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Posted: 7 years ago

Well you all must be wondering why we have gathered here, right? See the decorations,the balloons,the dangling glittery strips and that cake in the middle of the Hall. What is written on it? Yeah,"Happy Birthday".Okay,sorry for the crap,you know,I am making a Birthday thread for the first time and I am bound to be nervous, ain't I? "First timers are always nervous", hey now don't take me wrong,there are many 'first times' other than 'that'. Bad joke,I know. Okay, enough of my blathering, I'll just stop now and come to the point.So,I think its quite clear now that we are here to celebrate someone's Birthday. The question is,whose.

Okay that is not a million dollar question,considering the fact that I have already PMed you all and everyone knows whose Birthday it is.(Wow I really had to say that, like REALLY?) But yeah, Drama is must. So I'll drop you some hints and you will have to guess who the Birthday Girl/Boy is,Okay? I heard a yes, so here we go with the hints.

The most important hint is, its the Birthday of a Girl.ROFL(People usually get confused with the gender,because of the UNs i think,it has happened with me too,many times.So I would call it a 'Key' hint here.ROFL)

Okay some more revealing hints now that will surely disclose the identity of the Birthday Girl.(Wait, don't you feel like I am talking about Superman(Supaman) or Batman or Spiderman? Secret Identity and all pheww,I seriously need to stop reading their FFs, its taking a toll on my mind.Don't laugh, its not a joke.Oh no one laughed,sorry *stares at the ground,looks up at all,grins sheepishly and starts again*)Okay so some more hints now.Tongue  

Sucha a lively girl she is.She Lives her life to the fullest.

She likes to make others Laugh by cracking lame jokes.ROFL

She is loved by everyone who knows her and she herself Love the ones who are close to her.

The three magical words form her Username.The words,if practiced in the real life, your life will become a living heaven.
OMG, the Birthday Girl is here! Let the Drum Rolls out,the trumpets blare and strike up the band!The Birthday Girl is none other than


Thank you everyone for coming here and wishing this Supergirl.(SupagalROFL)

Happy Birthday Jennu!HugMay all your dreams come true,may you achieve great heights in your life.I wish you all the happiness in the world.I feel lucky to have such a supporting friend like you.Thank you for being there with me in my ups and downs,for bearing meLOL,for everything.HugStay happy,stay blessed.Lots of love -- Yours SidHeart ROFL

PS: Ye Borders n graphics meko bhi ni yaad mene kidr kidr se uthaye hein to credits ni de skta.Kisike hon to pls dont sue me.ROFL
And yes, I know the colour combination sucks, you don't have to tell me.

Thank You Naiha for sending the PMs to everyone, you are a great help like always.Hug 


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So everyone's looking for food now,right? Sorry no food for you people.You may buy it yourself.Okay, the reason is I don't really have that much money to feed your hungry stomachs.Because the birthday girl herself is a glutton.So I don't think that I'll be having enough money left after giving a treat to the Birthday Girl.And moreover, she doesn't like to share her food.So you guys can start partying, do some dancing and return to your homes.

So Miss Potato(), let me present to you some awesome dishes made up of potatoes and tomatoes.

French Fries


Mountain Dew pee liyo sath mein

Bas Bas I wont buy you more food warna you'll get _ _ _ _ _ _ samjhi?

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So here are some gifts for you.Nakhre na karna aram se le loTongue 

I will gift you this in real thoughTongue

Arey aunty nahin suit gift karungaROFL

Happy Birthday again!Hug

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Happy Birthday Jen! Party Wishing u an awesome day n may all ur dreams come true.. God bless u.. enjoy have a blast party hard n keep smiling  Hug Heart .

Awesome thread Sid Clap and anytime, im always happy to help u Hug
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Happy birthday, God bless you! Hug 
Posted: 7 years ago
Happy Birthday baby ! PartyI live you so much Blushing

See original image

Lovely thread Sid Thumbs Up And I totally agree about the lame jokes ApproveROFL
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Bahut sohna thread  hai supamanApprove

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