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Here is the second part!
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Link to the previous part : Part 1


Part 2

Finally the day in college came to an end.
It was a hard day today.
Let me tell you from the beginning.
The lecturer is Mrs. Ragini. 
Her and her way of teaching is something that makes student to want to run away from classes.
Collecting all the strength, we all went through that class as it is one of the most important one.
Then as I said there were practicals.
And my twin being my lab partner, even the hardest of the time will be like full enjoyment.
And like that the day went with success expect during the lunch time.

Do you all remember today's evening party guy? Yeah! Avinash!
The actually thing is, me and Tina were having lunch along with our regular chit chatting session with she telling me all the gossips and me telling her what is in store for the next practicals. 
And suddenly from no where, Avinash came and sat by my side.
"Coming for the party right?" He asked looking at me and seeing my not so happy face for him being here, he turned and faced Tina.
"I'm in for the party but not she!" She said pointing at me and I glared at her for being a big mouth.
"I have things to do!" I said as a reply to his eyes that landed on me.
And then something happened.
He took my right hand which was on table, in his hand and squeezed it a little saying "I would be happy if you come!" As I pulled my hand out of his hold, not liking some man touching me, he added "Everyone is coming!" Getting my stare "I let you think again!" He said as he got up and left from there.
And then I was glaring at my friend.
"I think he likes you!" She prompted.
"And I think I hate him!" I said stuffing the remains rice.
And since his appearance, my friend started to blabber on his look, his coolness, his liking for me and blah blah blah but nothing interested me.
Nothing. Nothing interested me as for me he was a friend and now he is no one to me.

I'm not the type of girl who thinks man is a need for women to move on in life.
When I finish my studies, I want to adopt two or three children and educate them and live a happy life with them.
No marriage! That is not in my agenda.
Even my parents know it and they are against it.
But I don't want to change that part of my wish for anyone.
I mean anyone.

And with college ending for the day and dropping my friend back to her house, his talks died and my routine work started.
Once back at home, I was all alone for myself.

Freshening up, I took coffee and started to collect my things and started for library.
No need for bike as it is just few streets away. So going for a walk too.

Tina said she will prepare the report by herself, so I'm all alone going towards library.
Once there, I took my regular place and worked on the final step of my report.
It took me 3 hours to fully finish it and then it is a wrap.

"Good bye!" I waved at the librarian who in return waved.
"Good bye Madhu! See you tomorrow!"
I simply smiled and went from there.

On my way back home, I forwarded my thoughts and checked what all I have to do.
And I figured out I have nothing to do.

By the time I reached home, Maa and Papa were already at home.
Maa watching serials and Papa preparing dinner.
And I love my Papa's dinners. He always says he wanted to be a cook, so when they got married, he put forth a condition that he will be cooking dinner every night.
And since then, he is cooking it except when he doesn't feel well.
And Maa is too happy that she is blessed with a husband who can cook for her.
And I'm happy that my father makes yummy dishes for me!

Cleaning up myself, I went into kitchen and disturbed my Papa while he was making perfect rotis.
And the dinner was finished and eventually the day along with my parents.
And this is my routine!
My daily life with few variations!

And the next day came even before I could take full rest.
But the day has to go and I have to be at college with all the four lectures today.

Parking the bike, me and Tina moved towards the college building.

"Excuse me!" I called the man who was passing by me "Sir!" he was still moving forward not carrying about anything "Black shirt stop!" I ran towards him and stood in front of him, catching my breath "Here!" forwarding the purse which fell down from his pocket when he was putting something inside.
Looking at me, with his black shades on and then at my extended hands, he pulled his purse with a force that made me to stumble.
Stabilising on my feet, I looked up to see him turn and go back with a stern face "Not even a simple Thank you!" I murmured"Rowdy!" and I palmed my mouth as he turned from where he was and looked in my direction.
The man in his black shades, black shirt, everything black in him.
I could feel his stare rip my skin from under his shades.
I so wanted to say sorry but I don't know what happened to me as I couldn't open my mouth while he went away from there, leaving me glued to my position.


Thank you buddies for reading!
Hope you all liked it!
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Hero is here!
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See you tomorrow!

Next part : Part 3

- Maithili

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Nice update 
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Awesome update,
thanks for the update
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Awesome update
Loved it
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Nice update 
Thank you so much dear
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Awesome update,
thanks for the update
Thanks a lot buddy
Happy you liked it
pleasure is mine
Thank you
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Awesome update
Loved it
Thanks dear
Glad you loved it
Hope you like the upcoming parts too
Thank you
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Lovely update
I think the all black man is RK

And I'm sure he will change her thought about marriage

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