RAYA OS : Love For Each Other ( Happy Birthday Namrata)

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It's a Birthday gift for NamrataParty PartyHave a wonderful Birthday dear! Wish you all the best and  hope you will like this Heart
And sorry for too late

Ram was home finally he could be at peace in his own luxurious heaven nd behind the kitchen counter stood his very own angel or at least that's what he calls her all that remained was that kitchen counter but he figured it wouldn't be that much of an problem for him
Even his usually quiet personality that he was't even sure was fully his was half ridden now Ram had learned to smile and joke again he didn't sunk into his pretended loneliness anymore
He had also learned how to tease her making her blush laugh or smile that one of a kind smile of hers was his favourite hobby nowadays the only thing he couldn't do yet was to hold her to kiss those lips that produced that one smile his smile his hands wrapped around her waist hugged her from behind Priya trued and look at him angrily I could have kill you you know that? Priya voice brought him back to reality as she shifted her knife down nd pressed to his chest right where his heart was beating

No you could not I am a profy and I would have dodged that kill of yours Ram answered curving a corner of his well formed lips in a brief smile while taking the knife out of her hands and placing it somewhere on the nearest shelf never leaving his eyes from her face in a process

Ha yes yes tell me something else Priya smirked shrugging her shoulders and rolling her eyes in a playful manner she was about to tell him not to think so highly of himself when suddenly her body got trapped in his strong embrace

Ram pressed her back to the cold fridge and crushed his lips on hers in an ardent sweet and passionate kiss Priya cupped his face with her palms never breaking their breathtaking kiss then moved her hands further and dug her fingers in his thick hair making him moan in her mouth in pleasure she didn't know how long the kiss lasted during their mute conversation about how much they missed each other Priya stroked Ram's hair gently how she adored his thick yet soft and silky hair

It was always like that whenever he returned from tour back home they would always lose their heads the moment they saw each other the longing for each other reminded her of two wires without insulation that had a short circuit every time they touched Also she noted that the frequent separations only poured oil in the fire of their feelings for each other longing to be one with her husband is a normal desire of every married woman In addition Neha said that Vikram and her had the same need and passion in each other during the first year of their marriage now their intimate relations got calmer but the quality didn't change at all

So soon you will find out how it feels like to have changes in your special mood Mrs.Kapoor assumed with a knowing smile that day

That talk played in Priya's mind so realistically that she didn't even notice when he lifted her in his arms

Ram couldn't bear her sweet torture and picked up his beloved wife in his arms like a feather not stopping to kiss her gentle lips he carried her to the first floor where their bedroom was located

When he reached the room he laid Priya on cool sheets of their bed she was shivering in his arms a gentle blush appeared on her cheeks as Ram admired his wife's shyness after being married to her she still could make him amazed ahe contrived to look innocent even now just like she was at their wedding night he remembered how blissful their first time of being a single whole was

Priya looked at her man with adoration her eyes darkened from a whirlpool of emotions and now they looked like two precious stones in the semi darkness of their room

A light smile played on his lips as he caressed the beloved Priya's cheek with feathery touches of his fingers 

I missed you so much sweetheart the proximity of their bodies made him lose control slowly but he fought against it and continued to speak I wanted to make a surprise and return my respectfulness in your eyes

I didn't expect to see you today Priya answered brushing some strands of his fringe away from his forehead My gorgeous wife is a lot more interesting to spend time with than helping some old woman to dig information out of the archive

So you just shirked your work Priya arched her eyebrow teasingly but he didn't pay attention to her jokes Ram traced the line of her lips with his thumb and responded never averting his eyes from her mouth

No I just came back to where I belong and with those words he bent his head down to meet his wife in a long and sensual kiss that had been gladly returned nd my place is by your side Ram whispered after leaving her mouth in peace though it was very hard to do he took her bandaged hand and brought it to his lips he gently kissed every finger of her injured hand

Priya felt herself so fragile and vulnerable at the moment It was so touching to watch him kiss the pain away from her hand that it brought tears in her eyes those tears didn't go unnoticed by the man's sharp eyes he stopped kissing her fingers and wiped those little pearls away from her eyes with his thumbs his eyes were showing concern and anguish sorry I didn't mean to cause you pain

It's nothing I am perfectly fine Ram she shook her head while sending him a gentle smile Ram circled his arms around her slim figure and embraced her tightly you didn't hurt me at all she uttered in his ear It's just... I missed you so much and today was not my day Priya answered caressing his cheek lovingly

What will I do if anything happens to you my love? Ram whispered in a sad tone I am away and you got into a trouble Ram lifted his hand to her head and stroked her luxury long hair while continuing to embrace her with his other arm

Don't worry I will always be with you no matter what Priya said and averted her face away from his a little to gaze in his expressive stormy eyes

In the dim light of the moon that was giving its light through the windows the rings on their wedding fingers gleamed those golden rings were the symbol of their unbreakable marital union

Priya thought admiring Ram's face

I still can't believe that he belongs to me nd I belong to him

But those thoughts vanished at once when Ram placed another breathtaking kiss on her lips

I long to drink you breath with my lips Priya he uttered in her opened mouth during the kiss

This time he was persistent to take his wife to a far away land of their feelings and emotions he showed her the beauty of their love to each other that could be compared to the diamonds in the sky they reached countless times that night

After being a single whole by their bodies and souls Ram lay in Priya's gentle embraces his head rested on her soft chest the greatest pillow in the world the sound of her heartbeat calm him into a light doze the feelings of loneliness disappeared from their hearts and now they were filled with wonderful nd indescribable emotions nd this moment was an utter bliss to him after spending a hectic week on a tour he was where he wanted to be at last nd that place was by his beautiful wife's side she was everything for him his other half his heart and a refuge where he could mend his broken soul

I love you Ram she said Priya was stroking his hair tenderly a if she was lulling him nd he fell asleep on her chest like a little child

When Priya heard his steady breathing a smile touched her lips she was glad to give him all the serenity nd love she was capable of he was her everything in this life

Hours later in the early morning Priya and Ram were close together in bed as he had her in his arms his arms acted as place of safety for her while she moved closer to him her forehead was up against his chest as his chin was resting on her head Priya was safe in his arms and feeling his warmth waking up she was close enough to Ram and she snuggled more into him she buried her face into his chest while wrapping her arm over his waist in hopes of staying in his arms a little longer moving her left leg to be under his right leg there she can have him close Interwoven her left leg with his she falls back asleep not before planting a kiss on the center of her Ram's chest

A few hours later Ram wakes up to find that Priya was still his arms looking down at her he could see that she was placing her forehead against his chest as one of her legs wrapped around his he smiles as she moved really close to him Ram wanted to stay in her arms for more time but it was time for him to get up but not before he got a good look at her sleeping face there on the pillow as her hair was partly covering the pillow removing her arm off his waist and placing it at her side he got a good look at her neck and there was his love bite that he had given her while they were making love the sheet had moved revealed her breast and his eyes traveled show to where her exposed breast Ram noticed that there was another one of his love bites around his wife's neck

He breathed in remembering what they had done but he had to deal with his client having many meetings with them and others Priya pulled away from him while unlocking her leg from his while lying on her pillow as she lied there her arm when over her head going over to her and lightly kissing her forehead before leaving her there to sleep some more

Sleep well my darling wifey I love you so much and I want to make you proud of me you are a part of me and I'm a part of you Ram told her while he kissed her cheek

Ram placed the sheet over her half naked body and placed a pillow near her once the pillow was there and Priya grabbed it and held under her chin he left the bed to pull the curtains for her while it went dark she groaned while getting up from the bed to see Ram walking away from the bed

Mr.Kapoor why you walking away?

Ram turned to her and walks back to the bed he sits down on the bed and moves to her and he holds her close

Jaan I have to get ready for office and deal with my client don't want to leave this bed and be away from you for more than a second but I have to deal with them

I understand you have a Important work but I want you to feel something first

What do you want me to feel?

This Priya told him while softly placing her lips in his while covering his ears
While she had her lips against his she allowed him to feel her love as came rising up to greet him her love for him was waves crashing on the sand but as the minutes wore on it became intense It was like the waves crashed harder on the sand and Priya pulled away from him her love for him became so intense like a tsunami crashing hard on the sand.

Now you know how much I love you and how my love for you can be

I see and let me show you my love for you Ram said as he did the same manner

He kissed her while he placed his hands over her ears feeling his lips against hers Priya was allowed to feel his love for her as it flowed like wind softly when minutes ticked by the wind of his love became bigger like a tornado than before and then it turned even rushing around than before pulling away from her as he kissed her forehead again Ram takes his hands off her ears and pulls from her

I love you Mr.Kapoor

I love you too my darling wife you have been everything to me Priya st first you were a my Hitler wife then we became friends and now you are my lovable wife who I adore

Thank you being at my side though it all but I respected you enough not to earn your anger even if I was the cause of it

I did not want to be angry at you but it was the only way for me to see what I was doing to you I did not know that I was hurting you until I felt it when you were injured on my behalf when I felt it it was like a sharp pain in my heart like when a knife draws across the skin

Herves you could not have know until I couldn't deal with the pain of you hurting me then I had to what I could. I had to make you feel the pain what you were doing to me and when I came back injured

Priya takes his hand in hers and their palms were touching his hand was bigger than hers but it didn't matter to he Priya and Ram were close together in bed as he had her in his arms his arms acted as place of safety for her while she moved closer to him her forehead was up against his chest as his chin was resting on her head Priya was in his arms and feeling his warmth

She takes his hand in hers and their palms were touching his hand was bigger than hers but it didn't matter to her

Darling I know that we don't fit together but that doesn't changed that my love for you my love had never changed for you but it continues to grow with time I know that we have arguments, fights, disagreements but at the end of it all one fact remains true

What is that one fact that remains true?

That my love for you will not end here but it will grow more as time wears on My love for you is constant and unwavering

 my love for you has not wavered faulted erased My love for you has grown so much more when you gave me more children since then I finally learned that a love like ours is worth fighting for worth every heart beat every breath that I take you taught me that lesson and so many others

I love you so much Mr.Kapoor Priya said as she hugged him tight but not before she pushed him on his back

Priya was not far from Ram's face as he had his arms around her waist she started to laugh while he chuckled underneath her soon she started to kiss his cheeks as he held her to him there was love in his eyes and no one got to see that but her and their children he kissed her hoping that she would feel his love for her she felt his love for her grow as she was hoping that he could feel her love for him Ram felt her love grow more because now that they have an understanding of each others love the love for each other


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Beautiful os n happy bday 
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lovely os
romantic one
do write more
sorry for late
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sorry for late ..
 superbly penned down.. 
Specially  writing style 
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Beautiful os n happy bday 

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Superrbb os!!

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Originally posted by Mitwaa

lovely os
romantic one
do write more

sorry for late

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Awesome Smile

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