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Waiting for update .
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# Part 1

The tiny spaces people live in where there isn't even space to sit outside let alone have plants, the houses which seamed to be glued together having a common wall separating most of the homes... people living behind the closed doors even in the day time, except for the fair auntie who was peeping though their window... it was all getting a little too overwhelming for her!


she came out of the bathroom hearing the knock and stood by the door water dripping down her face which she quickly splashed on her face before stepping out. All she knew was she couldn't lock herself away in the bathroom forever and with the continues knocks it was getting pretty clear that she was worrying the kind lady. 


Looking at the young girl in front of her who was looking at her with her red puffed eyes still trying to smile for her sake, the elderly women's heart went out to her. "Beta what took you so long? Poor girl, look your dress is all wet... come let me wipe your face atleast... " she said wiping her face with a dry towel 

The elderly woman asked the girl to sleep for a while... while she gets some work done and left the room. It was a tiny bedroom with a cupboard and few boxes at the side the wall had a mirror and a single cot n the center of the room. She lay there on the cot looking at he fan which was making screeching noise every now and then, she did hear the lady asking her name before she gave in to her tired eyes and let sleep consume her.


On the other hand, Maan's mom was kind of stressed over the whole issue. Young girls running away from home is something which has become a common occurrence these days, it didn't seem to be a big issue to her until the problem didn't knock her door step. But now with the girl sleeping in the very next room the seriousness of the whole situation was weighing her down


Why did the girl run away from her home? Did that Anirudh boy influence her with some lovey dovey stuff and lead her on? Was this girl even trust worthy? What would have happened to he girl if she didn't land at her door step, after all she wasn't blind the girl was quite beautiful and young? And the most important thing even though she trusted her son would it be right to keep a girl in her home with a young boy roaming around?


Confused with her thoughts she thought it would be better to ask her sister for some advice on the situation. Her sister lived alone in the village and worked as a school teacher since her husband's accidental death. 


Picking up her cell she rang her sister "Didi Pranam! How are you? Are you busy can we talk for a while? "she said sitting onn the cot out sine the room and closing the door lightly making sure not to disturb the sleeping girl


"Vaishu? Khush raho... I'm good how are you and how is maan? Its been long since we last talked right.. I have a free hour now so you called at the right time... tell me.. kyse yaad karna hua hmm?After hearing her elder sister's voice from the other end she let out every thing which was running in her mind and all about her current situation too... which her sister listened without any interruptions


Her sister's was love marriage she fought against her father who had a very low opinion about villages decided to live in the village even after her husband's death. She was wise women and loved her and Maan to bits, after all they were the only family she was now left with.


After cutting the call she got back to her chores and decided to take her sisters advice and know about the girl a little more before taking any further step.


She didn't realize the time until she heard a timid voice of the girl who stood looking unsure and kept knotting her dupatta. "Auntie mai kuch madat kardu?She asked in a low voice looking down on the floor.


"Aree Beta, did I woke you up with the noise... you should have slept a little longer,keeping thee vegetables aside she walked up to the girl and pulled her along to the stool next to the cot 


"Sit let me comb your hair, looks like you aren't used to making your own hair? Gahar pe koun baal banata tha aap k?she asked while running a comb through her hair...


"Ji Renu kaki.. umm Shetal ki mama? Every day before going to school I go to her house, Kaki braids my hair gives us milk and then me and Shetal go to school. Pata hai auntie Shetal and me, we are BESTfriends!She said stressing on the word best' and turning to look at her


"Aree beta itna hilo matshe said chuckling "aur aap k mummy papa? She asked trying to keep the conversation as light as possible 


"Both of them are dead! When I was in 4thclass they left me and went to attend a marriage with my other family members but everyone died on the same say in a road accident. Bus mujhe zada kuch yaad nahi hai, mai choti thi na...she said running towards the mirror trying to look at her braid which was quite different from the simple one she was used to 


"wow auntie I look so good!she said with a broad smile and stepping out of the room


not noticing the kind lady's silence, she walked up to the table and picked the vegetables which were kept aside before she walked in and sat on the floor opposite to her.


Recovering from her state Maan's mom went and picked up the flour to kneed for their dinner and joined her in the conversation. 


"waise you didn't tell me you name beta?She asked chuckling 


Now that thought made her sad again reminding her of Anirudh on how he warned her of hiding her identity and warning her now to talk to strangers... he must be feeling so lonely and lost...My name is Geet, but Anirudh said we must not revel our real names to any one, but since you don't know its my real name lets settle for Geet she said trying to put on a brave face 


"Wow! How intelligentMaan thought sarcastically stepping in to the house not letting his presence known since the ladies were too busy in their world to notice him, he laid down on the cot listening to their conversation


Geet kitna acha naam hai... you know my best friend also lived in a village?His mom said stirring something n the vassal 


Ya right, dadaji would have killed mom even for talking to a villager let alone being friends!'he thought... he knew his dadaji hated villagers for some unknown reason and he heard stories of how his dadaji made a complete background check of his moms family which was not thorough since he missed the lead of Massima... and then got his maa and baba marry!


Sachme Auntie? I'm from Hosyarpur, where is auntie from?The girl asked buying the lie his maa was weaving good going maa he thought smirking


"Aree wah even my friend is from the same place such a small world even she died in an accident... may be you...she said turning towards the girl and cupping her cheek 


Grasping the unsaid words from his mother the girl flung her arms around his maa, sobbing in her arms let out all her life story without hesitating any further


Even though he felt bad that is maa lied to the sobbing girl, but a part of him was impressed on how his maa dealt with Geet.


Geet! such a nice name and it did suit the girl pretty well he thought deciding to interrupt the melodrama in front of him.

To Be Continued...


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Nice characterization .. Loved the naive Geet.
Your description of houses and neighbourhood brings in the picture of my own neighborhood, where at times houses share a common wall. Maan's mom is intelligent. 
Liked the update. Waiting for more.
Thanks a lot for the PM
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Originally posted by Indulekha00

Nice characterization .. Loved the naive Geet.
Your description of houses and neighbourhood brings in the picture of my own neighborhood, where at times houses share a common wall. Maan's mom is intelligent. 
Liked the update. Waiting for more.
Thanks a lot for the PM
glad u liked it!
thank god mera pm waste nahi gayaLOL

Thanks for reading!Smile
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Congratulations on your new story 

Will read and comment before the end of this weekend 
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Originally posted by taahir004

Congratulations on your new story 

Will read and comment before the end of this weekend 
araam se pado
i have no problemLOL
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Part 1

toh woh prologue tha.

Kya Geet Basanti ki koi door ki rishtedar hai..tumhara naam kya hai Basanti? LOL

lekin this Geet, I am loving her naivety, innocence, genuineness...her face and actions instantly reflect her emotions.

Maan's mom tricked Geet to get the truth and background about her..but intention was not bad, in fact she tried to get the details without hurting Geet, and made her feel she is not alone.

and Geet let out everything when she thought Maan's mom is her mother's friend even without asking her name and confirming if it is only her mother that she was referring to and she forgot all those advises from Anirudh about taking precautions around strangers..his mother did not remain a stranger anyway..but it seems somewhere her story touched Maan's heart as well.

Anirudh kahan hai..Cry
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Good starting. Very good part one. Looking forward to read more. Please do continue...

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