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The vast chambers were decorated tastefully, the beautiful touch of Devi Saraswati Herself visible in the room. Comfortable and elegant, the room looked like heaven, like Prosperity abundant rested within, and will always be so.

Within the chambers paced the very epitome of Prosperity, the sound of the tinkling anklets forming an echo, her red dress giving her the appearance of the One who bestows Sindoor on every woman in the Universe. Her Lotus eyes roamed restlessly, her heart thumped fast, as her hands wrinkled each other.


Lakshmi looked to the entrance, only to spot Her fellow Tridevi, Saraswati and Parvati.

"Medha, Gauri"

"Stop pacing around so much, JagatMata. You have been through this situation in various forms, in various MahaYugas, and many Kalpas as well. You know well how it will end," said Medha gently, taking Lakshmi's hand.

"Exactly. Bhaiya will come, you will garland Him, and He will be the One who will be your Eternal Consort. This is a remarriage for both of you, given that you emerged as a married woman from Bhaiya's left side," said Parvati, taking Lakshmi's other hand.

"Vishnu's Ardhangini"

"I know. But yet," said Lakshmi.

"No but yet here, Lakshmi. Vishnu Bhai will come, you will marry Him, and Swami and Shiva Bhai will facilitate the wedding in their own ways," said Medha firmly, her tone filled with reassurance.

"Yes Jiji. Medha Jiji is right, as always," said Ksheera, entering the chambers, bringing her Eternally joyful nature with her.

"And our Ksheera is also ready to marry Sesha, right?," asked Parvati, innocently, grinning at the red hue on Ksheera's fair cheeks.

"Parvati Jijiii"

"Ksheera, why did you not tell me?," questioned Lakshmi, mock glaring at her younger sister.

"You are Trikaaldharshini Jiji. What do I have to tell that you do not know?"

"Do you want to marry Sesha?"

Ksheera shyly nodded, hiding her face in Lakshmi's shoulder, as Lakshmi's arms came around her, holding her lovingly.

"Then, once my Swayamvara is over, I will tell Pitashree, and we both can get married together"


"Yes my hyper snake?"

"Why are we not going for Maa's Swayamvara?"

"Who said we are not?"

"Then why are we still here?," questioned Sesha.

"You go, I will come later," replied Vishnu innocently.

"She is Maa. Why would I go for the Swayamvara without you?"

"Go like Narada does. As a spectator," said Vishnu, further innocence splashing across His dark face. "And I will come when I have to"


"Where is Bhrata?," Saraswati questioned Shiva, shaking her head when the Devas and Asuras filled into the Swayamvara Sabha, but Lord Vishnu alone had not come yet.

"You know Him, sister. He likes to make an entrance"

Saraswati turned and smiled at Sesha, who had walked in, bowing down to both Her and Shiva.

"He is making His usual dramatic appearance," asked Shiva, an innocent smile colouring His lips.

"You know it, Mahadeva. You know it"

"He is hereee!, squealed Ksheera.

"Sesha?, asked Lakshmi innocently.

"Yess Jijiii. But, where is Bhai?

"He will come when He must, said Lakshmi lovingly, sitting in front of the beautiful Vishnu idol in the chambers. "He has His reasons, reasons that only He Himself understands. And Bhai and Bhai. Sesha too

Laughing, she laid her head at His feet, closing her eyes, bringing her hands to hug His Lotus feet, a beautiful smile on her face.  

"Lakshmi! Come! The time has arrived!

Gentle breeze wafted through the room, as Lakshmi took swan-like steps towards the Sabha, a beautiful garland woven by Her held in Her Lotus hands, the tinkling anklets creating a melody that echoed across the Universe, which She Herself bore as Vishwambharae, along with her Vishwambhara. Her eyes shyly glanced at the floor, seeing Vishnu with every step she took, her heart beat fast, waiting for the arrival of the One who was was Her beloved.

As She entered the Sabha, her eyes met Brahma Deva's and Mahadeva's, and she smiled softly at them, her eyes then moving to Sesha and Narada, who were bowing down their heads to her, along with Garuda, who had suddenly arrived, as had Nandi. Smiling affectionately at them, she blessed them from Her heart, the four of them shining brighter with Her blessings. Her eyes then moved to the Devas, who smiled at her as sons would at the Mother, their eyes holding regret, Indra's the most. A loving motherly smile decorated Her face, when she subtly nodded, conveying that She had forgiven Indra for his mistake, and that he no longer had to repent.

Ignoring the lusty gazes the Asuras were throwing at Her, not even glancing at them, she walked up to Brahma Deva, who had Mahadeva and Samudra Raja seated on either side of Him, and She bowed down to them.

Oh MedhaNaatha, GauriKaanta! I pray to both of you, that I Eternally serve the Lotus feet of MahaVishnu, she prayed within Her heart. Bless me, that He will grant me such a wish'

You are Hari Vakshasthala, Samudra Tanaya! Sri Hari will definitely come for you, and it is only Him you will marry,' blessed Brahma Deva.

I second that. Narayana is just up to His usual dramatic effect, for He has to teach some people to respect women as their equals, not as an object,' added Mahadeva. Harini, He is waiting to come here, and He will'

Smiling, Lakshmi turned to the Sabha, her eyes meeting Vaani, Parvati and Ksheera's loving and reassuring gazes, and she nodded.

I am waiting, Vishnu!'

"And I am here, Lakshmi

The voice vibrated across the Sabha, as the last of the Asuras finished introducing themselves. Everyone turned to the entrance of the Sabha, their eyes wide. The Devas bowed down, their hearts filled with deep devotion, the Asuras all glared at the Lord, who had easily managed to trick them, His female form having thrown them into a lusty haze.

But the Lord's eyes were fixed only on one, the bride who shone like the radiant Sun, decked in auspicious red, her eyes like the Lotus, filled with the deepest love for Him. Her face was splashed with a beautiful, endearing red, her eyes though fixated on Him. He smiled enchantingly at Her, and that seemed to have broken the spell fractionally.

Lakshmi ran towards Vishnu, the garland in her hands, nothing but Him mattering. She felt the happiness of Ksheera, Parvati and Medha, the joy of Sesha, Brahma Deva and Mahadeva, but her eyes never left her Vishnu's, just as His refused to leave Her.

Nearing Him and smiling shyly, she placed the garland around His neck, shyness suddenly overcoming Her, as she looked down and bent forward, touching His Lotus feet. Her eyes closed of their own accord, the bliss of touching His Lotus feet silencing everything around Her but Him.

His Lotus hands lifted her up by the shoulders, and He smiled with all the love in His eyes at Her, the two who seemed different but were in fact the Same, reunited once again, their Love entwining with the Universe, their eyes never moving from each other, even as those who loved them purely surrounded them, their joy sounding across the Brahmanda.

Lakshmi and Vishnu had reunited, yet again!


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Posted: 2018-07-13T10:13:11Z
Amazing OS Srutha Approve
The scene between Devi Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati was wonderful Heart
I loved how Devi Parvati teased ksheera about sheshw Wink
The scene between lord Vishnu and shesha was nice Star
I liked the entrance of lord Vishnu Smile
The scene between lord Vishnu and Devi Parvati was so beautiful Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2018-07-13T19:52:18Z
Wow! This was so happy happy! Loved it so very much, especially the rush of emotion towards the end! <3
...i am the dance and i still go on...
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Posted: 2018-07-13T21:20:12Z
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Posted: 2018-07-15T03:32:16Z
Aww this was so beautiful. Nice shot Srutha. Enjoyed reading it. Especially the ending. 
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Posted: 2018-07-17T02:48:11Z
A well-written OS Krishna, loved so much the meeting of Divine consorts of the Divine Trinity.Smile
The ending is poetically depicted in your Love's Reunion.Hug
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Posted: 2018-07-17T05:31:50Z
Sru, I am at a loss of words! This is such a beautiful, unearthly description of just pure love! Heart
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