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          Part 23 -

      " They killed Neha ..." I couldn't believe Maan actually did what he said ...I lost control and start hitting him on chest ...

          " you bas***d could you kill my innocent friend ..she didn't do anything but because of you she lost her life ...what type of human are you ...oh how can I forget you are not a human you are a f**king ugly monster ..." I don't know what I'm saying I just want to hurt him badly ..because of him Neha is gone ...

               I was about to slap him on his face he hold my hand pulling me closer ..." Are you lost your mind ? ..for f**k sake calm down ..and listen to me Neha ..."

               i pushed him and come out from his grip .." no you listen to me are so mean can't see anything beyond your ego and power ...Neha was a threat for your position so you gotten her killed bloody murderer know what you just like that bas***d rapist John..."

               He was about to reach me but stop hearing my hateful words ..his face lost colour ...I understood there I hit the right spot... right now I was not thinking about anything other than avenge my friend's murdered.. i completely lost sense and keep saying where he will hurt most ...

            " I hate you Mr Maan Singh Khurana ..I hate the mere existing of you ..I hate when you touch me kiss me ..I regret every moment I spent with you ..I wish I never met you ...i hate you so much that if it possible I would erase every moment of us from my life ..."

               He said nothing other than looking at me painfully but that was giving me sadist pleasure... but suddenly he pushed me to wall and start kissing me angrily ...I tried to get free but no use ..." leave me what are you doing ?..."

                 but he was no where to listen ...may be I pushed him too much ..he tore my dress in one go ...I went numb Maan can't do that ...first time I'm scared thinking he can hurt me ..he tore my panty way ...pushing me harder toward wall ..holding my hand tightly ..I was in no position to fight him ..other than begging to him ...

                 " get of me ..." I screamed as he kissed me hard ..." Maan please don't... don't do this..." but he was not listening ...I closed my eyes shut as he positioned himself ...but suddenly he is gone ...I open my eyes and saw him away from me ..and looking at me sharply ...

             " This is called rape ... i m not John and if I want to do it I could have done in our first night. .no one was gonna stop me ..but I didn't ...because you are my wife and I respect you ..."

            I was shocked to say anything ..he start pacing like mad ..suddenly he picked up a vase and throw toward me " aah ..." I screamed in horror but it broke near my leg without hurting me ...

            He came closer putting his arm behind by head asked sternly..." you talking about trust right then tell me Geet when was the last time you trust me ? . saw something and accused me without even listening my side ...relationship doesn't work from one side it takes two ..I won't say I was perfect..but I wasn't grew up like you. I didn't understand anything about relationship but i learned from you ..I followed you just to make this work ..just to make you happy ...but what you did huh ...left me in middle..."

            I looked at his face it showing so much pain... don't know why but I want to touch him but hell scared to do anything.. a hot layer of tears fall from my eyes but Maan wiped it harshly by back of his hand ...

              " you are a coward who only know to run away and shedding tears saw Natasha kissing me right ..what you did ? huh you went to terrace to cry in your bloody fate... didn't dare to slap her forget slap didn't even say anything to her know Geet if I saw you doing something like that I would have killed that man right there ...what do you think why I didn't touch you after that incident ... its not like that I couldn't force myself on you ..and you couldn't even stop me if I did that ...but I didn't because i care about your feelings ..."

        yes Maan is right if he forced me I couldn't had power to stop him but he didn't... he never even try to touch me or seduce me to bed but over and over again try to make me understand...

               he touched my face to make me look at him I flinched scared ..." did it ever occur to you why i try to make your misunderstand clear ...I'm king of this familia why I need to justify anything to anyone but I did that to you because I wanted my wife's trust .. did you ever think why I bother to make myself clean ? where made men don't care about anything...of course you didn't think about anything other than hurting me at every point " ...

       he is saying true I never thought about anything ..I was only thinking about my pain my life and always hurting him more n more ...I became blind in my pain to think about anything ...

          he took step back and said slowly " I'm not perfect Geet but just for you I tried everything but may be it was not enough may be I should have tried hard ..."

             he looked at me for sometime then again come closer , this time I didn't flinch... he wiped my tears way kissing corner of my lips ..." even after you said so many things I can't hate you Geet I just can't ...I bloody... " he tried to say something but stop and gave a small kiss before pulled away ...

               he went to go but stop at door and said without turning ..." Neha is alive ..she is perfectly fine in her home ...Dev called me to say about John's body ...Their work is done ..they settled that matter ..." saying he left from there leaving me shocked ..ashamed at my action and words ...
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updated ..short part ..hey guys next month is my final exam so busy a little was not planning to update but again its long so I did a short one ...
don't worry this story will end soon may be 5 more parts ...
@ kkrian yes you were right ...
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Posted: 2017-04-21T06:12:15Z
Nice update 
Geet accuse Maan 
& that hurt him
But he clear his misunderstanding 
But he was really hurt 
Hope they both clear the misunderstanding 
Other-wise it may cause effect on their relationship
Thanks for PM
Update soon
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Posted: 2017-04-21T06:14:37Z
Nice update..
Waiting for next update..
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Posted: 2017-04-21T06:19:58Z
Maan loves Geet there is no doubt in that 
I liked that he told her he did not know anything about relations but learned from her but it also seems like he is in pain telling her he respects her wanted her to trust him but instead she kept her pain for herself she should have sorted Natasha out 
Now there is only one confusion why did Maan then dance with her when he took Geet with him .
Neha is still alive which is good 
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Posted: 2017-04-21T06:21:17Z
Awesome update
waiting for next update. .
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Posted: 2017-04-21T09:45:02Z
nice ud 
maan cleared hr every mu by telling hr wat he capable and y he not argue hr wen she accuse him every time and she regret wat she accused him 
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Posted: 2017-04-21T10:36:09Z
you guys lost interest seems hmm ..don't your fault I always update too late
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