Anup Jalota Has Disappointed Me The Most

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Posted: 4 years ago
Jasleen has proved to be the bigger person as she took all of the blame on herself and saved Anup Jalota's reputation form being destroyed.

I just read his recent interview and the way he is putting the entire blame on Jaslene is not fair.

Even if this is a prank, both of them are involved in this.Why blame one person only and Anup had the opportunity to say something in the 6 weeks he stayed inside the house. Why did he not say anything when the first debate task happened, he was happily accepting this relationship.

No one forced him to lie, he was also part of this. I personally feel he is denying this relationship, but if he is calling it a prank, it will nto happen form one side only.

Why was he getting possessive when Jasleen and Saurabh were good friends, why was he acting possessive, why was he telling her to remain a distance from him, why was he calling Saurabh his brother in law.

Now he is saving himself from all the mess and trying to destroy Jasleen'slife, but that is actually unfortunate as Jaslene will be bashed because she is not a big celebrity like Anup.

Anup is trying to put in the mind of everyone that, she needed publicity, he is openly accusing her intentions, but I guess he also needed publicity which is why he decided to play along and acted like a possessive boyfriend.

I have lost all of my respect for him and now he is pretending to be innocent who got used but he also was part of this and he also never clarified about anything,I guess he is trying to save his reputation and acting image conscious.Edited by maha786 - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
dono ek hi thaali ke chatte batte... I used to support Jasleen at times but now both are phuss!! thumbs down
Posted: 4 years ago
Both Jasleen and jalota play this game.but jo powerful hai wo kaha Doshi hota hai.
#sad reality
Posted: 4 years ago
Both the prankster and all the people supporting it are equally at fault and so lost all my support for the BB game!! No use knit picking!! Wonder y you haven't lost any respect for big boss show as yet .. main mastermind behind all the crap that happens every season! 😆 I appreciate both Anupji and Jasleen for revealing their game instead of playing along or acting dramatic or fake!!

I like and appreciate Anup's and Jasleen's individual talents and their art! That will be all! They are not the first or the last celebs to lie and grab attention.. people have done and said worst!
Posted: 4 years ago
I can't agree more...if he cares about his reputation so much..he would have opened his mouth at least least have spoken in front of camera...not even a single time he opened his mouth...

Anup Jalota

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