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Posted: 2018-01-29T00:54:04Z
wonderful update...loved to read repeatedly...geet was surprised for ana's fast moving to tell kabir about aarush & their meeting,  but also agreed for ana's view about maan for aurush... ana told maan was on business  trip when geet asked about maan who was not answering her call.. awe geet was complaining  her kanha about long distance love as its irritating her... awe she found out the note written by her maan on dinner at her apartment after leaving her sleepy...superbly  described  about home... very true  'the distance that spanned between them"...&"one memory hit several others followed "... yes he had always hers...still his phone not answered when she wanted tell him the things that deserved to know him about her heart... awe she received text about his phone broken &  wanted to meet soon...she loved her maan as she was countless time recalling the memory about spending time & meeting with him... she very much eager to meet her monster & she left  her office she notice maan standing but thinking as a dream she was leaving but surprised with kiss from maan ( loved romantic maan)... her heart skipped beats (mine also)... when she realised fact she was not able to leave him & hug him tightly.. awe he was teasing her calling her sweetheart... he took her to his hotel room... she asked him to stay with them but he told about his work..OMG..loved romantic man "how to tell her how excruciating its to touch her & then..." wow their first official party...excited for next...(no ending soon plz) loved this long distance romance...thanks for pm & early update..!!
its very close to my heart..keep your feeling as it is so, you write like that and amazed me every time whenever i read your lovely are true genius..!!
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Posted: 2018-01-29T03:39:10Z
It's so nice to see them like this. Geet reads the note and suddenly it occurs to her about how he is always there for her. And just like that he is in London. Of course it's a bit disappointing that he was there for business but then that's Maan for you. 
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Posted: 2018-01-29T04:18:06Z

Part 81 -  So kabir was thinking about Emily. Geet almost forgot her. I think he still hiding something from her. geet felt sorry that she forgot about her friend and lost in herself.

Geet was sad that she has left only one day and have to leave for London.

Why maan was so happy. Or he was masking his pain behind his happiness. Geet didn't want to leave him and go but he was not letting her mess with her career.

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Posted: 2018-01-29T04:54:19Z

Part 82 -  Kabir again met ayat. So story is going brew bet them.? Kabir was smitten by her eyes. Glad that she did not snapped at him like last time.

Oh...maan was so much missing her. He didn't go to see off her as that he couldn't see her going. roka kyu nahi. He was depressed and his only solace was dadima. Geet knew that if he went to dadi's room then definitely he was shutting off himself.

But why he didn't pick her calls. Now he was feeling better when she called on ana's phone and they talked. He could have picked up earlier. I agree with geet that he can take time, at least, 5 min to talk with her from his busy time.

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Posted: 2018-01-29T05:06:07Z
Ohhh my god
Its superb
Kiss ...
I dont have words .
Kitni bate hai geet k dil me...
Kaise ijhar hoga...
Maan ka reaction kya ?
What will happen in party?
Eagerly waiting for next.
Sorry for late reply...
Feeling not well...
Take care
Update soon dear

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Part 83 -  Their FaceTime talk was lovely. She was stunned to see him bare. How she was gawking and maan enjoying it.

Ana want kabir to approve about her relation with aarush, then only she can take maan's approval. But kabir was surprised that ana fell in love with aarush and he didn't know when & how.

He was so drawn in his thoughts he again bumped with aayat. She was scared that he called her by name. But I liked it how sweetly he said sorry. Poor boy. He was already in a mess, all alone, no Emily, no geet and now this ana-aarush, he was closed off. Aayat was surprised with his apology. Hope soon they come close. And I just hope that his parents will not oppose of their relationship, if they had.

Oh...sweetheart...geet chose this nickname to call him. I liked that part. pooja to geet ke peechhe hi padi hai. Lagta hai jald hi shadi karake chhodegi.

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Posted: 2018-01-29T06:21:36Z

Part 84 -  She is learning one more aspect of love. Now she understood why maan says that and what does it mean. Now she understood how unbearable this distance was. She was terribly missing him that could not concentrate on her work. She was again got worried when his phone was unreachable.

But maan's surprise was awesome. Jhalli geet thought she was hallucinating him everywhere. He was not expecting her to ignore him. Oh...the jump and hug and maan's open kiss was mind-blowing. It made her believe that he was really there. And then her frustration came out on him for everything. He was surprised to see her so expressive. Love makes us do such things. Lol.

So official party as a couple. Exciting for the party.

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Posted: 2018-01-29T06:46:24Z
Fantastic update
Geet thought she was hallucinating maan
He had to kiss her to make her realise he is real
Now they are going for party together as a couple for the first time
Update soon please
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