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Posted: 6 years ago
One doubt .
How many weeks is by Ii now
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Mr.PsychoTech

One doubt .
How many weeks is by Ii now

First trimester is 12-13 wks complete. She left for Paris in the beginning of second trimester. So she should be 14 weeks along
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

<font size="5">

<p align="center"><font color="#0000FF" size="3"><font color="#000066"><font size="5">MASSEUR</font></font>

<font color="#0000FF" size="3">The fragrance of the oils and the gentle rub of feet and

<font color="#0000FF" size="3">The rose petal created the fragrance and mood of a bridal

<font color="#0000FF" size="3">The fingers caressing the rise and fall in the contours on my
smooth skin</font>

<font color="#0000FF" size="3">The silken feel created...I adore everything of my expectant state and expressed my willingness to
bear ours again</font>

<font color="#0000FF" size="3">I'm embarrassed at the execution of plan being reason for
smiles and fodder for discussion</font>

<font color="#0000FF" size="3">Work beckons me to MM and the description of the first kick
and recalling the discussion with Amma</font>

<font color="#0000FF" size="3">I hope he's there by my side feeling my lower bump with
those slender finger tips of his</font>

<font color="#0000FF" size="3">I Visualize what his Ma must have gone through in her expectant state the manner she
savored the time</font>

<font color="#0000FF" size="3">Was surmise now...The description and my fervent pleas will
draw him to Delhi sooner or later in time for the first kicking of feet</font>

<font color="#0000FF" size="3">He definitely will be my top love and he'd know despite my

<font color="#0000FF" size="3">Motherhood makes me more perceptive of his loss I'll do my
bit to compensate</font>

<font color="#0000FF" size="3"></font>

Wow Sri. This is too good. Enjoyed reading it. Thumbs Up
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by NSB7

I doubt II is afraid of appa as much as she is aboit manny
Trying to cover dude's karni and karnamey before manny wakes upLOL

Wah ji

It's not fear Nams Big smile it's damage control in stealth mode LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Dude wants to enjoy every moment of her pregnancy.. They need to come with plan to be together..
Posted: 6 years ago
In previous updates II worried that Dude will love kid more than her and in the current update Dude thinks II will love kid more than him..
It is just amazing... Embarrassed
Mad for each other Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
A lady when becomes a mum and them a mum-in-law becomes possessive of her dil, coz a part of what she made is now at the whims n fancies of a new girl, many a times I have seen sons juggle their lives between the one who made him and the one who would make one of him, but in this tale it's altogether a different setup, II has taken that place in dudes life where someone has left unannounced n untimely, so she is luckier to have it all for herself... She doesn't have to see his mother love him more than she does, a wife never tolerates that importance in her hubby's life(it's an observation) for II it's all her own but she gets even jealous, of that small showcase or what would have life been had savvy been there in their lives in form, of manny... I know she griefs for he lost his mother but to imagine how it would ve been for II to see dude loved more by his mom, it would have been a treat to read for sure... I draw this inference from the instance of II being jealous of a sisters love for her brother...

And how easy or difficult it would have been to hand over her son to II, but life would ve been difficult some way or the other had she been alive... For life finds a way out to give grief and joy, if not this then that maybe...

All these are mere real life observations, moms may have a different say who have real experience.
Posted: 6 years ago
omg i can't wait for the first kick!!!!
and the rose petals!!! uff

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