#2| TaaRey Drabble : The Bad Boy's Broken Girl

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Chapter 13

She lost her first kiss. She lost her first kiss to the frigging bad boy of the college and her bully..ex-bully but still, he was her bully. As much as she hated being close to him, she also knew she is liking the feeling of being close to him. He makes her smile. He makes her feel good and its not good. She shouldn't feel this way about him. He is her enemy for crying out loud.

"God! My life is such a mess." She cursed under her breath and buried her face in her palms.

"Miss. shekhawat, concentrate on the lecture." Came a stern voice from the teacher. 

"Do hell with your lecture, woman." Being annoyed and sad over the happenings of her life, she snapped at the teacher even though she didn't wanted to. She lifted her head and looked around only to found all the students looking at her with open mouth.

"Detention after the lecture, miss. shekhawat." The teacher spoke angrily, causing her to groan mentally at the new problem.

It was first time she has gotten detention and she hated it.

"Damn you singhania!" She glared at Rey who was seated two desks ahead of her and looking at her with wide eyes. Probably surprised seeing 'miss-goody-two-shoes' behaving like a bad.


"Girl, you should stay away from the bad boy Rey. Dazzlers were talking about how you both are always together. You might land up in trouble if you didn't stay away from him." Alina, who was very well aware of her best friend's closeness with rey, told her.

"Its nothing like that." Taani dismissed.

"Bye, girl. I have detention." Taani waved goodbye to her and walked inside the detention room, She gasped when she found him. Rey singhania.

"Dude! What are you doing here?" Taani walked over the desk and took a seat beside him.

"I got detention." Rey answered plainly, she gasped in shock and look at him.


"Why are you so shocked? Its not something new to me." Rey shrugged his shoulders casually. Before taani could say anything, dazzlers barged inside the detention room.

"Rey! Why did you intentionally got yourself detention?" An enraged kriya questioned him where as Rey shrugged in response, taani was surprised to know about the new found information.

"Kri, stop making a big issue out of it."

"Bro, you purposefully spilled coffee on that teacher then called her an ugly duck." Sharon glared at her brother.

"But thats what she is." Rey grinned as he replied.

"And you are stupid. We planned to go for a movie after college and you ruined it." Sharon snapped at her brother.

"We will go tomorrow. Now all of you leave, Mrs. Shah will be here any moment." Rey told them, dazzlers tried arguing but Rey's one glare silenced them, they groaned but left from there.

"You did it purposefully so that you can be here with me?" Taani turned to Rey and asked him.

"Wow! You are a genius. You deserve a kiss for solving this mystery." Rey snickered and leaned toward her to kiss but she pushed him back.

"Behave, bad boy." Taani scolded him. Getting caught with him in a compromising position, was the last thing she would want.

"OKAY, MA'AM!" Rey saluted her making her laugh at how adorable he looked, and it warm her heart to know he is here with her. The more she is getting to know the real Rey, the more she is liking to spend her time with him.


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Simply superb 
Congrats for new thread 
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Amazing update taarey detention mil Gaye nice
Aww taarey cute scene Awsm
Congrats for 2nd thread nice
Next update soon..
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awesome update
congrats for new thread
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Congrats for the new threadParty
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Superb update..
& congrats for the new thread ..
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awesome update... taani got detention and Rey too... update soon
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Nice update
Guess rey's nature is rubbing off on taani too
Bt it was sweet of rey to intentionally get in trouble to spend time with taani
Update soon
Thnkx for the pm
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