Heartfelt [Updated! part 1# pg.6 10/10]

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Dipping biscuit in the tea glass which she held carefully with her dupatta trying not to burn herself, she looked around the place the kind lady called home. It was a tiny space a with two rooms, one of which she was seated had a cot and a stool at the entrance, and the other end of the room was separated by a table which looking at the utensils stove and stuff she figured was kitchen. The door beside the kitchen might be the bathroom which she was desperately in need of and the other door might be the bedroom she thought still looking around.

"Maa, I don't understand why should we get in to this mess and how on earth did she end up in your shop! The guy slumped down on the cot beside his mother, running a hand down his face looking the girl who was curdled up on the ground opposite him.

"Beta don't be rude you are scaring her and its just a matter of few days, once we find out about her we can just drop her back at her place. The kind women said smiling gently at her

Frowning at her words and pouting at the biscuit which melted in to the glass she tried to figure out how to remove the mushy peace which was floating in her glass she squeaked in her tiny voice

"I... don't want to go back! She said in a small quivering voice trying to clear her vision which was getting blurred due to the moisture filling in them

"Anirudh said if we run away from home we could live happily, bichara got lost in this big railway station of yours! She said trying to bight back her sob

"Ab ye saala Anirudh kown hai? And this cant gets any more ridiculous, Maa did you hear what she said this girl ran away from home with a guy! He said glaring at his mother

"Shut up Maan! Stop scaring her... beta who is Anirudh? The lady asked turning towards her

"Wo hum saat me padte hai... we study in the same school! She said losing interest in the tea, she places the glass beside her and wrapping her hands around her legs she looked up at the mother and son duo who seemed to be waiting for her to continue

She thought it wasn't safe living with her uncle anymore but looking at the new people and the big city she had brought herself to. The reality about her situation slowly started sing in... she was no more in her small village where she could just go to sleep in any of her villager's house and return back in the morning. These people do not accept strangers even as guests forget letting her stay with them and there was Anirudh who was very confident about the whole plan got lost at the very first step.

Wrapping the dupatta around herself like a shawl she stood up from her place and asked with what ever courage she could muster "Auntie, Bathroom?

And once she was inside the bathroom she let all her fears flow from her eyes, fear of being alone, fear for Anirudh, of having no clue what else to do... she sank down on the ground and cried her heart out

On the other side Maan was super annoyed with his mother how could his mother just bring some one home? What would the neighbors think? Who know better than him about Seema auntie... who was more interested in other's affairs.

"Itna kya sochna beta, bachi hai wo thoda samjha buja k we will send her back home... even her family might be worried about her... its just matter of day or two!" She said picking up the tea glass from the ground and turning towards him "now you tell me weren't you supposed to be in your college at this hour what are you doing here?"

"Wo maa classes got cancelled due to some strike and I needed some money for the assignments too he said looking sheepishly at his mom

"Haan haan I know all about it, you and your assignments, wo chintu hi tujhe bigad raha hai... aanedo use ghar I'll see to it he doesn't even get food until he completes this so-called assignment of you guys. Here take this these are for the assignment and these for the movie you guys planned for this weekend. She said handing him money from her purse while still wondering about the girl wo locked herself in the bathroom from past 15 minutes

"Aha maa I need to rush, I'll be back by evening... and uss aafat ko jaldi bhagao who knows she might be a serial killer or robber... usski bholi shakal pe mat jao he said grabbing hi bag and picking up his shoes

"I just don't trust her maa, please be careful and let the doors be open until she is in our home... kisiko avaz di tho it would be convenient! he said before stepping out

Acha agar itni hi parvah hai tho ghar pe ruk q nahi jata?? She questioned but he was long gone... getting back inside her home she thought to check on the poor girl, deep inside her mind was a thought which was creeping her too as to how did the girl land in her shop which was nearly 20 kms away from the railway station that too middle of the residential colony!

To be continued...

Love, emotion, drama ya kuch aur I don't know yet! interested in reading further let me know warna this forum has thousand more stories paaka promise hum dill pe nahi lenge

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Character Sketch

Maan Khurana
student (Bsc computers 2nd year)

Geet Handa
11th standard

vaishnavi Khurana
maan's mother


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Congrats on new story dear Clap
Posted: 2018-10-04T01:50:01Z

Amazing n interesting start
Posted: 2018-10-04T01:50:35Z

Continue soon please
Posted: 2018-10-04T04:25:32Z
Hey COngrats on a new story...
Always nice to see new stories about our beloved Maaneet...


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"Shout aloud in ecstasy...true is the great timeless one"
Posted: 2018-10-04T04:26:13Z
lovely photos in the character sketch...
loved Maan's MOm
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"Shout aloud in ecstasy...true is the great timeless one"
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Interesting start...
Geet seems to be so innocent...comparing the city with her village...
she is scared of her uncle...was her uncle harassing her or something? poor girl...
Who is this Anirudh...?? I am guessing he was also not so trustworthy...

Maan's mother is a kind lady...but obviously, Maan is annoyed...
hope Geet share her fears freely with Maan's mom...she might actually help her if she tells about her uncle...

Nice one...
"Shout aloud in ecstasy...true is the great timeless one"

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