#2 SIDNI SS-DILWALA DHULHANIYA LE JAYE GA *Chap 30 pg2*16/03 - Page 4

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Aww awesome update shabs
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Eagerly waiting
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Please update its been soo sooo long

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Hey guys!! I'm backk!! I will try to complete DDLJ ASAP. Only a few chapters are left so I shall complete it jaldi. From now on Kainat will also write this story, new partners!! So hope you like the following chapter, let us know in the comment section.

Chapter 31 (Written by Shabs and Kainat)

Roshni tossed and turned on her bed, trying desperately to eliminate any thoughts of Sidharth.

His words. His kisses. The longing in his eyes..


The way her thoughts made her feel, was disturbing her. She wanted this. She wanted to teach him the lesson of his life--not to mess with an engaged woman.. But now when she had seen him and the glimpse of what the love he is actually capable of, why can't she get these weird feelings off her system.


Why was she feeling guilty--for torturing him like this--for making him go through hell--for making him suffer like this? She should be happy of the fact that now she had given him clear indication that she will not let him win--at any cost.


Then why was she is experiencing the pain that was coursing through  her, when that day she chose Samarendra over him --why could she feel the hurt in his eyes, due to her indifference towards him. No it shouldn't bother her--no it shouldn't. She doesn't want to feel like this --then why was she feeling the essence of the pain that she was inflicting on him--WHY.


She didn't realize what was going around her as she was too busy in her own conflicting thoughts that was raging inside her. That's why she couldn't see or feel the presence of storm which had the potential to destroy everything that might cross its way.



"I know you are not a bad person--you are not someone who will play with someone's emotions, feelings just for their own benefit. You aren't someone who would destroy someone's life for the sake of your own selfish reasons...don't do this Sidharth..please stop all these games and give up this stupid zidd.." Roshni mumbled to looking up at the stars


"Roshni beta..." called Nani as she stood watching her granddaughter lost in her thoughts.


“Nani aap…” said Roshni faking a smile.


“Aiye na, bethiye”

“Kya baat hai Roshni? Kahan khoyi rehti hai ajkal?”


“Arey kuch bhi toh nahi, aisa kuch nahi hai nani main theek hu” said roshni tried to act normal reassuring her that she was perfectly fine.


But they say you can lie to anyone but not to your best friend, the case was somehow similar. Nani has been Roshni’s best friend since her childhood. The only secret keeper of Roshni, her mother, her friend, her everything. She couldn’t hide it from her. She won’t let her do that. She couldn’t see her granddaughter suffering.


“Toh ab tu jhoot bhi bolne lagi?”


“Huh? Jhoot? Matlab?”


“ Sab janti hu main, Roshni main teri maa nahi hu, jo tere dil ki baat na samajh paye,

Main sab janti hu, tu sach ko dekh ker undekha kar sakti hai, per main… I know what games are you playing with this heart of yours.”


“Games? Sexy, what’s going on? Everything okay?”


“The game that your heart is playing with you, the game of love!”


“Huh? Love? I don’t love anyone.”


“ Toh kya bina pyar ke shadi karegi?”


“Huh?” asked a confused Roshni. Doesn’t know how to react.


“Samendra,,,” said


“ Oh… Samendra… I thought…” Roshni sighed




Roshni didn’t have any answer to this.


She tried saying it but his name was not coming out of her lips.


“I thought… I thought you’re… “


“ You thought I’m talking about Sidharth, right?” Nani completed her sentence.


Roshni didn’t know how to react; words didn’t come out of her mouth. She didn’t want to accept the fact that she was actually thinking about him. She didn’t want to accept that she was madly, deeply in love with him. A million thoughts were running inside her head like short electrical circuits. Her heart had accepted her defeat, but she wasn’t ready to accept it. She was stubborn.


“ Kissay dhoka de rahi hai tu? Mujhe? Apni maa ko? Sidharth ko ya phir khud apne aap ko?”


“Naani, main…” that was all that came out of Roshni’s mouth.


“kiske liye karna chahti hai tu ye sab? Durga ke liye? Do you really think she would be happy to see you killing yourself every day!”


“Then, you tell me na naani, what should I do? Kya karu main? Aapne mom ko dekha hai na ke who kitni khush hain. I’ve never seen her this happy in my whole life. How can I snatch this all from her? I’m not that selfish!”


“But do you think she will be THIS happy to know that you’re not happy with this?”


Roshni had no answer to this. She didn’t want to hurt her mother’s feelings. She didn’t want to break her trust. She was completely lost that what to do.


“Mujhe nahi pata nani, but I think is wakt jo ho raha hai wohi theek hai”


“bade buzurg kehte hain, jis raah pe dil tootna mukaddar ho, us raah ka pak hona namumkin hai, muhabbat dil jodna janti hai, todna nahi”


“Ye sab mujhe nahi pata nani, I only know that I can’t let down my mom”


“You’re not letting your mom down! They say that your heart will never tell you a wrong way. Ek baar apne dil ki sun ker dekh! Ek baar khud per bharosa kar ke dekh. Tu ne apni maa ko itne maukay diye, ek mauka mujhe dede, aur ek mauka apne dil ko dede, bus ek mauka, dekhna everything will go fine”


“Naani…” Roshni said in a low tone.


“Agay teri marzi hai, teri zindagi hai, aur faislaa lene ka haq bhi sirf tujhi ko hai, but ek baat hamesha yad raakhna, that whatever decision you will take, I’m with you in it.”


Roshni took her into a hug,


“Thank you Nani, aapne better mujhe aur koi nahi samajh sakta, I Love you”


“Love you too mere bache” Said Nani while patting her back.



Khurana House,


The room was dark, and the only light came from a small light from a lamp, on the side table...as Sidharth sat his back against the bed board, hugging a pillow tightly..that had his Roshni’s picture engraved on it.

Although the room was mostly surrounded by darkness, it could not blacken the light of his happy face as he rejoiced his moments with Roshni.

His kept on staring at the wall but his mind was fixed at that passionate kiss he shared with his love. 

That kiss was something else, it was not a normal one. That moment made him realise how madly he loves Roshni and more importantly, he knew from the kiss they shared, his love for Roshni was not one sided. He had felt the sparks between them, and there was no way his Roshni could escape from that intense moment of passion. She had felt it too as her heart had sang out to his heart

“Your eyes spoke everything my love. I could feel how much my touches and my kiss had effected you. You want to be with me...I just know it"

He spoke as he absorbed his feelings inside, making him believe his best dream had come alive. The dream that Roshni loved him too.


A little drop of tear fell from the corner of his eye. He took that in his finger and let his widest smile to spread. That tear was full of happiness and his excitement. A curious excitement of getting his love back in right two days.

With that he said

“ I will get you back Roshni. 2 din mein mai tumhe apne kareeb le aaunga. I know how much you love me. No matter how much you hide, I will make you realise your love for me”


Lost in his thoughts, he had not heard Karan enter the room, turning on all the lights.


“Hey Bro, Sup”

Sidharth remained in his own Roshni world, oblivious to Karan question

"Gaya Saala jam se.... Hmmm..  Let me try one more time..." he whispered to himself 

"WHATS UP BRO!!"he all but screamed

Sidharth jumped and drowned at Karan

"What the hell Karan. I'm not deaf you know"

Karan just shook is head in amusement "Really! You're not deaf? Could have fooled me... anyway as I had asked before, when you were lost in some alternative world..what's up bro?"


“Karan!!...." yelled Sidharth, suddenly with a beaming smile, and hugged him.


Karan was a bit surprised yet shock to see this side of Sidharth. Of course he was happy for his friend, but was curious to know that what the reason was behind his over enthusiasm.  Although he had an idea what it was...but decided to tease him anyway,


 “What happened?" Pretending not to know

"Haaye Karan what can I say....I'm so happy" replied Sidharth still smiling 

"Don't tell me she didn't...."

Sidharth smile grew even wider, if that was even possible "she did" 

"I cant believe it Aunty Simi made Chicken lasagne. .and forgot to invite me...." Katwn faked hurt

"Lasagne...what the. ..what are you talking about?" Asked Sidharth totally confused 

"Arre you were looking so happy. And I asked did she....and you said yes. And as far as I'm concerned you really love Chicken Lasagne. But at least you could have invited me. Dekhli tumari Dosti....humpppp!"

"Chicken lasagne!! You think I'm smiling like an insane idiot for CHICKEN LASAGNE...I cant believe this. You of all...." his words were left in the middle as he realised that Karan was pulling his leg

"Abey Saale . ...making fun of me huh?" He mocked as he picked up a pillow and threw it at him ..

Karan burst out laughing, unable to control his laughter anymore...

"Hahaha you should have seen your face when I mentioned your favourite dish ..epic man. Obviously I know why you were smiling. Itna toh mein tumhe jaanta hon....." he paused before asking

"Did everything… I mean… did you guys… ahh… You and Roshni…”


“WE KISSED” Sidharth completed his sentence.


“WHAT??? AGAIN?” Karan was a bit shocked at this, because his words were a little hard to take.


“I can’t tell you how beautiful she was looking” he said staring into his Roshni’s eyes


“her beautiful glittery eyes spoke a million words...and each word told me that she loves me too” he stated dreaming about her again.. blowing air on her face, making her close her eyes and feel the moment.


“Her lips...Damn they are so addictive. Soft and so sweet ..those luscious lips, were giving me signals to kiss them hard” he caressed her lower lip with the tip of his thumb. Giving her jitters.

“the feeling of her soft cheeks under my fingertips, I can’t explain how I felt...I felt as if there was thousands of electrical currents flowing throughout my body as I tasted her lips ..” 

He pulled her even more closer and caressed her soft cheeks.


“we were close, so close that even air couldn’t pass between us. They way she was kissing me back, her love was clearly…”


“Hey. Hey… Bro , Bro relax! Slow down“ Karan cut him in between.


Sidharth came out of his fantasy, and saw Karan in his arms, their faces were just inch away.


“Chee…. Aye Hayee, what are you doing?”


“What am I doing? What were you doing? I didn’t ask for demonstration you know!?”




“if I didn’t stop you abhi, tu toh mere sath suhaagraat mana chukka hota kameenay”


“What the hell! Shut upp!”


“You were just inches away from my lips”


“Shut up!!”


“I was trying to…”


“Trying to what? Seduce me?”


“Karan!!” stared Sidharth.


“oh… okay, okay, cool, cool. But tell me the kaam ki baat, did she confessed?”


“Not yet, but I know she will”


“Wow, so optimistic! You know there’s just a few days left in her wedding?”


“I don’t care!!”


“Great!” said karan sarcastically.


“I challenged her”




“I will make her realize her love in two days, I will make her confess her love.”

Said sidharth with a confident smile on his face. He had faith in his love, he had faith in Roshni. He had faith that Roshni will confess her love.


“I love you Roshni, nothing and no one can come between us. Tum sirf meri ho Roshni, sirf meri. I can’t let you marry anyone else.”



“but whats the plan?”




“Sounds good”


“I’ll make you mine my love, that Samar whatever is nothing but an insect! He can never seprate us. You love me, and you belong to me only. Now, tomorrow, Forever!! I’m coming my love”

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