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"But Sid ...Roshni is getting married In 15 days...aur tum.."

"I know...I know Mom! " he replied brushing his fingers through his thick hair 

"I have 15 days to make her understand how much I love her! He smiled slightly, thinking about her

"And Mom, I will go to any extent...There is no line I won't cross to make her MINE! His voice full of confidence

"She belong to me and only me..."

"But Sidharth. ..does she love you?" Asked Simmi hesitantly

Sidharth eyes brimmed with a few tears,  as he shrugged his shoulders

"Patta nahin...maybe...maybe not. I don't know." his voice a low whisper

"I just know that I love her more than anything else in this world. She's my life..The beat in my heart.  She's everything to me. .

"Par. ..Sid"

"Mom aap tension bilkul mat lo!" He replied taking a deep breath

"I have 15 days nah..." he said confidently

"That's enough. I have 15 days to woo her!

15 days to make her realise my love for her" 

A  mischievous smile graced his lips as he looked down at a picture of her on his mobile,

"Aur mein zameen asmaan ek kar dunga Roshni lo apna baba ke liye " he smiled

"I have 15 days to win my SaasuMom heart, and 15 days to stop that bl***dy wedding..!"

"These 15 days will be the most important days of my life..They will decide my fate...my happiness. ..."

Looking back at his parents he wiped away a lone tear

"She belongs to me.. I wont let anyone else have her!

I love her so damn much.  I can't loose her. I can't live without her. Roshni meri zindagi hai. Meri puri zindagi..aur agar maine Yeh Zindagi jeeni hai, toh Roshni lo mere paas aana hogo..."

Closing his eyes tight

"I promise myself I won't give up until I make Roshni a part of my life.. ..."

Slowly he opened his eyes and lowered hos lips to his mobile, and kissed her picture..

"It's a matter of life and death for me..and I will fight tooth and nail to live!! So be ready Miss Roshni Patel...I'm coming to get you...kyon ke


NOTE: Alright this is the second thread,not because the first one is finished, but because IF closed it down because it had been too long since there was any post reply which is why I had to open a new one. For new readers-this is the first thread -http://https://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4931518  Enjoy itEmbarrassed





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"Hey what's up Romeo" chirped Karan, as he entered Sidharth's cabin

Sidharth glared at him, as he placed his pen down rather harshly against his desk...Karan could tell he was pissed

"Kya har waqt Romeo...Romeo karte rehte ho!" Sidharth hissed...apparently not in a good mood. 

"So what else shall I call you...Ummm Maybe something more desi...How about MAJNU"

Sidharth just shook his head annoyed

"What????..My friend has become pura ka pura Majnu...just Look at you, you are practically dying without her" He teased as he sat in the chair opposite him.

Sidharth just glared at him and then continued to look at his files...although his mind was constantly plagued with Roshni thoughts...and the kiss they had shared.

Karan watched him for several moments, before asking...

"So Bro...Why did you call me here? Anything serious?" he asked taking a sip of water

Sidharth closed the file in front of him and sighed rubbing his face with his hands. ..
Slowly he got up, and began to paced up and down his office ..hands clenched huffing and puffing

"Karan it's time to tell Misha what she did was a sin...and time to tell her what I can do when it comes to my Roshni!" He heathed as he looked straight into Karan eyes.

His eyes, tone and body language conveyed that Misha was in big trouble...scrap that she was in VERY BIG TROUBLE

"What Misha did with Roshni, and then blaming me for it...I promise I will not spare her. That blo**st bit** is the reason for all the misunderstanding...' his heart pounding widely against his chest as he remembered the past..

Karan watched him silently as he rambled on..giving him time to stable his thoughts, 

Within seconds Sidharth ran towards the door, 

"Sidharth stop... stop...where are you going?" He knew at this moment that his dear friend had left, he would surely kill Misha.

"Leave me Karan...I will not spare her!! It's enough. I will kill her! I will not spare her for what she did to me and Roshni. Because of her I spent the last few years living like hell. Because of that Bit** I thought I hated Roshni for being the traitor in our friendship...And because of that hate, I insulted her Mom...DD. I've probably lost her forever...I'll KILL HER" Sidharth roared like an angry lion. 
He tried again to push Karan aside, 

"Sidharth just relax for a minute...we will teach her a lesson...like we planned earlier. She deserves punishment because she is yours and Roshni's culprit. But just for one minute think with a cool mind...think about Roshni..."

Hearing her name...Sidharth stopped struggling. Even though he had behaved confidently in front of his Roshni, that he would win her back...he was scared...scared that there was a chance of losing her. ..That was one thing he could not afford.  He could go without Air ...but not her...NOT HIS ROSHNI.

"Look bro, I understand the pain you're going through,  But we need to think rationally, and decide what to do with Misha" Karan said patting his shoulders.

Sidharth kicked a table harshly, before taking a deep breath, deciding in his mind that he would teach Misha a very good lesson. 

Turning to Karan he sighed and then hugged him

"Thanks buddy,  you always seem to know what's best...if it wasn't for you I would probably never have realised what I was losing.."

Karan smirked and raised an imaginary collar

"Can't help it..I'm very smart...and I'm not just talking about that but also my extremely sexy hot looks" he winked, earning a chuckle from Sidharth as he hugged him again

"Ummm...Sidharth...stop romancing me, jab dekha you keep hugging me...I'm not Roshni remember, and besides if anyone saw you romancing me...they will think you are gay" Karan joked as he left the hug looking here and there, checking if anyone saw them 

Sidharth eyes widened

"Ewww!!!! Even in a situation like this you can't stop your dramabazi "

With a disgusting face he pushed Karan away and adjusted his tie ...shuddering at the word 'Gay'

Both sat back down...and after a while, Sidharth began to smile inwardly, catching Karan attention 

"Muskurare ho...zaroor koi baat hai" sang Karan...making Sidharth blush slightly

"OMG...did THE SIDHARTH KHURANA  just blush" making Sidharth glare back at him

"Shut up okay...I'm not blushing..."

"Yeah right and I believe you...NOT...tell me, what has you blushing?"..he asked as he took another sip of water

After a minute pause "We Kissed" causing the water to spatter out of his mouth

"Ewww!! No we didn't...we only hugged remember..HUGGED... A Brotherly HUG..there's a huge difference" shuddered Karan

"What.  .Ewww! No You sick dipshit!  Not me and you...I was talking about Me and Roshni"  

Karan stared at him...his mouth opened ..

"You kissed her...when...where...how?:

"At the mall...and man it was amazing the best feeling ever...I've never tasted anything like that before..." he replied dreamingly 

"Stopp! Too much information" Karan complained covering his ears...making Sidharth chuckle 

"So let me get this straight...Roshni kissed you back...that's a step in the right direction ...right?"

The smile suddenly disappeared and Sidharth shook his head 

"Wrong! She said it was a mistake and shouldn't happen again...that she's engaged blah blah blah " he said with a hint of irritation in his voice

"It's ok Bro ...look on the bright side. SHE KISSED YOU BACK!!!! That means she does feel something...even though she's not admitting it yet! Just give her time she'll come round. ...I know she will"

"Time is what I don't have. ...and she is so damn stubborn..."

"Sounds like someone I know" smirked Karan pointing at him

Sidharth simply rolled his eyes...

"Anyways forget that...let's discuss 'MISSION KICK MISHA'S BUTT' shall we" he smirked and Karan just smiled back.


Dressed in a white shirt, which fought with difficulty containing his six pack, and faded blue jeans, and his chiselled features, had the girls swooning as he entered the five star hotel, with Misha on his arms as they were led to their table

Although Sidharth sat across Misha at the restaurant, his eyes were trained at the entrance

"Sid wow this place is amazing. Can't believe I'm here with you...just like the old days. " she smiled staring at him...unaware of the storm to come
She couldn't believe that he had invited her for dinner. Finally she was alone with him and  thought that finally  Sidharth would be hers...


"What a pleasant surprise, Bro! Wasn't expecting you here" said Karan as he approached the table, wiping the smile of Misha face instantly 

"Hey Buddy...just catching up old times with Misha. Why don't you join us" 

Misha frowned and closed her eyes "please say no...please say no...please say no" she whispered under her breath

"Okay..." smirked Karan, enjoying Misha reaction.

Just as he made himself comfortable, Roshni entered the Restuarant with Nani. 
For a moment, Sidharth felt his breath caught in his throat. She was absolutely breath taking. He had forgotten the purpose of oxygen... He longed to be by her side and kiss her once again. 

Seeing her well dressed in a red salwar kameez, jhumkas in her ears and her beautiful silky long hair dancing on her petite waist, kajal and mascara giving her a heavenly look to her intoxicating eyes,...and the red lipstick made Sidharth a prisoner of her beauty yet again.

"OMG...is that Sid sitting over there" rejoiced Nani pointing her finger in a certain direction. Roshni looked to see where Nani was pointing and gasped. Only to find Sidharth staring right back at her, with a smirk

"Sexy...stop pointing it's rude...and why did you drag me here...I told you I wasn't hungry" she whispered trying to ignore the feeling of someone's gaze...or rather Sidharth's gaze on her

"Ufff Roshni your so boring...come let's say hi to Sidharth" 

"What...No...sexy...stop!" But her words fell on deaf ears as Nani dragged Roshni towards Sidharth table

Sidharth immediately stood up "Sexy, what a pleasant surprise seeing you here...and as always looking really hot" he winked, causing Roshni to roll her eyes

"Hai nah...actually handsome, I've started this new diet...and voila..." she jestered towards her figure

"Can't believe what a coincidence...of all the Restaurants in the city...we chose the same one.. the world is such a small place...I was so bored at home and thought to have a night out...so I literally had to drag my boring granddaughter here...but meeting you here ..i  know my night won't be boring after all" she rambled on as she took Sidharth in a big hug. 

"Sexy...cut down on the over acting" whispered Sidharth in Nani's ears 

"Over acting and me" she feigned hurt...making Sidharth smile...before pulling away

"Nani let's not interrupt their dinner.. ..lets go..." Roshni stated grabbing Nani arm

"NO!! I mean.  Uhhh...why don't you guys join us" Sidharth almost shouted 

Misha head snapped up to look at Sidharth, fuming "what the Hell...why don't we invite the rest of the country too!" She hissed under her breath.

"I don't think ..." Roshni began

"Of course we'll join you handsome" smiled Nani

"But..." again Roshni was interrupted  

"Great...Come sit Sexy...  Roshni " Sidharth smirked watching his beloved Roshni frown

He slipped his hand around her waist,  holding her possessively. Roshni stiffened under his hold and then quickly removed his hand. And gave him 

"YOU BETTER BEHAVE OR I WILL KILL YOU LOOK! and took her seat next to Karan.
Misha burnt with jealousy just seeing her old nemesis in front of her.

Throughout the dinner, Sidharth flirted with Misha, much to Roshni despair. She had practically murdered again, the already dead lamb in front of her...

Sidharth watched her from the corner of his eye, enjoying her reaction. Yep she was definitely jealous 

After having dinner, Sidharth started his plan

(Stay with Roshni, she might feel bad as to what I'm going to do, but you know I'm doing this for her...for us) he messaged Karan.

After reading the message, Karan blinked his eyes in reassurance 

"Misha let's dance. It's been a long time since I enjoyed dancing with you"

Sidharth got up and extended his hand towards her. With an evil smirk, as she looked at Roshni. 
It felt hurtful seeing Sidharth all cosy with Misha. ...
After the kiss...he seemed so adamant to win her back...obviously he wasn't as serious as she thought. She sighed as she watched them dance to a slow number 


"Oh Sid...this feels so right...me and you...like this in each other's arms"

"Hmmm" he muttered, burning his gaze at her

"Look I know you kinda liked Roshni at one point. But I just knew she was no good for you"

"Yeah...lucky me...I was saved. She's very moody...self centered" Sidharth trailed waiting for her reaction 

"Really. That's what you think of her. Waise...I always knew she was no good. ...she wasn't capable of being friends with you. I mean you have such style and class...and her...she's so simple and boring...I always hated her. Look I know you had a crush on her when we were on college ...but she wasn't the right girl for you"

She started showing her true colours unaware Sidharth was waiting to hear her confess. 

"Oh really...then what type of girl will look good with me huh?" Sidharth replied as he listened to her seriously...tightening his grip around her waist in rage

Misha mistook his grip for longing

"Sidharth ...I mean look at us...we both have a lot of things in common ...and I've always had a thing for you"

"Really...then why didn't you tell me before. But whatever. I'm glad Roshni left when she did, or I may have thought I loved her, and  would have been stuck with her for the rest of my life...I owe whoever played that prank on her years ago"

"Really...you mean that " 
Misha felt like she had finally accomplished winning over Sidharth, without the knowledge of what was really waiting for her 

Meanwhile back at the table Roshni was stealing glances towards Sidharth...gripping the napkin tightly in her hand

"What the hell is wrong with me...urggg!!"

Roshni took another snark glance at the couple on the dance floor 

"I can't believe him...up till this morning...I love you...I'm going to marry you...blah blah blah blah...he even kissed me for crying out loud...and now he's acting as if I don't even exist...urggg I hate him" her thoughts made her angry...

Fiddling with her fingers, trying to calm her nerves, a young man approached her and asked her to dance. Roshni looked back at Sidharth who seemed to be enjoying himself a bit too much, so she grabbed hold of the man's hand and literally dragged him to the dance floor

Misha came closer to Sidharth, barely any air between them...Sidharth felt disgusted...but continued with his charade

"One thing I'll never understand why she blamed me for locking her in that old shed...but whoever did ..I'm glad they did. Showed me what a stubborn and self centred girl she was...blaming me breaking the friendship...Urggghhh how much I hate her"

Misha was pleased hearing this confession

"In fact I would give the person responsible a big tap on the shoulders and a salute"


"Really" smirked Sidharth

Karan looked up at the table, where he had left to talk to Sheena,  only to find Roshni gone.

"Bye bye...I have to go love...call you later" he disconnected the call hurriedly as he rushed back to the table where Nani was enjoying her chocolate sundae

"Nani...Nani...ummm where did Rosh go?"

Nani simply directed her eyes to the dance floor where she was dancing with some unknown guy... and he slammed his palm against his forehead "SHIT!" He mumbled, he knew Sidharth would kill him for sure

Just as Misha was about to confess everything that happened that day, Sidharth noticed a guy being clingy with his Roshni

Roshni was regretting the moment she had agreed to dance with this creep...she tried to come out of his hold but he pulled her closer forcefully 

Sidharth held Misha waist, as of it were the boys neck causing Misha to shriek in pain. He then pushed her aside and made his way through the crowds towards his life...his Roshni.

She was struggling in his grasp, when two hands grabbed the man by the collar, and in the next moment he received a hard punch and he was on the floor. 

Angrily he turned to Roshni 

"What the Hell were you thinking Roshni .. " making her flinch.

"What did you expect Sid...once a wh**e...always a wh**e. Thank God I saved you from her clutches back in college..." added Misha with venom 

"Saved me...how?" He asked as if he was oblivious 

Misha looked around and held his arm and pulled him to a corner 

Composting his anger he listened to Misha as she told the whole incident with a proud smile.
Without a second thought he dragged her back to Roshni harshly...pushing her towards her, almost making her fall

"Sidharth! What the hell...she almost fell" an angry Roshni replied

"She deserves much worse" hissed Sidharth...eyes red with anger

"Matlab...Sidharth  at least tell me what she did. Why are you behaving with her like this" 

"Tell her everything. Everything" Sidharth ordered Misha and reluctantly she told her everything from her plan to convince Roshni that Sidharth was behind the prank back in college, and her intentions was only to create misunderstandings between them. Everything" 

Roshni was listening to her with stunned eyes, trying desperately to believe her own ears that Misha had gone to that extent. She felt her heart fall as she rememberd how she blamed Sidharth without even giving him a chance to explain. 

When she finished narrating the truth, Sidharth swirled around and pushed Misha forcefully, and she fell with a loud thud to the ground.

"Oh tum gir gaye" Sidharth said with fake concern.

The crowd stopped dancing, and looked at Misha as she rubbed her elbows. 

Sidharth made a sad face "are you okay?"  and held out his hand.. She took it instantly, but as she was almost up, Sidharth let go, and she fell back down with another thud. At this the crowd burst out laughing...and Sid couldn't help to hold in his laughter

"Its not worth picking you up, because tum pehle se hi niche gir chuki ho!" He said through gritted teeth and face full of anger.

"S...Sid..." she whimpered

"Because of you Misha...a misunderstanding took place between two friends...because of you I felt hate for three years towards the girl...whom I actually loved with all my heart. But we weren't given the chance to discover that love, because you snatched that time away from us!"

"Sidharth please listen to me. I'm sorry. I know I did wrong...but I did it for us..."

"Us...there was never an US!"

"But there could have been...and still could be...if it wasn't for that bitch" pointing at Roshni...
Hearing the word Bitch for Roshni, he grabbed her roughly by the arm

"Dare you call her names...the only Real bitch here is you!"

"Please Sidharth...I'm sorry. Just give me a chance...you mean so much to me!"

"I don't want your sorry...Say sorry to her, for whatever you did with her. NOW!"  Sidharth pushed Misha towards Roshni placing his both hands at his waist. Roshni took a step back looking shocked at Misha crying in front of her. 

"I said say sorry to her" he shouted, and grabbed her arm and threw Misha at the feet of Roshni. 

Roshni placed her palm at her mouth seeing Sidharth  behaving like this and that too with his best friend. 

"Sidharth relax.." Roshni tried to calm him  seeing Misha's condition. 

"Chup.. Ek dam chup. Don't say any words" Sidharth  raised his finger looking back towards Roshni, and her words were lost in her throat listening to him shout.

"Misha I believe you have something to say to Roshni!"

"I'm sorry Roshni" Misha said still crying. 

Roshni raised her hands to hold her, and feeling bad seeing her in this condition. Roshni wasn't a girl who would feel happy after listening pleads and sorry. 

"Stay away from her" Sidharth again shouted and Roshni pulled her hands back from her...shocked at his behaviour 


"I booked your seat at tomorrow for London. I don't want to see you around us any more. If you don't want me to send you behind the bars in the case of harassment then leave tomorrow silently. Get out and don't show me your face ever" Sidharth said each and every word clearly with a cold tone. 

Misha gulped, and ran away from there. 

Sidharth took a deep breath throwing his head back, and Karan  patted his shoulder seeing his face reflecting so much pain. Both friends were going through same condition. Both never thought in their dreams that their friendship with Misha, would end like this. 

"I'm fine. Go behind her...and see to it that she leaves from here, and tomorrow send her back London securely" Sidharth said to him, looking down. Karan nodded and went behind Misha

Sidharth turned to face Roshni ...who was still in shook from the new found information 
Nani sensing that they needed time alone, made herself scarce...praying to God that they would finally be united

Sidharth finally broke the silence 

""You. Why did you came to the dance floor with that cheapster?" 

His sudden yelling made her trembled at her place...but quickly overcame it, and looked towards him, and without replying started to walk towards the parking area. 

"Don't you dare to walk away when I'm asking something" Sidharth held her elbow and pulled her back. 
Roshni banged harshly with his chest the way he locked her both wrists at her back. 

"Leave me. I don't want to reply you. Sunna app ne  You can dance with Misha, but I cant dance with a guy...huh!" She replied with equal fervent and tried to walk off again 

Sidharth held her elbow and pulled her back and she crashed harshly with his chest,  whilst he quickly locked her both wrists at her back. 

"Leave me", Roshni said with hard tone looking in his eyes. 

"And you think I will let you do your foolishness. Have you any idea how spoilt that boy was. Agar wahan mein ni ata toh.." Sidharth hissed as he pulled her more closer gripping her wrists more harshly. 

"Leave me. You are hurting me" Roshni said lowly with chocked voice. Sidharth looked in her moist eyes and left her wrists. He intertwined his hand with hers and stared at her intently

He looked towards her,  when she didn't even move from her place. His eyes stopped at her bruised wrists. He turned his face towards her shockingly after realising what he did in anger. 

"I'm sorry Jaan...I...I didn't mean to take my anger out on you...I...I..." but before he could finish 

"I'm sorry" she whispered suddenly 

"I sorry. Sorry for not trusting you. For not having faith in our friendship. I shouldn't have believed Misha all those years ago. I'm so stupid...I blamed you all those years for something you never did..." she sputtered out, looking at his beautiful brown eyes, only to find amusement

"Hmmm...so your sorry?? It's ok...I suppose I can forgive you Baby" he replied as his hand reached out and stroked her hair softly

Roshni looked back into his eyes "No seriously Sidharth I said such horrible things to you. Blamed you for things you didn't do. I was so rude to you...without...without thinking. I never think with my mind and this  mouth of mine, will get me into trouble one day..." she mumbled quietly ...lowering her head in shame

"Or kissed" Sidharth said huskily, making Roshni eyes widen as her head snapped back up to look at him, her cheeks colouring red...heart beating frantically as she closed her eyes to get rid of any wrong thoughts.

She unconsciously licked her lips to apologise again, But Sidharth gaze was trained intensely on her lips, his eyes darkening

Suddenly his arms wrap round her waist, making her yelp in surprise 

"W...What are you doing?" She barely whispered as Sidharth leaned in closer. His eyes fluttered shut as he inhaled her scent,  his nose nuzzling tenderly against her skin, making her shiver.
A quiet groan escapes him as he inhales deeply again, burying his face into her hair...his grip tightening around her waist

"God Roshni you smell so so good...like strawberries...it's so mouthwatering " he groans out as she swallowed nervously 

"You're so beautiful " he whispers softly as he pulls away from her, just enough to look into her eyes 

"I will never get enough of you..." He sighed pressing a kiss to the corner of her lips

"I'll always want more...much more" he says, his warm minty breath blowing onto her skin, his lips brushing her cheeks with every word.

"W...woh... Na...Na...ni" she stuttered out,  her heart attempting to beat out of her chest. A slight smirk curves up at the corner of his lips as he looks at her with hooded  longing filled eyes

"I'm sure Sexy won't mind..." he breathed out, and she gulped

"K...Karan...he...m...must b...b...be waiting f.f...for you"

"Trust me he won't mind either...At this moment nothing is more important than you Baby" he whispers huskily as he pulls her closer again

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Yeahhh finally my Miss London is back Embarrassed
Missed u n ur stories alot
As always d update is lovely
Waiting to knw wt happens do continue soon
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Posted: 1 years ago
Loved it 
Waiting for next
Missed this story
How are you
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Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by Nia_doll

Loved it 
Waiting for next
Missed this story
How are you
Thank you and yeah feeling much betterTongue
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Posted: 1 years ago
Fantastic update dear
Happy to see your update
Missed reading it
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Posted: 1 years ago
Amazing update
Anger sid LOLi want to see anger sid on roshni she has way to pamper himWink
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Posted: 1 years ago
As so long read your story 
Feels happy 
Continue soon dear 
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