seeing him only.

Favourite shopping destination- Since last two years, I don't get time for shopping as I'm shooting, so it's my phone. The best!

One celebrity whose wardrobe you wish to raid- Shahid Kapoor.

An outfit in which you can spend your lifetime- Boxers. 

Rapid Fire

Clean shaven or sexy stubble- Sexy stubble.

Dapper black or crisp white- Dapper black. 

Aviators or wayfarers- Aviators. 

Plains or prints- Prints.

Plain jeans or ripped denims- Rugged.

Fitness bands or watches- Both. 

Tuxedo or ethnic sherwani- Tuxedos. 

Never Have I Ever

Done a tattoo or thought to do one- I have two tattoos. One on the neck and one on the wrist.

Seen a movie twice to understand it- I don't think I've ever done it. I understand all movies at once. However, there was a movie which I didn't understand but I didn't rewatch it. It was Irrfan Khan's movie in which they train a girl disguised as a boy. I don't remember the name. 

Got caught by police- Ofcourse, it's a very basic thing. It has happened quite a few times with me.

Sent a message to the wrong person- I have. And it was a very wrong connection, in fact. It took me really long to sort it out. 

Had a crush on your co-star- Never. 

Given someone a fake number- I have. Infact, to the media, as in I was live at that time when I gave a fake number. 

Lied to my parents about where I'm going- Yes. 

Cheated during exam- A little. Everyone does that. Like I realised I couldn't answer questions which could get me even 40 marks, so I cheated to secure 40. Just pass.

Re-gifted something I recieved- Not re-gifted, but I felt I've received something as a gift and it's not of my use but of someones else's so I gave it to them.

Stalked a fan on social media- Never. 

Forgotten my lines completely during a scene- Never. 

Had a paranormal experience- Never. 

Lied about my age- No. There's no point doing that, everything is there on Wikipedia. So I'm going to be 26, 8th June 1993.

Forgotten a co-star's name while shooting with him- I don't remember exactly but in this show, I was confused between Ashi and Ayesha's real names. 

Been trapped in an elevator- Never. 

Taken advantage of my celebrity status- Never. 

Said a baby is cute when you think he's not- Never. 

Looked into someone's phone without their permission- Many a times. I'm sorry, it's a bad manner, but I have done it.

Fell asleep while watching a movie- Everytime! I've even asked my friend if I should visit the doctor because whenever I go for a movie, I doze off within half an hour, no matter how interesting the film is. 

Faked illness to not go to school or work- Yes, for school. A lot of times. Once in every month, stomach ache.

Ran a red light- I have. Not for shooting, it's like, in Mumbai, if you stop now, then you will have to wait for two more minutes, so it's better you move ahead.

Spied on my neighbours- Never. 

Pretended not to be home when someone rang my door- We get tired due to shoot and don't feel like meeting anyone, so we have to do it. Keep our phones silent and later call back and say "I was driving yaar. Where are you?"

Fell down in public- It was when I was in school. I was in 8th standard and my aunt was returning to her home after summer vacations, and I'm a very emotional person so I was missing her a lot. So the lunch break was over and I was walking when someone called me from behind. I turned my head to look back but kept walking. I tripped over a dog.

Recieved unnecessary hate because of my race, religion, colour or culture- Never. 

Would You Rather

Always be ten minutes late or be twenty minutes early- Ten minutes late. 

Be able to fly or be invisible- Be invisible.

Live without the internet or live without air conditioner- Live without air conditioner.

Find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside- Find my true love. 

Die in twenty years with no regrets or die in fifty years with many regrets- Twenty years with no regrets.

Be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent- Funniest person. 

Speak your mind or never speak again- Speak my mind. 

Be itchy for the rest of your life or be sticky for the rest of your life- Sticky.

Have bad breath or smelly feet- Smelly feet. I can save that.

Be a part of Khatron Ke Khiladi or Bigg Boss- Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Want to be famous but not know how to act or know how to act but not be very famous- Be famous but not know how to act because I really love fame and that's why I'm in Mumbai. That's why I'm here today. So I'll be honest and truthful.

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  Randeep Rai: shayari ya khwaab 

The first time we saw this chocolate boy,  he made a heroic entry on our screens and simultaneously our hearts. In red turtleneck, blue jeans, skates, and long silky hair, Randeep Rai had completely transformed himself to fit into the avatar of sixteen year old Sameer. Then to now he has never backed away from the challenge of constantly moulding himself to fit the changing circumstances and age of his onscreen character, Sameer Maheshwari. When Randeep acts as Sameer, every part of him from his hair to his lips emote; making it an evocative play of beauty that plays with millions of girls' hearts. Here is a brief look at how every feature of Randeep's face makes us fall in love with him as an artist and as a perfect specimen of what men should look like. 

Udi Jab Jab Zulfein Teri..

Silky black strands that play with the winds and simultaneously our hearts. Whose hair came to your minds? Randeep Rai.  As Naina's voiceover once admitted, 'uske lehrate huye baal dekh kar toh mera dil behaal hojata tha'. When he does his classic swag walk the curvy flow of his hair add sass. When he does angry scenes, along with the reddening of his face few strands of his hair embrace the beads of sweat on his forehead making him look more fierce. When he nods his head in happiness his hair swirl jovially towards his eyes. When he romances Naina on screen, a few strands of his hair fall close to his eyes, making our blushes deepen when he winks.  

Yeh zulfein hai ya hai raaton ka badal 

ek baar chule toh hum luta de apna sara kajal

Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein..yeh teekhi teekhi nazre..

Deep midnight eyes that convey a thousand emotions in one gaze. Beady, deep, dark and dusky, they are an enigma that make your soul stir. They shine like the stars, serene as they behold you, soulful as they enchant you. The magic of Randeep Rai's gaze. His emotions, his feelings, the story he lives 15-16 hours a day forever live in his eyes, and his gazes haunt us 24x7x365. Because his eyes dont just see they live a thousand emotions, they breathe the depth into every single scene he does. Their mischievous glint makes us blush when he romances his lady love on screen. Their jovial shine in his offscreen ivs brightens our days. Their haunting sorrow makes us cry. As Sameer when Randeep cries on screen its not just my eyes that weep, each drop arouses an abysmal sadness I feel from the bottom of my toes to the core of my soul. 

Na chand hai na taare hai na yeh jahan hai 

Jo bhi hai bas tumhari ek nigah hai 

Tere hothon par apni muskaan rakh doon..

Lips that speak, express and instantly hypnotise us. Thousands of dialogues they must have spoken but we would remember them at the tips of our fingers and by the beats of our hearts. From his mischievous smiles to his lip biting. From his signature flying kisses to his embittered sulks. Be it any shade, flavour, colour of emotion his lips have a separate expression for each one. They can make us cry to leave us blushing from a range of 0 to 100 within a second. His lips don't just speak the words but acts them as they say it and involve the move of his cheeks side by side. 

Har eik lavz jo aapne apne labo se kaha hai 

humne apne dil mein unhe saharaya hai


An actor who emotes with every inch of his being. One who is so dedicated to his work he cut his foot while improvising a scene and continued shooting despite the pain. An artist of many shades who spices up his character with the profound experiences of his life. A human who is jovial, confident, lovable, and honest. We are proud to stan Randeep Rai who made us fall in love with him onscreen as Sameer and offscreen through his interviews. 

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Fan Art

This drawing is made digitally by chaaru26. The love and admiration for rd took the form of this art work. Hope you all like it....

Ignore any mistakes (as its the first attempt at digital art) and see the love behind it....HBD RD

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Fan Edits

By Sakshi.ekansh

By AMereWanderer


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I smile every single time thoughts of you cross my mind. That’s how special you are to my heart and soulsmiley27. May your birthday be one of the happiest days of your lifesmiley9.Wishing one of the most phenomenal man in my life a fabulously joyful birthday. You, being my love, bring me so much joy.smiley31

Happy birthday to a wonderful man who means more to me than I can ever express in words. May all the blessings you need to enjoy this life always be within your reach.smiley40

Happy Birthday Randeep

I love you to infinitysmiley27

So many people live around us

but not all get close to our hearts

Some become part of us

The thought of them, its beating starts


you are the one to whom

we cheer having grin in our hearts



Happy Birthday to the man who gave flight to my imagination. Party

Whose eyes forced me to try and string together words that do justice to the visceral emotions they evoke. 


Who made me realise fangirling can be supremely all consuming. And that all the madness that goes with it is the new normal for me when it comes to him! LOL

Wishing him a lifetime of happiness and a life lived on his terms. Heart


Happy birthday randeep..i hope u get ur real life maina soon w/ whom u can dance to pehla nasha tune that too original version.


Wishing you a very happy birthday and hoping that you have a great year full of success ahead. It has been really a lot of time for me that I came across Sameer but the little of him that I saw is really commendable. The way you portray him, no one else could have done it better. Thank you for bringing life in Sameer. Wishing you again a very happy birthday and years full of joy and happiness.


Many many happy returns of the day Randeep!

15th September 2017 is when I found about you as I accidentally came across our dear show and from then, there's been no looking back. I have never been vocal about my liking for you but today will be different...

I agree, Sameer is charming but you are even more charming. It took barely three months for you to become my favourite actor and will remain in the future too because I will never forget how beautifully you gave life to The Sameer Maheshwari and your acting skills are one of the many reasons why I had fallen for Sameer.

You have transformed as an actor outstandingly, there's a huge difference now if we look back. Your journey as an actor is an inspiration to all the aspiring actors out there. You deserve all the success, appreciation and fame. I like your sense of humour, your little self-obsessed attitude, the hardworking quality, the dedication and the list goes on. 

Best of luck to you in the future! I know great things lie ahead for you.

Happy Birthday again Mr. Rai!

'A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here wishing you a great happiness and a joy that never ends.'

Love, Shreya


A very Happy Birthday to you Randeep Rai! smiley40smiley4

May the God bless you with everything that you wish for and gives you a lot of happiness that you deserve.??

You are an awesome actor and a very good looking man, there's no doubt about that because it's a fact and I appreciate you for that. But more than that I respect you and appreciate you for the person you are not only in reel life but also in real life.

You are a kind hearted person, a thorough gentleman, a person who always speak the truth, a hardworking person who has earned so much in his life at the age of 26 years all by himself.

I have learnt many important things in life from you. And the thing that tops the list is that I have learnt to live with self-respect and head held high always if I have not done anything wrong. It's a thing that everyone should follow and I have now started following it too. smiley4

I know you never disappoint your true fans and therefore, this year on your birthday, I just have a small wish. And the wish is that you should never let the child inside you go away because your childishness and goofiness is very precious for all your fans smiley31.


Happy Happy Happy Birthday RD! Thanks for playing Sameer so well.....You r just rocking it smiley10

I can't pick one scene if I had to; samaina scenes , samundit scenes, with Vishaka, Preeti , Rakesh sir....there are so so so many great scenes and good episodes.

May you get all the fame and adulation that you truly deserve!

God Bless you always

Stay happy and healthy



Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Randeep Rai!

Hope and pray that you get everything you wished for.

Stay Happy,Safe and blessed always.

Hope and pray that may the  smile never leaves your face because it’s too precious to loose so keep smiling always and make us happy with that brightest smile of yours.

Hope this year brings you a lots of success,lots of fame just the way you want and happiness which you deserve.


SEPTEMBER 2017- Maybe this is one of the best months of my life because it included you. smiley27

5th September,2017. Yes this was the very first year when I met him. Not face to face but it was enough to take my breath away. Seriously, I was mind-blown by seeing the promotion of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai on Sony Television. I was having my dinner when a soothing yet sweet sound caught my ear and my all attention was on TV. A 16 year old Naina Aggarwal aka Ashi Singh playing the female protagonist of the show popped on my screen which promised to portray the eraof 90’s. THE GOLDEN ERA!!! And indeed it had held its storyline till now!!!

And then came the hero –Sameer Maheshwari aka Randeep Rai. I think I have never got a harder crush onanyone else than MR RANDEEP RAI. Actually I never get affected by any boy orany actor in the industry.

The promotion was a simple one. But I didn’t knew what caught me more – the storyline or the 17 year oldlad. I was watching KBC and right after that was coming the new show. I was quite excited because no other serial attracted me that much as much this one did only by its first promo. I was sitting in front of the TV gaping at the screen and staring at it till my eyes would have popped out. The show started.I was waiting eagerly for him to jump into the screen and show his beautiful face to me. And then the wait was over. A tall yet chocolaty looking boy wearing a red sweater and skates appeared on the screen with all swag and full of attitude. Really I was so happy to see him. My heart fluttered after seeing him. Then the story progressed, episodes increased and my love for my show also increases from day after day and each passing moments. I am kinda addicted to it. One day.... No... Many times I even fought with my Cable Operator becauseof the technical problems it had to show when my dear program was going on.Crazy me!!! Literally I didn’t even know Randeep’s name for first few months.Unless one day, a clipping of the show popped on my screen of Insta. I saw thetwo names tagged there. It took less than a second for me to tap on his name and see his account. Ohh... Myyy..... Such a flawlessly handsome Hunk he is....His each post was damn good. PERFECTION PERSONIFIED.

Days passed and my madness increased. Soon it was 1 year celebration. I was happy as the show did cross ayear!!! This togetherness is so good. I wait for his each story and post. From watching spoilers or clippings or your interview or stalking your account. Orj ust reading an article about you. It was pure bliss for me.

It’s been almost like two years but still I haven’t attended a single live session of yours. I am justnot lucky enough maybe. Now it seemed these two years passed within a flash. My madness for him could never subside down me and I pray to gd that it neversubsides down. The hard-work, the dedication Randeep takes to portray Sameer’scharacter is undoubtedly a matter to be appreciated by the fans. The libertiesand hardship he had taken to get the character, is something each true fancherishes the most. Be it losing 17 kg of weight, Increasing his hair for thetypical Salman Khan look. Or be it not talking on set so that he don’t getdiverted from his character. Hats off to you man!!!! I don’t know how manyactors take such pain in the industry to develop a character but you are one ofmy biggest inspirations too. You are just too hard-working even to inspireothers just like me. I am proud of you when you even achieve the slightest ofyou success because none of the achievements are small in life. You’ve startedyour carrier in 2015 and struggled a lot. Be it your debut with Secret Diariesor getting the male lead in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai. I got really shocked seeinghow fans troll you for the slightest matter of fact and I even get sad readingall the hate comments. People don’t see the struggle, they just know how tospoil someone’s image. But it is well said “Kuch to log kahenge, Logo ka kaamhai kehna”. So the criticism should always be made as power and don’t hold backyourself just for people’s sake and words. Literally those fans should bethrown out of the window. I can’t say how you are inside out but you aredefinitely a good person from within. Your smile, your kindness, your swag,your behaviour is everything which attracts me and makes me adore you more. Andhow can I not mention about your world famous “wink”. It stole so many femalehearts and even mine!!! I am quite jealous when I see you with your femalefriends but not Ashi. I kind of like her with you. In fact... I love both ofyou. You two make a great couple and just made for each other. (Just guessing)But then I know nothing about what relationship you share with her but May thebest happen with both of you. It doesn’t matter if you are together or not. Theperson should be inside your heart.

Believe me I just feelsomething more than what I have written now, but I’m at short of words. I can’tput my feelings in words for you. I love you not for your charming face but forthe good in your soul. Obviously I love your looks but looks doesn’t matterwhen it comes to heart. YUDKBH is one of my life’s best decisions and I cancherish it throughout my life. I actually wish to meet the whole cast one day.Face-to-face. Especially Ashi and Randeep. Have nice talks and clicks somememories to behold till my last breath. I have imagined thousands of scenariosof how our meeting could be. But I know at that time I could not even utter aword. Just smile and blush like a fool in front of you. I know I’ll cry hard ifI meet you because the joy would be too much for me to bear .I will be tooexcited, shocked, happy, nervous, overjoyed to express anything.

May the best happen to youin your life and success is surely ahead in your journey. Because you are goingto be the next super star and you are already shining brightly. I love youloads like an insane and I’m proud to be a #Randeepian. Stay blessed. KeepSmiling. A BIG “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”from my side. May each of your birthdays passes better than the previous one.May all your wishes come true.

Your’s lovingly,

Fiza (Kristy)


To dearest Randeep Rai ,

         A very happy birthday to you may you keep growing in life and continue to make your family , friends and fans proud ... You wont understand what you mean in my life , it's quite funny as your one single glance makes my mood better your interview keeps me all charged up in short you've become a very integral part of my daily life ....  I won't say that you're my first crush but undoubtedly you're my last and biggest one .. Don't know how while watching sameer when did I became your as in " Randeep Rai's "fan and I'm truly proud to be your fan ... Your hard working nature and your killer cute smile was enough for me to fall for you and yes how can I not mention your world famous " silky soft hair " they are smiley9 many people might say that your sensitive nature is your weakness but actually its your strength that has helped you come this far and will continue to do so ... Your love for your family and fans like family always make me go " awww" smiley36 its actually very rare in today's time to find a guy like you " sundar , sushil and sanskari " smiley2 I blame you for setting the standard so high that I fear I'll end up alonesmiley22 .. You are not only " jhansi ka raja " but also my " dil ka raja " may you find you " jhansi ki rani " soon smiley2 lastly I would like to say that be the way you are because you are a gem and gem don't change and continue to name my heart flutter by your charming smile and trademark flying kiss .. Their is girl living in Delhi who always wish good for you  .. Have a blast this birthday 




Happie Birthday Randeep My Jaaneman... May God Bless You today with loads of Joys and Happiness.. I m a big fan of yours...Aap humare ek inspiration ho...The "Sameer" character you play is very well portrayed by you..And you are very a humble Kind and Gentle Person... And I am very happy and proud to be your  Female Fan...I am sooo excited to celebrate your birthday and make this special day a memorable one...U will be always be my jaan And an inspiration person to me.. Your special wink always makes me crazy.. I love how u show your love towards us by sending messages through social media...  Always be happy coz ur smile is like sun shining brightly giving positive vibes and always be in this carefree attitude/mood...  Love you to the core of my heart..ONCE AGAIN WISHING YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDEEP RAI ..



Acting can be learned from the crash course, but humanity and morality are not going to make learn with anyone, it is inbuilt. You are a true actor not just from your work and performance, but from your ethics. smiley10

Tho it is not possible to describe you in one single word but ROCKSTAR! I think It’s the correct word to define you in a single word. The way you are living your life is simply rocking like do whatever you want to do, today is your day and tomorrow never come.smiley41

Your heart is just as big and special as your talent, be as you are a kind, humble and generous person. Happy Birthday keep ruling the hearts of people who adore you from the bottom of their hearts.smiley4

Have a great year ahead!smiley40


First of all a very very happy birthday to dear Randeep/Mr.Rai . 8th of June is the most special day of my life.I never got exited for anybody's birthday but Randeep's  birthday is the best day of my life.

I had not wished something  for someone before I got to know Randeep. But after I got got to know him I have started praying for him,wishing for him.

He has made us love Sameer. But I not only love Sameer I love Randeep too.I   am sure if I had not liked him I would have not liked Sameer too.His character, his funny nature, his honesty, his behaviour, his cute antics, his dedication for his work ,his love for his family ,his friends andhis fans and his many more qualities has won thousands of hearts and will win millions of hearts.smiley27smiley27

I cannot forget how he fell down and had hurt his leg in real during the cricket match shooting to make the scene look real . How he got hurt by the glass piece while shooting a scene and he continued shooting with the injury and even danced with the injury in his feet . He had fever during  pooja didi's shaadi shooting but can anyone say by watching the episodes that he had fever.There are many more instances which show his dedication, hardwork and love for his work . His dedication and his qualities always give me goosebumps and makes me feel proud that I am a randeepian . 

May he get all the love ,happiness and success in his life. I hope that he keeps making his parents and us proud of him.May all hi wishes come true .

Once again a very happy birthday to Randeep /Mr.Raismiley40


I wish you a great, successful, happy, and healthy year ahead. You are a great actor who have portrayed the character of Sameer so beautifully that we all are in love with that. smiley27smiley27 Thanks for giving us such a memorable character and making YUDKBH more nostalgic, beautiful, wonderful by portraying Sameer so perfectly. smiley10smiley16


Hi, Randeep I have never seen you before yeh un dino ki baat hai and the most I loved about you is how You portray the scenes, be it some flirty scenes or the emotional ones. I may be a sadist but you are the only guy onscreen who looks really cute when crying. I have seen sameer's growth as a character and you have done it very well.

A very happy birthday to you Randeep. 

Keep shining

Love Suhana 


Happy bday to the goofster who keeps everyone happy with his childish antiques!!!

To the meme material of the fandom...

Randeep Rai!!!!!

Looots of love to you! May you acheive all that you desire in this year! Be happy always and enjoy your quality time with your family this year!!


Happy Birthday Randeep..smiley27smiley40

You make Sameer Maheswari iconic...

Your wink... and what you do with us with your messy hair... you are well known of these...smiley43smiley27

You make us smile by your goofiness, antics and obviously your memeing face!!smiley31

You are totally droolworthy handsome hunksmiley42! Your smiles are mischievous... always keep the childish behavior in you.. we love it.. and we love you!!!smiley27smiley31

Dher saara pyaar to you... aur life mein jo bhi chaho wo mile...!! 

You just own my heart,our heart!!smiley31smiley9

"Ye hai most wanted munda!!"

Family friends ke saath raho.. and do party!!smiley39....

Waise to aur bhi baatein hai.. lekin dimaag chalna bandh kar diya.. excitement ke chakkar mein!!smiley9

Again, Happy Birthday Randeep..!!


Happiest Birthday to Randeep Rai

I hope you get all the happiness that you deserve. I hope each and every endeavor of yours reaches its peak success and you get the fame and praise for the hardwork that you put it.

I really admire you in real life for the gentleman you are. The down to earth character never fails to impress me. The cute childish acts and expressions are always my favourite and each and every scene I see of yours I fall deep in love and admiration. 

I cant point out one scene/ fav moment. I love each and every scene you portray on the screen. But I would say you ace emotional sequence. You bring out the anger, pain, sadness, happiness and joy of the character really well. 


Happy birthday Randeep

May God give you all the happiness and fame😉of this world. Never let the memeable kid in you die. Always stay the same.

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When I first saw him, my eyes widened in astonishment and I suddenly sat upright...he was one I had never seen before, but I knew he’d be one face I’d never forget. 

Never had I expected myself to get addicted to a show after binge watching just one episode out of curiosity...well, it started with one. 

And so my research began...his previous shows, snippets of his acting, and the realization when I came across the Copiko coffee advertisement! 

Each IV, each episode, each scene has been memorable for me because he has so artfully made a place in my heart, and many others too. Not only because of this suave looks and charismatic smile, but also because of his praiseworthy acting skills we all had once been unaware of. 

And yet the most special mtemory of him (other than all those AshDeep moments and pictures) is the first picture I saw and drooled over once I regained my senses post watching the first episode. I had stalked him on Instagram to come across a picture I can still visualize the second I close my eyes. 

Another favorite memory; because it increased my respect for him, was the time he bought a house in Mumbai and posted it on social media with his family. The sense of responsibilities and dreams reflected in his eyes and his efforts. Randeep Rai had marked his name in the aspirational city of Mumbai...and this was just the beginning. 

Today, as many of us celebrate two years of knowing him, I’d like to wish him all the success and happiness. May he continues to charm us with his acting spree and the shuffling of hair, because kuch kuch hota hai 🙈



His perfect super sexy face, his jawline, his stubble  his super hot GREEK GOD body, his oo la la abs, his faint-worthy muscles, his perfect hair, his adorable and sexy tattoo both on neck and wrist, his gorgeous expressive eyes - those lush caramel drops of heaven with which he winks, his long, lean nose, his soft lips, his extra hot smirk, his smile, his sexy and sweet hypnotising laugh, his mouth with which he gives those flying kissesh, his oo la la walk, his husky voice, his sexy, drool-worthy accent, his incredible style, his cuteness, his hotness, his personality, his down to earth attitude, his humour, his friendliness, his talent, his expressions, his chemistry with Ashi(how can I miss that), his acting skills, his ability to portray any emotion out there just with his eyes, his handwriting, his way of looking super hot in every single thing he wears, his cute incredibly sexy dance moves, his simple nature, his mind blowing dancing skills ,his fun masti banter with Sanjay and Raghav and the rest of the YUDKBH cast, his amount of hard work he puts into his job, his dedication, his attitude and way of treating his fans, his way of just brightening up my day, his Randeep, his Sameer, his uber yummy butt!??smiley43

He has been my one and only OBSESSION! His dashing looks, his lovely personality, his incredible talent, his down to earth attitude has made me go deewana since a year and still every time I see him, my heart beats faster, I get chills, goosebumps, ovaries explode, and I just keep wishing to have a guy like him one day.??

Randeep hot Rai single-handedly killing the female population! ????

Even though I've never met him in real life, I can tell he's a great, simple, kind hearted, humble person who everyone adores and who can brighten the room up with his bubbly, hilarious personality...and his extra hot and adorable looks. I know that anyone is lucky to have Randeep around them. Ashi - I hope you are that lucky, lucky girl!smiley42


This picture will be always close to my heart... randeep posted this on my birthday... *sounds bahot pagal phir bhi!! aur caption bhi tha dil le lo..?? #startyourdaywithsmile smiley42smiley31!! 

Mai pehle to koi randeep ki show nahi dekhi.... lekin after binging on YUDKBH, I watch his show Secret Diaries, Big F episode etc! Lekin Sameer.... kya batau... shayad har ladki ko aisa hi chahiye life partner... and randeep fulfils it with his talent,acting! Just love to love him and watch him in Yudkbh..!! 

Memory to bas yahi hai... hopefully age randeep se related aur bhi memory bane!! 

And Happy Birthday Randeep!!


I would like to share one of my memories related to you. So after your House-warming party and 350 episodes celebration, a segment was released on Youtube where you were showing your house. And I was literally in love with your house smiley27. That day, I was telling my best friend about your house all day in school. Even when the teachers were teaching, I was describing the interior of your house to my friend. And I know she must be thinking that I had gone mad that day smiley36. During the lunch time, she said that I should just go to Mumbai and visit your home. And I replied that yes it's a great idea smiley4. I told her that whenever I'll go to Mumbai, I'll definitely go to the place where your house is. Even if I can't go inside the house, at least I'll be able to see it from outside. That was the level of my craziness smiley36.

Once again a very Happy Birthday to you and may the God bless you with all the success of the world.

Wishing you all the happiness of life,



I don’t have any particular favourite scene because I really loved all his scenes including first promo. From the first promo I really liked him because he reminded me my favourite Salman Khan. Though he reminds me about Salman Khan but he is unique in his own way. He have his own style,charisma and most important an amazing actor who performs without any inhibitions. He gives it all when it comes to acting. For me he is a completely natural performer.

 I can’t choose  any scene but My most favourite track is definitely Nanu’s demise Delhi track and break up track. Randeep was truly brilliant throughout those tracks. He literally stole the show there. He was star of those tracks. Just because of him I was able to see those tracks. But if I have to choose any particular scene then it has to be his confrontation with Naina in Red Rose. I can watch it any time. He was just brilliant there. He literally made me cry. I actually felt Sameer’s pain and this one thing I really love about Randeep that he don’t need heavy dialogues to convey Sameer’s feeling. He does it just by his eyes and expressions.

 It’s a saying that actor don’t choose the character it’s character destiny who chooses the actor and  for me nobody could’ve done the justice to Sameer’s character like Randeep is doing. He is perfect as Sameer Maheshwari  Imperfectly perfect Hero of ITV. An excellent example to all men how a Man and Hero should be!


This is my first memory with you... Last year Birthday Gift to My Jaaneman By mee... It was soo special and i was soo happy that u loved it....


I have many memories related to this photo, no not just this photo, but this whole photo shoot smiley4. I remember when Randeep had posted one pic from this particular photo shoot, everyone had gone crazy smiley42. The fans were drooling over this photo and wanted more photos to be posted by him. The eagerness, the excitement was worth seeing. And I was also one among those crazy fans who wanted more pics smiley17. I remember stalking the hashtag of YUDKBH so that I can find more pics. Moreover, I had spent many hours ghoorofying this photo and wondering how good Randeep looks in red smiley42. And the fans were blessed by our Birthday boy because we had got many pics of this photo shoot smiley4.


I've seen randeep in secret diaries but my favourite memory related to him is when i saw him in the first episode of the show yeh un dinon ki baat hai. I was shocked suprised happy and very very excited when i got to know that he's gonna be the lead of this show. And his entry shot ( the red polo t shirt , the brown aviators blue jeans the skates and that smile and special mention to his eyes ) was perfect! From his first episode to the present and the upcoming ones he is successful in not only ruling hearts of fans but also making them blush gush and enjoy the beautiful journey of 90s era.

He was admired by people for his past roles and is now loved by everyone for the character he is playing of Sameer Maheshwari!

Kudos to him his nature and his acting

May the almighty bless him with all success and fame he desires for

Happy birthday!


And now taking about my best Randeep / Sameer memories ... Well, I don't have one in particular. I love so many Sameer scenes from our show where you gave a splendid performance. smiley4smiley4smiley4 Some of them are your hero entry, Mount Abu realization scenes ( tum kis Kahani ki pari ho) , Hospital realization scene, Nanu's death scene, Chacha ji confrontation scene...... And the list will never end. smiley41

You are awesome, Randeep!! Keep rocking. smiley16smiley4smiley4

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