MG SS - FLOWER BASKET - Last Part udt PG 42 + Note Added on PG 52 - Page 32

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Beta..there's absolutely no time...we have to patiently wait till we meet your dad.

Maan is really helpless now...Oneway he is glad that he has been asked to come over to Delhi as Geet is also there. All he will be waiting for is a message from Aadi with regard to Geet's address.

Par Daadi, cant we go by flight?

The weather is not that promising  and there's a tough forecast expected which will make flight travel difficult and risky...even via roads it may not be easy but we can make it as our quality of car and moreover Shambu Kaka is an expert driver for such weather conditions...ab jaldi kijiye. (Now be quick)

they both leave from Shimla and Sambukaka drives downhill in this challenging weather. They reach Delhi early morning...

At Khurana Mansion Delhi...

Gaurav and Priya are all excited to receive Maan and Daadi. They take Daadi's blessings and hug Maan lovingly. Maan and Daadi could take a guess from the atmosphere that all is fine and nothing to worry...but they are curious to know why they were called in such an urgency?

Daadi: Beta Vikram, (Maan's younger brother) is not to be seen? Its been almost a year since I met him

Gaurav: Haan Maa...Vicky is busy with his studies. his exams are nearing. He sighs and continues... aap dono fresh hojaayiye.. we'll meet at breakfast table and have something very important to talk.

Both Maan and Daadi get into their respective rooms fresh up and entire family get together at the Breakfast table...

Daadi is always excited to have a family gathering like this...Gaurav beta...we all were so engrossed in our respective lives that we couldn't even find time to have a get together like this for such a long time and a tear drops from her eyes..

Gaurav holds Daadi's hand...Ma...I understand but what to do? We all had our own business responsibilities to take care of. But I promise that henceforth, we shall all gather regularly whether there's a occation or not..

Daadi: Haan beta...Daadi takes in a bite of bread sandwich...she looks at Gaurav and Priya and continues...And the last big occasion which happened witnessing huge family gathering of distinct and far relatives was when your wedding happened and that was almost 24 years ago...

Gaurav:Haan Maa...Is saal hamara silver jublee Anniversary hain..Gaurav winks at Priya and She blushes...Can you believe? We are going to complete 25 years of togetherness?

Daadi: Arre Wah...I am really not able to believe it...25 years? Oh my looks as if your marriage happened just yesterday...Time just flies...Daadi holds Priya's hands and kisses her gently...Thank you Priya for completing this family and for showering with your unconditional love and happiness..

Priya: Maa...I am the lucky one...I am really blessed not only to have Gaurav as my better half...but a loving and caring mom in your form and the best phase of my life which transformed mine-Gaurav relationship into Parenthood and we were blessed with 2 precious diamonds ...Maan aur Vikram. Priya hugs Gaurav and Maan lovingly with tears of happiness in her eyes and like Daadi, Priya too misses to hug Vikram at this point of time.

Maan responds by hugging back Priya and Gaurav together and extending his arms...

Maa-Papa, I am really blessed to have born in this wonderful family and this year we will celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with a bang...Maan tells it so very excitingly

Gaurav: Well...Beta, celebrations would go on but its now time that we need to plan our next phase of our life..

Gaurav and Priya look at each other and smile while leaving Daadi and Maan a bit confused...and Gaurav Continues holding his hand on Maan's shoulder...

Gaurav: Beta..we want to get you married.

Maan and Daadi goes speechless with if the time has just stopped for them...

Priya: Its not that we want to reduce our burdens...we want to witness another happy phase of our life...getting our children married one by one...

Maan: I understand your thoughts very well...But I am just 23 years and you are seriously thinking about my wedding?

Gaurav: Beta we were not really serious about it until I met Mohinder Handa

Maan is really confused why his papa is suddenly taking someone's name in between whom he doesn't even know.

Gaurav: Maan, I know what you are thinking...Let me tell you. Mohinder is my very very best friend right from my childhood and recently I got to meet him almost after 20 years during a business event.

Daadi: Mohinder Handa? Kahi yeh Hoshiyarpur main hamare padosi family se tho nahin? (Is he the one from our neighbouring family from Hoshiyarpur?)

Gaurav: Haan Maa...not only we were neighbours they are our very close family friends and we had lost contact with them. And Mohinder is my very best friend...remember? how much they had helped and supported us during the tough times?

Daadi is also excited now...haan beta...wonderful family. She turns to Maan now...Tumhen pata hain Maan...Mohinder ke pita (Daarji) and tumhare Daadaji bohut hi ache dost the... (You know Maan...Mohider's dad and your grandpa were very close friends)

Maan is on one side happy to learn about this family...but still remains confused why his papa is talking about that family now.

Gaurav: Haan Ma... Daarji is still there in Hoshiyarpur...whereas Mohinder got married and settled down in Delhi. They are blessed with a daughter who is about 21 years old now.

Daadi is really not able to come to her terms that time has flown this fast...Arre ki shaadi bhi hogayi thi aur 21 saal ki beti bhi hain? (Oh my goodness, he has been married and blessed with 21 year old daughter?)

Haan Ma...badi pyaari bachi hain... (Yes Mom, she is very cute and loving girl) Gaurav clears his throat and looks at Priya and Maan and continues...issi ladki ke saath hum Maan ka rishta jodna chahthe hain. (We are interested to get Maan married to this girl)

Maan stands rooted with what he just heard from Gaurav...Gaurav could sense this restlessness in his behavior now...

Papa, you have always considered my opinion for each and every single step of my life, be my upbringing, my education, career, business...but why you didnt even consult me even once before you took this decision? How could you?

Gaurav-Priya face became small hearing Maan's words...

Beta, we havent taken any decision yet...all we want you is to attend a family get together that has been arranged by the handas for this evening and by this, you get to meet the handa family and this girl...ek baar is ladki ki tasvir to dheklo... (look at her photo for once)

Maan doesnt see it...but Daadi takes it from Gaurav. Daadi really admires her natural and innocent beauty filled with simplicity.

(Note from Authour: Daadi knows Geet only by her name. She hasnt met her yet)

Aap hi batayiye Maa...itni achi, padi-likhi aur sanskari ladki kahan dhekne ko milthi hain aajkal? (Now, you tell me mom, where do you find such a well cultured and educated girl these days?)

Gaurav-Priya are litterally taken back with Maan's reactions and now his silence which gives them more fear now...Daadi consoles them...I will talk to both carry on with your arrangements for the evening...we need to buy few gifts for that family as we are meeting them after 25 long years.

Gaurav-Priya agree to what Daadi says and involve themselves with the arrangements that needs to be done for the evening. leaving Daadi and Maan alone

Maan is all lost in his sweet memories of much ever this girl be good enough but she will no way match my Geet...Maan has tears in his eyes...Geet...where are you? please ek baar mere samne aao...I want to clear all those mis understandings..His mind rewinds back to the previous day when he had shared his first ever kiss with her registering her as his and only couldnt she feel this?

Daadi holds on his shoulder and ask him to stay calm...Maan beta..its just that we are going to have a family get together...Lets meet them as good family said, Handa family have been very kind and supportive neighbours...even our close relatives and friends never supported us so much during our tough times...Daadi gives him into about their family during the days when they were settled down in Hoshiyarpur. lets meet them as a good family friend..and you casually meet their daughter and ofcourse Gaurav/Mohinder will buy some time to match their decision and meantime, you can bring in Geet's topic. Daadi takes a sigh and continues...By the way, what's the news about Geet?

Woh Girlfriend (Daadima)...she got upset with me yesterday when I tried to advance towards her..I mean, I found a right time to disclose my feelings and all what I have been hiding from her and she left half way thro. But one thing is sure that she is madly in love with me...and that's the reason she got upset.

Daadi is worried now...oh beta, yeh sab kya ho gaya? she sighs...I had warned you and you never listened to me.

Maan remains quite...anyways, lets take this day as it comes and lets be positive...aur ek baat hain beta, Gaurav's has never failed in his decisions towards, if he has liked this girl, there must be a very strong reason behind it...Hence, I request you to meet them once and then disclose Gaurav about your POV, and hopefully by then you will know Geet's address in Delhi.

Maan is not atall at peace and daadi rests her hands on his shoulder...main ne kaha na bete...sab tik ho jaayega...lets allow this day to pass by.


Evening at Handa's Villa:

Everything is arranged to warmly welcome their long term family friends...Khuranas...Mohinder is so very excited to meet Khurana family whom he lost touch almost 25 years ago.

Mohinder hugs Gaurav and takes blessings from Daadi...

Mohinder: Maa...kaisi hain aap?

Daadi: Main teek hoon beta...pleased to meet after such a long gap

Mohinder: Yes Maa...Yeh hain meri Patni Rano..

Rano comes forward and takes daadi's blessings and Daadi hugs Rano...Jeethi raho beta...

Rano and Priya also hug each other as they get introduced...

And Finally, Gaurav introduced Maan to Mohinder - Rano and they are really delighted to meet him. Mohinder gives him a warm hug and welcomes Maan and he responds giving a weak smile. Both the families get along so very well and moreover, they are getting to meet after a very long time.

Priya gets into their kitchen where Rano arranges for many snacks and sweets to be served...

Rano: Arre...Priyaji...welcome to my kitchen...and Rano smiles..

Priya sees that Rano has arranged to serve so many snacks and sweets...

Priya: Kyon itni takleef utayi aapne? Aapne yeh sab akele banaya? You didnt take help of servants?

Rano: Ji...khane peene ki zimmedaari poori meri hain...(Food and refreshments are my personal responsibility) I want to give my personal touch when it comes to cooking and I prefer to do it myself.

Rano tells proudly...Priya likes her kind gestures...and both started to mingle very well with each other.

Priya: Wah ji...itne saare snaks?..Have to learn a lot of recipes from you.

Rano: Any time Priyaji...from now on, we shall be in regular contact..

Rano has prepared nearly 5-6 trays to be arranged in the hall.

Priya: Ranoji...let me also help you...

Rano: Ji...Aap takleef mat lijiye...(Dont take troubles) please i will arrange it.

Priya: Arre Ranoji...Abse yeh bhi mera ghar hain...Aur apne ghar main takleef kaisi? Aap akele itne saare kaam kaise karenge...Challiye...main bhi aap ki help kar deti hoon... (From now on this is my home as well and why should I take trouble for my home? How will you do these many works all alone..come I will help you too)

Rano is really amazed with Khurana family. As Mohinder had described they are far rich but still they seem to be down to earth...moreover she is highly impressed with Priya. Rano looks up and gives a short prayer to her babaji...Babaji..bas Geet is rishte keliye haan kehde.

While the snacks are been served, Rano goes to Geet's room and she is shocked to see Geet is still sitting idol as if she is lost in some other world. haven't got ready yet? Khurana family is already here...Change yourself beta

Geet is in no mood to change or do anything. Maa..i am not changing. Will come with this dress itself.

Beta, this dress is pretty old one...wear something new. And you haven't even combed your hair...and wear some  jewels.

MAA...Geet instantly hugs Rano and tears wells in her eyes.

Rano breaks from the hug and wipes her tears...She has always seen her daughter to be talkative, chirpy and bublee...but today her silence filled with tears is killing Rano...beta, you are still confused even after our long talk yesterday. Me and papa will never go against your wishes beta. Especially me as I'm your mother.

Geet is still sobbing and listens to her mother calmly..

But one thing I want  you to know.. Khurana family seems to be quite warm hearted people just like what your papa had briefed about them. The guy looks handsome and also well behaved. He will be a perfect match for you. I also met his mom and she is very soft spoken and gentle. Above all to let you know, Handas and Khuranas have shared wonderful relationship. And you know your papa, he will never fail in his responsibilities.  So, to respect that fact, please get ready to meet them.

Rano gets Geet ready by herself...she makes her wear the best of her dresses...was about to make her wear a huge necklace when Geet stops... know me. I like to keep it simple.. As you said, I have changed my dress but this Jewellery is way too much...

Beta, they are very rich people..Atleast we need to wear something like this na? Otherwise, what will they think of us?

Geet instantly stops her..

Just now you told me that they are very warm hearted and down to earth people. If that's true, then they will like me being myself.

Rano is giving up on this girl...wondering what's Geet really upto and what's going on in her mind. She somehow gets Geet ready and brings her to the ground floor where everybody are waiting to see her.

To be continued...

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Posted: 4 years ago



Edited by Vaidhumom - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
ops geet still thnks about his gf n thry r back to delhi a proposal fr geet hope their mu cleared soon
Posted: 4 years ago
Awesome part.  Liked Khurana family equation and love they have for each other.  Maan wouldn't have dreamed of this proposal and his reaction is natural. But I feel Geet is going to have lots of issues with this. According to her, he has a gf, then he confessed to her and now he is meeting another girl for marriage. Not a good image for Maan LOL  She was already having negative views about Rich playboys LOL The stage is set for face to face now. Both are in for a shock.
Posted: 4 years ago
Nice update..
Waiting for next update..
Posted: 4 years ago
Superb  part 
Loved it
But stopped at wrong time now eagerly waiting fir the next part to see botb maan and geet reaction  when they comes face to face
Cintinue soon

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