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This was the night of MahaShivratri, the same day when Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati had got married. Lord Ganesha was excited to know how his parents tied the knot, and why.

Ganesha tiptoed, naughtily towards Devi Parvati and whispered in her ear, at which she glared him and mouthed a NO.

"Please Mata! Narrate the story of yours and Pitaji's marriage,", Ganesha requested with cuteness.

"Narayan Narayan, so our Prabhu Ganesha wants to know the story of his parents", Narad Muni rolled eyes naughtily and looked at Lord Shiva.

"Mahadev! If Lord Ganesha wants to hear the story then, please fulfill his wish. After all it is a holy day", Lord Vishnu requested.

Shivji pressed his lips, exchanged a look with Parvatiji and nodded his head positively.

"If our son is asking something then I and Devi Parvati will definitely fulfil his wish."smiled Shivji.

Karthikeya got excited too and and listened with great interest.

"After the self immolation of Devi Sati, she again took a rebirth as Devi Parvati." Shivji looked at Parvatiji.

"I took rebirth as King Himavat and Queen Mena's daughter, your nana and nani", saying so she cupped the cheek of Karthikeya.

"And they named her Parvati, which means mountain", Shivji explained.

"What happened after that?", childlike Narad Muni asked at which all chuckled except the children. "what happened Devi?, the mooshak asked.

"Then? Then Devashri Narad Muni declared that she is a destined child, Shivji replied with a smile at which all laughed and Parvati continued, "and destined to marry Mahadev, smiled and she blushed 


"Years passed and..."

"And with the time my feelings for Mahadev started growing with me", Parvati said.

"So?", Devi Lakshmi questioned.

"I went to Himalaya to perform penance to impress...," she stopped in between.

"Impress whom Devi?", Saraswati asked.

Shivji answered on his wife's behalf, "Impress me."

"So did you got impressed?", Indra dev asked.

"Yes he did! But he was not ready to fulfill my wish," Parvati taunted Shivji.

All the people present there laughed but Narada asked, "Prabhu, pardon me but why didn't you fulfill her wish?"

"Because she wanted to marry me but i wasn't ready to make anyone else as a part of my life, other than Sati." Parvati exchanged a look with her husband.

Lord Ganesha with gloomy face asked, "Then how did you get married to each other?"  

"Have patience my dear brother", Karthikeya replied.

"Mahadev refused to marry me but I still didn't give up. I still tried my best to impress him " Parvati said in tears with smile.

"The same time tarakasur announced to destroy the Devalok and I knew that only you the son of Mahadev and Devi Parvati can kill that demon", Brahmaji told Kartikeya.

"..And then Indra sent Lord Kama, the god of love, to Mount Kailash. He saw Parvati at my feet, sowing a garland. He immediately aimed an arrow  which struck me", with moist eyes Shiva narrated.

"but then I realized it was Kamadev's trick", Shiva continued.

"Then what did you do mata?", This time Karthikeya asked.

"I performed penance for several years and finally he agreed to marry me". Parvati ended the narration.

Ganesha clapped. Nandi and other Pishachas danced and they celebrated the Night of Mahashivaratri.

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awesome post cc teamClapStar
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Shubh Mahashivratri!
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Beautiful Post.
Happy Mahashivratri!
To All.
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Happy Shivratri to all.
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Shubh Mahashivratri! 
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har har mahadev 
tonight will be the last night of ur sad ,sorrow ,grief ,crying 
Lord shiva will bring more happiness to u from tomorrow onwards
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Happy Mahashivratri to everyone
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