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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Two sides to the coin

Envy impelled Manny to be judgmental and cold
Grief prompted the Patriarch to cherish care love and affection that came his way

Jealously she guards Dad and Dimpal convinced II is here to walk out and cause heart burns

Carefully he protects her as the harbinger of joy and a family for his son

Critically she records and relays every mood, word and act of her that Dimpal adores

Benignantly he looks on heart swelling in pride and amusement as they conquer each other with their love

A lost cause she is, in Manny's perception

A resurrected hope sent to restore harmony amongst folks in the patriarch view

A scheming gold digger out to destroy

An innocent accomplice our to create a beautiful web of bliss in MM

Savvy's home pulled down by cruel fate

IIs dolls house crafted by 2 loving hearts and slender fingers

Manny rages like a banshee seeking revenge

The Patriarch lingers seeking redemption.


In her he seeks the solace he and his lost

In him she seeks a love that would last

He mends his ways to express his love and care

She rants and demands he verbalizes his love

Pregnancy has altered her views on many things

Her expectant state thrills and excites him to bits

He was the center of Ma's world he knows

Wonders if his will alter equations on her he lovingly beholds

The both crave to be forever locked in an embrace

Laced with sweet nothings they share always in the state



Beautiful Sri!

He was the center of Ma's world he knows

Wonders if his will alter equations on her he lovingly beholds Heart

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Kjolovesbabies

Very aptly expressed
A lady when becomes a mum and them a mum-in-law becomes possessive of her dil, coz a part of what she made is now at the whims n fancies of a new girl, many a times I have seen sons juggle their lives between the one who made him and the one who would make one of him, but in this tale it's altogether a different setup, II has taken that place in dudes life where someone has left unannounced n untimely, so she is luckier to have it all for herself... She doesn't have to see his mother love him more than she does, a wife never tolerates that importance in her hubby's life(it's an observation) for II it's all her own but she gets even jealous, of that small showcase or what would have life been had savvy been there in their lives in form, of manny... I know she griefs for he lost his mother but to imagine how it would ve been for II to see dude loved more by his mom, it would have been a treat to read for sure... I draw this inference from the instance of II being jealous of a sisters love for her brother...

And how easy or difficult it would have been to hand over her son to II, but life would ve been difficult some way or the other had she been alive... For life finds a way out to give grief and joy, if not this then that maybe...

All these are mere real life observations, moms may have a different say who have real experience.

My perspective on this
Savvy and II would not see each other as adversaries. The maturity and strength with which she has stood by her husband and ensured his brother and his family are included in everything presents to her as a  magnanimous matriarch. Every woman knows that she has to make way for another woman to become the center of her son's affection. So do it grudgingly i agree there are several doing it gracefully. They would have had another indulgent human to guard over them. She would have got our leads to see sense and II would be at the Dude's place even if it meant time share between the homes. II would not be so reluctant to leave Dad knowing Savvy was there. She would have someone to look up to be told what and how to do and would have willingly emulated her.
Savvy would have gently chided both the tantrums of Manny and II reigned with kind yet firm hands. The duo would have exchanged notes on the dude and conspired and planned treats and tricks.
Chachi 420 would have entertained the couple and Manya would have found ways to work her marriage or after divorce wouldn't have been reckless to such a degree.
Savvy would have doted on II she adored her to bits. The dude tells II how she'd have liked his Ma and we find all remarking at their striking resemblance their behavior too would have been alike.
Posted: 6 years ago
Sri, two sides of the coin, envy and Grief. Thank you so much.
Beautifully written Tongue
Posted: 6 years ago
Sorry Kalpana for missing the dedication...i know what it feels like yet missed  it this time...i try to dedicate the lines to who ever inspires me...i thought i had today as well but realise i  had notCry...
Posted: 6 years ago
Good Morning/ Evening All, Nisha hope your Gollu sthapna is done?
The update started as if it's going to be sad one. But this was one in of most satisfying updated. I don't know if satisfying is right word.
I really will cherish this chapter again and again.
These guys are equally insecure. She thinks he will get tired of her, he thinks she might leave her and stop giving attention to him once kid comes in picture. But dude it was you who wanted kid soon after marriage.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Sorry Kalpana for missing the dedication...i know what it feels like yet missed it this time...i try to dedicate the lines to who ever inspires me...i thought i had today as well but realise i had notCry...

Sorry... No pl don't say that. It feels good and poor joy to see your title . Thank you for the dedication. Humbled.
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha - golu evening... Even more packed evenings now for you for the next few days till 22nd.
Happy golu Smile Edited by Errantnomad - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Dedicated to Pritee Mishra who set me pondering are only II and the dude insecure...aren't we all?

Insecure we are
insecure i am due to differences in class upbringing and values
Insecure as i  due to the losses i faced due to the shattering of faith
Insecure i am of the way i was treated by the men i have been with
Insecure i am he will tire of me and move as before
Insecure am i on my Kozhandhai future due the family history
Insecure i am of losing grip on my daughter
Insecure i am to report to a new boss who is guarded in her stance
Insecure am i of Ishu and her dude and how it highlights my inadequacies
Insecure am i when Paati and Amma gush over Shubangh
Insecure am i when Nandu walks and sits on chitti's lap
Insecure I am that i'll be viewed a gold digger so a pre nup
Insecure am i how to manage my increasing chores and needs
Insecure are all to move from the comfort we are walled in
Impelled we are by love of folks beliefs or hope that we break out of our fears
Dare to face challenges, accept the risk to rise or struggle

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