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Posted: 4 years ago
As for Trisha, she has a bunch of things that she needs to hash out once she is out of this temp situation.

* Her relationship with Ashvin (which has a good step forward) ... short term and long term !
* Her education- is she going to complete her PhD
* Her Job/finance - it will be interesting to see if she accepts any monetary help for Ashvin. Or is she another II ?
* Her dad status - she sacrificed everything for her dad. What now ? She can't just walk out !
* Her relationship with rest of the Narangs (especially Mama)

Waiting for you to unfold her married life Nisha !
Thank u for the wonderful tale !Edited by jaschick - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Energy we derive by being in the midst of energised people. Sometimes testing times bring out the best in us and helps us cope. The isolation has had its effects on A and having to keep her mom off her back seems to have added a dimension to Leela. 
Finer details unfold. The siblings adore and rule each other and we have seen A speak up for his sister to Mama and Dadu. The name he chose for his lil sister, the banter and squabbles are so adorable. 
There is an exhuberance that Leela brings in and maybe the Suthradhar of the indranagar Saga Mr Narang wanted just that. He wants more people to meet T and wants A and his wife to claim each other as theirs 

Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Kjolovesbabies

Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Hey Kajal,
Hope you you doing great.
Have fun in whatever you are doing.

Hey pritee, I'm good and how are you??

Yep you know the perks of being a lawyer, so yes I'm having fun

Awesome Kajal.
Good Luck.
I am good. Edited by PriteeMisra - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
A cat, a wife and a sister

Mandira did not show up... atleast until Trisha was awake.
Leela was noisy and chatty and boisterous, she jumped from couch to couch after she believed MJ didnt have "clean paws" after he followed Trisha into the bathroom
She giggled and spoke loudly chewed loudly and ate a giant bowl of chips with her earbuds on, sitting on the couch and rocking

Trisha made rice for dinner along with potato and cooked the dal as best as she could

Which was in her opinion only a 5 on 10

"You will eat?" she asked Leela politely

"Can we go out to eat? I mean I am a guest and all"

Trisha giggled

"A sister cant be guest"

"BATAO BATAO INKO... ARE U LISTENING? I am not a guest... i am not a guest" she sang the last part

Ashvin plugged his ears

"Lee.. shhh"

"SHE JUST SAID IT!!" leela pointed to Trisha and did an encore gesture

"U wantt o eat?"

"NO... NOT THAT PART.. that other part"

"sister is not guest?" Trisha smiled


"whatever" Ashvin shrugged shaking his head, there was a cat, a wife and a sister now

"Why?" Trisha asked confused

"BEEE CUZZZ whenever I come here he kicks me out in a week saying I am a guest" Leela smiled gleefully

"thats because you are a slob.. you drove two cooks away and fought with a neighbor over elevator etiquette" Ashvin said breathlessly

Trisha watched in wonderment

"I AM NOT A SLOB... Tri... (she had her own nickname for Trisha now.. ofcouse she had met her two hours ago so it was 
justified) I accidentally left some orange peel and the white stringy thing on... that... no that.. end table. I also left my half bottle of beer one night thats IT"

Trisha nodded sincerely
"meowww" scowled MJ as he ran into Ashvin 
he picked up the cat for the 4th time setting it a room far far away

"the cooks were TAY REEBUL" "They made me hate eggs and baingan... I can hate HIM but can never hate baingan" she explained

Trisha started to chuckle

"Oh yeah.. hate away"  Ashvin typed furiously on his laptop on a comfy lounger by the giant tall windows

"AND OH the lady in the elevator...  SHE SPIT DUDE... SHE SPIT" Leela was losing support steam  "hellooo"

"Thats awful" Trisha said primly

"SEEE SEEE I LOVE HERRR" She jumped off the couch forgetting the cat with dirty paws walked on it and hugged a  surprised Trisha

"I am happy to hear that" Ashvin grinned looking at the display

They ate arguing over who won how many games of tennis last year, 
"Do u fight with your brothers?" Ashvin asked gently

"Umm.. they treat me like kid only" she said

"HOW NICE... hamare yahan I AM THE ADULT" Leela said primly

Ashvin broke into a noisy laugh "Shore", 

"I am telling you... I am the most mature"

"So said the one who still needs her roti torn up" Ashvin scoffed

"ONLY on days when I get a pedicure you goatt!!"

"I forgot... u eat with your toes" he nodded suppressing the laughter

"You are very mean" Trisha scolded him

"I MEANT MANICURE... I meant manicure" Leela shrieked

"Too late" Ashvin cracked up.

"NOW do u get it? Why I said sorry to you?" Leela switched opponents

Trisha nodded kindly

"If we are EVER goingt o win against him we need to plan" she said with a mouthful of food

Posted: 4 years ago
Actually Leela don't need a plan she can just attack. 
When in the history did brothers win against a sister especially not sure against Leela. 

Hmm me and Ashvin would form a formidable team to win but their final weapon is tooo potent I fear it. 
Posted: 4 years ago
A cat, a wife and a sister. Next chapter should be a cat, a wife , a sister and a not so welcome daadu LOL . Leela may say dat she is the most mature but she still seems to be baby. And as said earlier she does get along with a Trisha like a house on fire. Mama Narang may not like dis but it's high time dat she accepts dat though Trisha may nt b d ideal gal for Ashwin acc to her standards But she is loved by one and all and the day doesn't seem far whe Trisha will weave her charm on her MIL too.Thank u Nisha for d update. Pl ek aur bhi de do before retiring 4 d night. Wink
Posted: 4 years ago
Trisha is meeting someone so different from herself but in a good way. And Lee is like July 4th fireworks shattering the sky LOL . She's not able to sit still, jumps, darts, fidgets, dances ... she just like a spring.
But Lee is on the lookout for someone who would take her seriously , gets super excited when she gets affirmation. Yes a cat, a sister, a wife and a mom... btw where is the mom... missing since dadu's house lunch...

Trisha cooked LOL
Posted: 4 years ago
Thank you Nisha.
Ashwin might be really Happy. Its seems he too can have normal life.

A sister who doesn't sit at place for more than few minutes and is always ready to give back.

A wife who now is cooking evening meal for him and his sister. 

A cat who he doesn't want but is putting u[p coz of wife. 

A mother who is gayab coz of her DIL and FIL. 

Ashwin might be the happiest to know that Leela liked Trisha. 

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