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- | Chapter Nine | -

She reached his office and directly went in his cabin with her stuff. Rey was shocked seeing her there, Taani dropped her bag on the couch and placed troy's basket there before she threw herself in his arms and cried softly.

"Doll, what happen? Is it because of the news? I am really sorry, taani, i didn't knew-" He panic seeing her crying. 

"My parents want me get married-" She revealed while crying more bitterly.

"What? Have they gone mad?" He shouted, feeling his hatred for her parents to grow.

"After seeing that article, mom decided its better i get married else these type of news will ruin their reputation." Taani told him in helpless tone. Rey cursed her parents under his breath.

"-and i left the home. See, I brought my stuff and troy with me." Taani added further while pointing at her bag and troy.

"You left the house? Are you serious, taani? Is it your way to solve your problems, by running away?" 

"Then what else do you want me to do? Marry some ugly-duckling my parents will chose for me? Have you gone crazy or what?" Taani questioned him angrily. Rey backed off seeing his sweet as sugar taani in anger, its rare sight to see and he has no experience with her anger thus he preferred to not to increase her anger more.

"Calm down! Did you had your breakfast?" Rey asked her as he made her sit on the couch.

"No. So, order something for me to eat, I am really hungry. Orange juice and sandwich will do-" Taani grinned at him, causing him to narrow his eyes at her. He walked over his desk, he ordered his secretary on the intercom to brought food in his cabin. 

"I'll talk to your father." He come to her and sat beside her on the couch.

"Do whatever you want, just don't tell me to go back there. If you did, then trust me, I will run away from here too-" Taani threaten him, pointing at him, her eyes held determination.

"I won't even dare. You can stay in my house as long you want." Rey assured her, taani gave a small nod in return.

"Can you really believe it, they want to get me married to some stranger? Now i am seriously starting to hate my family members. I just turned 18, i haven't even seen the world enough to differentiate between right & wrong, I am basically still a kid and they want to tie down to someone." Taani grumbled angrily, Rey wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pull her toward him.

"Sh. Nothing that sort of will happen. I will talk to your father-" Rey murmured, taani hummed in response. She rested her head on his shoulder.

There was knock on the door, which interrupted the peaceful moment.

"Come in."

The door opened and Rey's secretary entered inside with tray of food in her hands. She placed the tray on the table infront of them. Rey signaled her to leave and she left from there where as taani dig in her food.

Rey let out a chuckle and got busy in his cell phone, checking some mails while she had breakfast.


Rey reached shekhawat mansion at night, taani was with his mother in his house where as he had come here to talk to her father, Rishi. When he entered the shekhawat mansion, he was welcomed by an angry swayum and an equally upset taani's parents.

"Where is my sister?" Swayum growled in anger, he stepped forward and grabbed Rey's collar.

"Calm down and keep your hands to yourself. You are her brother and thats the only reason i am leaving you, else you have no idea with whom you are messing and what can i do-" Rey whispered in deadly low tone. He took hold of swayum's hands and jerked them off him.

"Mr. Shekhawat, i am here to talk to you." Rey turned to rishi and spoke in crisp, sharp tone.

"-but first i want to know about taani. Where is she?" Rishi questioned him.

"She is safe and at my place. But i wonder are you all really worried for her or for your reputation which will get harm if anyone got to know about your daughter has ran away from home?" Rey questioned him back, look at the family members who were angry.

"Offcourse, we are worried for our daughter." Mrs. Shekhawat retorted back, offended by his accusations.

"The daughter you never cared about. Do you even know, what made her take this decision?" Rey questioned taani's parents.

"It must be her due to childishness. She is still an immature child." Mrs. Shekhawat, Anjali spoke.

"Oh! So, you know she is an immature child, yet you wanted to get her married? How mature of you?" Rey questioned her back, sarcastically.

"Mrs. Shekhawat, I can understand you never understood your daughter because you were never there with her, but Rishi uncle, you were living in same house with her, but still you never paid any heed to her and her needs. She was living her life in loneliness and when she started to live her life, you again want to cage her by marrying her at this young age? One news came and you decided to get her married, but have you ever thought same for your son, after all, he is quite famous in media for his womanizing ways?" Rey asked rishi, who was look at anything but him. He knew whatever he is saying, was bitter truth of his life. He had never showed his love to his daughter but that doesn't mean he doesn't love her.

"Why do you differentiate between him and taani? Why don't you love her? Is it because she is a girl?" Rey questioned him, angrily.

"I love her like i love my son." Rishi snapped.

"Really? But your action says otherwise. I have known taani for quite some time now and i have seen her loneliness, and i have also seen how you treat her. I haven't seen a moment where you were nice to her. You celebrated your son's birthday in grand way, but did you even wished you daughter on her birthday which was two days back? I know i have no right to question you, but I had to.  You have lost your daughter with your decision of forcing her for marriage. She has refused to come back to your house and this is not her childishness." Rey told rishi who had tears in his eyes, where as anjali and swayum were looking down.

"I love her, Rey. I love her like i love swayum, but i also accept, i never showed my love to her. It wasn't intentional at first, but later it become our habit. We never planned for a second child, but anjali conceived again, at that time our marriage was going through rough phase, swayum was not doing well either. He was small and fighting with leukemia. Our whole attention was on swayum, taani was born, but we couldn't celebrate her birth, how could we? When our other child was suffering. Swayum was in critical stage, we had almost lost him. My and anjali's whole attention was on swayum where as taani was in care of nannies. When swayum got better, we were always worried for him and in that, we never got time for taani. Taani was 5 when i got divorced from anjali, i wanted swayum's custody, but court thought, he will be better with his mother. I missed him and whenever taani used to come infront of me, she used to remember me what i don't have. I was devastated from my separation from my wife and kid, i was drowning into work and alcohol, and i didn't wanted her to see her father like this." Rishi told him, his voice held the pain and helplessness. Rey's heart went out for his taani, who had been deprived from love and care since her birth, but it also increased the need to take care of her, fill her life with unconditional love.

"No wonder she hates me. Because of me, you guys never loved her." Swayum mumbled and now, his sister's rude behavior with him, was making sense to him. When his parents were showering their love on him, his sister was sitting alone in her room, surrounding with loneliness. When his parents were celebrating important occasions with him, his sister was never there and now he know why? They never included her in their family moments.

"Rishi uncle, i feel bad for whatever happened with you, but still it can't justify her pain which was caused by you all. She had suffered alot, intentionally or unintentionally, you have made her feel unwanted and that feeling won't go away easily." Rey said to him. He turned around and left from there, leaving shekhawat family in remorse.


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congrats for new thread...
nice update...
Though taani's parents have the own reasons but as rey said still it didnt justify the pain she had gone through...
update next part soon
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amazing update
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Awesome update di
Too good
Awww rey so concerned for taani
Loved it
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Very emotional update..
Rey described taani's  pain and sadness very well infront of her family...
But Mr shikhawat's word never justified their action...
Mrs shikhawat what kind of mother she is...
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Beautiful update
Glad that rey confronted them bout their rude behaviour towards taani
Nd rishi's reason for ignoring her are so not justified
All her life she was craving for love which she never got
Nd taani's reason for hating swayam are justified
Coz in her eyes he was the reason not one paid attention to her
Update soon
Thnkx for the pm
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