Arshi FF : Sea Mist Thread #2 Epilogue pg 106

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Posted: 1 years ago

Boy! That was one hell of a chapter...Khushi has a penchant for getting into trouble and Arnav to be her knight in shinning armor


Manjunath, Manav, Rashmi...yeh log kab peecha chodenge...uff! Always manage to disturb at the wrong moment. 

With Mrs. Rai gone with Aarav and Manav back to US, will Khushi be staying alone with Arnav? That will be an interesting situation. 

Her fear of Arnav leaving her is not baseless. More than the fact that she kept her identity a secret, what will hurt Arnav more is that she went behind his back to investigate him.

I never trusted either Rishabh or Rakesh. Still don't. He may not be entirely lying, but he's definitely hiding some piece of information. He kept saying "Raizada", so I was hoping he meant the other Raizada, but in the end he did say Arnav Singh Raizada. He was talking about Arnav after all. But I think he was mistaken about who it was with Payal. 

Will be back with more comments. 

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So, they did a Nainital 2011 (or was it 2012), but the out come is completely different.  Loved it.

Rakesh is truly a complicated man.  Khushi like an open book gave away her feelings about Arnav.  Why do I have a feeling that Arnav would find out about this meeting and her motive behind the meeting?

Rakesh has managed to sow some seeds of doubt in Khushi's mind.  Khushi is back to square one about her feelings.  But, to me the culprit is 99.9% Aarav.  I don't mind if I am proven wrong.

I loved the route and their walk from the waterfall to the village.  Arnav has tried to bring some humor into their tiring and boring trek.

Axe murderer? Really?  Mr Raizada was in a funny mood and was in another mood too!  Manjunath had to put brake to that mood.

Everyone is leaving.  Just like that?  Leaving Khushi behind and alone?  I know it is time for Mr Raizada to make a move or do something about it.

Lovely update.


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Great update, Arshi Chemistry is mind blowing. Both are lovely. Hmm Payal's friends are being shady and not trustworthy. They seems to have their own theory in everything. What is the truth? Kushi might not lose Arnav in finding about Payal. But she should find justice for her sister's death if she is murdered by some one. Lot of Assumptions are being made by payal's friends. Hoping Kushi would find the truth.

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Edit: This is getting curioser and curioser. Someone was wearing Arnav’s clothes that day, to make it seem it was him. And the creepy gang is getting creepier, one more snake can be added to the list. I feel Raizada had warned Payal about some of them, and they are still under the impression Payal had an affair with Raizada. Which is not true if we go by what Manav told Khushi and also Payal’s diary of sorts. Now we only have Rakesh’s word for seeing Payal go into a room. It looks more and more that both Rishabh and Rakesh had a thing for Payal. They also had run in with Raizada at some time hence the animosity, else it’s plain old jealousy.

Khushi needs to talk to Arnav, there is no other way. The more she postpones it the more complicated it will get. One thing i’m thinking is whether Arnav knows about Rishabh and Rakesh’s meeting with her. He seems to be someone who knows the place and folk around. Does he know, is he waiting for her to say something? Or he has no clue about her connection with Payal.

It’s getting tough to wait for each chapter!

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Khushi seems to have more trust issues now. If Arnav has disclosed about Rashm, and also mentioned Payal’s name, then may be she should ask him about his role in Payal’s death directly, disclosing what led her to even seek answers after so many years. 

Her insecurities about Arnav leaving her would be irrelevant, considering there won’t even be a bond between them if she doesn’t address the elephant in the room.

Hope she will ask him directly, without any accusations. 

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Oh God!! Now this Rakesh too 🤔🤔

Brilliant chapter. Loved Arnav Khushi's moment of love!! 💕💕

Posted: 1 years ago

As usual Khushi lands in trouble , Arnav comes to rescue her . However they both got to spend a night together in a village . It is always Arnav's phone that will disrupt the romance but this time Manjunath has taken the role . It's good that they stopped before its too late . 

Khushi is investigating Arnav's involvement in Payal's case and she is yet to come clean about her intentions .

Rakesh firmly believes Arnav is the murderer . But he hasn't seen the face of the person who Payal was with that night . It could be Aarav . Rishab is also very creepy  , he couldn't take NO easily . He is very persistent , Khushi should keep away from this creepy gang . They have conveniently ignored Payal , spent night with their respective boyfriends . They do not want to tarnish their images so come up with Arnav leading Payal to death theory . 

Only Arnav can shed light on this mystery . If only Khushi talks to him about Payal .

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