FF Bitter Sweet Symphony-Thread 2. ch 33 - pg 128 - Page 86

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by memories_im


Absolutely loved the chapter Lara! I was really an emotional mess yesterday after the show ended. That's why couldn't comment here. But I am loving how Shravan is taking care of Suman like an ideal best friend and a husband. It was adorable the way he came to her room and then pretended to sleep there. Suman is realizing her feelings for him now and it has started to trouble her now. Can't wait to know what happens next. Please update soon! :)

Thank you sooo much! ❤️❤️❤️

The ending of the show - well, it has left me feeling empty and I'm watching it again and again and then imagining all that were never shown in that marriage track. Will definitely write down all the things I wanted to see and then some more in the story. 

Will updt asap. Take care. Tada! 🤗
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Originally posted by hermoinelily

omg!!!! tats so cuteee!!!! 😳 already finding excuses to share bed!!!
but tat khurana s back!!!! sh*t yar!!! I hate him!!!
shravan and sumo r slowly and surely coming closer!!! but I am waiting eagerly to no ways in store for them!!!
pls update asap!!!
love u and thanks for continuing this awesome one!!! 😳

Thanks a lot, dear! 😳
You won't have to wait for long, I'll updt very soon. 🤗 It's going to get further intense next chapter. 😉
Love u too.
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Originally posted by anum20jamali

Hello, 1st of all so sorry for being silent and not commenting before. But I have been following ur ff since a very long time now, I hv got addicted to it and wait desperately for d updates, my wait is rewarded amazingly all d time, thanks to u 😊 Coming to the update, it was so lovely, Shraman r slowly coming closer and it gives so many feels. I really hope Shravan thrashes dat bloody Khurana more dan last time, I hope Khurana ki wife bhi Khurana ko 2-4 thappad lagaye and Sumo 1-2 kicks maare. Haha, sab milkar dhulaai karo 😡 I was heartbroken on hearing d news of d show going off air, I thot even d writers here will stop writing on our fav Shraman but u guys r continuing. I love u for dat, I really do 😊 Der r so many things dat I wanted to see on d show btwn Shravan and Sumo which couldn't be shown, plz u fulfill our wishes thru ur story, it's a request, thanks 😊

Hello! 😊
No need to say sorry, dear. I'm extremely pleased that you commented now. 
And I'm sooo glad tht you're enjoying the story to such extent. Thanks! 🤗

Okay, tht's a hell lot of dhulaai for Khurana. 😆 Let's see how much he gets it. 😉 

And... no, the writers will not stop. Not after the show ended like that hanging us in mid air with lots and lots of imagination and dreams for what could have been in the show between ShraMan. So, don't you worry, dear, I and as I've got to know - all the other writers are going to cont their stories. Don't lose hope.  

Take care.
Lots of love. 
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by _Eternity_

Lara it's marvelous dear..
Totally enjoyed the update..
Mrs khurana so Mr. Khurana is coming and what's shra hiding..
ShraMan convo pillow scene aww beautiful..
Both wanna sleep together so finding ways so cute..
Fabulous update dear..
Thnx for pm...

Thanks a ton! 🤗
I'm sooo glad you enjoyed the chapter and tht scene. 😳
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by dhanyata

So goood. Waiting for the next chap. I even thought that shravan didn't want to leave sumo alone in the room with open windows. 
Whatever reason, bring them closer😳😃

Hey, thanks! 😳
Let's see what happens next, but yes, things're going to be taken to the next step. 😉 All things - good and bad. 😈
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by pinky.padda

amazing update
totally loved it
continue soon

Hi ! 😳 Thanks. 
Will updt very soon. 
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by PrincessAshVik

First of all, I am so overwhelmed right now, I was so not expecting this dedication, but thank you so so much!! I really really appreciate it! 🤗
The chapter was amazing as always!!
Favourite scene? I have 2!!

One was the one where he calls her!! That was so cute man!!
And the second one where he comes to her room and they talk and especially how causally he mentions he loves her!! Just loved that bit!!

But I know, things will be not be smooth. They are already hiding things from each other and they will never forget the past. Exactly like you said, that is destruction! 

I would like to mention one thing, I love how you are showing the small instances of physical attraction. 

Looking forward to the next chapter!!

Thank you so much for:
-The PM!! I can imagine how taxing it is...
-Updating today, when everyone is so sad and lighting up our moods!
-For the dedication!! I am really touched!

Hmmm... he's all about hints these days, right? 😉 Things will escalate between the two in the next chapter, I hope you enjoy all what's coming as well. 

Thank you so much for the lovely comment! 🤗 And I had to dedicate the last chap to yaa, your first comment made me feel that happy. 😃

Take care and love yaa. Tada!
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by asyaarshilover

I wanna tell you that this was one of the cutest chappy of your story...also the chappy of sumo's birthday and the night followed was also really cute but this ... this chapter was something different...As you said ShraMan are getting close although there is so much hidden still the positivity and their little light chit chat was really a treat to read...
I somehow felt that he was pretending to be asleep and when she felt him sighing my doubt was confirmed and thus it's the best part of the update for me...my babies❤️
I will prefer to not to comment anything on Mr or Mrs Khurana entry or re-entry coz trusting your writing skills and your story I know whatever it would it will be really interesting and gripping...
I am just getting more and more excited for your story now coz it's my favorite story on this forum and I love your story a lot also as the show has ended we can stay connected to ShraMan through such amazing peice of works only...

Once again lovely update and update next part asap as u said it's ready

Awww... Thanks! 😳 

About Shravan's pretend sleep - 😆 isn't he smart? 
But stay tuned - for even the smartest has the record of doing the most foolish acts in love.   😉    ...  😈 (here's my favorite evil smile 😃)

Also, thanks for saying this your most fav story - feeling so emotional. *teary smile. ❤️
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by lazyshambhavi

l have read the whole FF and it's AMAZING.😃

l am not very good with long comments but l justt love this story.

And the last chapter was awsome.
mine favourite was their cute little banter in the room.😳

Update soon😛

Feeling extremely happy to know you liked the ff. Thanks! 🤗

Will upload veryyy soon. 😃
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Uroojj

The best FF I have ever read...  these pillows are just love,  they pretend that trust us u won't be on ur partner but always ditch the owner but it adds the sweetness in life as we can see. 
   Shravan is making his place in her life by doing these small things...  literally he have occupied much space in bed...  already.  That was thoughtful and naughty, big step on his ego (which is no where to be found after digesting the punch).  He never dragged her towards him. He realised his mistake and to make it,  he pinned himself to her. 

   Very mature against the real shravan.
Loved her gutter brain and imaginary slaps.  
I wonder who will be where in the morning...  
I hope the things they hideing wount separate them.. 
Please always update sooner then sooner...  I know I am demanding but can't wait.. 
Hey I wanted to tell u that I wait for your update always and today I haunt seen the episode but this was read in first go.  I prefer it on every thing to entertainment. 
    Thanks for these precious pieces. 

It's so sweet of you for saying this the best ff read! 😳 Thanks a lot. 
Yep, I agree - these pillows are just love ❤️. And since pillows are capturing everyone's heart to such extent - there'll be more pillows ahead, so many things can be done with them. 

Let's see what happens next. Stay tuned and I'm surely going to updt veryyy soon. Take care! 

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