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Posted: 4 years ago
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Posted: 4 years ago
Never say never...

Trisha had moved to another bedroom for the night, leaving no bedroom unoccupied for the first time in the apartment
Morning dawned with an early visitor

Ashvin had answered the door to find a grunting DADU at the front door

Ashvin was savoring his chai replaying some moments of the previous night after he asked Trisha what she thought of him

"I already told you" was her answer

"About what?" he asked sitting down by her pretending to be innocent

"I left because I couldnt bear to be with you" she said softly lowering her gaze

"You are back because you thought I am hurt"

She nodded

"I am thrilled you came back. I didnt have any way to convince your Dad Trisha! There is a lot of bitter history with him" he said softly

"I dont want to be like this no" she was almost teary eyed

"You wanted a big wedding?"

She hadnt even thought about that honestly

She had wanted her Aanu to be happy about her

she had never imagined a movie like big wedding

Especially not like the wedding in the pictures Leela had shared last night

"I have never seen such a big wedding" she waved towards a sleeping Leela

"Its a waste of time" he said firmly

"You will have like that only?" she asked

"Yes... I would have" he cringed

"Your mother will want no?" she asked earnestly

"there has been a lot of things she had wanted Trish... she wants Dad to be around... 
she wanted me to complete law school, she wanted Leela to marry some wealthy heir"

Trisha's heart ached for Mandira

"she loves you all" she said softly

"We love her too... (hanging his head in sadness) Leela is the wild child... I WAS one" he said quietly

"So much happened everywhere..." Trisha sighed

"Yes... thats why your Dad can never forgive me and mine will never come back" he said

She reached and touched his limp hand

He grabbed it quickly, squeezing it many times, and then softly stroking the palm

"I need to kiss you lets get out of here" he chuckled through a lump in his throat

"I am goingt o wake Leela" she said mischievously

"For once I want to kiss you with no interuption, cat or catty sister" he heaved.. almost yanking her off the bed

He walked her to the other end of the corridor, turned on the lights in the room, also in aqua and white

Shut the door and kissed her senseless.. for as long as he could without losing his mind

"So the answer I take it is a yes?" he asked on her moist swollen lips

"Ashwinn" she sighed

"Thats probably a yes then" he said leaving her alone

"Didnt you once tell me you will never step into a house I live in?" Ashvin was still stinging from that promise

"Like they say... never say never" Sharanbir walked in

"Did u have a breakfast appointment or something?" he asked his Dadu

"Umm.. I dont... but I could"

"Well... u cant have had it with me... I am late for work.. Mom is asleep and Lee as you know wont wake up until Noon" 
he said before Sharan could make himself comfy on the couch

Which he did much to Ashvin's chagrin

"What happened to Ms Shanbag, did you chase her off?"

Ashvin was not amused

"What if I did?" he challenged

Ashvin sipped his chai slowly

"Well if you did then I can go pluck her up and take her to Delhi so she can meet Rachit's parents" Sharanbir said calmly

"Are you f- umm.. deliberately yanking my chain here?" Ashvin was not happy

"I am not... I have 4 dogs... i have enough chain" Sharanbir scoffed

"Let me screw up my life... I dont need you to butt in"

"Oh I know you are doing quite fine in that department"

"I craved for your attention for almost 10 years never got it... nope... never. Now all of a sudden you cant seem to leave me alone"

"I am not interested in you"

"then WHO?"

Mandira wandered out groggily

Her face lit up instantly

"Papaji? YOU?" "Ashvin did u offer him chai?" she smiled

Ashvin left them alone after glaring at Dadu one last time

"Where is Ms Shanbag?" he asked his DIL

"Yahin honi chahiye" Mandira sounded confident

"In Ashvin's room?"

Mandira couldnt answer that

"Ashvinnn" she hollered

He didnt show

Mandira made chai as Dadu stood in the kitchen

She started grating cauliflowers for paranthas

A recipe his wife had handed down to Mandira 30 years ago

"Where is Leela puttar?" he asked warmly

"Soyi hai..."

"Khush hai?" he asked

Mandira shrugged

Trisha came in and was shocked to see him

"Mr Nara" she stopped

"Ms Shanbag" he smiled warmly

"I was not expecting you" she smiled nervously, looking back..over her shoulder to check if Ashvin knew

"Oh he knows... he opened the door" Sharanbir said

"Do you want chai?" Mandira was polite

"No I can make coffee" Trisha mumbled "Can I make for u too?" she asked softly

The talk from the night playing in her mind

Mandira was surprised a bit

"The filtered way?" she asked kindly

Trisha nodded

"Sure" she nodded giving way

things were already looking up... Sharanbir concluded

Posted: 4 years ago
A mix of Dadu, Mandira Leela MJ and Chirag
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

A mix of Dadu, Mandira Leela MJ and Chirag

Is that whats coming up?
Posted: 4 years ago
Thank you Nisha,
I guess it would be nice to see them going steadily instead of rushing things and get married just for sake of society. 

He can gradually take her in his fold as its happening now. 

His mother and sister are aware that now Trisha is not going anywhere.

For a change Trisha did make a move towards Madira. For whatever reason but I guess its nice.
Posted: 4 years ago
You are spicing things up Nisha !!
We have all the players lined up in a row !! LOLLOL
Hope Dadu remains for a while and notes all the happenings in the apartment. And hope Ashvin gets insecure to leave Trisha behind with her best friend and remains at home bunking office !

Gobi parathas, spicy pickle, filter kaapi and mirchidaar talk between grandson and Dadu awaited ! Since the night is young, the chances of 'one more' is a high possibility Smile

A mix of Dadu, Mandira Leela MJ and Chirag...and this is what the author has promised EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

A mix of Dadu, Mandira Leela MJ and Chirag

Waiting Nisha Smile
Posted: 4 years ago
Dadu is so evil..
He is doing all the things to annoy Ashwin or he wants him to take a stand
He came to meet Trisha under the name of Leela and referring her as Ms shanbag then asking if she is in Ashwin's room and on top it telling Ashwin that he will take Trisha to meet Rachit's parents
Man he has got some guts

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