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Posted: 3 years ago
Waiting for next update... Wen will you be able to update
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by piya27

Wow awesome update yaar

Annie and geet's bonding was just great and both shared everything but vikram's entry surely changed things drastically

But it's a fact that a person who is all sweet to you is actually bitter from his heart and know such persons true intentions is difficult to understand but still you need to trust your near and dear not blindly but intelligently

Thank you for your amazing comments dear Hug
Posted: 3 years ago

Once again sorry dearies...I dont intend to make you all wait like this. But "MAIN DER KARTHI NAHIN...DER HO JAATHI HAIN Big smile".  This is my sad story. I was so busy for the last few days that I couldnt even open my laptop. I have been feeling sad to read your sweet "WAITING" posts for all my stories. . ... But still I make my way to update...Hope you all understand me. Hug

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Posted: 3 years ago

Here goes PART 11. Again it got very long...and had to continue in in the next part...I have already reserved PART 12 at Page 94. Will post in couple of hours.

I just post in a rush...hence will do Editing, colouring, spell check and errors one by one..

On the other side of the dining table, Prem has been observing his little sister who is all lost these days. Prem knows very well what's bothering her. He assumes that just like him, even Annie wants to see her Maan Bhai and Geet to settle down in their life and to see the Khurana Khandaan leading a happy life together. He knows very well how Annie has bonded so very well with Geet in this past one year that she used to share anything and everything with Geet...Prem is completely unaware of Vikram's entry in Annie's life and Vikram being cause of big misunderstanding between Annie and Geet...

Prem decides to break this awkward silence.

Prem: Annie Bacha, what happened? All fine with you?

Annie just responds by slowly nodding for a "YES"

Prem: Then, why are you not having your breakfast?

Annie: Well..I am having it..

Prem: Woh tho dhik hi raha hain. What happened dear? I have been seeing you have been aloof these days...and also, you have not been interacting with Geet as well and invariably we didnt have a group chat session for the last one month. What's happening? All fine between you both?

Annie: Haan Bhai...its just that I got busy with my exams and projects and couldnt even call her.

Prem: Hmm..

Annie: Well..bhai, Did she speak with you? Do you have any update on Geet?

Prem: Ye Lo...All the time you would give me updates on Geet...and see today...anyways, Geet is in Hoshiyarpur now...

Annie: Kya?

Prem: Yes...She is preparing for her BA Final Exams.

Annie closes her eyes and turns away her face from Prem. Geet did inform Annie much earlier about this..and Annie has conveniently forgotten due to all twists and turns that took place recently between her and Geet.

Annie: Arre haan..she used to tell me that she has to leave to Hoshiyarpur for giving her final year exams and I forgot about it completely. You see..I just sent her a message and she hasn't replied me yet.

Prem holds on Annie's hands...I know what is bothering you my SIS...but dont worry...I have a good news for you...

Annie looks at him surprisingly..

Prem: YES...a good news which you will hear and you will start consuming BF, Lunch and Dinner all in one go...

Annie guess Prem Teasing her and she hits him on his hand...

Annie: Please stop making fun of me Bhai...Eise bhi kya news hain?

Prem: Have patience my sis...now guess whom did I speak to yesterday? Or say 12:00 AM early in the morning?

Annie is not able to guess.

Prem: I spoke with Bro...and you know where he is now? He is in Hoshiyarpur. At Geet's place.

Annie instantly stands up hearing this...

Annie: Kya? What is bhai doing there? He just came back from London...and ...

Prem: YES...He is there to bring Geet back...

Annie is not able to believe what Prem is saying...Annie is feeling truly happy for Her bro and Geet...This was her true wish but now her harsh words are hitting her back...

Annie: Maan Bhai aur Geet ko lene gaye hain? Yeh tho badi khushi ki baath hain Prem bhai

Prem: YES...Our bro has realised his deeds and what place Geet holds in his life...He takes a sigh before continuing...its true but sadly, its a bit late on his side...

Prem tells Annie all what happened on that day in KM when Maan came back from London and Geet was about to leave to Hoshiyarpur. Annie again sits back in her chair with a thug...she could sincerely feel all what Geet might have went thro in that one month and...all this happened..

Annie ST: And in between all this, I forced her to meet Vikram...and..

Annie: OH NO.. Annie shouts out loud...Prem: Kya baat hain Annie?

Annie: Woh..woh...Yeh tho bohuth bura huva Geet ke saat. I can really feel all what Geet went thro. Will she ever forgive us?

Annie asks this all lost in that "Vikram incident"...Prem is unaware of all this but he has been holding himself also responsible for not being with that innocent girl.

Prem: Yeah...good Question Annie..Even though she completely stopped involving any talks about Maan Bhai with us and pretending to be happy...We should have understood the pain that she is going thro...We took her silence for granted..We never supported her enough..I would say, its not only Maan bhai to be blamed, we all have our equal share too.

He sighs...I just stood rooted with all what I heard from Daadi yesterday...and I couldnt hold on to myself anymore and I called Maan bhai and shouted at him. But I was really amused as he was listening to me calmly and accepting his mistakes. And you know what? Maan bhai has whole heartedly accepted this relationship now. Yesterday he forgot all about my shouting sessions and he was all requesting Geet's pic and moreover, he was blushing when I teased him about Geet...Woh bohuth badalrahe hain.

Annie wipes her tears and a smile touches her face listening to last few sentences..

Annie: Kya? Bro and blushing?...sach main? I want to see how he looks while blushing... waiting for the moment when we get to meet him and tease him

Annie is really getting all excited as she truly intended Maan-Geet to accept each other and live together.

Annie: It seems things falling in its place. Could see happy days are coming our way...and also, we can call Geet... as "Bhabhi"

Prem: I really wish all what you say happens...But with the inputs that I got from Daadi, I can make out its going to be a challenging task for Maan bhai. He has to win her now. You know very well, all what Geet went thro she might not give in that easily..

Annie: Bhai...I am really wishing to see our family to be complete and filled with happiness...

Prem: Ofcourse Annie...Me too. Atleast bro has taken a positive step...Now we cant do anything apart from waiting.

Annie: I am eagerly waiting to get back to our home after 2 long years. Waiting for projects to complete.

Prem: Hmm..me too.

Back to Hoshiyarpur...

Geet is in deep thoughts with her last talk with Annie was as if that incedent is repeating itself again. But this time she doesn't close her ears as she is well adapted to yet another painful memory that she has got in her married life. Yet she ensured there's peace in her paternal family. Geet was not having a stable mindset till the time Annie was in blind trust in her relationship with Vikram. She was in constant touch with Arjun. Geet was literally shivering on the day Arjun informed her about Annie going to Vikram's home for his Birthday party...and she just couldn't believe herself to know that Vikram can really scoop this low to bring Khurana's fame to streets. Such a coward he was to use the woman of Khurana's family to satisfy his revenge.

Geet ST: Thanks god Arjun was there by Annie's side. What if he was not following her and that Vikram would have...Shocked

Geet closes her eyes and now she goes restless with the very thought of it.. The earth beneth her got swiped away hearing all what Arjun updated her about all Vikram had planned just after he got back to Canada.

Geet ST: Thanks god she is all fine and safe now. At least she has realized the truth about that Vikram..That's it.

Geet takes her mobile again and she in a dilema to reply to Annie's message or not...and when she decides for an YES, she is again confused "What to type? And her hand again gets pulled down with her mobile and she is once again going blank with her last talk with Annie... both were sharing a wonderful bond which had to face dark shadow and its all because of that Vikram...But giving a serious thought, is Vikram to be blamed 100% for it? Yes, his advances was not acceptable but what made him to scoop his thoughts to that level and his cheap opinion about me? Its all because of the actual place where she belongs in Maan's life and that made way to his advances on me . Its so very true. When a young woman like me, who is married for name sake but yet she has to value it as she has been thought that her husband means everything in life...and when her husband disowns her or even doesn't value this relationship then this is the kind of respect she gets from her paternal family and the society...If not like a wife ..but a normal respect that any human being deserve. Atleast he should have stood by me. That's all what I desired from him...and that respect and support would have made ocean of difference in my life. IF AT ALL ... She sighs...her eyes getting moist again thinking about her own vulnerable situation she has been put thro when her husband not at her side. If Maan was on her side, even Annie wouldn't have dared to speak such harsh words...especially pinpointing and challenging Geet's actual worth in Maan's life.

She keeps her mobile on the dressing table. She wears her kada which Daadi made sure she wears it all time. As promised, she will wear it for special occasions for time being. But she has to return it later when she will bid good bye to her married life. She sighs and looks at herself in the mirror...again she is lost in herself...she is all dressed up but why? What for? For how long and how many times, she has to live and pretend for the sake of others? Even Babaji is failing to answer her.

"And that day is not far where you will be thrown out of this family and you will be standing all alone..Aur tumhare aas paas koi nahin hoga. "

Geet ST with a sad smile: Annie..least did you know that I was already living with that curse. She sighs remembering last one year... I was alone when I took my first step into my paternal home and I was alone when I left from there... She looks at her own room... and I dont belong to my maternal home anymore... I am all alone..and this curse is not a curse anymore. I have adapted myself to the silence around me.

Its easily said and done by her but she has wrapped and packed all her desires deep within her and its fighting its way to come out.

She has been still standing in front of the mirror all lost looking at her own image. Her eyes again getting moist but no tears this time.. Again lost in her thoughts. Just then the silence surrounding her got interrupted, literally jerking her...It was sound of the door which opened without knocking before.

She saw Maan's image which is getting mirrored in front of her...he stood rooted looking at her image thro the mirror and she too remains in her position like a statue all lost looking at him for a brief moment. .At first she couldn't believe what's happening and of course she thinks its a illusion. She slowly turns to look back and he is actually standing there.

Geet ST: Hey babaji...I completely forgot about his presence around me... It was actually expected for him to come here anytime but my thought process got interrupted because of Annie's message and everything got delayed. and I still have to get ready on time...Oh no..what shall I do now?

She is all lost looking at him. Her eyes are getting moist with so many emotions running in her mind at a time. Out of all emotions, she posses fear which is mixed with strange attraction towards him. Like a moth which is attracted to fire but the moment it nears it, it instantly gets burnt. That's exactly the feeling that she is currently into.

Her memories getting fresh with her regular mornings in Khuran Manscion, Between 8-8:30 AM in the mornings Maan would walk down the stairs, seek Daadi's blessings if she is around, and many a times he would skip his break fast and simply walk pass the main entrance of the KM. She (Geet) would wake up and fresh up and get neatly dressed just to reach her secret hide out between 8-8:30 AM so that she could get to watch him. In this one year, she has her list of her own likes and dislikes about what suits him the best and what not and she simply admires him when he is in his black or white attire. His morning timings were perfect but evenings were quite challenging as every evening came with a surprise with regard to his walk in timing. But still she would run to her secret place to get a view of him... Majority of the time she wouldnt miss on these as that's the only time she gets a view of her husband. Even if its for a brief moment, it would give her ocean of happiness.

Coming back to present, he is standing right in front of her... On one hand, she is amused on her luck as she didn't do any hardwork of hiding and watching him today...His looks are already killing her within...He was really looking dashing in a black color shirt.. She simply loves to see him in it. She is so desperate to hug him, feel him..at least keep looking at him till the level of satisfaction of her heart... But unfortunately, she has no right on him what so ever...This harsh reality hits her sensitive heart and that's enough for her steal away her glance from him.

Coming to Maan, the moment he opened the door, he got mesmerized seeing his Pari, his Geet standing in front of the mirror...and by this way he is getting to watch her from back and front...a smile touches his lips with his silly thoughts... She is all glowing in Pink and he only knows how week he goes on his knees when he sees her dressed in pink colour. He is blinking and lost looking at her drinking her beauty with is naked eyes...He wants to take her in his arms right now and pour out all his emotions... just then he got to notice her eyes. He was wondering if her eyes are always moist like this? That's how it has been since the time he got to see her since morning. When he tries to look further deep into her eyes and trying to read it...she has concealed all her emotions in her eyes and she doesnt want him to feel her emotions anymore as there's no point. She just steals away her glance from him.

He takes slow steps towards her and her heart thuds against her chest making her nervous..with him around, she understands things differently. She assumes he must be angry with this function which has been arranged. Her eyes glued to him..wondering what outburst of words going to come out of him...

Geet ST: Hey babaji...I know he is not happy with these arrangements. What shall I do? These elders had made their decision and they didn't even tell me. Ab aap hi batayiye..main ne kya kiya hain?

Now he is standing few inches away from her but she feels as if she is pinned against the dressing table...and she tightly grips her hands on the dressing table which she is leaning into.

Finding him so close to her, she couldn't help blinking and scanning his face so cutely with her moist eyes. It was something out of her control and naturally happening to her and instantly snaps out of her lost world within her and looks away.

Of course he skips his heartbeat when ever she blinks and looks at him like that at the same time it pricks him when she steals her glances. ...invariably cursing himself to have lost that precious one year which he would have lived with these sweet moments and a blissful life with his angel...But he is the destroyer of his own life, his soul...He takes a sad sigh..wondering if he could get back to that day again when he got married to Geet..his Pari but that would never ever happen.

He simply wants this moment for himself just his Pari and him and no one around. He has so much to talk so much to clear...and he is prepared to take any outburst from her as he deserves the worst ever punishment...but he is unable to make a start.

Maan: Woh..

He just started speaking out and Just then...Rajji, Nandni, and some of the neighboring girls of all ages walk into Geet's room...follwed by Titu and his friends. All barge into their room without notice.

All standing surrounding both of them and not leaving a chance to tease them. Nandini and Rajji run to Geet and hug her.

Nandini: Oye di...you are looking absolutely beautiful...

Nandini dashes Geet and continues...

tho kya baathen ho rahi thi aap donon main?Wink

Rajji: Oooh...lagtha hain...Di aur Jiju ke baathen ek saal se chal rahi hain aur abhi thak khatam hone ka naam hi nahin le rahe ... (Oooh...guess Di and Jiju have so much to talk even after one year has passed and there seems no limit to it)Big smile

One other girl in the group gives another shameless comment.. "Arre...baaten thabhi karenge na jab PYAR karne se phursat mile...aur shayad inhe ab tak woh fursat naseeb nahi ho paaya hainWinkTongue

(Oh..they are so busy in loving each other that they are not having enough time to talk I guess)

All girls laugh out loud ...

Geet cutely opens her mouth hearing the shameless comments of her cousins and friends...but she looks at Maan for a brief second and instantly positions herself...She is not able to tell the truth to her peers..and she feels like banging her head on the nearby wall.

Geet ST: Hey babaji...yeh ladkiyan bhi na...kuch bhi bolthi hain!! (Hey babaji..these girls talk anything wihtout even thinking) Already Maan must be mad angry on the happenings today and these girls are adding more fuel to the fire.

Least does she knows that Maan is still lost looking at her and actually enjoying all what's happening now and over and above all, he is loving his Pari's confused and flushed face ...he truly feels as if both are newly married couple with all the teasing happening around them...his thoughts are getting even naughtier by wishing all what this girl is saying soon happens to be true...he imagines he and his pari all lost in love.

Titu and his friends are too young to understand why these girls are laughing. He cutely pulls Maan's shirt to gain his attention...

Titu: Jijaji..Jijaji...yeh didi log kya bolrahi hain aur is main hasne wali kya baat hain? (Jijaji, what are these gang of girls saying? What's so funny about it?)Ouch

Maan remains quite doesnt understand what to say and how to react.

Titu's friends join him... "Batayiye na "Batayiye na (Please tell me...Please tell me)

Maan is already irritated and he shouts at them...

Maan: Chup (Keep quite)Angry

All girls silently glance at each other and again laugh out loud thinking Maan is shy.

One of the girls tease him again: "Jijaji...sharma kyon rahe hain? Bata bhi dijiye (Why are you feeling shy? Tell it)Embarrassed

Maan is only able to shout at titu and his friends but not able to show his reactions on the girls who have surrounded Geet...LOL

There's one more distant cousin who teases Maaneet...Jijaji Kya baat karenge? Aaj hamari di (Geet) ko dhekkar inki bolthi jo bandh ho gayi hain. (What will he talk? His lips are sealed as he is lost looking at our sister)Wink

Geet is trying to hide her blush and flush that's naturally apprearing on her face...and invariably she looks at Maan every now and then and steals glances. Maan is all blinking and lost in his pari who's face is actually getting even more pink with embarrassment with her friends and cousins teasing session.

Just then..Simran walks in and shouts...

Simran: Yeh kya ho raha hain? (what's happening here?)

She pulls Rajji and Tito's ears simultaneously.

"OUCH" Rajji and Tito voice it out cutelyLOL

I had sent all you girls and boys to bring Geet and Nandoiji (Maan) to the main hall respectively. Its already late and everyone are waiting there.

And Girls...be fast as there's a mehendi session arranged for all we girls and ladies..

All girls except Geet are so excited and scream out loud...MEHENDI!!!

Geet: Shhh...Mehendi? But why Bhabhi?

Simran: Yeh kya sawal hain Geet? (Why this question Geet?) We all know how much you love to apply Mehendi in your hands. That's why Rano ma has arranged for this session.

Geet is rolling her eyes...its true that she used to love applying mehendi in her hands...but she completely lost interest in it in this last one year. On the other hand, Maan is really excited to learn about something which she likes. He has already created a book in his mind where he has started to note down all her likings...moreover, tonight will be the first ever time they both are going to spend time in "their room" together. If not anything else, he will be busy gazing and playing with her palm that will glow even more with the bright colour of henna.

He is smiling at his own silly thoughts and was cought by Nandini.

Nandini: Kyon Jijaji? Already in your dreamland imagining your sweet wife's hands designed beautifully?

Maan has been quite as if accepting all his saali Sahebas teasings. Where as Geet is all lost again in her past...

Geet ST with a sad smile: why would he even bother with the henna design in my hand... where as my presence or absence means nothing to him.

Simran: Oh..Nandoiji..Aap aur Geet kahan phas gaye? Bhagwan hi bachaye aap donon ko.

Simran giggles.

Where as Geet and Maan are lost in each other for a brief moment.. Geet is really wondering what is going on in his mind? His looks on her are putting her into fear. He is the one who had strictly warned her to stay away from him. Then how can he ever look at her with admiration.

Now simran turns to the girls...Oye kudiyon...jaldi se Geet ko leke aao.

All girls accompany Geet and they all slowly move out of their room.

Simran: Titto...you and your friends accompany your Jijaji..Hmm?

Tito: Ji Bhabi.

Simran leaves from the room leaving maan, Tito and Tito's friends.

Maan: Tito, you carry on. I have a small work. I will finish it and come.

Tito: Ji Jiju...par jaldi aajayiye...Warna..sab mujhe daantenge (Please make it fast as everyone will shout at me)

Maan: Hmm.

Tito and friends leave and now Maan is alone in Geet's room. He moves to geet's dressing table and sees there's a necklace kept there and Geet missed to wear it. He takes it in his hand and looks at it..

Maan: Why did she choose to wear an artificial necklace and with all events happened just now, she forgot to wear this too..

He opens his suitcase and takes the jewel box which Geet had returned to Daadi. When Maan had decided to come to Geet's place. Daadi got Geet's jewel box as a first thing to be packed. He remembers Daadi's words... "Beta, When Geet walked into our family, I had given this jewel box to her. But she didnt get to wear any of these jewels in last one year. And my heart is not at peace since the time she returned this jewel box to me. Now you need to remember one thing. This Jewel box belongs to the elder daughter in law of the family...and No body can take that place apart from Geet

" I promise you Daadima...Geet ... my wife will only get this right"

Maan sighs...looking at the jewel box. Its really hard for him to imagine that all what she went thro that day. She would have returned this box with heavy filled heart. I am such an evil person who didnt even allow you to bid me good bye...and inturn I could give you only harsh words. and see..god has blessed this evil person by giving my Pari back to me.

He slowly opens her jewel box. It had a beautiful kundan necklace which would perfectly match with her dress and he takes it and keeps it safe in his pant pocket before hurrying out in looking out for his Pari.


Sorry dearies...had to stop here as agian as this post became longer than expected.

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Posted: 3 years ago


2) Coming soon - "LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY"

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Posted: 3 years ago

Amazing, painful n wonderful updates

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