#1| Innocent Seduction [TaaRey SS]

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- | Prologue | -

"Papa, can i sleep with you tonight. I am feeling scared-" A 5 years old, innocent doll spoke to her father, standing outside his room, holding her teddy bear close to her heart.

"Taani, Go in your room and sleep. Don't disturb me, I have office tomorrow." Her father's angry voice made her shiver in fear. She jumped on her place when her father slamed the door shut on her face. A lone tear escaped her eye as she turned around and walked away.


"Mumma, Can i come to stay with you and bhai? I miss you both-" Six years old taani said to her mother over the phone call. Wishing to stay with her mother and brother since her father doesn't have time for her.

"No, taani. You are your father's responsibilty now. And also i have professional commitments, if you come here, i cant run behind you all the time leaving my work aside." Came a heartbreaking reply from other side, mumbling a quick apology she put the phone down and ran upstairs in her room.


"Papa, you sent bhai's favorite game to him but you didn't give me anything for new year. Aap bhul gaye?" An innocent question was asked by his seven years old daughter, but he didn't had any answer nor he tried to find one. Taani watched her father with curiosity as he handed some money to her caretaker.

"Get her whatever she wants." Her father said and walked away. With sadness filled dull eyes, she stare at her father retreating figure. She didn't need gift, she wanted his little attention and love.


Today her brother had come to spend his holidays with them and since morning her father was busy in pampering him, showering his love on him which he never did with her. She stare outside her window and watched her father who was teaching her brother basketball in basket ball court they have in backyard of their house. There was longing her eyes. She wanted to be there, but she knew she wasn't welcomed.

She turned around and sat on her bed while tears started to roll down her cheeks. It was her tenth birthday, but no one even remembered it.


"Papa, I have topped in 10th boards. See-" An excited taani showed her marks-sheet to her father who was busy in his files.

"Later, taani. I don't have time for your useless talks." Her father didn't even listened to what she had said and barked at her, making her cry.

"But when bhai won basket ball match last week, you were so happy and gave him treat." Taani mumbled sadly, fresh tears pooled in her dark brown eyes.

"Taani, didn't i said go-" Her father's stern voice scared her. She mumbled 'sorry' and left from there with a heavy heart.


It was her last year of school, she was preparing for her final exams. She wanted her father to guide her, ease her nervousness just like he did with her brother. But she doubt if he even remember she is having exams.

Her father wasn't like this since start, she had heard from servants that he used to be a loving person who loved family alot, but after his divorce with his wife, he changed himself. After her parents divorce, her father got his custody and her mother got her brother, swayum's custody. Her mother and her brother lives in mumbai while she lives in delhi with her father. Where as swayum would come to meet them and spend his holidays here, but she doesn't go and meet her mother since her mother never asked her to come.

Nobody care about her, she had realized that in past 12 years. She had stopped trying to impress her father, get him to like her but a heart always craves for love.

Will she ever receive the love she deserve?


I have already written this fic. It has 10 parts and an epilogue. But I will update only if i will get good response. 

And I'll send pms to those only who will comment. And I might shift this story to blog too, in future.

For Pms, please add  -cupcake.pm-  into your buddy list.

and do leave your feedback :)
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I am first
Nice start
Nobody care for taani
Its hard bracking they didnt even remember her birthday
Cont soon plzzzEdited by angelshah - 2016-04-19T10:19:26Z
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Posted: 2016-04-19T10:23:20Z
Interesting prologue. ...
Continue soon. .
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Posted: 2016-04-19T10:27:44Z
What a sad sad start ..introduce Rey soon please.
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Posted: 2016-04-19T10:27:56Z
congo for new story
felt really bad for taani
waiting for updates
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Posted: 2016-04-19T10:28:39Z
Update soon
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Posted: 2016-04-19T10:29:40Z
Interesting concept ...
Continue soon ...
Thanks for the PM :)
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