Mauli, Damini, Dida and Nandini.. Women in the show

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The writer is presenting a variety of women in the show, there are some strong women and some weak women, none is evil

Mauli - She is my favorite, I think everyone aspires to be like her, humans are like Mauli, I don't agree that she's mahaan, she didn't pick up a woman from road to help her, she helped her friend, we all do that, don't we? We help people who are important in our lives, we do everything in our capacity to make them happy, like students let go of their dreams to fulfill dreams of their parents, I have seen people taking loans, practically not having anything to eat to get treatment for their parents, who are suffering from cancer, emotions and relations are far away from the logic, how many times have you heard that people got out of their cars to help an accident victim only to know that they are going to be robbed for showing humanity? Do we stop helping people, do we stop trusting people? How can trust be considered a flaw or something that modern educated people stay away from? If you are going to judge everyone on your path, when will you have time to love them, Mauli has been with Kunal for 7 years, even if she spent first two years judging him, isn't it obvious that she will trust him? When Mauli helped Nandini, Mauli knows that she has brought Nandini out of an abusive marriage, no woman will backstab someone who has done so much for her but Nandini did it and it's not Mauli's shortcoming, the guilt lies with Nandini and Kunal, not Mauli.
Then we have Mauli, who's an extremely successful doctor, her professional life is so good that even a man like Kunal, who loves women clad in Saree who are dependent on him, left his job trusting that Mauli will take care of his financial needs, Mauli will be taking care of Kunal's family when Kunal left them for another woman, Mauli didn't abuse Nandini, she didn't demean Nandini, she didn't curse Kunal, she kept asking where she went wrong that she's not enough for him anymore, you are strong when someone who's leaving you for another woman says that "Mauli aisa nahi karegi, Wo mere jaisi galti nahi karegi".
Even at her worst she had an identity, she's a woman who can not be defined by the clothes she wears or the man in her life, she's defined by her character, her self-esteem, her confidence.

Damini (Kunal's mother) - A single mother who went through taunts of her MIL, raised Kunal made him a doctor, raised him to be a man who left his job because he couldn't tolerate his colleagues cheating his patients and when she heard her daughter in law accusing his son, she didn't once think that there was any need to question Mauli that why's she doing this? She believed Mauli's words on spot, she slapped her son and sat down to support her daughter in law, she threw her son out of the house saying that she has unleashed the monster like him on her daughter, her love for her son didn't overshadow her love for her DIL, Bahu Nahi Beti and Damini proved it.

Dida - She came as a regressive woman when she asked Nandini to go back to Rajdeep, when she believed that breaking that flower decoration was upshagun, but she's more modern as she supported Nandini when she came back from Rajdeep's place, I am confused about her reaction to Kunal as she didn't say anything but her expressions were of disgust and she didn't for once doubt Mauli.

Nandini - She's exactly opposite of woman you want to be, she's driven by her greed and her needs, Mauli didn't believe when people told her about KuNan, Dida and Damini did not question Mauli as to why she was accusing their son, but Nandini is only woman who believed that Mauli was faking being touched by Rajdeep because she was jealous of Nandini's big house, Nandini turned to the same Mauli when she needed help and didn't think once before sleeping with her husband, it's not about who she is hurting, she wants what she needs, everyone have needs people are defined by how they control it but Nandini is defined by her needs, I have noticed that she's a spendthrift, she is being stalked by her ex husband but getting divorce from his is not her priority, before getting out of one mess she entered another one and created a havoc, ruined lives because she has no control, like how she started earning money and spent everything on her clothes and jewelry (It wasn't shown but how else she'd get it?), she is not thinking that she has to pay for a lawyer but her need to look good in front of Kunal overtakes everything, one thing confirmed my analysis on her character and that is her dialogue after she came home seeing a distraught Mauli, she doesn't care that Mauli is hurt, she doesn't care that Mauli's home has been broken, she doesn't care that now Mauli is in a place where she was 2 months ago, all she cares about is that she needs her friend and her love, apparently she wants Mauli to let go of her feelings because Nandini wants her friend and her friend's husband. I won't say Nandini is not realistic but she's the person in front of you, she's not you, she is someone in your office who took credit for your work, she's a wing woman who took the guy you wanted, she's basically a crying version of mean girls.

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