Perception #5 (Closed) : Pg 63 - Kyu Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, Requests.

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Posted: 3 years ago

^^ Beautiful Banner credit goes to Sakeena

So thought this as a cool name, cos a creation is a blend of the perception of the creator, and then the perception of the viewer. A creator may or may not be able to execute the entire blueprint, but a viewer may still appreciate it. So felt, the word has depth and is apt for the Gallery Name.

So have actually lost touch of this whole concept, writing and opening a Gallery. Hoping this Gallery reaches 20 pages small goals is wise.

Would like to welcome everyone to my 5th Gallery. For those of you who don't know me, am Madhura. Have been making creations since long, and experimenting as per the phases. At certain phases some styles are in, and you wanna do and fit in that way, like blurred text, newspaper texture was once a hit.

So, you will find me around, but I get lot of mood swings, and hit PS breaks often. Reason this gallery too got delayed a LOT. I try to make simple creations as am not very pro, however I manage to experiment a lot and go wild too. One of my fav themes is Mixed Couples, so you will find that in my Gallery.Lately, am exploring VMs.

Would like to give a shoutout to my friends who have always encouraged and inspired to make more creations, and ofc to open the Gallery. Special mention to Dangzy, cos she kept pushing me forever. But then Dangzy, you need mood and muse to PS.LOL

Even my special PS Gang, who are all Gems, and ooze with creativity faster than mutation of viruses, that's a Huge Compliment peopleWink. So my PS Gang includes Rosh, Ri, Desto, Husna and Nabi.

I use Photoshop CS5
Resources : Husna, Nabi, DA, Tumblr
Tutorials : Desto and my gang again

Current Favourites / Creations you may see

Aditya Zoya fro Bepannah, primary reason to open the gallery and am following the show.
However you may find Sid Anu creations cos they seem photogenic, from Yeh pyaar nahi toh kya hai and her wardrobe is classy.
Sameer and Naina and gang from Yeh Un Dinon ki Baat hai cos show was beauty in simplicity
Naagin 3, Anita and Surbhi
Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka : Mouli and Kunal mainly

Inspiration List

Roshni, Ri, Nabila
Husna, Desto
Aishu, Mallu, Gargi
Dips, Virina

A Toast to Friends

So now I do not know what to write, just mentioning all are special and unique in their own way.Thank you for always being there and guiding, helping and critics.

Dangzy, PS Gang, Aisha (Chaand), Gargi, Jenz

(Subtitle banner to be put later)

Madz / madz
Madhura '18

Graphics Credit

So, I wanted my PS Gang to make stuff for my Gallery. My plan was to just advertise the beauties and disappear, LOL. You definitely must stalk their creations, galleries and work to see brilliance, still kinda learning.

Banner : Sakeena
Intro : Rosh
Rules : Husna
Index : Ri
Sample Work : Sakeena
Update : Sakeena

Special thank you to you all for giving such lovely creations, makes my gallery shine. Love you all for this and our discussions, of course.

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Posted: 3 years ago

Do not crop my creations or claim them as yours

Do not share them without my permission

Request when gallery is open and follow Request Rules

Will not be doing creations on KSG / Mytho / IB

Kindly do not force me to do any on the above, will reject or may do if I get mood

Pg 1 : Sample Work

Pg 5 : Naagin 3, Silsila, ViTharv

Pg 8 : PiAnsh, Mauli, Crossover, and more

Pg 12 : Suggestions

Pg 13 : KZK2, BP, Piansh and more

Pg 16 : Gully Boy, BeHir, Silsila 2

Pg 19 : Divya drishti, prerna, mishti-ruhaan, kalank, anita-rohit, yeh rishte hai pyaar ke

Pg 22 : Samar-Jaya, Mixed Couples

Pg 26 : Piansh, Mayara, Sufiyaana pyaar mera

Pg 29 : SaRoon

Pg 31 : CLACM, Sidisha, Piansh, Ronakshi

Pg 33 : Sidisha, Roshan, Mixed Couple

Pg 37 :  Mixed Couples

Pg 41 : RoshAn, Requests

Pg 43 : Last RoshAn update

Pg 46 : AnuPre,Parth, AM, Ansh, Request

Pg 50 :  Nazar Tribute Update

Pg 53 :  Suggestions, Shivika, Obros


Pg 56 : Mdkd, Yhc, Imm2, QH, Pranbir, Book covers

Pg 59 (Open for Reqs) :  S9mk, Imm2, suggestions, Mdkd, Maara 

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Posted: 3 years ago



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Posted: 3 years ago


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Posted: 3 years ago
Sample Work



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Posted: 3 years ago
WOOOHOOO!!!! I AM FIRST!!!!! Big smileBig smileBig smile

Okay this spot is RESERVED for now cause I have A LOT to say, but barely any time to say things unfortunately :( I shall be back soon to write stuff for you my dear friend! 

For now, I would just like to give you big big HUGS for finalllyyy opening a gallery! Hug Hug
Posted: 3 years ago
@madhura can I use those icons for my DP?
and everythings is very beautiful here
Posted: 3 years ago
hello madzie many many congrats on new shop dear!!! love the layout!!

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