See you on another wave -2 - Page 130

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Posted: 4 years ago
Sorry you guys I worked pretty much all night last night
No break... I am finally done with the big work deadline
Off to write the next chapter
Posted: 4 years ago
Thanks Nisha. We missed u n Our beloved AshTri. Waiting 4 d next update
Posted: 4 years ago
Hey Vani! Sent u a PM. Pl do tk a look
Posted: 4 years ago

"dont say that beta. Let him stay here" Mandira urged a smiling Sharanbir admonishing her daughter

"Well he never comes over to Delhi to stay with US" Leela mumbled

"I am here... you stay here too"

"Well I am trying to sign up for a nutrition, wellness course in  Madrid... if u stay here how will I see you?"

"Dont sign up" Sharanbir said

Trisha smiled at the banter

"Sign up for something at BU" he urged

"DADU I HATE studying... I am done with graduation... thats enough for me... I am going to this wellness spa thing"

"So it is a spa" Sharanbir busted her shrewdly

"Papaji" Mandira was not very happy her daughter was being questioned in front of her son's... wife? GF?

"Let her go if she wants to... I bet Spain would love having her" Ashvin mocked

"EVERYONE loves having me except YOU" leela was hurt

He reached and tapped her head with a unused fork

"Dont touch me" she shrieked

He did it again



"Leela" Ashvin hollered


"Koramangla chal puttar" Sharanbir coaxed his grand daughter

"U know what happened last time" Leela was sad

"Umm" Mandira shushed her

"Woh waha se chala gaya beta" Sharanbir urged her

"She began dating a guy in that building" Ashvin explained to Trisha

"HE WANTED TO DATE ME. Get ur facts straight genius" Leela explained

"Whatever... she dated him and broke up" Ashvin said quietly

"Well... you married and broke up"

"Well... thats true" Ashvin grinned

"Trisha... u are not eating much" mandira focused on her now

"I ate one big one" she said

"Ms Shanbag you must be used to Konkani breakfast" he smiled

"Eggs" Trisha laughed

"That is what the whole country eats Dadu... except YOU. You want old fashioned paranthas" Leela teased waving her fork... chewing

"I am an old man" 

"Except for the cane... you seem pretty fit to me" Leela smiled

"Well thanks... I am trying to ditch the cane"

"If u do I can introduce you to Naina's nani" Leela smiled mischievously

"She will not date a man with a stick"

Trisha laughed heartily

"U find me funny?" he asked

Trisha nodded eagerly

"He is just trying to impress you... he is not usually funny" Ashvin said impolitely

"ashvinnn" Mandira scolded

"Let him be... I appreciate honesty... he knows that" Sharanbir nodded appreciatively

"And a good argument" Leela chimed in

"yes... like Vishwas" Sharanbir hung his head eating quietly

"U can stay here for however long" Mandira said happily

She had some good news to take back for her co sisters in law about the "health of the grandfather grandson relationship"

They were never mean to her
They never mocked her, they never tried to victimize her with negative Instagram comments

They never judged her fiesty efforts to solve all of Ashvin's problems

They were actually her friends

But secretly Mandira wanted "something to show" some progress

"He could... I have to attend a trade show so it will work out great" Ashvin said firmly

"No betaaa... move it" Mandira was trying  hard to push a rock up the hill only to have it roll back and crush her

"umm.. I dont think so"

"Let him go Mandira... he seems interested in working now"

 She wanted resolution, no matter what Ashvin thot of her
she wasnt dwelling on it for as long as it gives her relevance.   That is self destructive and petty. 

"really Dadu? Thats cheap and a pot shot" Ashvin was furious

"whatt? U know u hate the business ur mind is far far away from Cuisine Craft on an average day"

"How would you come to that conclusion?"

"I can tell based on the numbers"

Maybe I should have let the operating profit slide down to the red"

"U wont do that... even to spite me " Sharanbir said

For a brief moment Sharanbir saw Vishwas's sparkle in his grandson's eyes

Ashvin felt a moment of compassion.. his grandpa was attracting him like a fat kid to a cotton candy stand
It was like before... before his was wasted on drugs and/or booze

He had found true resolution... in finding Trisha... he had been able to admit f**king up  not only in marrying her but also in moving on

He didnt know if such a things as true resolution existed in his relationship with Dadu

"U can go and come back when he comes back" Trisha said politely

"You really want me to be here when he is here?" Sharanbir's eyes shone with pride... Trisha was not seeing what Ashvin was seeing
She was seeing a lonely old man that needed his family

Trisha nodded calmly

Posted: 4 years ago
yes happy navaratri to all
This is the best time of year in India
Posted: 4 years ago
Family time banter...arguments and hope...laughter and has it all thank you Nisha.
A very happy Navrathri to you too.
Posted: 4 years ago
For Dadu to bring back the sparkle in his Ashvin's eye...albeit it a warring one for the present. He has gauged the extent to which his grandson is involved in Trisha and will go to hell and back to bring them least for his son Vishwas' memory's sake...

And Mandira will go to hell and back to bring resolution for her darling beta and the crores she thinks he might be cheated of, due to the warring status between Dadu and him. Little is she able to realise that the love has gone nowhere from dadu's side, but Ashvin is being pushed in the direction required, though sometimes shoved !!
Resolution for Ashvin in accepting that Trisha is the path he has been looking for to stabilise all that has happened. And he too would walk on hot coals, at this stage to hold on ! dadu has finally become a second priority in his life to please !!

And Trisha is the common factor in all of the above..she will resolve the angst, the sorrow, the distance and be the catalyst to finally bring everyone together !
Edited by VeeIyer - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Thank you Nisha for a nice family update. They surely seem to be moving forward. 
I thought Navratri was keeping you away.

Happy Navratri to everyone. 

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