MG SS - FLOWER BASKET - Last Part udt PG 42 + Note Added on PG 52 - Page 8

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waitingg Embarrassed
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Thank you sir...Geet smiles and a cute dimple appears on her cheeks...and of course her smile has its own advance effects on Maan who is secretly watching her.

She calls out for a shop attendant who can assist this customer further on the kinds of plants which will survive in the place he comes from. She checks the time. Its already 8:30 PM and she has to work towards winding up process for the day. Meantime, She has to start arranging flowers based on their freshness and remove the ones which have started showing signs of fading.

Now, Maan walks towards her...his vision is all glued on her without even blinking for once.

Geet keeps the lader and checks for the flower baskets which are kept on the top rows... She takes the first basket which has full of beautiful bright red roses. Tears wells in her eyes...

From the time she has ever come to know about Valentines Day, she has dreamt of spending this special day with that one special person...and all she wanted from him is  one rose on this special day... and once again another Valentines day has passed by which she has spent all alone...she looks up for a brief sec...You must be very happy to see me in this condition...Hain na babaji? By next Valentines Day, I may not be in a position to even dream about it. Henceforth, I will not ask you anything. huh...She wipes her tears but still lost in those beautiful roses as she is not able to come in terms with the fact. She feels that she is in between so many flowers all the time but not even one flower belongs to HER. It really hurts her.

Just that time Maan Comes near her...

Excuse Me...

She is still lost in those red flowers and still positioned on the ladder.

EXCUSE ME...This time Maan calls out her name little louder she jerks and looks at him...and looses her balance and he instantly reacts faster and reaches out to her and she fell in his arms in a way he hugs her and both their lips smash on eachother's shoulder sending shivers down their spine...She hold him so very tight as she is in a state of shock...She composes herself and slowly turns to look at him with her blinking eyes...

She is so very lost in him without even her own knowledge. Their eyes met and drawn deeper into each other's vision...She is all wondering who is he and what is he doing at this point of time..but without even giving her concern to these questions she simply looks at him with her innocent gaze as if she is trying to memorize his features and printing it to her heart...

Are you OK? he asks with a concern

She cutely nods for a YES...Both lost and still drawn in each other's if they were eagerly waiting for this special moment to make an entry intro their respective life. He is still holding her in his arms...

I...I... she stamers in excitement and can...put me down...

That's when he realised he has still been carrying her and gently brings her down..

Her mind talking to her Babaji whilst she is all lost looking at he been sent by you for me Babaji? Finally you are showing some mercy on me...and a blush touches her cheeks..He knows very well that like every girl even she has been smitten by him with his very first look but she is hiding it to the maximum possible...

Woh..I am sorry...I mean Thank you..She doesnt know to say "Sorry" or "Thank you" and she tells both the words so very sweetly with her face dipped in embarrassment and instantly melting him with her cuteness.

I mean...If you were not there, I would have fallen on the ground...THANK YOU for saving me... and  SORRY if I have hurt you by falling on you...

Yes...No...He closes his eyes not able to believe even he is stammering...Pleasure is mine...

She smiles at him...You here? I mean...She is so very spontanious when it comes to attending to customers..but today, she has got back to square one and she is not even able to frame right sentences

Are you here to buy something?

Oh between all this you forgot the very purpose of you being here in this shop?...yeh ladki mujhe baar baar pagal kar rahi hain...Confused

Haan yes...I need to buy something...

Actually its a quite a tricky situation for him which he cannot share with this girl (Geet) as she would laugh at him. He has never bought any gift for anyone personally. If he had to gift someone he would ask his mama-papa to get it. Now, the latest trend is he would have taken help from Aaditya, his PA in his office. but today being Sunday and its been Aadi's day off and Aadi had his own commitments. And today Maan is all here to buy a gift for his girl friend as he totally forgot its 14th Feb. On top of that Geet's presence is adding more vulnerability to his difficult situation. He is seriously thinking what gift to buy?

Sir, then how can I help you?

He is all lost in her sweet voice again...and she too lost in him but controlling herself not to make her drolling so obvious to him...least does she know that she its clearly noticed by him and he smiles within as he too sailing in the same boat and he is again lost in her.

She clears her throat and repeats her question.

Excuse me sir...

And he is out of his own world...

How can I help you?

Well, I need to buy gift for...someone...

Would you please tell me for whom sir?

He gives her a questioning look...

See...I have to show you gifts accordingly...

Its for my GIRL FRIEND... he tells this in one go without even thinking twice.

What?? The word Girl Friend echoed in her years more than 3 times... with what she just heard...GIRL FRIEND? 


Her world suddenly came to a standstill...just a second back she was in cloud 9 and now she feels she has been pushed from the same cloud and she is falling back on earth and the earth suddenly opens up in order to consume her alive. Geet is not able to come to terms with what she heard now...She is cursing her own situation as if she got so very desperate to achieve her emotional valentine goal...and somewhere she feels so very low about herself..

Excuse me? he calls out for her..

Hun?? and she answers coldly and now her face looks pale...and Maan wondering why  she appears dull all of a sudden? I hope I dint say anything wrong...

Woh.. sorry...I was...she composes herself and talks further..I was thinking what gift to suggest for you to gift to your girlfriend and smiles weekly...

He further thinks that this weak smile doesn't suit her face...wondering what happened to her all of a sudden... but he is running short of time and has to make it fast...See...I need something special...She is very important person for see, I am already late to wish her and be with her on this special day...but it went totally out of my mind..and I want to make up to please suggest something which will wipe off all her anger and replace with smile filled with happiness...

Geet is soo very lost in him...Bechara...kitna pyar karta hain apni girl friend se...I really wish I found someone like him in my life who would have made me feel special on this day...made me feel a complete person...and sighs... but she wants to help this poor guy (as per herLOL)

She tries to bring some excitement in her conversation need not worry...I have a wonderful gift for your special person..I am sure it will do wonders...believe me ...Embarrassed

Oh really?Big smile

YES...Just wait...she has a big smile on her face but still something missing compared to the smile that she had sometime back and that's making him weaker..wondering what is happening to him...and why is he so seriously thinking about this if  he could clearly see her facial expressions but not able to understand what's going on in her mind and so very curious about it...he is cursing himself why he didn't make it to this place earlier so that he could have spent some more time with this girl..but he is forced to hurry up as his GF is waiting for him.

She comes back to him as she had a doubt to ask...she is wondering how to ask this question. She cannot ask if his GF is thin or fat...woh main puchna bhool gayi...may I know her appearance?

He gives her another questioning look to her..

I mean, is she small built ...medium built..Large..Extra Large?

(Aurthour Note: You will know why she asked this question at the later stage)

Maan is wondering why this question in the first place. He closes his eyes and imagines his girlfriend...

Hmm...can say Extra Extra Large (XXL)..

What? ShockedGeet couldnt believe what she just heard...

Yeh ladki...baat baat pe itna shock kyon hoti hain? Huh...Shocked

Yes...XXL...Is there any problem?

No..No..No...Sir and she again stamers and turns to leave from another confused and weak smile. give me a minute. I will be back..

She turns back and rolls her eyes trying to find out what's actually happening here...yeh ladka...he is so much packed with surprises...Hmm...XXL? OMG..Tho uski GF MOTI HAIN...Shocked Nahin shouldnt insult any girl like that...after all she is a human being...Acha...I would say reasonably fat in appearance...but still he admires her the most and he is all here to buy something special for sweet of him...Aaj kal ke ladkon se kitna alag hain...She is again lost in his sweet nature...She looks at him from a distance and admires him even more and invariably she scans him from top to bottom...Lagtha tho middle class ka hain...ek dam seedha saadha types... Day DreamingShe is so very lost looking at him...haaye he is so handsome and cute and he is soo very sweet nature wise...Geet snaps out of her thoughts..Geet stop drolling at him..he is already booked..tumhare Babaji ne decide karliya hain ke tumhara kuch nahin hone wala...Angryshe gives a angry glare up at her Babaji and stamps her feet...CHADDOAngry

She hides all her sweet and sour excitements and gets back to him with a box which is already sealed and gift wrapped in full bright red colour cover with golden ribbon...Its a special valentines day gift...and of course she recommends this for Maan's Girlfriend...

See this gift box is a very special one for this special day...

Hmm..Interesting...but what's there inside?

Sir..that's the specialty of this gift box. Its bundle with whole lot of surprises...Only your girlfriend has the right to open it and bet you, she will go crazy with happiness and you will enjoy seeing the smile and glow in her face when she picks out each and every item from this box...Geet tells this with all her exciting expressions...and he is all lost in her.

But how can I buy something without seeing or feeling?

Sir trust me...

He looks at her cute he cannot trust her...Moreover, with what all he heard her talk with the previous customer, he can blindly trust her

OK I will buy it...Smile

Yeh huyi na can always return back the gift if your didnt like it...Smile

I am sure there wont be any need for it...

Oh...thank you... and this is complementary ...she hands over a bunch of bright red flowers which is neatly wrapped...

He is all amused with it...He takes it from her with a slight brush of fingers inviting another eyelock ...this girl will make me mad today for sure...Ouch...While she too thinks the same...I am going crazy today. Confused

They make their way to the cash counter...Sir...its 1000 Rupees. He takes his pouch out  and about to take his credit card and then only his eye fell on the small note boards..."WE ACCEPT CASH ONLY..NO CREDIT CARDS PLEASE". He had one 1000 Rupees note and he searches for it in his pouch...Damn..I had given it to Shambu, what will I do? I cannot give her my Credit card...

Sir...Any problem?

Woh...woh...I missed to carry enough cash...his face dipped because of this and Geet feels bad for him...

Bechare ke pass itne paise bhi nahin hain...if he doesnt take this gift, his evening with his girl friend will be spoiled. Atleast let him enjoy his time with his girlfriend...why should he be unlucky one like me?Confused

She thinks for a while what to take this and you can pay us later...

Maan is going speechless with her kind gesture...


Its ok sir..I will keep a note at the cash problem..

Are you sure?

YES...and please carry on...your girl friend must be waiting for you...

He is so much relieved...Thank you so much...this one for you...He takes out one Rose from the buch of roses which she gave him...

She takes it from him controlling all her shivers...she knows she is not suppose to take it as this whole bunch of flowers belong to someone else...but still she is not able to deny it either...YOU're WELCOME... she smiles hiding all her emotions...

They again have an eye lock and He wishes he doesn't go out of this place...but has to leave as he is already late and his girl friend must be mad at him...

You take care...BYE...

BYE with a smile..

Her smile fades away as she is all lost looking at him till the time he exits out of the entrance. She takes the red rose and looks at it with so much of admiration and gently caressing its petals a tear drops falls on the rose.

She is not in a mood to work anymore. She takes the bonus envelope which Deepak uncle gave her...takes 1000 Rs and adds it to the cash counter ensuring the cash received tallies with the total amount of bills.. and carrys the entire amount from the cashcounter to behanded over to Deepak uncle as he has left earlier today. She assigns the further shop closing tasks to her assistants and she leaves from there..

Precap: They meet again Embarrassed...But when and how and where?  Wink

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GF aww Geet ki armaan pe pani phek diya
between sweetness in both side
he too feeling for her but wrong word
but out cute geet still packed perfect gift for him
she is so pure at heart ...she liked someone but heartbroken at first sight
lovely update
Posted: 4 years ago
read your os ..o re piya
will wait
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Keepdreaming

read your os ..o re piya
will wait

Thanks for your lovely comments again dear Hug. Yeah...Poor Geet Confused

Just finishing PART 3 for O Re Piya...and Still updating...OuchI am going to get all jhoothas from Priya for sure...LOL

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Originally posted by suwaibah

awesome story...Clap


Thanks for your comments Hug
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Vaidhumom

Originally posted by anu5

Hey Anu

How are you? A warm welcome to FLOWER BASKET Embarrassed

Was so eagerly waiting for your comments which really motivates me Embarrassed

YEAH...FLOWER BASKET is a simple but a very cute romantic story Tongue. Thanks for your lovely comments again dear Hug
Hi Akka !!
Iam fine. Thankyou .
How are you doing Akka !?
Thanks for the warm welcome Akka. 
Hug Heart

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