SS 59 Tan, Atom Bomb & Twins - Page 76

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Posted: 6 years ago
"Beti bachao abhiyaan!!" That is exactly what I had in mind!ROFL

Ayyo!! Appa and his Ninja moves. She's already pregnant with his child and the "unspeakable things" that he does to her still bothers Appa so much. I sometimes wonder about the number of guys who would b wandering in Appa's headLOL

Lakshmi and Venkat seem nice. They are like these relatives who don't bother you much but are always warm and kind when you are together. Some semblance of normalcy. 
How is R&B going to manage two nights in D II, especially with Appa standing guard? Wink
I do like such festive housefull scenariosEmbarrassed

Jee nahin bhara Nisha.. Ek aur please??Cool
Posted: 6 years ago

Posted: 6 years ago
I so miss hanging out with you girls here. Gotta go now. Hope all is well with u and Tan, and of course your Butter. and that we get a chance soon to catch up.  Heart
Posted: 6 years ago
So after the bomb dropped by country one 1 and scoring one point 
The country 2 established its power clear and loud by launching an atom bomb hitting the score to a direct 10 

Now let's see how things will heaten up


In other news...

While appa tries best to protect his parties and keep his tresure to himself

Dude made II "an offer she can't refuse" (what a godfather reference :p dude don hai)


Loved appa's attachment to the brother
Inapite if all the black magic he tries to use to capture II back into the cave he wins my heart with this great geture.

And amma saw the honesty in dude and the compatibility between II and dude...that bit was dam cute 

And the super reference to somebody's reading habits had me smiling like an idiot.

Ranjan ke patience ko mera salam.
And his capabilities to make conversations with people he doesn't know.

And one day I would hear dude voice his opinion political or otherwise and take appa by a storm 

Until then enjoy the evening and updates 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by sonalgupta2004

Hey people, good evening and morning to all,
Putti reached home?? How's weather Sooraj dekha kya??
Kajal that pic must be so cute Tongue
Asma, arya, Drishti, Jyoti, Sushma, kala, Sri , SR and all who r here hav a blast
Oh I missed the most imp. Of all coz of whom this place came to existence our own author Sahiba

I'll show it to you once I find it
Posted: 6 years ago
Hi5 Eyesight Wink

great review Namz :)
Posted: 6 years ago
""Looks like my daughter is smitten with him, I have heard boys doing flamboyant things and impressing girls, how did this boy STAY QUIET and impress her"

Well appa if we tell u how this Quite guy impressed ur daughter u will surely be gone in coma or loose ur Sences...
He literally swept her with best wht he knew!! Wink
Edited by sonalgupta2004 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by SparkleV

Hi5 Eyesight Wink

great review Namz :)
thanks sparkling beauty 
Hello SR been long 

Dristi hope all your work burden doesn't stress you out...and updates keep giving you energy to go through the day with a smile 

Asma I like the part of the review where you asked the dude to close the doors ;)
Reminds me of "hum Tim ek kamreme band ho"

She should sing for dude...please nisha... Ek symphony.

Ab tadaaa after a hi to everyone else 

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