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hey iys really amazing plz cont soon n pm me
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hey iys really amazing plz cont soon n pm me

Thanks😊. Will do.
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Interesting part,cont soon.
Waiting 4 next.
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Interesting part,cont soon.
Waiting 4 next.
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good start !!

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Hey everyone, I am back with another update to this chapter. I am so thankful for the response that I have received. Thank you so much for all the encouragement.
This chapter takes off from where we left last time.

"Nonsense. No, its not nonsense. It's the truth. The very same truth you've withheld from Shravan for 10 long years. The truth about his mother. Her reason for leaving him, his reasons for hating her. All of it" said a courteous and cold Suman. Saying this she stormed out, leaving a fuming Ramnath behind.

 Little did she know, they had an audience. A pair of eyes and ears witnessed this conversation.

Chapter 3


Those pair of eyes belonged to none other than Shravan. To say he was taken aback was an understatement. He wanted to say so much but couldn't. It was as if his legs were glued to the ground. His mind had registered information he couldn't process, rather didn't want to process. A part of him wanted to defend his father and quash Suman's claims. On the other hand, the absence of a reaction from his father to Suman's accusations were troubling him. "Why didn't Papa say anything? Why did he have to hear Suman's nonsense?" thought Shravan.


After the heated argument with Ramnath, Suman needed a cup of hot tea. She ordered Preeta to prepare one for her. She began to sip her tea when someone called out to her. "Hello Suman puttar, myself Khosla, Devinder Khosla. How are you, puttar ji? All ok? And how is our Qutub Minar", I mean Shravan?" he said.


Seeing him, Suman was royally irritarted. "You? What are you doing here? You were supposed to be in jail? Are you going to leave or shall I call the police?" screamed Suman.


"Relax, I was just getting to that. I have come to tell you that I am out of prison and you will be seeing a lot more of me. And there is no need to call the police. I am leaving." He said in a tone that was lecherous and evil. This left Suman royally pissed. She had already had enough of men, like Khosla and Ramnath.


At 10 PM, Malhotra Mansion


The thoughts of Suman and Ramnath's conversation plagued his mind. He constantly recalled the conversation he had with his mother and the one he witnessed in the morning between Suman and his father. He was constantly coming across excerpts from his conversation with his mother, excerpts that he was unable to place, in what was, his version of the reason of his parents failed marriage. "Working woman? insecure man? Cheating? friend and mentor? father's insecurity? never married after I left your father, inability to prevent?" These words were constantly reverberating within him. The lawyer in him was constantly searching for a plausible solution to each of these arguments but was unable to find any.


"What is the other side of the story' I am unaware of? What is the truth that Papa didn't tell me about Nirmala Ahuja?" a recollection he had from the conversation he overheard in the morning.


All these thoughts were getting to him. He couldn't take it anymore. So he did what he does best, called Sumo. He wanted to know the truth. The complete truth. Afterall, he was Shravan Malhotra'. He always got what he wanted. Well, almost.


In Tiwari Qilla,

The sound of the phone ringing caught Suman's attention. She was neck deep in tallying the accounts of PCT, at an ungodly hour of 4AM. She picked up the phone. "I want to meet you, right now. Come to your garden. I am waiting." And the phone line went dead. She knew who it was. No one other than him had the nerve or the audacity to talk to her like that. In order to avoid any unnecessary drama or commotion she went outside.


He saw her coming towards him. "She looks so pretty. The moonlight brings out the beauty in her like nothing else." He thought to himself and smiled. But almost immediately anger took over him.


"I am going to ask you questions and you are going to answer them. Its as easy as that. I don't want to hear any nonsense. Get it?" said Shravan, overcome by anger.


"What do you want to Shravan?" said Suman, unaffected.


"I want to know the truth about my parent's relationship. I want to know what is the other side' of the story? I want to know what information has been withheld from me? What is the truth about my mother?" said Shravan. "I want to know the basis of all the accusations you made to my father. I want to know all of it and I want the answers now."  By now he was seething.


"I am not going to tell you anything, Shravan. There was a time when I wanted you to know the truth. I wanted you to meet your mother, speak to her, hear her side of the story. I was under the impression that things could get better, that a mother and son could iron out their differences and probably have a fresh chance at a relationship they were deprived of. But I was wrong. I was so wrong, Shravan. I was wrong to assume these things. I am aware of my standing in your life and have also realized that its not my place to interfere in the affairs of your family. So, I am not telling you anything. If you want to know the truth, ask either your mother or father. They are answerable to you. Not me. Goodnight Shravan." Saying this she walked back to Tiwari Qilla, leaving him behind.


"I am sorry Shravan but I had to do this. I want you find out the truth from those very people who have betrayed you. Your parents. You deserve to know and its long overdue." thought Suman. Sleep was far from her reach, but she still tried.


He never expected Suman to say such things. But he was determined to know the truth. Now, more than ever. Suman had succeeded in what she set out to do. 


So guys, how was it? Let me know if I should continue. Will await your feedback in the comments.

PS: If you want to be notified of the updates via pm, buddy me.

PPS: All the eggs and tomatoes are welcome.

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Finally our oxford grad lawyer grew some brains n is ready to hear his mother's story
I loved inspite of being angry he cant help but admire sumo 😳
Sumo did the right thing ,not telling him the truth coz he deserved to know the truth from his parents
Fantastic as always 👏
Just a tweensy weensy request, plzzz try to update the next one sooner 😳
Thanks for the pm 😊
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Finally Shravan got some senses
Suman did the right thing
Shravan should the whole truth from his parents only
Now the truth will come out
Update sooon
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He is determined to know the truth and he will find out ...superb update and sumo did correct and she did what she wanted to do and he will no do anything to know the other side

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