MG FF - HOW TO NAME IT? - UPDATED PART 11 & 12 PG 83 Dt. 23rd August. - Page 6

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Posted: 4 years ago

Hello Dearies...Sooo Glad that you have liked my Maneet in this FF. Here goes part 2. Please like and comment.

I am well aware that you all are waiting for updates for my other 2 FFs ..will do it in a day or two.


He is no mood now to consume his coffee further.

Maan ST: OOh...which clinic is she working for ...damn...missed to take details.ConfusedD'oh

At Geet's clinic:

Geet and Janet exchange morning greetings in Western style i.e by kissing on each other's cheeks lightly.

Even though Janet is over 3 years elder to Geet, they really make good friends at workplace and share so much with each other especially during their morning coffee session.

Janet: Hey are you? I'm feeling really sorry for you. You couldn't go on your first date.smiley5

Geet's cheek is turning pink now...Oh you...There's nothing like that sweetheart...and geet pulls her cheeks...

J: Ouch...Dont lie babes, your face tells a different tale altogether. She comes close to Geet's ears...will keep it as a secret...finish the meeting and tell me ok? and winks smiley2

G: C'mon Janet...and she blushes...and tries to change the topic...Is Dr. Robert and team there?

J: Yes...meeting to start in another 10 mins.

G:Oh...have to complete my monthly report and take a print...Bye


G: Oh this crazy girl...Geet is really blushing within now she is trying to find ways to finish the meeting ASAP and get out of the office without facing Janet.

At the meeting room..

The meeting is over with a positive note, Geet is all at praise for her work and patience level and she was awarded maximum patients likes. Her immediate boss, Dr. Robert greets her personally. He has stopped attending to patients and looking after the business and day to day operations of the clinic at a very senior level Dr. Robert is again a French national and strong pillar of support for Geet.

Dr. R: Geet...its unbelievable that you are on internship. You are beating all seniors here.

G: Sir...its your kindness to give me such an appreciation. she smiles

I have just one request to make...

Dr. R: Yes...go on...

G: Sir, I am going to take up specialization in woman and children. Would love to start practicing on that.

Dr. R:  Well...this will take time. In meantime, continue meeting patients falling in all criteria. this will definitely help you in long run. Believe me.

She thinks for a while what eventful day she had with the trio but decided not to tell this to him.

G: Thank you once again sir...

G: And one more thing...I had a personal request last week ...

Dr. R: Oh yes, I remember. About your friend ?Dr. R:

She thinks for a while and nods for a yes...

Dr. R:  You said, she is getting hyper tension, angry, lack of sleep, poor eating...Its a clear sign of depression.

G: Yes sir, and she is direct opposit of what she was few months back and what she is now...

Dr. R:  Is it possible to bring her here?

G: That's the major problem. Cant bring her here as I have not told her anything about this consultation part. She doesn't even know or doesn't admit. sometimes, I feel I am over reacting on her behavior and she is quite normal but one part of mind says that she is quite depressed and she needs immediate attention. Not able to decide what to do.

Dr. R: This is a very common with the depression patients. They dont admit it in the first place. keep observing her slowly. Moreover, you and your friend are going to go on your vacation, maybe she will feel alright after meeting her parents and dear ones.

G: too hoping on it.

Dr. R:  Anyways...So, how well are you preparing for your exams in the coming week?

G: I am all set and well prepared.

Dr. R: Great... I really like this confidence in you my girl...Its very important for you to clear these exams so do well ok? All the very best.

G: Thank You smiley1

G: One more thing sir...Can I take a day off today? I have some events for tomorrow and have start preparing for it.

Dr. R: If there's not much pending tasks for today and no major appointments for the day, then Sure...

G: Thank you sir smiley1and takes leave.

The moment she is out of the meeting room, she sees Janet is not at her desk and she took a long sigh...and out of blue Janet appears in front of her...

G: Janet, You really scared me...Oh God, Pls help me from this crazy girl...She looks up and prays...

J: Hey Babes...Don't waste your time praying see, I have bribed him and he will listen only to me...smiley2

Geet rolls her eyes...Yeah...This girl can be upto anything...

J: Ok...ok..I was just kidding... I have been observing you when you came out of the meeting room. Why are you trying to hide from me?? Hmm?? Tell me??

Geet is really going Pink...Mmm.. Nothing like that. smiley43

J: Hmm.. have been waiting to have a morning coffee with you...Come...Janet drags her to the coffee shop inbuilt in their hospital canteen...

As said, Janet had also become her close friend...They sit down and chat for a while. Geet tells her about Maan that she bumped on him by mistake...preferred not to talk about the 3 idiots as she doesn't want any negative talks about her patients.

J: Hmm...interesting...Dreamy ... romantic, you fell in arms of a complete stranger who is also handsome ...OH THAT's A DREAMY HANDSOME DASH... Janet gets into her own imaginary world..smiley42

G: Oh please...Nothing serious, we just had a cup of coffee together.

J: Oh really? Then why did you try to take a day off today...

G: He told me to... Oops...Geet dint think before replying. what did I just say?? I mean, I was really not keeping well and he was suggesting me to take a day off, go home and take rest you see...and she makes a baby face.

Janet scans Geet from top to really look sick...OH POOR GIRL...she says it with a mock filled with naughtiness.. smiley4 Geet gets little cautious but what's the use? she is already been caught by Janet...

J: So, did you exchange phone numbers?

G: Come'on...why should we?

J: Obviously to understand more about each other...

She nods for a no...and suddenly lost in other world

J: are really impossible. You have no presence of mind what so ever.smiley11

J: At least you got to know his name??

G: He is MAAN...

J: Of course he is a Man... Tell me his name... smiley5

Geet hits her own forehead with her right palm...smiley44That's his name...M-A-A-N...MAAN..which means Self Respect

J: Oh wow...nice name. Must start taking special classes to know more about Indian names...

G: Why? You want an Indian Boy Friend?

Janet gets into a serious thoughts and calculations...I have had French, spanish, German, Russian, Turkish...boyfriends ...

Geet is looking at Janet amusingly twisting her eyebrows...did she really had this many BFs?

Janet cross checks her mentally stored list and Screams... YES...never had an Indian Boyfriend...Thank You Geet for giving me this wonderful idea... Ask your boyfriend to find one for me...I am sure he must be having many Indian friends here..smiley17

Geet brings both her hands close to Janet's neck...GRRR...HE IS NOT MY BOY FRIEND FOR GOD SAKE...smiley7

J: OH YEAH...Lets see for how long? smiley2

Geet nods her head in amusement...she can never win over Janet...

G: Ok then...have to leave now...

J: Hmm? Why so early?

G: You forgot? I had told you last week...its Rabecca's wedding tomorrow and I have to arrange for so many things. I have taken Mr Robert's permission as well

J: Oh yeah...enjoy a gr8 weekend..

G: Thanks...

J: And keep me posted about your Boy Friend...She winks..smiley2

Geet doesn't answer for that and just says BYE and leaves.

J ST: Huh, really wonder if this girl is really so innocent or pretending to be one?? smiley3

Same evening at Geet's home:

Geet shares her home with Ria and Rabecca. Rabecca is a Doctor by profession and works in one of the reputed hospital in France. Age and profession wise, Rabecca is much senior to Geet and Ria..but still, the 3 have developed a gr8 bond staying together. But offlate Ria has been aloof for the last few months...forget Rabecca, Ria has not been interacting with Geet like how she used to do before...Geet is really worried for Ria as she is not at all her usual self these days.

Again it has been a usual evening. Its 8 o' clock and Ria has not returned home yet. Geet is again curious to know why Ria has not yet reached home. Rabecca and Geet at home at the moment and they have sooo much to talk and do. Today is last day for Rabecca's stay here. Next day is going to be a grand wedding and reception for Rabecca with David who is a French national.

Rabecca: Geet..On one hand I am so excited with this wedding going to happen...but I will really miss you, this home and wonderful memories attached to it.

G: Geet instantly hugs her...Me and Ria will miss you too. But above all, we both are so happy that you are going to settle down in your life.

R: Yeah...looking back all my struggles way from time...I lost my parents and my grand parents took such good care of me. Recently, my grandparents too left this world...and now, I am marrying my sweetheart David...but I am soo nervous as the wedding nears..

G: Arre...why nervous? HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN... Infact, David is the luckiest out of you both. You cured him and encouraged him to fight out the deadly sickness that he was suffering for the last six stood by him when his girl friend broke up with him.

Rabecca sighs and smiles...

G: By the way, you are a biig cheater. you still dint share the video recorded in your hospital CCTV where David proposed to you in front of all staff and patients Admitting that his life is a blessing which he got it back from you and hence it belongs to you...

Rabecca is blushing now.

G: both have marked a beautiful love story. smiley42Rabecca smile with joy.

R: Geet...All I wish for you and Ria is you both too excel in your career as well as your family lives. Wish to hear lot of good news from your end too..she winks.smiley2

Geet instantly remembers Maan and her eventful day that she had with him...How she fell in his arms and he instantly holds her waist...and she closes her eyes...Why do I feel like meeting him again? He was so much insisting that we should meet tomorrow...but it was difficult to make it because of Rabecca's wedding...she sighs...

Why this stranger didnt appear like a stranger to me

Why this stranger didnt appear like a stranger to if I know him for ages...again sighs...Will I ever get to meet him again?

R: Oh Geet madam..where are you lost?

Geet just smiles...just thinking about our events for tomorrow. So much to do yet..

R: Yeh Ria kahan reh gayi? (Where is Ria?) wish she would have given a helping hand. What's up with her? Isnt she behaving strange? Does she remember that tomorrow is my wedding and today is my last day here? I wanted to spend my time equally with you and Ria today and have a mini celebration...

Geet hold's Rabecca's know Ria right...she is not like you and me...she is too immature but she really values love and friendship a lot. But very poor when it comes to expressing it.

R: Woh sab tho teek hain Geet...(Im ok with that Geet) but I am noticing she has changed a lot. Is there's Something seriously bothering her in her college life or in Genral?

G: Yeh main us se pooch pooch ke thak chuki hoon...( I am tired of asking this question to her again and again) I have even discussed Mr. Robert today and he insists in meeting her for once. But how is it even possible? Ria's mom regularly complains me...Ria has slowly stopped calling her. Let me see...look forward to our vacation. I am sure this will be a good break for Ria and Me.

R: So, you are going to Ria's home during next vacation?

G: YES... its her brother's wedding. I have promised Ria and her mom that I will be there much earlier. I will go to my home in Chennai, spend one or two days with my family and then rest of my holidays at Amritsar.

R: That's cool...

R: One more thing Geet...Take this card. Geet takes it and looks at it. This is a card from my clinic which can be used during emergencies. Now when I am going on my long honeymoon, I will not be here. keep it with you...any medical emergencies during my absence, just hand over this to the reception.

Geet hugs are so thoughtful Rabecca...David is so lucky to have you...

and they talk talk talk whilst completing all packing and arranging for the events for the next day... And Ria happens to return home much late than every thing is done...Hi Geet Didi, Hi Rabecca Didi...I am tired for today...and going to sleep...Good Night. Avoiding any eye contact or further talks with them as she is not at all prepared to answer any of their questions. she straight away gets into her room and locks her door.

Geet and Rabecca take a long sigh...Rabecca Mocks...Challo...Madam has returned home atleast...that's more than enough for me.

Geet is dead tired but not able to sleep...The moment she closes her eyes, she gets to see Maan's face and all close encounters that she had with him...Oh god, what's happening to me?? She wakes up and gulps down a full glass of warm water.

@ Maan's Villa...

Maan is not at peace since morning...All he is thinking is about Geet

He is doing all tough exercises trying to relax his muscles.

And then off to shower...still thinking about her cute face..filled with innocence, her vibrant eyes..her very sweet voice...

M: When will I meet her next? Oh my and  closes his eyes when the shower hits his face and body

M: When will I meet her next? Oh my and closes his eyes when the shower hits his face and body...

He gets a call on his mobile.

Daadi ( Grandma): Hie Maan Beta

M: Hello Daadi

D: What happened? why you sound so dull?

M: Nothing Daadi...Just had a workout and shower...that's it.

She senses something very strange in his voice...

D: I had called Ajay. He told me...that you had taken a day off

M: Is Ajay ki tho main...daadima ka chamcha...smiley7 (This Ajay..I must take a lesson of him.. Grandma's spoon!!!)

D: Then instead of feeling fresh, why you seem to be more tired today than the working days?

M: DAADI...Nothing like that...I am fine...

D: you have been avoiding me?

Maan takes a long sigh...why should I avoid you?

D: I have been telling you that we need to start with our India projects. I have accumulated a huge amount in the charity trust for so many years and with gods grace this trust is doing pretty well. Now we cannot allow it to just sleep. We need to do some school or hospital projects for poor.

M: Yes Daadi, but for that I have to stay in India for a long time. Then who will look after my European Business?

D: That's what I have been telling you to plan out. Also, involve Ajay into it na? Its high time he needs to join us into business.

M: What Daadi, he is just 21 still young.

D: Maan, you had started taking complete in charge of this business at the at of 18 and simultaneously completing your studies..I don't see even 1%of that spark in Jay. Please samjao usse. All the time he is with his friends and he somehow graduated last year and he never shown any interest in further studies.

D: Daadi...yahi to umar hain uski. dheere dheere seekjayega. (This is his age to enjoy. He will learn one by one)

D: Beta, I love you both equally and Ajay is still like my baby...but I don't agree when you pamper him too much. He needs to understand the value of money and time. Please quick start.

Maan is rolling his eyes...he is really fed up of hearing again and again with same list of advices...

D: Also, Its been more than a week, I have emailed you so many pictures of potential girls. Did you even open my email?

M: Daadi...pls, dont start again..

D: What do you mean? I am growing old day by day and I want to see you settle down in life before I close my eyes for ever.

M: This you have been blackmailing for the last 5-6 years.

D: Haan...I know, you dont care if I am alive or dead...

M: You know very well that its not true so stop blackmailing me

D: Challo...mera ek kaam kardo..Kal David ki shaadi you remember him? He is son of one of our business partners.

M: David...Yeah remember him.

D: Tomorrow is his wedding followed by reception. I would have made it if I had been in France at this point of time. Please go there on my behalf.

M ST: :I am already upset that Geet said no to meet tomorrow..and I have to attend this boring Reception now. What else I can do? Atleast keep my mind busy.

M: OK...I will make it.

D: Arre wah...I expected a usual NO from you...I am surprised. She taunts him

M: DAADI...pls tokna band karo... (Please do not taunt me) I will go for the reception...but I dont know anyone.

D: Dont worry. I will message David's dad about it. And will mail you the venue and other details. Check my mail at least now.

M: OK smiley24

D: Challo...bye.

M: Bye Daadi.

Precap: Rabecca-David Wedding smiley2

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Posted: 4 years ago
Aww beautiful update dii Clap
Maaneet are so lost thinking about eachother and their morning encounter Wink
Geet is really very caring yaar that she notices small nuances and change of behaviour of her dear one's.
Must say geet has great rapo with everyone with whom she is associated.
Lol jannet is too much teased the hell out of geet LOL
Dadi and her usual ranting about maan's marriage. Its so good to see this.
Don't worry dadi apki tension door karne wali agayi hai Wink
Aha so maaneet may meet again in ribecca and david's wedding Big smile
Looking forward for the next part Smile
Continue soon...
Posted: 4 years ago
Yippee! I am the first one to comment Big smile
Posted: 4 years ago
superb update
both maan n geet missing each other
Posted: 4 years ago
Beautiful update
Geet's meeting went well
Geet too good thinking about maan
Maan ka haal behaal Big smile
Ab dono reception mein milengeDay Dreaming
Posted: 4 years ago
New story.. very good start.. loved how Geet is innocent and good.
Maan is not angry young man. Mostly overloaded..
Posted: 4 years ago
Awesome Chapter

What has happened with Ria ?
Geet continuously thinking about Maan while he too trying hard to get her images out of his mind
but alas he thinks about her too and he is annoyed as he cannot meet her the next but now he has to attend a wedding reception well if he does go he will surely meet Geet there
Daadi wanting Maan to choose a girl but seems like he is not interested at this stage about other girls 
Posted: 4 years ago
magnificent update! superbly written! Love Janet! she is bubbly n always teases Geet! Geet's senior impressed by her! Geet tells Janet abt Maan! Geet shares a lovely bond with her Rabecca n Ria! Geet worried abt Ria! Maaneet cannot stop thinking abt each other! dadi calls n speaks 2 Maan abt his marriage n Ajay! Seems like Maan pampers Ajay 2 much! Maan uninterested in marriage! Maan sad he is unable 2 meet Geet as he  has 2 attend the reception! so Maaneet will defn meet! update soon Edited by khwaishfan - 4 years ago

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