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Posted: 17 years ago

Hi Guys!😊

Hopefully you all would be really fine !😳

Well, I really cant mention that why I am making such a kind of post because there are many sides to the topic.I've been noticing this fact from quite a long time and now I think it is the real time to make it a pin!😊

We've been receiving bashers,taunters and some ill-mannered members in our forum from a span.. Whether they have been upto taunting Eijaz or Anita, insulting Kavyanjali or giving unsuitable comments, they really play a part in dominizing the reputation of our Forum. 😳

The moral of posting this topic centres on two points.😊

1- Stop all Further Bashing Elements Over Here

2- Notify this in front of all that for what Reason Basically this forum has been created!

Our Kavyanjali Forum has given us a lot! We are here and it is for us to have fun along with each other discussing our favourites and sharing our opinions and reviews about a particular topic or person. Though it is a democratic platform, you all have ample rights to come here and discuss practical and general matters regarding Kavyanjali or The Characters. But it doesn't mean that you take this heavenly ,homely place for granted and misuse it!You are not supposed to be here for giving unsuitable or unignorable comments about our Favourite personalitites or giving bad reviews.If you dislike a certain character or person from a show, you should keep your opinion to yourself, inspite of making an issue out of it and announcing it all over, without caring that others might get hurt or feel crossed from your such act.😳

There are some certain, important rules, which should be taken under concentration, attention and consideration before posting on our beloved , Kavyanjali Forum, because none of the family members here are going to bear this anymore.😊


1-If you are posting any article or interview of/regarding any personality or character from Kavyanjali Serial,you are supposed to first look for this topic in the forum through the India Forums Search ,https://www.india-forums.com/search_form.asp . In order to cheack if the article/interview hasn't been posted before already.

2-Please keep this in your consideration not to cheat or post a topic that is being already posted. Suppose: If a member has posted a topic regarding any event happened on television, there is no need to post another one for the same circular. Generally on KA forums, when awards ceremonies or events happen, we usually always have a sticky topic for it so there is no need for every individual to draft their own.

I3-f Eijaz-Anita or any other personlaity about whom we discuss on Kavyanjali forum is not in your good book, that's your personal matter. Please don't use abusive or offensive comments about them or regarding them.(NOTE)

4-This point has been clearified several times by the Moderators and Viewbies. If another time such kind of thing would take place, serious action would be taken against the bashers.

                    5-Videos or pictures from other webs are strictly prohibited in the forum until inspect, if alternative links are being provided or allowance being given by the moderators. Our videobies , mainly( kaash, Iluvanita, sweetviolet, topranger & Supergirl7) are always active in posting any videos related with EijazAnita or KA.

                 6-Posting topics in case to curse or say bad things about any member of the Kavyanjali Forum, is strictly banned.

7-If you are posting any video or pictures from any other website (though you are supposed to do such thing in a case when none of the KA members provides the require video) , do give credit and link from where you are posting.Please don't put your name in some other person's hardwork and avoid to lie or cheat in the forum.

8-Appropriate link should be provided for any article/interview or news you are posting in the forum.

9- Respecting other member's opinions and likes is obligatory.

10-Some members have complaints that their topics dont get noticed.In such case, members should try to post interesting topics so that members would attract towards them, especially , a mighty Topic Title plays a major role in developing the conscience of a member in ur post. Here are some basic guidelines for posting a good topic.😊


It will show you five ways of finding and choosing a theme.

D- different types, attitudes, reasons or factors.

A-advantages and disadvantages of a topic

F-factual account

T-time or historical approach on a topic

I-importance of a topic in the life of a man.


It will show you 5 ways of starting a topic.





P-proverb or quotation


It will show you 5 ways of finishing a topic.

S-sum up an argument/give a summary of the main points.


A-air of finality

R-repeat your theme and show that you have proved the point

F-look into the future.

Special attention should be payed at the ending part of the topic .😳





If you'll follow the above guidance for posting a topic, you definetely can make a good one, and slowly, you will realise that your topics would increase the number of replies.If you'll keep on improving yourself, your topics and your morals, the amount of visitors to ur topic will automatically increase. Trust me, its my personal experience.😊

10-If you need any help regarding anything on the forum, any topic, any interview , videos or signatures, our members are always there, 24/7, for you guidance, help, assistance and co-operation and will definetely help you to a certain extend as much as they can. For queries, You can concern the Announcements!😳

KA Help Desk/Suggestions

Kavyanjali help Desk/suggestions
It is a topic where members are provided with all certain information they usually are in need of.

Also you can give suggestions for the betterment, upbringing and improvements for the forum or how to make it more fun and joy.

KA Articles Archive

KA Articles Archive

It includes all the interviews and articles of Eijaz Anita. You can get in to them for any information about them or to check if the article/interview you are about to psot, isnt there already.Comments on the articles are'nt allowed.

KA Videos Archive

Kavyanjali Videos archive-No comments

It contains all the videos of EA or KA posted in the forum. You are not supposed to give comments about the posted material there.

Gallery : Best Jodi Eijaz-Anita

Gallery: Best Jodi Eijaz and Anita

This topic includes the pictures of Eijaz Khan and Anita Hassanandani only.Whether they are from Kavyanjali show, parties or some other place, but it is happened to be existing for their pics only.

Comments are not allowed there aswell.

Gallery : Kavyanjali Stars

Gallery: KA stars

This includes all the pictures from the tv serial "Kavyanjali".From the episodes being aired and pictures of the stars who were a part of KA.

KA Creations

~Post Your Newest KA/EA creations ~ #2

This topic is being made for the members to post all their creations , made for Kavyanjali. Whatever signatures , avators , banners or collages they make especially for Kavyanjali.They can post them here for display .

I just hope these rules create an impetus over you. Iam not forcing you to regulate all of them sternly but you just need to be careful before posting anything over here!

We never like those people who dis-praise our house our say bad things about our home, so how can we bear anyone saying rubbish things about our Kavyanjali Forum or The Family? Obviously, its Our Home, wherein we have fun, enjoy , relax and chill out with our family.

So people, please, be true and honest!😊

This forum is all yours! You can make anything out of it but not offensive or abusive.😳


                                  Love and Regards,😳




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Posted: 17 years ago
πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
amazing post sammy di
u did brilliant
now we can all finally sit in peace πŸ˜ƒ
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Posted: 17 years ago
πŸ‘ well done.....
nd seriously those ppl from the KAA forum!!!gosh!!!
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Posted: 17 years ago
excellent post sammy... πŸ‘ well done...all members need to read this πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

waise...sammy...i dint know tht i'm a vdobie of this forum πŸ˜† i never posted any vids like prerna did 😳 😳 😳
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Posted: 17 years ago

Originally posted by: eijazwife

well done Sammy, i hate bashers, some were on this mornig from kaa forum 😑

thankyou DiπŸ˜ƒ..I just hope for the best😳

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Posted: 17 years ago
Sammy dii , Excellent jaanu...could not have said it all any better

Am making it a sticky announcement topic! 😊

Love u Sammy dii πŸ€— ur a true pari πŸ€—

xx lika 😳
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Posted: 17 years ago
Good lika di made it a announcement sticky πŸ€—
luckily now we wont have bashing posts πŸ˜ƒ
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Posted: 17 years ago
Thankoo...this was much needed! πŸ˜ƒ
Your a great writer sam πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
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Posted: 17 years ago
I would just like to add a point after studying sammy's excellent post more thoroughly....

To All members in general:

All members are welcome to KA section, however when posting topics you must avoid constantly bashing people and actors as sammy has said...however you may argue and say that " Well, I thought IF was all about discussions and voicing opinions?"....You are right, it is definately a place for you to voice your opinions, but care must be taken to ensure that you are in no way abusive or RUDE as it will not be tolerated...Keep it polite and kind so that you do not hurt any members on KA forum. 😊

To KA Parivaar:

If any topic is posted by someone new etc and are kind and voicing there opinions, please try not to react badly and accept it as that persons opinion....as they have been kind. HOWEVER....If a member is rude and constantly instigating a fight, report it to a viewbie / mod of KA section and leave it with us to deal with the situation and restrain all temptations to abuse the member back, it will only make a unnecessary fight 😊

This is just something I needed to say considering what I have seen in the past few weeks with various topics...

Lets be a Family Again,..and ignore those who try to break it 😳 ...KA dev. team will deal with it πŸ˜†

~KA Dev. Team~Edited by ddddd - 17 years ago
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Posted: 17 years ago
Thankyou so much for making this a SA Mika 😳
And all you guys, thanks a lot. πŸ˜ƒ
Im glad you all liked what i wrote.. 😊