#2 SIDNI SS-DILWALA DHULHANIYA LE JAYE GA *Chap 30 pg2*16/03 - Page 2

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Fantastic update
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"Seriously Sidharth...I...I need to go...Nani must be waiting." taking a step back, Roshni whispered

"Wait...I mean...ummm..." Looking at her face, Sidharth hesitated for a minute. He wanted to spend more time with her

Sidharth was at a loss for words, as Roshni stared at him. The silence between them was awkward 

"Bolo Sidharth "

"Ahhh...Nice weather" he blurted suddenly..and then kicked himself mentally "Weather...LIKE SERIOUSLY!"

Roshni looked at him bewildered for a moment, and then smiled at his attempts to lighten the atmosphere, and nodded slightly...and then shook her head in amusement 

"Yeah...nice weather" she chuckled "pagal" 

Looking at her face Sidharth smiled, as he knew exactly what she was thinking.

"Weather is the safest topic to initiate a conversation isliye...and since nowadays we don't know how to actually react in front of each other, and don't know how to initiate a conversation so I thought why not to go with the clich "

Sidharth's response made her smile. She shook her head in amusement.


"Thank God you at least smiled..or else I was on the verge of doubting my "CHARMING A GIRL ABILITY" Sidharth faked a sigh of relief which made Roshni smile even more.


"I don't think you should doubt your CHARMING CAPABILITIES on my account" Roshni said smilingly, and he could see that his attempts were paying off . Now she was a lot more comfortable with him --because she shifted on her feet and was standing  in a much more relaxed posture.

"Anyways...I should get going. It's getting late and Nani...she must be worried...where I wondered off too" she said as she waved to him and began to turn away.

Sidharth wasn't ready to let this moment go by...and pulled her back in his arms, so close 
that they could hear each other's heart beat. They got so involved that they forgot about the existence of the outside word --ONCE AGAIN.

But unlike last time Sidharth wasn't ready to spoil the moment, and wouldn't let her spoil it either. Because this time he wanted to savour it so gently he cupped her face and bringing her face closer planted a kiss on her forehead while he closed his eyes to relish the moment just like her.

"Sidharth...s...s...stop" breathed Roshni

"Sshhh" whispered Sidharth back


"Hmmm..." he whispered as he trailed his nose along her cheeks 

""S...Stop...don't  kiss me again okay"

Sidharth stopped and looked at her

He did that thing, where he angled his head and studied her, with a smirk. She squirmed, and felt as if he was looking into her soul.

"You're afraid of my kisses." He asked raising an eyebrow "You're afraid of how they make you feel."

Roshni huffed and turned her face away, swallowing a chunk of cowardice that was lodged in my throat. Of course, he was right. She was afraid of how HE MADE HER FEEL. Besides, how did he even know what she was feeling even before she realized it herself?

Both their heart beats were racing at a different pace altogether. 

"N...N...No! I'm not afraid okay!...but still d...don't kiss me...promise" she was almost pleading

Ignoring her protests, slowly he bend and kissed her left and then her right eyelid.

"No, Roshni, I don't think I can promise you that, even if I wanted to. It's not even a choice for me anymore. I need to touch you, to breathe you in. I need to see you look up at me and smile, like you did before. I need to see you happy, even grumpy or angry. I crave everything about you. I crave everything about you a little too much."

Roshni held her breaths as her heart knocked wildly against her chest conflicted with her own feelings, as he uttered those words. She had to get away, before she lost her self control...

She quickly turned to leave 

Barely ten seconds past, before Sidharth  pulled her towards him, his back against his chest, her legs encased between his. Unkowningly she was drowning in Sidharth's affections yet again 

"Just relax. I won't kiss you tonight if you really don't want me to." His hot breath, brushing against her neck...causing goosebumps to explode  throughout her body.

Suddenly she wanted him to kiss her again.

"What was wrong with me?" She thought. When he was offering it I didn't want it, but now faced with a possibility that he wouldn't kiss her she suddenly yearned for it .

Confused with her own thoughts, she turned around in his arms, and bit down on her lower lips.

He stiffened.

"Don't do that if you don't want to be kissed tonight. I can only have so much control before I" he cut himself off before he could finish.

"Before you what?" She asked foolishly

He leaned in...His lips were just an inch apart from her

"That thing you do with your lips...because I should be the only one to suck on those succulent lips of yours" he whispered seductively 

Roshni : "I don't think so.."..she curtly answered and this really provoked him, and he smirked. She turned around to leave again, but he held her hand and pulled her, her back collided with his front, igniting the flames of desires within their bodies.

Sidharth: "You've no idea what your defying does to me always."..he whispered in her ear and she held her breath back as his touch creates havoc inside her as always.

He moved his hand on her front and grabbed her waist tightly in his hand which eventually made her release the breath she was holding all this while. 

He began to muzzle her neck
Roshni : "What are you doing?" It came out as a mere whisper and, he moved more closer to her ear and inhaled her fragrance..

Sidharth : "Something which I'm good at and you, need a lot to practice in  ...my dear hone wali Wifey.."..he answered in his evil husky tone 

She was still trying to make sense  of his words, 

Sidharth : "Now, there are some areas in which you need to improve" he said in his seductive tone, as he traced her lips with his fingers.  

She was lost in his words, as he whispered against her ear

"And for that, I can't promise you anything" with that he smashed his lips with hers and this sudden approach made her stunned.

He attacked her lips and she too gave in without any hesitation.

He entered his tongue in her mouth to explore each and every corner but she too wasn't less, she doesn't like his eagerness much because there was warm blood flowing in her veins which provokes her to take the charge now..

In a blink ...Roshni was pinned to the nearby wall and he started kissing her with sheer intensity and passion...He held her tightly by her waist and yanked her more closer to him..The passion filled in the air, and they both lost their sanity ...

He was biting her lips mercilessly on which she hissed a bit and this made him smirk..but she broke the kiss and looked at him angrily..

He held her hand above her head tightly in a firm grip, she tried to let go of her hand but he didn't let her do that..

Roshni : "I said don't kiss me?" She said trying to look angry, and failing miserably  

Sidharth: "You did didn't you...But woh Kya hai nah...it's called small sweet revenge, for trying to get away from me Baby.".. he told her with a smirk.

"You...you..." She scrunched up her eyebrows, trying to look intimidating, but Sidharth thought she looked adorable.

Ignoring her not so deadly looks,  it was his time to take the kiss further..He held her hand, and pushed his body against hers harder.

"What the...Sidharth. Leave me this instant!"

Sidharth shook his head, and held her hand above her head tightly in a firm grip, 

Sidharth  : No can do Baby.." saying so, he crashed his lips on her and started kissing her deeply..madly..He chewed all the lipstick off her lips while she was too desperate to touch him but he didn't let her do that..

He then left her hand and slid his hand on her back while taking her mouth in his, sucking licking... she started breathing heavily with his fast movements, in a swift moment, his lips began to trail her skin down to her throat. She gasped on his move, he broke the kiss and looked at her with flaming desires in his eyes..

"I really want to explore each and every inch of your petite figure..I want to bite those lips, ...".. he touched her lips with his thumb while she closed her eyes in anticipation.. 

He then left her hand and slide his hand on her back while taking her mouth in his ..He unclasped the blouse, she started breathing heavily with his fast movements, in a swift he torn her blouse..She gasped on his move, he broke the kiss and looked at her with flaming desires in his eyes..

Sidharth  : "the night has just begin..I want to explore and taste each and every inch of your delicious mouth. I want to bite those lips, ...".. he touched her lips with his thumb while she closed her eyes in anticipation.. 

His words were creating havoc inside her soul..He kissed her lips once again tenderly..but his every move is filled with extreme extreme passion..He broke the kiss but not after leaving her swelled lips..

Sidharth: "I feel like having you right here and right now.".. his voice is soft yet so seductive and his words were doing nothing but igniting the fire ..

Her body started responding to his alluring, magical touch..


"Hush!".. he murmured softly in her ears..

He leaned in closer to her lips and took her soft petal like lips in his deep and passionate kiss. He is kissing her like never before and she's giving in his passion, it seems like he found something today in his soul which made him realize that his heart still beats but accepting such wonderful emotions is still a distant vision for him, whereas she's trying her best to ignore some deep emotions buried inside her cold heart.

He broke the kiss slowly, which made her stunned for a minute, he's looking at her like his whole world resides in her only, and his that gaze on her is making her nervous, it seems like she's trying her best to ignore such honesty in his eyes but there is a strong magnetic pull , no matter how hard she tries to go away from him, she got closer and closer only.

Unknowingly some lone tears eloped from her eyes, feeling the intensity of his love. He noticed and instantly wiped off all her tears and then kissed her wet eyes, she held him more tightly by his shoulder as if she'll melt under his this much tenderness. He moved back a bit and she opened her eyes, she can see he's in stress, something is definitely not right with him, she can feel it but she ignored it deliberately.

Fisting her hair in his hands gently, and angling her head he fused his lips with hers. 

Roshni's unknowingly,  hand clutched his collar tightly and with the other hand she ruffled his hair while Sidharth hands were caressing her whole back igniting jitters of passion in her body. 
She tried matching his passion but today the kiss was not just a kiss, it was more than a kiss. Through that kiss Sidharth was trying to consume everything inside her. This felt so perfect. Like this was the only sane thing left to do in the world. Hot, passionate and unfathomable desire was all that kiss was about. 

Sensing her breathless, he broke the kiss not before placing numerous pecks on her lips. He wanted to make sure of her, that she was really here, standing with him, trusting him. 

"Sidharth .." Roshni tried speaking something but he shushed her and said 

"This is perfect Roshni! You me and this place. Even if i die right now, it won't bother me because i have fulfilled my life in this one moment." He whispered emotionally, his eyes reflecting immense amount of love and raw passion for her making her inside burn. Roshni placed her palm on his lip and nodded her head as no, not wanting to hear such words from him. 


The ring on her finger glistened under the moonlight

"What the hell are you doing...no! This is not right" her subconscious mind blasted her, and she pulled away forcefully 

"Are you okay? Sidharth asked her, a little bit confused about her sudden mood swing.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just...Sidharth...I" before she could complete her sentence  

"I Love You, Roshni! I love you so so much" He whispered taking her hand in his. She stared at him, her eyes boring into his very soul. 

When she didn't responded for a while, he lowered his gaze while his hand still caressed her knuckle. Roshni closed her eyes for a moment, leaning into his touch

"Snap out of it!" Her subconscious scolded her 

Her eyes flickered open. Roshni couldn't let this happen. She was not ready to make the castle of her own dream and happiness over the broken pieces of her mothers dreams and wishes.

She can't let her heart take over her mind anymore. She had to do the right thing. She can't let her emotions make her weak. She had to walk away--from SIDHARTH--this time  forever.

Sidharth looked at her longingly, his eyes glazed over ...knowing she was going to reject him again.
She could feel her heart getting ripped apart just at the thought of walking away from Sidharth. But she had to be strong. She had to do this --so what if she might end up dying trying--but she isn't giving up..she had to bear the pain and move on with her life--the only difference will be that Sidharth wouldn't be a part of it.

They stayed silently like that for a few second, before swallowing the small bump she felt on my throat. SHE HAD TO BREAK HIS HEART EVEN  THOUGH  SHE WAS BREAKING HERSELF AT THE SAME TIME.

"Sidharth...i...i...need to make a confession" she said lowering her gaze

"That you love me!" He whispered hopefully, as he held her tighter, his chocolate eyes darkened slightly as he spoke, waiting impatiently for her reply


Gently, he placed his thumb beneath my chin and slowly raised my chin. He cupped my cheek and my heart started speeding on its own accord as my mouth felt dry.

"That you love me right" he asked...almost as if he was praying "that's what you want to confess right?"

Sidharth eyes roamed over her face, stopping a little bit longer at her lips. Looking straight into her eyes a small smile was drawn on his face, "Just say it please...you don't know how long I've waited to hear you say those three little words...Please...ab aur na tarpao...just say it..."

Roshni stared at him, tears begging to fall. Sensing how uncomfortable she was.

 "It's okay Baby...when you feel like it...then say it. I can wait till the end of times to hear you say it Jaan"

His thumb stroked gently on her cheek before he pulled it away. She took one step back to let position herself although she was frozen on the spot, 

Miraculously after a short pause, her brain worked and she took a step back, and closed her eyes. 

"Actually woh...woh..." She paused and paused for a few seconds , before adding warily, "Sidharth its about Misha"

"Misha...What about her?" Asked Sidharth, confused

Sighing,  she thought about lying to him, but she couldn't. She owed him to be honest and tell Sidharth the truth. Even when she didn't want to. But she had to break him do how. He had to hate her...

"Honestly? I already knew that you had nothing to do with that prank..."

Sidharth furrowed his eyebrows "Matlab"

"Misha confessed it to me a couple of weeks ago...On our double date" she turned to glance at him as she felt his glare on her.

She was expecting Sidharth to yell or cry or something. Anything. She even started counting in my head as if suddenly he would explode.

It was really silent. You could hear the sounds of nature outside the house, like the grasshopper's sounds or some dogs barking far away.

"Sidharth ?" She cautiously gazed at his slumped figure on. She could feel his heated stare towards her.

"You knew...You knew!" He said suddenly. His voice was as cold as ice

"Yes"...she mumbled feebly 

"And you didn't bother to share that piece of information...WHY!" He almost but screamed

"Actually...Woh...I" She stuttered, now knowing how to explain 

"Wow ...that's just Great...Superb. And here I was thinking that I was finally able to make you see that I had nothing to do with what happened.  I wanted you to know that I could never hurt you. That I was INNOCENT...and you would feel bad...and then maybe...we we.." i planned and plotted tonight against Misha. Just to prove my innocence to you..." he paused and looked back at her 

"But it didn't really matter to you, If I was innocent or not. Did it? You just stayed quite..as if you couldn't care less" 

Roshni lowered her gaze. It was working. He hated her

Sidharth ran a hand through his hair. This was not what he was expecting the night would turn out to be. On the contrary, he had thought that his Roshni would come running into his arms, and ...

"Do you hate me? He asked. His sad blue eyes were looking into her hazel ones looking for an answer.

His sudden questions surprised her. That was extremely random; he definitely caught Roshni by surprise. She was not expecting that

"I..uh..what do you mean? she said starting to get nervous. 
He stepped closer, holding her waist...waiting for her answers.
Those hypnotic eyes made her forget everything. His scent drives her crazy I just fail to think straight.Both were lost for a moment in each other

"Do you hate me Roshni? He asked one more time, breathing into her hair. Even though she couldn't see his face anymore, since it was buried in her hair, she could feel the sadness in his voice. 

"How does he expect me to answer that question with all honesty, if he glued his body like that to me? This is not fair." She mentally cursed 

He took a step towards her , his body connecting with mine.

"I..uh..what do you mean? She said starting to get nervous. Those hypnotic eyes make her forget everything in my mind, for a moment. 

His scent drives me crazy I just fail to think straight.

"I couldn't Sidharth. I could never hate you. Even if I tried. She replied honestly, her eyes tightly shut, as she swallowed the lump of pride in my throat. SHE COULDN'T HURT HIM. NOT NOW. NOT EVER 

"Then?" He asked, pleading "why won't you give me a fair chance?"

"You and I can be friends Sidharth- like we used to be. Nothing more" sighed Roshni lowering her gaze

Silence followed

"I know what I did was wrong Sidharth. I blamed you for something you never did. Even after I found out the truth, I remained quiet...because I believe that it was the best. To keep that misunderstanding between us..?? Don't you understand -We can never be together. That's how things are meant to be..I am sorry that I hurt you..but I can't do anything which will bring shame to my family's name and would hurt my Mom beyond measure..I am sorry" Roshni muttered while a lone tear escaped her eye.

Though she knew that she was hurting Sidharth, which unknowingly, was hurting her, but she couldn't let him get his way this time as she knew that what he wanted--what her heart wanted--was wrong.. 

"Roshni please...just give me one chance. I promise I will fix everything " he pleaded, with teary eyes

"No! You need to stop this foolishness. This stupidity. We can never be together Sidharth. I AM ENGAGED TO SAMARENDRA AND WILL BE MARRYING HIM...The sooner you accept this the better it will be for you!" Her tone was hard, as she said each word looking him directly in the eye.

Sidharth stepped back silently as thousands of emotions flickered through his eyes

Roshni thought that by behaving like this she will be able to close this chapter once and for all. But of course she misunderstood the silence,  which followed her statement, as the one that comes after the storm had passed --but of course in reality she failed to realize that this deafening silence was the one which comes before the storm hit the shores.

"So your just gonna leave me JUST LIKE THAT!!!" He asked ...his tone was cold

"Listen Sidharth..." she replied calmly, though she felt anything but calm  

I am not a helpless maiden who can do nothing when their love is snatched away from them. I AM SIDHARTH KHURANA --I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT--BECAUSE SIDHARTH KHURANA  ALWAYS WIN!"

Destiny played its moves. Roshni backed away, but tripped, on her way and was about to fall. And if she would have fallen she would have gotten serious injuries. And that was just not acceptable to Sidharth. His heart took over his mind and without even realising his own actions he caught her in his arms.

He knew that his actions would have serious consequences. But at moment nothing else matters--apart from her. Her eyes were closed because she was scared. But when she realised that instead of falling she was caught in someone's arms she opened her eyes to see what was happening.

That's when her eyes met his--and for him the time ceased --so did everything else in the world---EVERYTHING. Nothing else held any significance anymore--NOTHING.The thing that only mattered or had any significance was --THIS MOMENT--where two hearts were beating as ONE--as the two souls were rejoicing their UNION.

The world might comes to an end but THEY wouldn't have realised it --because they were too lost into the world of their own. 

In fact the intensity of our eye lock was so withering that it could put the entire world on fire--they wouldn't have noticed.

Again Roshni was unable to control her feelings...

"Roshni" the moment when he took her name, it sounded like a prayer to his own ears. Her name was so beautiful just as she was. 

What made that moment even more special was the fact that as soon as he took her name the pace of her breathing changed. Though he couldn't hear her heart beat but he was quite sure that it was beating faster and erratically just as his --a clear indication that she loved the way her name sounded when he took her name.

No matter how hard she tried...she was under his trance...

She continued staring into his eyes as if she was mesmerized just as he was caught in her spell.

Sidharth held her gently but firmly. Slowly he lifted her up without breaking eye contact. She was so petite but that's what made her more alluring because she perfectly fitted in his arms as if his arms were made just to hold her.

She was a little shorter --she could only reached his heart-- which again proved that she indeed belonged with him --because that's exactly where her place was--in his heart.

Without even realising what their actions were, they moved even more close to each other--their bodies were touching each other. 

Slowly and gently Sidharth removed the stray of hair from her face and tucked it behind her ears and then cupped her face due to which she sighed as if she was relishing his touch just as much as he was.

Gently Sidharth leaned forward and touched her forehead with her and closed, whilst Sidharth eyes savouring the moment.

"Sidharth" the moment she took his name, so lovingly, a shiver ran down his spine. He loved the way his name sounded when she took it. 

He was beyond ecstatic. As if I was hearing his name for the first time, as if his name had a new meaning altogether, as if all of a sudden his life got a new purpose.

Sidharth wanted to hear his name again--from her mouth. He wanted her to say his name over and over again. It made him so happy that it almost chocked him--it made Sidharth speechless.

Sidharth  opened his eyes to look at her, and   saw that her eyes were still closed. She was looking ethereal as the light from the moon fell on her face . Her face was glowing making her look even more beautiful --than she already was. 

It was beyond his power to take his eyes off her face. The simplicity, naiveness and the innocence which was present on her face made her the most beautiful girl in the world.  

Her angelic face, long tresses, beautiful eyes and mesmerizing eyes -- he was too engrossed in studying them as if he was imprinting those images on his mind. 

They were so close to each other that they could not only listen to each other's heart beat but could also feel each other's breathing.She sighed once again which brought his attention to her pouty lips.

She was too close to him. Her presence was driving him crazy, and it scared him--because in that moment he realised the power she had on him--the hold she had on him--she had the ultimate capability of driving him insane. 

Her lips accidentally brushed his chin and he closed his eyes to control himself from ravishing her lips menacingly.

"You and I both know, we cannot live without each other. Right?" His tone low as he stared passionately in my eyes.

"Agar mughe chor ke chali jaogi toh phir mera kya hoga?" His voice turned more deep as his one hand crawled on her waist and one pulled her chin up.

Roshni remained quiet, mind numb, and just kept staring at his torrid brown pools.

He closed his eyes and darted his tongue out to wet his chapped lips.

But before his lips could touch mine,I pushed him and turned while keeping a hand at my heart.

I was about to walk when he pulled my elbow and my back got smashed with his chest.

"Sidharth...don't  !" she whispered with her tears with a hope that he would leave her but he didn't. 

"Oh Roshni" He murmured while inhaling deep in her just shampooed, strawberry fragranced hair.

Roshni swallowed hard and closed my eyes. The proximity wreaking havoc on her mind

"Repeat after me...my love" he said in a low tone 

"I " he whispered while kissing her ear lobe.

"I " Without thinking twice I whispered too.

"LOVE !" He whispered as his lips found my beauty blade from behind.

"LOVE !" She murmured being casted in his magical spell.

"YOU !" He spoke passionately and smooched my skin deeply.

"YOU !" She uttered still being in haze and then reality struck to me.

"Shit ! He made me confess"

Before she could run he turned her and held her waist strongly from his both palms.

He smirked while pulling her more closer to him and she punched his both shoulders in order to get a way to escape.

"So still you wanna get marry to someone else?" He chuckled devilishly and she pursed her lips to control my anger.

"Just leave me!" she gritted my teeth while glaring at him and he smothered a laugh.

"Aese kese ! Kya main apni hone wali biwi ko apni baahon main nhi le sakta !" His smirk grew more wide as he saw my wide eyes after registering his words.

"Hone wali biwi!! Let me make one thing clear Mr. Khurana  I am going to be Mrs. Samarendra Mehra! Not Mrs Sidharth Khurana and thats final" she sneered at him angrily.

"Oh Really ?" He barked while pinning my hands behind her back 

"Yes ! Sorry for your late realization !" She  taunted at him and his eyes got tinted.

"Ok. You still want to play this game, then let's see who wins ! Your time is almost up!! 
I Sidharth Khurana challenge you that by tomorrow evening YOU WILL CONFESS YOUR LOVE FOR ME!! And on your wedding day, you'll find me as your groom ! Maine kasam khai hai apne ishq ki aur bohot jur'rat (bravery) hai meri pehli mohabbat main!" He snarled at me and her lips quivered seeing his immense passion leaking through the words.

"Khuda meherbaan mohabbat karne walon par hota hai ,
Tum jese dil paash(heart breaker) karne walon par nhi hota !" His rage full tone turned slow as a tear collapsed from his eye on her cheek.

Roshni turned his face towards him and seeing his teary eyes , her tears started creeping out slowly.

"Ab kuch nhi ho sakta Sidharth. Kuch Nahin..Main kisi aur ki ho chuki hoon. I'm so sorry !" She sighed, and with regret and a heavy heart slowly walked away, without looking back

"I won't let you become someone's else ! Your heart is with me and I won't let anyone steal that ! He shouted behind her 

Though he knew morally what he was doing was incorrect, but somehow his heart and soul he was not ready to hear any excuses anymore. 

His mind didn't want to dwell into this game of what is right or wrong. He only knew that his heart will do anything in order to find a way so that it can get back to --her.

Thanks to his mind and heart the decision was already made --that he needed ROSHNI--By Hook or by Crook.

"Ignore how much you want Roshni...but i know you love me...You may be helpless, but I am not a helpless maiden who can't do nothing when their love is snatched away from them. I AM SIDHARTH KHURANA --I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT--BECAUSE SIDHARTH KHURANA ALWAYS WIN."

This is a WAR between me and my destiny--the ultimate prize of this war is ROSHNI. 

Sidharth had never allowed anyone to take his happiness away from him before, no matter how insignificant it might be--so how could he  accept defeat and surrender in front of his destiny-when his heart and soul was at stake.

There is no way in hell that he was going to lose this WAR. If his destiny had decided to snatch her away then even destiny had to take it's decision back because he wouldn't allow it--NOT AT ANY COST. 
Destiny can try but he would not let it succeed this time--because ROSHNI ONLY BELONGS TO SIDHARTH.

Finally the feeling of emptiness left him and once again her beautiful face brought back that smile on my face. It calmed him once again and brought him back to his senses where he could feel like a normal human being once again--who have certain dreams about his future--but of course both his dreams and future only had ROSHNI in it!

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