Posted: 2018-01-25T12:06:45Z
It was fast paced and action paced episode. I absolutely enjoyed it. The scene that stood out for me was Vedhika comforting and cheering Sahil when he returned home. She saw him crying, he did not want her to see him crying. Nut Vedhika said its okay to cry. He shares how he hurt his family and Vedhika advises him to say sorry and make things okay.
This scene was best SADHIKA moments so far. CHEMESTRY CATCH AND FALL romance, this can be done with any other couple. Often Indian shows lacks emotional connection between leads. I liked todays episode and i know its perfectly understandable that it will take time for Vedhika to emotionally open up. So i loved this scene. It helps emotionally connecting two souls. Sadhika was first class in this today.

Highlight of the episode
- Punday ji seeing anf burning watching Vedhika comforting Sahil.
- He cuts off the power line, a sweet Sadhika romantic moment
- Sahil gets power back taking advice from home
- After that some really cute family moments between Sahil, Vedhika, Arya and nani. Pundey ji getting furious seeing this and wants to take revenge.
- Vedhika Sahil Maya opens shop in market but municipal people comes and break it.
- Sahil defends her, Pundey ji comes and starts insulting and abusing Vedhika.
- Sahil couldnt tolerate. He beata Pundey and officer. Then police arrests him.
- Vedhika and Maya bails him from station
- Then Vedhika has some emotional outburts which i think justified from her points of view.
- She tells him to leave or bring his wife within 24 hours
- Badi ammi comes to Mathur house seeing Sahils news on tv and is furious at Vedhika.

overall, a happening episode. Suashi was powerful today. She nailed the confrontation scene. Poor Sahil in love, will be interesting to see his next move against Badi ammis drama.Edited by crispsy - 2018-01-25T12:07:49Z
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Posted: 2018-01-25T12:31:44Z

Suhasi was great. There is so much going on inside her when she is telling him off, and you feel it... as she tells him what he has done, and the respect that she has all gone in an instant. I felt for her..  and i really hope soon Sahil tells her he is not married! 

First scene was great, love the forming emotional bond, and how their moment gets intense and tension rises and then glows. 

Badi Amma is out of her mind, but she is stubborn and Sahil is the same, but the thing is Sahil is right in what he says...  and i know Badi Amma said in the first episode that she wants to see Sahil be responsible and so on (since her own husband left in such debt and so on) hence we know why she is harder and runs stricter household in a way. 

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Posted: 2018-01-25T12:39:30Z
^ Vedika actually looked so forced to say those. May be she will feel bad but she cant help considering her situations. This way their relationship will develop with all obstacles
4 Likes this
Posted: 2018-01-25T19:56:46Z
Wow..thanks for d episode highlights Wink...yet to watch d epi... 
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Posted: 2018-01-25T20:45:33Z
Originally posted by l-NiklausFan-l

Wow..thanks for d episode highlightsWink...yet to watch d epi...
welcome. Watch the epi. Lots of action in one epi
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Posted: 2018-01-26T01:53:10Z
Well, nice analysis of the epi dear. your name please?Embarrassed

Sahil was again as usual adorable. He nailed in the epi. The way he felt bad for misbehaving with elders. Yes he stood against the wrong but he also felt bad that he had to stand up against his own people. And Vedika exploring this side of him, she realized this guy has a heart of gold, uttered by her.

For me the highlight of the epi was this line by Vedika, 'meri izzat bachane ka zurm kiya hai usne' .this one line says it all, her emotional turmoil. She knows that he was not wrong in beating those creeps. Yet somewhere she pictures Sahil as a passing phase of her life, as she thinks he is a married young guy,so what if with a heart of gold? That heart is not beating for her(she believes). And she can't afford to depend on him like this. She,being a mature woman and passing hardest days in life, knows one day this passing phase of her life will be gone and she will be on her own again. When she asked him to pack his bags up, her eyes said it all. 

And for me,another moment was when the lights went off and she started to move and he said don't move,stay close to me,I have to say something. For a moment her heart skipped a beat. That! SO beautiful. Honestly I know many people are seeing Sahil falling for Vedika but I can see Vedika is falling deeper for him. I liked how one moment, she didn't hesitated to put her hand on his shoulder to comfort him, this shows the mature side of her personality. But just the next moment, when she decides to let him take the lead and she stops on his words. I found it so endearing.Embarrassed

Other than this,I loved the family moments. Shail's bond with Arya is so genuine. He already told her that he is a superstar, but I found it symbolic to every daughter picturing her dad as her superman. I like the friendship bond of this father-daughter duo. 

Edited by ...Jes... - 2018-01-26T01:53:51Z
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Posted: 2018-01-26T05:05:48Z
Copy and Paste from another post in EDTEmbarrassed

The begining was  awesome ...such a beautiful connection between SaDika ...actually you can feel it  when Vedika is comforting Sahil ...telling him it's ok to cry and let it go ...just say sorry and eveything ll be good.  She actually calms him and brings a smile on his face.

Also that little romantic scene was beautiful ...when Sahil asked her to wait and you  can sense that change in her voice toneEmbarrassed

On the other hand Sahil repairs the electricity wire and thus helping her to complete her saree order and brings a smile on her face...couple should be like that ...being each other support.

Sahil beaten up PandeyClap i was clappingLOL how can a person fall so lowDead

And the best part is the confrontation scene...Suhasi nailed it...Vedika was feel her pain...her reputation is stake and she ll not bear that ultimatum to Sahil was her last choice. 

Poor Sahil how ll he make up to the situation when Vedika ll learn the truth of being a bachelorQuestion
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Posted: 2018-01-27T02:19:01Z
@Jes Tina here. Yes me too liked that moment. It focused on Vedhika's emotion so well. It feels so good to see balancing this so well.haye dont start that romantic moment. I blushed even now remembering it Embarrassed Their romance is so unique and beautiful. Totally love it. And their family moments sre so precious. A big happy family brings smile to my face
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