Sanaya showered wid Gifts frm her fanz/2016 : I-F (Part-3 add @ P-05*)

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Sanaya showered wid Gifts frm her fanz : India-Forums


Written Update :

Reporter - Hi friends, today we will take you straight to Sanaya Irani who has been showered by loads of love  from her fans  in the form of gifts...

Sanaya -Hello!! This is Sanaya. I am sure you'll all know who I am & I am doing my gift segment , of course, after my birthday & I am exhausted from all the gifts I have got, but I am looking forward to it. I hope that some of you'll have listened to what I have said.

I am going to start my segment with a gift that I got... I think it went to a wrong address & I don't know what happened, but somehow, it reached me. I am really, really, really overwhelmed by this gift & by the gesture that you'll have done , because I keep saying it in all my interviews & finally it's coming true... I think, like, after 4 years of saying this.

So I am going to read out your names & read out what you'll have done & I am so happy that you'll have done this &  I feel very touched.

(Shows the card) 
This is the card & I know, by now you'll know who you'll are & what I am going to read out... Ok (reads)

Dear Sanaya, the Sanaya Fan group wishes you a great birthday, the first one after marriage... (to fans) Thank you so much... 

...I am going to read out your names... that's... ok, I can't pronounce the first name (reads & spells out) Guinea, (then reads) Jaya, Ash, Diya, Anisha, Sunera, Uma, Anita, Kripa, (to fans) thank you so so much. This was really, really overwhelming.

I just wish I could react, like, on the spot to this. But, I've been really overwhelmed,like all day, just thinking about this. I loved your other gifts too, guys, but, like I said, please don't... please don't spend money on me. I don't need it. I have everything, by God's grace. You'll could put in more money towards the cause & I would be really happy... so, but thank you. I truly loved them. They were wonderful gifts. Thank you so much...

(Picks up another gift) Ok, so this is from Priyanka Basera...

Ok, so I am going in for my next gift... wait, I am first going to read who this is from... there's a card here... oh so sweet... did you make this?? Whoever sent this... it's so pretty... thank you... ohhh, there is a lot written... so I... I... these people (I-F) will kill me if I sit & read the whole thing out. The segment will be over...

...But,I will read (reads) all the stuff is made by us & children we work with especially for you & Mohit... ( to fans) aww... so sweet...but ok, some day I will go... this is so sweet... thank you... you guys work with children & I would love to see... (opens the gift & reads) Happy birthday to you... (opens the gift) What is this?? What is this?? Oh... aww... oh so sweet. Ok, this is from someone else?? Then this was from who??  Means what did they send??

(Holds another card) Ok I have got  this from Mehreen... it's a birthday card , thank you & it says, may your birthday  & everyday be filled with warmth & sunshine & happiness & smiles... the sound of laughter, the feeling of love & sharing of good cheer. May you be blessed abundantly (how sweet, thank you so, so much)  Happy birthday- Mehreen. P S Sent you cards...  names written on the back... one for you, Barun, Daljeet, Akshay... please  give it to them... (to fans) which I will... (sees the cards) this is for me... this is, I guess for Barun... Daljeet... ok... I am just going to hand this over... I promise... to all of them... if they don't respond, it's not my fault. I promise I have given them the card. Ok, so I'll give your cards to them.

This is from (Reads) With all love & good wishes, big hug... Priyanka...

And she has sent some letter which I will read... (reads & then says) Ok, so sometimes people don't get it,but, ok, I get it. I get it, I understand... thank you so, so much. You said quite a bit... I won't even be able to say that much.

(She opens the gift & shows us) It says Love... for someone who does not express it much... that's Mohit & me... I am not looking very nice, Mohit looking very nice, as usual... (opens the card) Oh... oh..oh... how sweet is that... yeah, me looking quite nice in these pictures... this is so creative... ok, so maybe we don't have stuff in common... see, that's how bad I am... I can't even fold it back together... I can't even wrap a gift. I am so bad. I have to go to Mohit or my mother  & be like, please wrap it...

(Sees another pic of Mohit & her) aww so sweet... that's from our wedding. (another solo pic) that's from jhalak... not looking very nice... (flips the cards) oh..., you are really creative.  That's so sweet... now what did I do?? What did I do?? Ok, I am so sorry. I did something. (folds the card back successfully) If you have made this, hats off to you. If you have not, then, ok, good bye. Because this is really cute... really really cute & creative & I don't know how you did it, but it's really really sweet. Thank you. Thank you so much.

(Next card) Fans message... ok... so I am just going to read out the names because there is a lot to that's from, Radhika, Muskan, Suparna, Jessica, Deepshikha, Shreya, Rija, Charmee... oh, Charmee, yes, I know Charmee... thank you guys,I will take my time & I will read this, because there is a lot to read. So, I will read it for sure.

(Reads a Card) To Mohit Sehgal - Charmee... (to the reporter) Should I open it?? Ok, yeah, since now I am his wife, I am going to check stuff that comes for him.

(Sees the card) Aww, he is looking nice... (reads) Come back Mohit... (to fans)  Oh God, guys... he has not gone anywhere. He will be back... like, I feel really bad when people think Mohit has disappeared. I know he has not been onscreen for long.  But, really, if I think I am picky, Mohit is way pickier than me. But, hopefully, he will be back soon.

(Opens the card) And... Oh, there is so much stuff here. (reads) Your's Charmee... (to fans)  how sweet Charmee... I really hope & pray that Mohit is back onscreen really soon. I can't really answer it on his behalf, but, yeah, really, really sweet. I will send this over to Mohit.

(picks up the next card) Oh, that's me... (reads) Happy Birthday Sanaya Irani Sehgal...(haww, how sweet... reads)  Happy Birthday Sanaya... wish you get all the happiness & everything you deserve... may god bless you with health, wealth & success... (so sweet... thank you)  may you always have your loved ones around you & with you on your first birthday after your wedding... I wish you that may you & Mohit have a wonderful married life ahead of you... (I really hope so... thank you Charmee... that's really really sweet... thank you so much. )

(takes another gift & reads) And this is for Sanaya Irani Sehgal... (Light laugh) so weird... oh,someone has wrapped a sweet, I see... so, that's my trick, because I am so bad at wrapping, I make everything a sweet. You can make everything a sweet...

(Reads another card) For you & Mohit who have found happiness in each other...  I wish this brightens your entire life... (to fans) Aww,so sweet...thank you... it's a really sweet gift... I really thought it was poison... no hard feelings... but it's really, really cute... thank you.

(Reads another letter) Happy Birthday, Sanaya (to fans) Thank you very much... (reads) thank you for inspiring me, just being yourself... (to fans) oh, I inspire a lot of people... like... if my family were to hear that, they would be like (rolls her eyes) what has our daughter done right?? (reads) Love, Abhinaya Balan from Chennai, currently studying in Symbiosis, Pune.

(to fans) oh, good job!! Smart girl!!... (reads) 24 years, pronounced as ... Abhinaayaaa Balan... those are your gift item details of which are as follows... (to fans) as of now, I am opening this... (opens a box)  oh, I opened this, didn't I?? And it says, 'I am fabulous'... wow... I don't feel that way, but, if you say so... okkk...

How cute is this !! I mentioned this in a earlier gift segment also... I am a real sucker, if I can say this on India Forum... for pop-up cards... I still feel like a child & when something pops up, I am like 'oh, so cute!!'... & I used to really like pop up cards when I was a kid & the squeezey bottle, you know, these things were like... I loved them. So even now when I see it, I feel like  a child. So, thank you...thank you for that.

(picks up the next gift)  Is this a hammer, like, hit yourself on the head & die?? Ok, whoever this is has made it really hard for me... (reads the names) Kagokolai, Sadiykava, (**spellings may not be accurate, my apologies**)  Margarita (asks the reporter) Is that Margarita or am I just really craving one??

Ok... I am so sorry, I am really so sorry, I can't take the names of whoever this is. I am so, so sorry. I always like to take the names (holds the gift for us to see and asks the camera man) Can you just zoom in?? I don't know who this is...  & I can't read it properly, but... I'll just open it & hopefully something will be inside... shall I move it??

(opens the gift& to the fans) This is a map from where you are?? Like are you making my life so much harder ... first the name, now the map??

Ohhh, ok, so you are from Russia... I couldn't see it... I am so, so sorry... but, whoa... this is like...find me... catch me if you can... treasure hunt for me. That's awesome...

(reads the map) Ok... maybe... Ok, I think, if I am not mistaken, then what you guys have done is, this is where you all live... the map... & these are your names, the small, small places... I don't know. I am being really dumb & stupid about this, but I can't tell because I don't understand your language & I can't really tell if these are names or are these places, but, I see little hearts, so I am assuming you guys have done that in the sense that' I am here... I am here'... (asks the reporter) Am I right??

So that's really sweet & really creative... I wish I could read out all these names but it is going to be a really funny show if I start to. So, thank you everybody from Russia, all of you lovely people down there, whose names I can't pronounce & who sent me this lovely map... thank you so much...

OMG, this is so sweet... (Reads another card) Greetings from Russia. (to fans) I am so sorry guys, I hate doing this, but, your frame broke.You'll made like a really sweet frame, but,  this 5th anniversary for Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, thank you so much... I promise you that I will re-frame this & I will make it look much better.  But thank you for the gesture. It's so, so sweet & all of us are in there.

OMG... aww look... OMG...(the pic of the goat, Laxmi LOL) oh, she died, so sad... ok, all of us... OMG, look at how Akshay is looking!!  God, this is... this is so cute... this is like literally each one of us... Sana... OMG...

Thank you, thank you so much. This is really cute. So sorry your frame broke  in transit, but I will  get it re-framed. It is  really really sweet. Thank you.

Reporter - Hope you all are happy that your token of love has been delivered safely to your  favorite Sanaya Irani.

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ThanksSmile Joseph Star
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Thanks jo . That's a lot of work !
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thx a lot for this update joseph.its much needed for me.thx
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Originally posted by nissa1970

ThanksSmile Joseph Star

Welcome Nissa !! Glad to see,Its your 1st comment on I-F. Smile
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Originally posted by Guinea

Thanks jo . That's a lot of work !

Welcome Guinea ! Its good time pass too because,this long vacation is really boring. LOL
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Joseph!! Thank you sooo much for the splendid WU as always Hug Loved seeing my name in your written updateTongue and San taking it of course :'D 
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Thanks Joseph! 
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