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Shanti: Aap ko nikalne se pehle Daadima ka Aashirwad bhi lena hain na? ( you have to take Blessings of Daadima before leaving right?)

Geet makes a slow move to her room to arrange for her things...Pack her bags and YES get ready to leave...she really wish he could turn around hug her and kiss on her forehead in return to her hug and bid good bye..

...and her greedy mind really really wished further to hear from him "PLEASE DONT GO" and she laughs at her own silly thoughts...she really wished for something which is SINFUL and got punished like this...isnint it?? She sighs...Her packing is almost done but just bit and pieces here and there which she needs to carry in the last moment ...

She is going back to Hoshiyarpur after that Day...YES...the day which lopsided her life...the day when she got married ...Almost a year ago (11 months to be precise)...


(Author Note: 1. This incident happens exactly one month after Maan gets to see his PARI in his Farmhouse. 2. In this Flash Back bit, I will adress Maan's Daadi as "savithri" and later coming back to present, will adress her as "Daadi" as this Flashback part involves Geet's Daadi and dont want to confuse my readers. )

Going further back on memory line..Khuranas and Handas have been thick friends for generations. Maan and Geet's parents continued to be good friends again. Strangely, They gave a twist to this relationship. They wanted to transform this strong friendship into a very strong relationship and hence decided to get Maan and Geet married once they attain the marriageable age as when this decision was taken, Geet was just 5 and Maan was 10 years old . All elders of both the family happily agreed and looked forward to the days when Maan and Geet grow up and witness that auspicious day of binding them together for ever with a Sacred Bond. But there was a major tragic incident within 2 years from the decision date where Maan's parents lost their lives in an tragic accident which completely changed the lives of Savithriji, Maan, Prem and Anvesha.

Another 13 years passed by...Savithri ji (Maan's Daadi)was unable to visit Hoshiyarpur for this many years and Also, Maan doesnt remember much about Handas as he got to meet them last when his parents were alive. Savithri   discloses to him about Handa Family and what his parents and elders of both the families had decided. At that point of time, Maan was all lost in thoughts of his PARI whom he recently got to see in his ancestral farmhouse and she has started ruling over his mind and brain and he out rightly rejects Geet's proposal. Savithri spoke to him a couple of times but Maan didnt give in positively. Just around this period, she gets a call from Daarji mentioning the ill health of Geet's Daadi who is now admitted in hospital and doctors have given maximum 3 days time for her life...and she (Geet's Daadi) wants to meet her. Savithri immediately rush to the Hospital in Hoshiyarpur to meet Geet's Daadi who is also her best friend and she is in all tears in seeing her best friend's condition.

Geet's Daadi holds on to Savithri's palm saying something...She was breathing heavy and all she could say is...

Geet's Daadi: M-A-A-N...G-E-E-T...that's all she could utter and tears rolls down her cheeks

Savithri wipes her tears and could hear her taking Maan's and Geet's name

Daarji: You know very well Savithriji (Maan's daadi) ...She wants to see her Grand daughter's wedding before she closes her eyes for ever...Ab aap hi bataayiye...how are we supposed to fulfil this wish at this point of time?

Geet is sitting right next to her daadi holding her hand and crying...

Savithri: Aap sab royiye mat. Shaanth ho jaayiye... (Please dont cry...stay calm) She hold's Geet's Daadi's hand and continues...You will get to see Geet's marriage before closing your eyes for ever...and this is my Promise.

Everyone look at each other...

Savithri holds Geet's Daadi's hand and continues...GEET AND MAAN WILL GET MARRIED TOMORROW...THIS IS MY PROMISE

Geet, Geet's Daadi, Mohinder - Rano and everybody else in the family are transformed into a statue hearing this...

Savithri: Arre...What you people are still standing here...jaldi kijiye...You have to arrange for so many things and tomorrow morning will be the wedding...and we are really running short of time...so, HURRY UP!!

Geet is totally lost as she doesn't even know or remember about her relationship to have been fixed during her childhood itself as she was not informed and today, she has not been given a choice to make..not even a YES or a NO.

Geet's Daadi and Daarji are the most happiest people today. Mohinder - Rano run to Geet and hug her lovingly..."Geet beta...you are really blessed as you are going to be part of Khurana Family." Geet is really speechless. Like Maan, Geet too is not prepared for the wedding just because she has some aims and ambitions for herself And coming to the wedding part, she had so many dreams...also, she is unable to call any of her friends and inform them. Even her close friend, Ridzy is on a foreign tour and not reachable at the moment. Ironicaly, Geet and Ridzy never got to meet again after that farmhouse party in Muskan's place.

Savithri could sense this restlessness in Geet. After all like any other girl, even she must be having some dreams. She takes initiative to speak to Geet for a while...

Savithri:  Geet beta...I can very well understand...yeh sab bohuth jald ho raha hain...The first consideration for your position in Khurana Khandan will be of a "Daughter" and then "Daughter-In-Law". Geet has tears in her eyes as she is still lost and confused. Savithri wipes her tears...dont worry my dear... you will be well taken care of to the level where you never miss your maternal house. Also, I have no problem in you continuing your education.

Geet has no other choice than to console herself and accept what's come her way...and she nods for a YES...

Savithri continues...Coming to Maan... He is soft at heart but the various challenging phases of his life has made him tough...and I am confident beta that you both make a wonderful pair and shall fight with all challenging aspects of life together.

Geet and Savithri began to share a amazing relationship and Geet agrees and accepts what ever she Says. Still she is not at peace as she is mentally not come to terms with the fact that her wedding is happening next day all of a sudden.

Geet is now taken back to her home where all the rituals are done in a very simple way.

Now coming to the most challenging part for Savithri is to bring Maan to that hospital in Hoshiyarpur. Savithri had to trick him asking her driver to call Maan telling HIS Daadima is hospitalized. Maan without even thinking twice drove to the Hospital in Hoshiyarpur as per the address mentioned by Savithri's driver and surprised to find his Daadi (Savithri) is desperately waiting for him at the entrance of the hospital. His Daadi is fit and fine and now mad angry on her to have cheated him this way...

Maan: Daadi,  why did you come up with such a lie? Aap ko patha hain main kitna dar gaya tha?

Savithri:  I didnt have any other choice beta...If I tell you the truth, you will never come over here. By the way, my friend is breathing her last few hours of her life.

Savithri holds Maan's hand takes him towards Geet's Daadi's room whilst telling him all what happened and has been decided. She stops at a distance where he can get a clear view of that old lady who is lying on bed...

Savithri: She has one and only wish and that is to witness yours and her grand daughter's wedding.

Maan's mind is completely blocked with too many things...He is no way in a position to know or understand what was the exact conversation happened between Daadi and the rest of the family members...and he thinks that this family somehow tricked his Daadi taking undue advantage of the situation. Although he really feels pity for this old lady on her death bed as he can never imagine his own daadi in that place...but that doesnt mean, this family can take a lead in emotionally blackmailing Daadima who is also sensitive and weak at heart to face such situations. The first impression which he got about this family is not good and he has got into assumptions these people are narrow minded country broutes and the last thing that he would ever wish is to marry a girl from such a family. He has made another baseless assumption about this girl to be an Anpadh-Ganwar (Uneducated - country brute) just by looking at her family and that too he is not willing to compromise his life for this girl over his PARI...YES...That's the sad part...His PARI has created an impact on him as if he knows her for ages and there's no way any other girl can take that position.

Maan stands strong on his decision

Maan: Daadima, I will pass on my condolences to the family members for the sad condition of this old lady but I cannot get married to this girl. Its impossible.

Savithri:  Maan...This marriage was decided by yours and Geet's parents when you were young and all the elders of the family have been living with this dream. That's the reason I have been discussing about this alliance with you for almost 10 days but you didn't respond positively. Now this situation is something we have to give in to positively.

Maan turns his face with frustration and Savithri holds on his shoulder.

Savithri: Maan...Your parents never asked you for anything till the time they were Alive. Don't you want to fulfil their one and only wish? Their last wish? They met with that unfortunate death much before fulfilling their wish...and I don't want my friend to meet the same fate...she has been holding on to her life just to fulfil this wish.

When there's still no response from him...Savithri shouts at him...

Savithri:  What if I am lying on that bed and my death is just few breaths away... Even then you would say a NO?


Maan just couldn't take his Daadi's  last words. He clenches his fist...and bangs on the near by wall. His eyes have gone red with Anger.

Maan: TIK HAIN DAADIMA...Aap ko jo karna hain kijiye and he moves to rest in the hotel lodge room which Handa family got booked for Maan and Savithri.

Savithri takes a long sigh...Even though Maan has accepted it out of frustation, She is happy that atleast Maan has told a YES now and she is quite confident that Geet will surely win over him. It might take her some time but SHE CAN AND SHE WILL.

The marriage was quickly arranged and many of the rituals were not happening...There was no Sangeet due to Geet's Daadi's condition but a simple haldi and mehandi ritual was arranged among the ladies from the family and immediate neighbors followed by the wedding ceremony quickly as Geet's Daadi's condition was getting critical by every passing minute.

The wedding was organized at Gurudwara that was close to the hospital as that eases the situation. It was all happening in a hurry and hushbush...and even many of the near relatives were also not informed. The wedding ceremony is completed by taking saath pheras , by taking all the oaths for the new life and Maan ties the mangalsutra on Geet's neck and he fills her maang. All this while, he never took any initiative to even look at Geet's face as he has made up his mind that this marriage is a complete fake in his point of view. All rituals are completed and Maan and Geet are now termed as Husband and Wife.

First thing first, Maan and Geet take blessings from Savithri... and Then Geet's Daadi. Geet's Daadi was in her wheel chair fighting with death every single minute...she instantly hugs Geet ...Geet could sense her breathing gets heavier than usual which is followed by a complete silence...Geet slowly breaks from the hug and shell shocked to see her Daadi is no more...

DAAADIMA...She again hugs her and cries...and all people there,

surrounded around her body and started screaming and crying...and Geet has still been sitting on her feet and crying uncontrollably. Geet is completely shattered as she was very close to her Daadima...

Maan is in a dilemma what to do...he has not accepted this marriage in the first place...and coming to this girl, he feels bad for her crying like this as she has lost someone very close to her. This is one feeling which he really understands and as he has been standing behind her and rests his hand on her shoulder for a very brief second in order to console her but then he walks out as he feels really suffocating among that crowd and he drives his car back to Delhi assuming Geet wont be joining him due to her Daadi's demise and Also, he is least interested to be a part of that crowd that will be screaming, crying and sobbing for the next couple of days.

Even in this sad situation, Savithri was feeling happy to see Maan's hold on Geet even if it was for a brief second. She was then taken back when he left from the place abruptly and she understood the reason very well. Even though it was not convincing but Savithri is now confident that he will give in to this relationship but he will take some time.

Savithri immediately takes Geet into her embrace who is still crying...beta shaanth ho jaayiye...Atleast be happy that she has got to witness what she wished for and has had the most peaceful death now...

Daarji comes to Savithri and keeps his turban on her feet...

Savithri: Aap...yeh kya kar rahe hain?(What are you doing?)

Daarji: I cannot thank you enough for all what you have done today.

Savithri holds his hand...Please...stop mentioning all this. Now you take Geet and go home as she has to attend the rituals for her Daadima's death.

Daarji: No, we cannot take her.

Geet looks back at him with a sad note.

Daarji: She is just got married and from now on she is a part of your family and she cannot return back to her home like this to attend a death ceremony and that too immediately after completing all these marriage rituals...even if its a death of her close maternal family member. And one more thing, you don't stop the other formalities that needs to be arranged once you get back to Delhi this evening (like aarthi, Grahpravesh, suhag raath)...As that will also be considered as a bad omen. Aap samaj rahe hain na main kya kehna chahtha hoon?

Savithri too agrees to this...but Geet is shell shocked and hugs her Daarji as she doesn't want to leave like this.

Daarji : Geet Beta..you need to understand....your life has changed from the moment you got into the secred bond with Maan and his family. tumhe ab APNE GHAR Ke liye nikalna chahiye...

Geet again has no choice...of course her life has changed drastically from this day. She bids goodbye to Daarji, Tayaji, Tayiji, Mohinder, Rano, Rajji, Tejinder, Nandini and rest all family members and leaves from there.

Savithri talks to Geet on the way...

Savithri: Woh Maan thought that you and me will stay back to attend your grandma's death ritual that's why he left from that place leaving us alone. Dont mistake beta.

Geet does remember his brief and gentle hold on her sholder and that was more than enough for her to console herself.

Geet: Koi baat nahin Daadima...Main Samaj sakthi hoon. Geet answers politely and Daadima is really amused with this girl's level of understanding.

Geet and Savithri reach KM. Geet is shocked and amused to get to view. Maan was not to be seen anywhere. Nakul informed Savithri that Maan did not reach yet. She tries calling Maan...but his mobile is switched off.

Savithri was forced to do Aarthi and other rituals without Maan being around as auspicious time was running out. Shanti did the needful with regard to Aarthi Thali and Kalash for welcoming first step of Geet into Khurana Family. ... After that, Daadi got arranged Maan's bedroom with all the necessary arrangements for Suhagraat and she and Shanthi got Geet ready and made her sit gently in the centre of the bedroom. Daadi and Shanthi were really admiring how naturally beautiful she looks..and Geet blushes.

Shanthi: Memsab...kahan se eisa hira doond laaye mere maan baba keliye...kitni pyaari hain

Later at around 1:00 AM, Maan entered the Mansion and he didn't expect his Daadi was waiting for him. Of course she was all angry at him but she cannot voice it out as she pretty well knows what is his current state of mind. she politely explains him all what had been talked between her and Daarji...Again...he was not convinced with the Handa family's narrow thoughts. Anyways, he is least bothered as to him, this relationship is just a formality and its complete fake and his life shall be carried on like before and no way he will allow this so called new relationship to affect him anyways.

Back to Maaneet's bedroom...Geet is still covered with the veil. She didn't know what time is it actually as her mind is crowded with too many things. She was all cursing her own life for this sudden twists and turns in her life, her wedding, and immediately after that was her Daadimaa's death which she couldn't even attend to her ceremony...and because of her Daadima's death, her family will not be taking her to their home for sometime...and what not...Moreover, she wanted to talk so much to him beginning right from her education and career and also wanted to know more about him. Actually, she doesn't even know anything apart from his name. Just then the door opens and Geet skips a beat seeing him slowly walking into the room and closes the door. She gently turns to look towards the door thro the veil covering the side portion of her face but still she could have a clear look at him from the corner of her eyes. This was first time ever she got to see him and that very moment, she lost herself to him. He was unbelievably charming and handsome. Till the time he walked in she was regretting, fighting and crying silently to herself and now, all these thoughts vanished in the thin air with one look of her charming husband

On the other hand, The last thing coming to his thought is his so called suhagraat with that Ganwar...He gets into that room only to give a shocking verdict to her...

Maan: Suno...whatever your name is...

Geet: Ji Main..GEET...

Maan: WHATEVER...and he abruptly cuts off her as he is least interested to know any thing about her...even her name to that matter as its irritating him...after all what has happened today, he has been even more distanced from his PARI...now, how can he stand this Ganwar whom he has married today?

Geet is literally taken back with the way he is talking to her as this was the least that she expect...it's understandable that both of them are not prepared to give into this relationship but at least she had expected a good friendship or atleast a polite talk...but here he is not interested to take her name even.

Maan: All I came to tell you is...This is your room henceforth...And my room is near by...

Geet couldn't really get what he is saying...

All elders of both the families have forced us into this relationship... Accept my sincere condolences for your Daadi's death...but I just cannot simply give in to it because of these unknown or unexpected consequences...do you understand?

Par (But)...she wanted to have one open talk with him but Maan conveniently cuts her off...

Look girl...I know what you are coming to say...about your living and conditions here right? Dont worry...everything will be well taken care off...but only one condition applicable which not only you but I have to strictly follow is, not to cross each other's paths...Do you get that??

He just gives his Verdict without even taking her opinion or giving importance to her thoughts or POV and makes his way out of the room. Geet just happens to glance at him till the time he is out of the room...Which is going to be HER ROOM from now on.

(More on what Geet went thro in bits and pieces in later part of this story)



(Authour Note: I will adress "Savithri" as "Daadi" from here on)

Geet gets back to her senses takes a long sigh and composes herself. She has blocked all her thoughts about Maan now. She is diverting her mind on many other things that she missed to arrange beforehand as all that was filled up in her mind was to meet Maan once before she leaves...

Shanthi has been of a great help...especially she is of a great moral support. And in this one year she has created an excellent bond with as Geet has been a very sweet and kind hearted  girl...Her kiddish behaviour, chirpiness kindness and simplicity has won a special place for herself winning the hearts of Dadima and all the servants of the Khurana Manscion. Even to that matter, Geet is also sharing a positive relationship with Prem and Annie who are currently settled in Canada and have never visited India for the last 2 years due to their education and yet to meet Geet. Hence...Geet is aware of each and every detail about all her family members...even Maan's personal likes and dislikes...But still, she is a complete stranger to Maan and he has never even addressed her mear presence nor even looked at her face in last one year.

Once done..Geet and Shanti make thier way out of the room...HER ROOM as termed by Maan on their so called Suhaag Raat and from then till now, he never even glanced to have a look... She looks around "Her Room" for one last time before shutting the door and walk by the corridor..

 She looks around "Her Room" for one last time before shutting the door and walk by the corridor

Geet again skips her heart beat when passing by Maan's room on her way. There was just a centimeter gap between the two doors and her teary eyes tries to get his last glimpse...her feet takes a step ahead towards his room but his harsh words just spoken sometime back stops her once again depriving her of even the right to bid him Good Bye....And that's it...she moves on without stopping herself any more....and she further walks pass the corridors and steps down towards the ground level and moves towards Daadi's room.

Geet @ Daadi's room...

Daadi: Beta, I know you have worked hard for your final year exams and I am confident that you will excel in your exams...When is the exact date? I will arrange for special poojas for you.

Geet: Thank you Daadi...My friend Ridzy was mentioning Its after 3 weeks...will message you the exact dates.

Daadi: And please give my regards to everyone...Especially Nandini

Geet: Yeh kya baat huvi Daadima..Aap Nandini ki shaadi mein nahin aarahen?

Daadi: I will try my best beta.

Geet holds her hand...Plz Daadima...there will be no one with me from my...and she stops instantly with what she was about to say and a lone tear rolls down her cheeks and she wipes immediately

Daadi understood what Geet wanted to tell her. Its a very simple wish of her's that Maan should have accompanied her during this trip...and Daadi is just helpless as she cannot grant this one simple wish of this innocent girl. Daadi could clearly understand all what she has been going thro for the past one year. She has started feeling Guilty for cheating this girl, her late grandmother..and invariably the entire handa family and that's the reason she is not prepared to attend Nandni's wedding. Now she has even stopped taking Maan's name in front of Geet. But now, she is forced to as she knows how eagerly Geet was waiting for Maan since morning.

Daadi: Beta...Maan aagaye kya? Aap ki unse baath huvi?

Geet: Woh...woh ...ji daadima...Woh abhi kuch der pehle...

She again stopped and just like daadi Geet too tries to change the topic when daadi asks any thing about Maan...but this time, Daadi is really curious to know what discussion happened between them today and what was Maan's reaction regarding Geet's one month long trip to Hoshiyarpur more over, this is the first time Geet is going to her maternal home ever since she has become a part of Khurana family. Does he atleast know about it? Or allowed her to talk atleast this time? Looking at Geet it seems something unpleasant has happened between Maan and Geet again.

Geet: Daadi...I had to hand over this Jewel box to you.

Daadi: Beta..why are you handing over these jewells to me?

Geet: These are the jewels given by you na dadima?

Daadi gives her a confused look

Geet: Woh..Mera matlab hain...I am leaving to Hoshiyarpur for almost a month now. and instead of locking them in my locker in the room, I felt its better I hand over it to you.

Daadi: Beta...you are now part of this family. So, please stop saying Aapka-Mera for each and everything. Moreover, your cousin Nandni's wedding is also happening soon..so, you would need them.

Geet: Daadi I am carrying some jewels with me which maa-papa had given me...

Daadi: You need to wear something which was given in your Sasural (Paternal home).

Daadi takes a kada and makes Geeet wear it...

Daadi: This kada has always belonged to the eldest daughter in laws of the family and now it belongs to you. And you must wear it on all special occations...

Geet is in such a dilemma now...Even though Daadima has showered all her love and kept her promise of considering her as the key member of the family, and all due respect that she deserves as the elder daughter in law of Khurana Khandan, She is not having a sense of belonging here as Maan has never considered her as his wife or atleast a friend or even a human being... and when this element of due respect of a wife is missing then every other relationship that she shares in this family becomes void. But she doesn't want to hurt or upset Daadi.

Geet: Daadima...Its time to leave for me. Please bless me.

Daadi: I am always with you beta. And you will be here by the time your first wedding anniversary comes? You see.. Prem and Annie plan to come back from Canada before that

Geet really doesn't have an answer for this but somehow manages.

Woh...it's over a month more to go...lets plan it at a later stage...hmm?

Daadi is happy that at least by this way it's ensured that Geet will be coming back here. But least she knows Geet has other plans going on in her mind and she will communicate it as and when the right time comes. She was in a deep confusion with regard to this but Maans behaviour towards her today has made up her mind.

Daadi calls out for Nakul to call Maan...but Geet stops her.

Geet: Woh...leave it Nakul kaka. He was really tired due to this long trip. He must be sleeping now.

Daadi, Shanti and Nakul are really amused with her level of understanding. But least they know she is avoiding to meet him now. The wound that he has caused with his abusive words today cannot be easily forgotten.

Daadi had arranged the car for Geet and Geet is really surprised to see the whole car is full of gifts for each and every family member, Sweets, fruits and what not.

Geet: Daadima...Itne saare gifts and goodies?

Daadi: This is your first trip ever since your wedding beta...how can you go empty handed?

Geet runs to Daadi again and hugs her...and tears wells in her eyes...

Geet: Will miss you a lot Daadi. Pls atleast make it for Nandni's wedding.

Daadi: I will try my level best Beta...and I will miss you too.

Daadi, Shanti and Nakul too get very emotional...Still they are very happy that at least she will get the required break.

Daadi: Dont know how will I pass this one month without you beta...please do take care of yourself...

Geet: You too Daadi...

Geet gives one last peep into the Mansion...the same point where she was taken an arthi and asked to welcome into this place almost a year ago...One thing that remains common for that day and today is she is ALL ALONE...and She takes a sad sigh... She bids Good bye to all before taking her backseat of the car that drives her to Hoshiyarpur.

PRECAP: Maan knowing about Geet's Hoshiyarpur trip.

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And she left all shattered broken...
Posted: 4 years ago
that was sudden marriage for both
but in his anger n pain he didn't understand geet was also forced in that situation
poor girl now leaving good that she didn't tell him about it

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