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Posted: 4 years ago
Nisha subah subah ek update deke kahan gayab ho ???
Waiting for new thread!!!
Posted: 4 years ago
The way the graceful emails between the graceful old pop and his friend Trisha shanbag have been segued in to the plot's story , it's story telling is very charming. These emails are great leads to keep you hooked to the progression and is woven as a natural extension to the plot. The last lines one night in her husband's arms and she is content to being Trisha dropping her maiden name blew me away. That it did not escape
her friend's observant eyes just blew me away. It's very telling ... every married woman whether she legally goes thro this transition or not, she definitely goes thro this transition mentally and with that mental transition begins the acceptance of her being married. The old pop caught that change and is so pleased about it.

I think even Aanu... he might not be very expressive but he does have a lot of grace as well . The father wants stability in his daughter's life hoping that this boy doesn't drop her after taking his fill and the 'boy'
for his part is yearning for acceptance from a man he wronged.

Ashvin is giving easy access to his sister to record him for her Insta feed LOL
Posted: 4 years ago
In India, my network is so bad. Can't even click like !
Posted: 4 years ago
Polite Loathing

The two days at Ullal were exactly that to Ashvin, experiencing Mr Shanbag's indifference. He was almost servile, he got the best table at dinner 2nd and 3rd night
He got the first cup of coffee every morning, and he got the best serving of whole pomfret fry, the head
Trisha was eager to please, she made sure his water bottle was always chilled, she whispered instructions to Manjunath about how he liked his rice

She refused to let him do any dishes at night, always staying back to clean up and lock up with Rao Anna

The 3rd night when Leela chose to stay home and chat with friends he walked back with Mr Shanbag

they dodged families huddled around tiny makeshift bonfires, he tossed back cheap plastic beach balls back to the kids, and smiled and declined cotton candy and fried peanuts
the scents were tantalizing even to his full stomach

"I have told her to come whenever she can" he began the conversation

Prakash looked at him blandly

"i dont speak any Konkani" he said nervously

"I know English" Prakash nodded

"I know the circumstances were not the best" he mumbled tucking his hands into his pockets

His Sperry making a delicious crunching sound as his feet sank into it

"Trisha wanted to help you" he said

Shanbag looked at him like "Now you are going to tell me about my daughter?"

"I love having her with me.. Unc" he stopped

Prakash almost looked like he was holding his breath

"I know my actions have caused tremendous pain and suffering" he said softly

A  bhel wala rang his bell wildly as if approving Ashvin's confession

"I dont think Paresh would have left, I am also responsible for a friend I lost later" he said

Prakash groaned

He had no idea that had happened

His connection with Narangs and Mehras and Puris had ended when they were bailed out the morning after

"I have to live with that knowledge and guilt" Ashvin said fighting a lump

"I also lost my Dad" he said

Hoping for a compassionate sigh, or even a pat on the back or a little squeeze

It never came

"He wanted me to become a lawyer like him. I dropped out of law school. Never went back"

"Uhh" Prakash made the first sound of acknowledgement

"I stumbled upon Trisha, I didnt plan any of this... Unc" he stopped again

Prakash steered him away from the ocean towards the sand

The sand was soaking, their footprints would be there for everyone to see.
Until the next wave wiped it out...

the sounds of the seas soothing and ominous all at the same time

"I dont even know what I should do to earn your trust" he continued

"You... umm.. u are a guest" "U dont have to do ... umm..trouble yourself" Prakash said firmly

"i have to feel good about this Uncle" Ashvin pleaded

Prakash literally froze, he was reminded of Jayadev's "Anna"

He could never warm up to the word "Uncle" he decided

It was too  urban... too slick

"I can try and locate Sanchet" he offered

Prakash's eyes filled up with angry tears
He looked at Ashvin horrified

"How could you even do that? U have no idea what u are talking about" look on his face

"i want to do something" Ashvin insisted

"Trishu" Prakash said fondly

ashvin's heart skipped a beat

"Trishu.. is very innocent. She does not know anything. She thinks everyone is like her Aanu. She trusts anyone that is nice. does not understand trick"

He spoke fluently now
As if he was eager to tell Ashvin his precious daughter is naive

"i know... I know that... I am not going to hurt her"

"This marriage is for hurt" Prakash lashed out sharply, implying Ashvin married her to punish her

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Posted: 4 years ago
And the important confrontation is about to take place hopefully...
Posted: 4 years ago
I don't know where it is going but this conversation is necessary
Posted: 4 years ago
Indeed necessary Sonal.
Let's see if ever Annu will forgive Ashwin.

Hope he does when he sees Trisha come with her kids in tow and wanting to head back to Ashwin as soon as she can inspite of being married for 10 years and more. 

Ashwin should be forgiven irrespective of whatever he had done in his past. It takes great courage to seek forgiveness, reach out someone whom you have wronged and knowing well how much they detest you.

Applause for Ashwin.

Nisha it amazing to read your stories.

Was rereading SoSy and ID. The way you write is captivating. You want to go on reading.  
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by jaschick

In India, my network is so bad. Can't even click like !

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