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Posted: 6 years ago
I wwouldn't know what a first kick would be like
All i could find out from the update was its the bestest feeling in the world.


One choootu request

Can we have a future update and find out how she felt when she felt the first kICk??
Does rakshan still remain on no.1???????
Posted: 6 years ago
I can understand why Nivi is so shy... If Mom n Dad make out like this what she will do inside?
Posted: 6 years ago
I doubt II is afraid of appa as much as she is aboit manny
Trying to cover dude's karni and karnamey before manny wakes up LOL

Wah ji

Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing update nisha loved it... 
Loved the way r&b asked ii if she would place the child above him...

It was beautiful the way he is insecure if he is not going to be so important anymore... 

Posted: 6 years ago


The fragrance of the oils and the gentle rub of feet and toes

The rose petal created the fragrance and mood of a bridal bed

The fingers caressing the rise and fall in the contours on my smooth skin

The silken feel created...I  adore everything of my  expectant state and expressed my willingness to bear ours again

I'm embarrassed at the execution of plan being reason for smiles and fodder for discussion

Work beckons me to MM and the description of the first kick and recalling the discussion with Amma

I hope he's there by my side feeling my lower bump with those slender finger tips of his

I Visualize what his Ma must have gone  through in her expectant state the manner she savored the time

Was surmise now...The description and my fervent pleas will draw him to Delhi sooner or later in time for the first kicking of feet

He definitely will be my top love and he'd know despite my denial

Motherhood makes me more perceptive of his loss I'll do my bit to compensate


Posted: 6 years ago
Gave me a warm mushy feeling...esp when she comforted him after his words...dude...itna insecure...dont be man...she will love always, she will love u, scold u, throw tantrums and always keep u on ur toes...not a silent moment in ur will surround u always in different forms.
And Ranjan...he will not take up the subject of going back...he is probably contented now, spending time with his son, gudiya and as added bonus daughter too. 

But ya, reality beckons and even though she was enjoying herself...she also kept track of Ranjan's convo...all the more so because of the close confines they are living in. All the time I was enjoying the Paris updates I was always thinking when will the issue of going back rise up?

Dude not answering her question of him returning with her? What did Alex say is still whirling in my head?

Superb update Nisha and thanks for the same. Writing amidst all the hundred and one things you have to doClapClap
Posted: 6 years ago
I have read that the strength of a man isn't in the weight he can lift but in the burden he can carry.

And nothing can more describe Ranjanji here. Tackling his own set of problems, not overburdening anyone and at the same time lending support , a helping hand to them while being almost invisible and non-obtrusive.Sadly, the value of the such people around us is more felt posthumously.

Two sides to the coin of not having love. Envy and Grief
Envy comes from something you don't have - Manny
Grief - comes from loosing something you had - Ranjanji.

Beautiful piece written of the afterglow of lovemaking / the intimate convo between the couple morning after was endearing. Love and insecurities in the same measure. The title had me quickly calculating how long was she in her pregnancy. 14 weeks may be now and soon she will experience that first kick. An absolutely overwhelming feeling.
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