Sravana Bahulashtami...Krishna's birthday OS

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.Sravana Bahula Ashtami  

the day Krishna incarnated on this earth. The day Vasudev and Devaki heaved a sigh of relief.The saviour had arrived to protect them from the tyrant Kans. And their wait culminated in happiness. Not only Kans but  Krishna killed many demons and made the whole Aryavarth bow before him with regard. 

Vasudeva sutam devam kamsa chanura mardanam.
Devaki paramanandam Krishnam Vande Jagad gurum.

Now his birthday is celebrated by his cousins at Indra Prasth the city of Dreams. The first Arti was done  by Rukmini,Satya Draupadi and Subhadra.Vasudev and Devaki specially came for the occasion.

 Kunti is overcome with joy.' Kanha I am immensely pleased to celebrate Your birth day here. I consider myself the luckiest."She expressed her joy. 

A beautiful song is rendered on that occasion by Jayanti the courtesan's daughter who is a great devotee of Krishna.'

 Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram,Nayanam Madhuram,Gamanam Madhuram,Madhuradhipate rakhilam Madhuram. 

O Lord,your face is beautiful,Your lips are sweet,Your Gait is beautiful Your eyes are beautiful. Every thing about you is sweet..  The song captivated every one due to the melody and devotion in singer's voice.

.Rukmini looked at her Lord with devotional love. Krishna smiled at her and graced her the most coveted place in his heart. Only they two know how close they are. Their souls are inseparable.

Satya's lovelorn expression was met with equally droolworthy eye lock by her Lord.that made her forget herself and pine for more such cosy expressions. 

Arjun observed Satya and taunted.' Satya Devi don't forget we are all waiting to greet him.Enough of your besotted eye locks. Madhav ! enough for the day." He admonished Krishna. 

Satya sulked and every one laughed.Yufhidhtir approached Krishna folded his hands and offered  Krishna fine silk garments and ornaments. Krishna touched his feet.' I am like Parth to you. Don't fold hands" Krishna told  him.

Bheema approached him and offered him specially made with butter ,milk sweets. ' You know Kanha Panchali and me struggled for two days in the Kitchen to make these with perfection. I challenge no one can make them as tasty and sweet. Taste it." Bheema threw the sweet into Krishna's mouth and waited for applause.

 Krishna swallowed it and sideglanced at Draupadi.' It is too nice Bhrata Bheem. I could sense my Sakhi's immense love for me in this. " Every one looked at Panchali.who is highly elated

 Satya 'asked Kunti.  Bua what will your Arjun give Swami? Ask him to give it before us." She demanded.

Arjun retorted with attitude.' Listen Satya, my present is invaluable not like your present. By the way what did you give? Diamond haar? You know he and me care very little for such things.See Rukmini Didi's present how cute it is. She gave a tiny box to keep his flute.So nice of her."

 Ktishna hurriedly covered up seeing the change of colours in Satya's face. ' no Parth. I liked Satya's haar so much I swear I won't remove it ever." He assured her. 

Satya felt great as the haar she specially made for him shines on his heart. It won't be removed ever. 

Rukmini placed his flute in the tiny box and touched it with her hands. After he left Brindavan Krishna never plays his flute. She heard that his original flute was left with Radha in Brindavan and the present one was sent by Yasoda maa to him when Balaram went to visit them.

Rukmini wondered." Will she be able to hear his Devine flute ever? " she never revealed  her wish to him. 

Krishna suddenly looked at her and smiled. 

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Subhadra. Came with Abhi and offered Krishna very nice bracelet with nine gems. Krishna wore it on his right hand and showed it to every one. It is too good.

Satya commented. Where did you got it made? She asked curiously.

Subhadra looked at Arjun who feigned ignorance.Then she stated proudly. He brought it when he conquered  Hiranyapur. Then itself I decided that it is made for Bhrata only."

 Abhi stammered in his cute voice.' Mama, when you kill some one with Sudarsan it will shine so brightly."

 Krishna smiled and pulled him up.' Subhadra !you need to give me a present? You already gave me my most cherished present and here it is. Parth's true successor. The flag bearer of Kurus.He will become immortal by his valour. Aryavarth will flourish with his lineage."

 Arjun had a confused expression on his face.Why will Abhi's lineage continue? Prativindhya is the successor of Indraprasth. 

Kunti also had the same doubt lingering in her throat and she questioned.' Kanha,but Prativindhya is the successor...Draupadi  eagerly waited what would be his answer.

 Krishna laughed and brushed off his own statement.' Bua don't take my words seriously. You know my obsession for Parth.When it comes to his children I will forget what I am saying." 

Satya supported her husband.' Don't take him seriously. Bua he likes to throw people into confusion.What he said he didn't mean it I think." 

Subhadra agreed.' Bhrata has this habit of speaking in riddles.Anyway let us proceed with the presentations.Abhi ask your Jyesht Mata what did she keep ready for your Mama."

 Panchali just looked at Krishna with admiration and devotion. What could she offer him when he is the one who possesses everything? The whole universe functions under his power.What present is suitable to him anyway? He is beyond ornaments and valuables. He doesn't need to wear them for beautification.They need to be on him to make themselves worthy of themselves.

Satya took Panchali's side and demanded.' Let Panchali's husband give the present first.Then she will give."
 Kunti had a grim expression on her face.Which husband she says She has five husbands." 

Satya shouted again.' Arjun, I am talking about you only.Where is your present ? Swami ask your Parth.not to fool me by his tricks.We all are waiting here."

 Arjun turned back went out and returned in a split second.He has a very beautiful More Pankh in his hand.Every one is looking amazed.

Krishna stood with his charming smile

.Parth where did you get it? It is so beautiful." He expressed his pleasure.

 Arjun approached him,removed the previous one and fixed the new one perfectly.The More Pankh is so colourful and full it really looked hundred times better than the other one.

 Abhi loved it and jumped. He asked Arjun.' Pitasri I also want to get one. Where is the peacock?" 

Arjun lifted him into his hands and explained.' Morning when I am practicing archery a beautiful peacock came there and danced to the drizzle that happened. I sang a song praising its dance and it danced around. Then this More Pankh fell down and I brought it for your Mama.Now whose present is better than mine? "

Arjun  winked at Satya who pouted.' Arjun,it is really hard to understand your reality. Who are you? The super Archer? Great musician? Nature worshipper?" 

Arjun prevented her from saying more.' Satya enough of me. Now leave Madhav for now. We will go to army camp and return "

 The two friends walked towards Yamuna after finishing their work at army camp.

Arjun asked curiously." How do you like Rukmini Didi's present? Isn't it cute? Her thought itself is wonderful. She thought of your flute instead of you while choosing her gift. Why?"

Krishna smiled. He knew Rukmini's ardent desire. Ever since he left Radha he did not play his flute. He never felt like..."
 Arjun interrupted with his question." Thinking of Radha?"

Krishna looked at him endearingly . What is strange if his Parth could sense his thoughts? They are one soul in two bodies.

To be continued.


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