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Harman, meaning everyone's beloved. To live in a society that is all about materialistic joys, Harman still believes in simplicity and goodness. A pure Punjabi at heart, Harman is the boy-next-door who is cool and takes decisions rationally. He loves his mother and shares a friendship with her that is beyond the limits of a relationship between a mother and a son.

Slated to be a powerful influence in the life of people around him, Harman is a guy who doesn't think superlatively or take split second decisions. Vivian is back after a hiatus of 2 years and the one thing that made him take up Harman was his sheer simplicity and positivity. Vivian believes in Harman and that belief makes us believe in him too.

To be or not to be, that is the question.

I guess we'll find that out as soon as Harman enters our lives to sweep us off our feet.

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Vivian Dsena - a man of varied talents and hobbies, one of them being his love for adventure. This love took him all the way to Argentina last year to participate in the Indian Version of Fear Factor, Khatron ke Khiladi season 7hosted by Arjun Kapoor. Within a short span of time, he made a special place among the other contestants and was adored by the host for his fearlessness and excitement to perform every stunt he was given. And even though he couldn't win the title, he was one of the most loved contestants on the show. Sana Saeed went on to remark on Twitter that he was one of the best team mates she had. We're not surprised. We know he is that charming!

Back in mid-2015, Vivian Dsena decided to give Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa a try. Being in an industry like the Television Industry, it was quite a surprise to everyone when Vivian accepted that he avoided dancing because of his fear. But because of his wife, he signed up on Jhalak. Quoting Vivian, "The only reason why I said yes to Jhalak is my wife Vahbiz. She has been the backbone of my career. I was never interested in dancing and has avoided doing it all my life. So, when the offer came my way, it was a total no from my side as I didn't want to freeze up on the stage. But then Vahbiz told me it is high time that I learnt dancing and got over my fear. She has supported me a lot in my life and career. This time again, in a very subtle way she explained me things and that made me give it a thought". 

And when Vivian decides something, he gives it his full effort. And even though he wasn't good in dancing, he worked hard with his choreographer Bhawna for weeks and delivered one of the best performances on the premiere night. After that, there was no looking back! He enthralled his audience and impressed the judges over and over again. Hitting two full-scores was a milestone for a man who didn't know even the basics of dancing. All the judges, Shahid, Ganesh and Karan praised him for his hard work and remarked that his hard work was evident from his performances.

Vivian's last fictional show was the hugely popular show - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. He played 3 distinct characters on the show, in the span of 3 years and this show gave him a huge popularity among the viewers. Returning after 4 months of his first show as a Lead (Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani), Vivian played the role of Bollywood Superstar and heartthrob Rishabh Kundra a.k.a superstar RK; witty, smirky, snappy Superstar RK! No one could do anything once he decided against it...he was the guilty pleasure for all those girls out there who drooled over him even after knowing that he was married and for his Biwi he was the Devil in name of her husband. He lived in a world where he was second to nobody...a world which ravedabout him and craved him like nobody else. RK, a character who made the show worth watching and had truly became the FACE of the show. His pair with Drashti Dhami became one of the most loved couples of tellywood and RishBala are remembered with love to this very day.

MEIEJ introduced a track in the show wherein entered RK's lookalike and nemesis, KRK. KRK wanted to take his place and was being paid by Bhujang to do the same. KRK was a total opposite to RK. He was a mad devotee of Hanumanji and loved his mother more than his life. Vivian played both of them at the same time, and with the same conviction. KRK became so hugely popular that the actual KRK of the industry felt threatened for his name and went on to bash both the actor and the creatives for using his name. 

After this, the makers decided to introduce a leap and Vivian quit the show stating that he wasn't going to be a part of the show post-leap. RK and Madhu died in a blast and the show progressed with their daughter. It was then when the show started dipping in the ratings and Vivian was called back to play a mentally-challenged boy Raju who was paired opposite Madhubala Jr. He made us love him to bits. A while later, Raju got well from his state and was shown as the goon Raja. Vivian flawlessly played his part, till the show went off-air in Mid-August, 2014.

Vivian's first fictional show as the male lead was Ekta Kapoor's supernatural success Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani. Based on Twilight Saga and The Vampire Diaries, this show scanned the life of an orphan girl, Piya who reached Dehradun for her graduation. She loses herself in the fogged forests of the city and finds herself drowning the curiosity of knowing the boy who saved her life when she slipped off a cliff. That boy was the dark, alluring and extremely charming Abhay Raichand, son of Dehradun's most influential couple Chand and Haseena Raichand. Abhay was a strikingly handsome boy with a mysterious disposition. He was a recluse and Piya was the only girl determined to know him. He had a secret, a dark one. Vivian Dsena was loved for his portrayal of an Indian Vampire.  Abhay was portrayed as an attractive boy who was rude from outside. What was unknown to the world was a man that had a selfless and giving nature and kind heart hidden within himself. Piya saw that heart and helped him see that himself. Abhay fell in love with this beautiful damsel and together they created a saga which was as beautiful as Damon and Elena or Edward and Bella. Abhay and Piya, a.k.a Abhiya are one of the most popular couples of the television industry and fans still adore them. Vivian is credited for being one half of two of the most popular ships on the Indian Television viz RishBala and Abhiya.

Abhay and Piya set the bar of chemistry up way too high and there were attempts made to portray a supernatural couple after them but all went in vain. No one, not even Ekta Kapoor could recreate the magic of Abhay and Piya after Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani. 

Before PKYEK and MEIEJ, Vivian was mostly cast as a supporting character. He appeared as Shivam in Colors' sitcom Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki - Ganga. The show was based on the life of a young village girl called Ganga who wass considered cursed by her neighbors because she has some white scars on her hand. Shiv saves Ganga and takes her to his village Rajgarh and unintentionally falls in love with her. He takes Ganga to his adopted brother Harshvardhan, the head priest or mahant of Rajgarh. When Ganga meets Harshvardhan, her memories of her past life are revived. Eventually, Harshvardhan also recognizes her as his dead wife who has been reborn.

Before Ganga, Vivian appeared in Ekta Kapoor's longrunning drama - Kasamh Se as Jai and Bani's son Vicky Walia. After a 16 years leap, Bani is living in Kolkata under the name of Pronita because she has lost her memories. After a series of events, she regains her memories and reaches Walia Mansion to get her family back. There she sees that all her kids have been spoilt by Meera. But soon enough, Vicky sees through Meera's lies and starts supporting his mother against the plot to uproot Meera's place in Walia House. After the family unites, Jai Walia leaves his business to Vicky and retires. As a young boy, Vivian charmed the directors and producers of the show by his portrayal of Vicky Walia and Ekta was so impressed that she offered him the Lead role in her upcoming show, Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani. 

Vivian not only has succeeded in all that he has decided but has proven time and again that it is hard work and only hard work that brings success. Quoting Harvey Specter (from Suits),"The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary"

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"A man is defined by his strength, energy, attractive appeal; and of course by his novelty. "

If you love Abhay's dreamy blue eyes and stinky black jacket,
If you love his numerous I-Love-You's to Piya,
If you are a total BBB-er like RK - The Superstar,
If you remember RK's dialogues word by word till date,
If you think that he is one of the biggest non-dancers of the industry,
If you love to bajao him as much as you love to drool over him
& if you already love Harman's intense "Ji.."...

Then you my friend, are no doubt a fan of Vivian Dsena and you're completely smitten by him.

Vivian Dsena, known for his  G r e e k  G o d  l o o k sC h a r m i n g   p e r s o n a l i t y  a n d  c o o l - d u d e  attitude is an Indian Model tuned Television Actor. This handsome hunk, who appears in Indian TV Serials to charm his way to our hearts, started his career as a model. Born on  2 8 t h  o f  J u n e  , 1988 to Mr. Duncan Dsena and Mrs. Shyamlata Dsena, Vivian Dsena is of Indian and Portugese descent. He completed his earlier education in a military school where he learnt various sports including horse-riding. Vivian is very fond of sports, especially Football. He then went to Lokmanya Tilak High School followed by graduation in Engineering. It was then when he turned to take up modelling as a career and entered this Showbiz Industry.

Vivian Dsena started his career by participating in  G l a d r a g s  M a n h u n t  C o n t e s t (2 0 0 7) and he was there among the T o p  1 0 finalists . He then turned to MODELLING and worked for reputed commercial brands like Pepe Jeans, Jet Airways, Flying Machine, SPYKARS, Pantaloons, Mufti and Levi's. He has successfully remained a popular face for Fashion Weeks and Modelling assignments for a long time. He entered the TV Industry through Ekta Kapoor's Kasamh Se, but his major stint that made him a household name was the role of Abhay Raichand, in Star One's Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahani. The rest as they say, is history.

And now, if you are pretty eager to follow him, in every way possible, just click the links below & immediately follow / like him in whichever platform you prefer!

Link to his Official Twitter id : @VivianDsena01


Link to his Official Facebook Fan Page:


Link to India-Forums Profile

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| Won | - Man of the Match Trophy in a Charity Soccer Match (2012)

| Won | - Gr8! Performer of the Year in Indian Television Academy Awards (2012)

| Won | - Most Lokpriya Naya Sadasya Male (RK) in Golden Petal Awards (2012)

| Won | - Best Actor Male (Jury) in Boroplus Gold Awards (2013)

| Won | - Best Onscreen Jodi for RK-Madhubala (with Drashti Dhami) in Indian Telly Awards (2013)

| Won | - Most Lokpriya Jodi for  RK-Madhubala (with Drashti Dhami) in Golden Petal Awards (2013)

| Won | - Male Soap Personality of the Year in Asian Viewers Television Awards(2014)

| Won | - Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Award (2015) 

| Nominated | - as Most Stylish Actor in Boroplus Gold Awards (2011)

| Nominated | - as Most Lokpriya Face Male (RK) in Golden Petal Awards (2012)

| Nominated | -  as Most Jaanbaaz Personality (RK)  in Golden Petal Awards (2012)

| Nominated | -  for Most Lokpriya Jodi for  RK-Madhubala (with Drashti Dhami) inGolden Petal Awards (2012)

| Nominated | - as Best Actor in a Lead Role (Critics) in Indian Telly Awards (2012)

| Nominated | - for Best Onscreen Jodi for RK-Madhubala (with Drashti Dhami) in Boroplus Gold Awards (2013)

| Nominated | - for Best Actor in a Drama series in Star Guild Awards (2014)

| Nominated | - for Desh ka Sitara: Best Actor - Popular for Shakti in 16th Indian Television Academy Awards (2016)

| Nominated | - for AVTA Male Actor of the Year in Asian Viewers Television Awards (2016)


>> Vivian Dsena was one of the few TV actors who made it to the Times Most Desirable List two years consecutively in 2013 and 2014 on 31st and 46th positions respectively.

>> He was also one of the few Television actors who maintained his position among top 25  "Sexiest Men of Asia", a list published by the Eastern Eye magazine, based on number of tweets / comments regarding the same. Vivian ranked 24th4th & 5th respectively in 2013, 2014 & 2015.

>> Vivian Dsena was on the list of Top 10 Most Searched TV Celebs of 2013. He dedicated his title to his show and said that to be popular, you need a popular show which he is a part of.

>> A Poll Conducted By U, Me Aur TV brought the "Top 5 Heroes of TV" in the Year 2013 and Vivian Dsena was listed on top of them all. He was declared as the No. 1 star of 2013.

>> Rajan Shahi, the Producer of popular show "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" commented about Vivian as "He has an extremely strong and intelligent personality. Plus, he has the X-factor and attitude required in an actor"

>> A Survey was conducted among the Top Producers/Directors of Television Industry. Vivian Dsena was recognized as the winner of the title,  "TV Star to watch out for in 2014" for his outstanding work and dedication in portraying the character of multi-shaded Superstar RK.

>> Vivian Dsena has been crowned the Indian TV Personality of 2016 after a huge poll on the UK's premiere Asian station, Sabras Radio and the UK's only Asian media and showbiz news website, BizAsiaLive.com

>> Telly Talk India conducted an online poll in 2013 where Vivian Dsena was crowned Best Actor and Best Jodi with Drashti Dhami for Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.

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Shakti - Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki : Articles & Interviews

>> Vivian Dsena makes a COMEBACK on TV..!!



>> The female lead opposite Vivian Dsena!!

>> Vivian's Show starts assembling casts& crew!

>> Vivian is a prankster on sets: Roshni Sahota

>> Shakti premier- Vivian talks about his character


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Admin Note

Hello people! Since this AT has attracted a lot of troubles in past few days & everyone is confused over what to post & what not, we are introducing you to few clear & well written rules which, hopefully, will keep troubles & confusions at bay. Please note that these are not some whimsical commands given out to satisfy any particular group of members' interest, but a genuine & much needed set of Rules established with the agreement of forum DT (Contact KS_Minion in case you have doubts). From today onwards VD AT will be run by these following rules & we request all members to carefully read them & obey them.

1)      This appreciation thread is for appreciating Vivian as an actor &the characters he plays/played. Since this AT is currently running in Shakti forum, the main discussion topic here should be Harman & Vivian's performance as Harman. But! This doesn't mean that discussing Abhay Raichand or Superstar RK is a strict no no here. They were hugely famous characters played by Vivian & you can discuss them Every once in a while. Please note this once in a while phrase & don't make a frequent habit of it.


2)      This is Vivian Dsena AT & is to be used ONLY to discuss Vivian & his characters only. NO COUPLE DISCUSSION is allowed here. And that includes Haya aka Harman Saumya too. If you want to discuss just Haya, please go to Haya AT & discuss to your heart's content. That being said, if Haya comes up in the conversation it is fine, but only once in a while like above. This AT is for discussing ONLY Harman among the Shakti characters. And of course, discussing Rishbala or Abhiya is NOT allowed either, but similar to above.


3)      Do NOT discuss any other characters or actors from Vivian's current or previous shows here please. This is Vivian Dsena AT; keep your discussions restricted to him onlyDiscussing about Rubina/Saumya, Roshni/Surbhi etc are NOT allowed here. Needless to say the same rule applies to Sukirti/Piya, Drashti/Madhu or any other actors/actresses Vivian might/might not have worked with.


4)      This AT is for appreciating Vivian's skills& achievements as an actor only. Gossiping over Vivian's personal life or personal issues is strictly NOT allowed here.


5)      While discussing in this AT, please try NOT to quote more than thrice. Quoting again & again makes the page heavy & causes inconvenience for others. And remember meaningless spamming is NOT allowed here. Writing just numbers or posting just emoticons to increase the page number won't be tolerated here. You can spam with Vivian's pictures though, but even then try to limit the pic spamming within 3 pages at one go.


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7)      While chatting or discussing Vivian, please maintain a friendly environment here. Do NOT attack or mock any fellow members just because their opinions don't match yours. Different people are bound to have different point of views, please respect others' opinions & just ignore the ones you don't like. Picking a fight with or insulting any fellow member just because s/he disliked something you liked, is strictly NOT allowed here.


And! Last but not the least, 

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Please try to follow the above rules as much as possible. This AT is open to all as long as they read & abide by these rules. Thank you!


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a. Chatting: We do allow minimum chatting in ATs, provided it is related to this AT alone. Additionally Do not spam with just emotions/numbers to increase post count/pages. Do not quote long quotes. You can quote three posts maximum and they should be small. 

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Hit the Like button on this post to get your name added to the AT Member's List. In no case, PM the Vivian.Dsena account or the admins to add your name because it will be simply overlooked.

*NEW* Names shall be added every time an admin logs in the account and/or in the next AT.

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Now, before we start showering our love & fill the AT pages in supersonic speed, let's have a look at few words of wisdom our hero has offered over the time.Embarrassed

--- " No pain No Gain..No matter who you are!"

--- "Muddaee laakh bura chahe toh kya hota hai, wahi hota hai jo Manzure khuda hota hai!"

--- " Comparison is the best way to judge your progress. But don't compare with 0thers, just compare your yesterday with your today."

--- "I believe in hard work and when you work hard you'll get success, be honest with yourself, be honest with your job, be yourself and you'll be there, that's it, that's what I believe."

--- "I don't want my fans to vote for me out of their love for me. I'd like to earn their votes. I just want to work hard, I have been known for the same. I will be honest enough to admit I am not really in the Jhalak race. I am not here to win, but to learn something new. Money and success is a temporary phenomenon, but knowledge will stay with me till the end."

--- " Someone:- What have u earned Fame,Respect,Money or Success?
Me:- Nope I've earned Fans, They gave me everything. #bestfansever #proudtohaveuall"

Is there any wonder that we love him so much? Heart

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