#1| TaaRey Drabble : The Bad Boy's Broken Girl

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Chapter 1

"Stay the f**k away from me." He growled as he pushed her away, out of his way. Without sparing a glance at her, he walked away from there while she fumed in anger. 

"Tee! Baby, are you okay?" Her best friend rushed to her and asked her worriedly.

"I'm fine, alina. Thanks." Taani mumbled, alina smiled at her as she handed her the books that had fallen down when he pushed her.

"Tee! Why does he hate you so much? Always misbehaving with you-" Alina asked her best friend about him, who had made her collage life hell, literally.

"Because his sister and best friends hate me-" Taani replied shortly as they walked inside their classroom. They walked toward the last bench and sat there since the other seats were already reserved for Rey singhania and his minions and other rich kids of the college.

She narrowed her eyes when she saw him entering the class with his sister sharon and two best friends, Swayum & Kriya, four of them were famously knows as dazzlers and her personal bullies, who had made her college life hell.


"Watch out, Bitch!" Kriya shekhawat shouted, as collided with taani at the entrance of the canteen and her cold coffee fell down on her oh-so expensive dress.

"Sorry, Kriya, but it wasn't intentional." Taani apologized to her, sincerely.

"Yea! Like your birth wasn't, but your wh**e of a mother still gave birth to you-" Kriya smirked, as she replied back. Anger coursed through her veins, something she couldn't tolerate is, her mother's insult. The woman who means world to her. Her only family.

"Don't you f**king dare to insult my mother ever again." Taani growled lowly and let her fist collided with her nose, punching her pretty hard which had her falling on the ground. Loud gasps echoed in canteen.

Taani held her head high and walked out of the canteen, but little did she knew, her stint has put her in great trouble.

She has punched Kriya Shekhawat. Rey Singhania's best friend.



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continue the story
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Interesting...continue soon 
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Interesting title...nice update Kriya and Swayum are siblings that is funny!...
do continue with this.
What will Rey do that would make Taani a broken girl..
Waiting for next update!.
Congrats on the new Drabble!.
Thanks for the PM!.
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Awesome update..
Really interesting..
Rich kids bully the others..
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Continue soon
Thanks for the PM
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Interesting continue soon 
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nice story
continue soon
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