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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

That's the reason he is not good at Business I guess.
He might have always wanted to be lawyer himself. 

I am presuming he had to drop out coz of the incident and college removed him or something. 

Poor soul. On lighter note can he get the law degree vide correspondence. Link to places were he can do it from:   

We have our lawyers Pritee and Kajal who can coach him on Skype and by the time his wife is done with her doctorate, he can have his law degree I guess...
Good advice Pritee
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

That's the reason he is not good at Business I guess.
He might have always wanted to be lawyer himself. 

I am presuming he had to drop out coz of the incident and college removed him or something. 

Poor soul. On lighter note can he get the law degree vide correspondence. Link to places were he can do it from:   
Posted: 4 years ago
He said his father wanted him to become a lawyer and he could not complete it
And if it's like he also wanted the same and could not complete due to that incident due to known reasons then he should do it now
He had suffer enough till now...
Posted: 4 years ago
Siblings love to rile you up
Ruffle your feathers and test your nerves
From pests that follow with doting eyes
They evolve into friends and confidante 
Their words of care and caution
Their  excited encouragement prods to give a shot, to try our best
Like defenders of faith they step up
At times to risk their neck to see us smile
Leela and Ashvins love and care now extends to her as well
Shanbag siblings seem to have wandered apart
Distant and worried by the results of the brawl
Clueless they are of the contributer to the mess
The shadow fell deeply on the two that were left
Study overseas whether a ploy or a fact
Had changed the one that faced the test
A disappearing act was not his choice
It hurt and pained to see what the sister had brought
Her only way to help Aanu she guessed
It landed her in an unholy mess
 She in time will get back to her feet, 
The ancestral home will be bought for her to keep
Tidings of her brothers will give Aanu some peace
To chant his prayers and enjoy the company of Udupi Krishna and Rao Anna in peace
Posted: 4 years ago
Web sensation

Yes, Leela was noisy... but not as much as Ashvin had warned her.
Trisha could hear her walking back and forth from the living room to the kitchen and back many times

When she stepped out to make her coffee, she was getting ready to go out

She didnt ask any questions about why Trisha came out of a different room.
Though both girls exchanged a awkward gaze briefly

"i am going to go workout" Leela said sipping something greenish orange in a tall glass

"Oh thats why she must have run the blender for 20 minutes" Trisha assumed

"What are you drinking?" she asked 

"I make this crazy good potion... I dont call it smoothie" she said firmly

Trisha nodded amused

"Do you want some?" she asked innocently

"i like my coffee" Trisha responded grinning sheepishly

"I AM TELLING YOU. If you have a sip of this, you will NEVAH... I mean NEVAH go back to your coffee"

Trisha laughed silently

"You are very funny" she smiled

"Oh? why? because you are a konkani and so telling a konkani u will quit your coffee is like telling... umm.. my mother not to go to a spa?" Leela grinned ear to ear

Trisha laughed harder

"Your mother likes spas?"

"OH MY GODD" Leela shook her head

"That much she likes?"

she poured some out for Trisha

Trisha safely made her coffee...

"Do u want to go to Commercial street, you can show me where you buy your skirts, my mother told me you have pretty skirts"

"I just have some.." 

Ashvin came in...

"Hey kid" he said

"That makes u reallly olddd" she said smugly

He nodded

He took his glasses off and rubbed his eyes and wore them back again

"Did Mom get home when u were awake?"

"umm.. no.." Leela shrugged

"I need to tell her what lights out time is" he said sternly

"You are not the boss of her" leela said happily

"I am the boss of you" he said pulling her high ponytail

"Why dont you pull herss? She has a lil clump" Leela squealed, wincing in pain

Ashvin walked over to her and flicked her high pony tail

"Its not that much fun" Trisha mumbled

"Oh it is" he grinned and did it again

He made his tea.. Leela got a call she ran out of the kitchen to answer it

Mandira dodged a flying daughter and walked into the kitchen to ask her son "yeh kab aayi?"

"Last night" he hugged her, she held on inhaling his bent shoulder

"Dadu ko kaha?" Mandira asked eagerly

"why?" he was confused
"He wanted to see how chirpy she is na?"

"Umm.. no... u can take her to Koramangala" he said bluntly
Ashvin was gone now

"ashvin... dont be rude... Trisha, did u meet her?" Mandira was following protocol

"Yes thanks... did you have a nice evening?" she questioned

"Yes... I did... it was fabulous... such music" she sighed


"what is your hobby?" she asked Trisha

"Um... I dont know..cats.. collecting sea shells" she said honestly

"thats not a hobby" Mandira said dismissively

"reading journals... shopping" Trisha edited her answer

"No... no... not that either"  "i cannot imagine a life without hobbies" she said melodramatically

trisha's patience was thinning...

"I dont have any then" she said politely with a weak smile

"I can help you" Mandira said...

Trisha nodded and fled the kitchen

she opened the front door to retrieve the papers...

Ashwinnn" she squealed

Once... twice... thrice...

"whattt?" he showed up with his half mug of chai

"I cant get the papers" she said pointing to the stack on the floor

"WHY?" he asked from afar

Mandira peeked

"Hua kya?"

"dunno" he told her

"she is very dramatic" Mandira said conclusively

"Ashwinnn" Trisha urged him to come closer

"what happened?" Mandira was worried

Trisha had bolted the door and was leaning on it

"Open the door and tell me" he walked up to her

"I cant get the papers" she said

He pushed her to the side and opened it

The moment he bend down to retrieve it she screeched

"No... dont... dont touch it... it has a giant" she screeched

He paused and looked at her
"Trishaaa" he warned

"I am telling you" she panicked

He shut the door shaking his head and plonked it on the entry way table

The spiders crawled out of their temporary bedroom, from between the pages

"I TOLD YOU" she hissed stumbling back and hit the sofa

He finally "saw" the creepy crawlies

she jumped even though she was a good 10 feet away

"Ashwinnn dont kill it... dont kill it Ashwinn" she shouted when he picked up an old issue of a magazine and rolled it up

"what do u want me to do? Do u wnat to hold it?" he asked amused

"Nooo" she took his q literally and was horrified

"trisha let me kill it"

"No... dont... ashwinnn" she begged

"U hate it but u dont want me to kill it?" he asked patiently

"Yes... you can pick it up no... like that other day?" she reminded

He had to jog his memory about the lizard

The spiders were now charging in different directions

He grabbed one with the open mag, and then the other one, she watched with clenched teeth

The second they were both on it, one crawled down to where he was holding the book

She screeched again

"its going to bite you" she feared

"It is nottt... let me kill it then" he goaded her mischievously

"NOOO dont do that" she ordered

"Can u open the door for me?" he asked impishly

"No I cannot do that, what if it bites me" she said

He sniggered...

He opened the door and threw the magazine out and shut it

"did u lock it properly?" she demanded

"umm.. not sure" he said his eyes taking on a different look

"There is gap under the door" she said alarmed

"Thats bad" he nodded rejoicing and scoping her out at the same time

She was closer now, he prowled back towards her, her hands twisting together, her large smoky black eyes enlarging with confusion and regret.

And in a velvety soft voice he spoke on her lips " like the other day" Trish?" he said with a groan, bringing his mouth slowly down to part over hers, 
tossing them both into the buttery luxury of a luscious uninterrupted kiss, she stroked the back 
of his neck for the first time, he reacted with savage eroticism, stroking under her curves until she groaned audibly...

Posted: 4 years ago
Mandira peeked..."Hua kya?"..."she is very dramatic" Mandira said conclusively

Was Mandira a spectator to the spider eviction and the aftermath LOLLOL

If yes, await her reaction as she would now see Trisha respond to her son too. Till now it was Ashvin being on a whim which he might get out of, sooner than later !

And if no, she did not see what transpired, she had better get a pair of glasses too. The quicker she learns of the chemistry between the two, specially when her son is learning the geography of her DIL, the better for her Big smile
Posted: 4 years ago
I always love how ashvin is soo mischievous when it comes to Trisha...
Mandira are you trying to bond with Trisha by any chance???
Sigh!! Trisha thanks for being involved in the kiss now...
nisha moreee pleaseee
Posted: 4 years ago
Bangalore mein kitne insects hote hain
Kabhi lizard kabhi spiders but I m liking it


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