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Posted: 6 years ago
My Junior leaves home at 6:45 too, he drives so I am saved of that work, the younger one takes the bus from across the block... his school is half a mile from my office... I could drop him too
But I am too busy writing a chapter doing work email so I let him take the bus

Jas: I hear California is really bad. I have many friends there. I dont know if I can live there. I am not insecure by nature but constant bombardment of stimuli relating to how my kids are doing will do me in

99% of kids without dev disability are smart and will do just fine

99% of Desi kids in America DONT get into Stanford and MIT and Yale for under grad.
Its a fact
Grad School? May be a higher %, 10%? 15%... but definitely not under grad
In the big picture of life Yale or Stanford doesnt matter one bit. A  Ivy alum hedge fund manager probably works 90 hours a week, average of 3 affairs and two divorces. I seldom see or hear picture perfect lives with over achievers. I would love some statistics on how "happy" CEOs and CFOs and VPs are, professionally and personally
Something's gotta give

 Going to a State University and working for a random corporation will give u a life. Anonymity guarantees "soul happiness"
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Posted: 6 years ago
Good morning / evening all.

Nisha, Kalpana, Shruti, Jasmine hearing yo guys give us other side of picture what our parents might have gone through while we were completing our education.

Kajal, loved your review to.
You write it like we would write for exams.

First the Bullet point then go on explaining it. Super. 

Do you read the bare act and text books both? Quote the bare section then explain the way you interpret the update. 

Posted: 6 years ago
Canada is not as competitive as the U.S. We have some great universities here, yes these might not be stanford or MIT or Yale, but they are great. And I have seriously Stopped worrying about grades etc.did all that with the older one and passed on my stresses to her, I won't forgive myself for that. She turned out just fine, got admission in a super univ, works part time, volunteers, doesn't  drink or smoke and even now asks permission if she wants to visit a friends house, I am perfectly ok With this. 
Chchotu is bindaas by nature so I don't even try to push an agenda,  moreover shes  in French immersion and I can't help her ...

Posted: 6 years ago
Hello ladies a topic very close to my heart  as somebody working with children i feel that it is very convenient for adults(teachers and parents) to attach labels and not address the disabilities and learning difficulties of children. I have children who are exceptional in interpersonal skills, very responsible who write extraordinary poetry or paint/perform who may find computation an issue. Sometimes they compute without paper and struggle with words. With a little bit of understanding and scaffolds they do very well in managing self others tasks and in exam as well. It is fashionable these days to call schools as inclusive by pointing out the difference. I deal with learning differences with individualised support and have former students running their business or managing teams.
Even the 1% with developmental disability can be supported to excel.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Good morning / evening all.

Nisha, Kalpana, Shruti, Jasmine hearing yo guys give us other side of picture what our parents might have gone through while we were completing our education.

Kajal, loved your review to.
You write it like we would write for exams.

First the Bullet point then go on explaining it. Super.

Do you read the bare act and text books both? Quote the bare section then explain the way you interpret the update.

Funny!!! No I begin reading the night before so not a kind reader to go thrgh bare acts 3 different kinda books, my batch mates sit in lib with 4 different authors books and one bare act, a month before the exam, one bare act and one book is enough why do so much mehnatLOL but mostly it's just a book that I read

Review I do that cz there's never just one point I love in a chap, so it's better to highlight and then scribble through EmbarrassedEdited by Kjolovesbabies - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Chinese, List & Sofia
Friday they were up and already done with breakfast when she woke, she woke after many attempts by dude
She had woken up at 7 ish when everyone was asleep including dude and brushed her teeth in the side powder room/bathroom and
gone back to bed when she saw Ranjan was still asleep too in the bedroom, she assumed Manya was too

Finally opening her eyes fully at 10 ish... the sun shone bright and crisp, it had rained last night...

He had to go to work it looked like he was dressed in formal clothes, he looked great.

Navy trousers and a watered down grey shirt, he had shaved even

He was colecting papers from the desk when she woke

"enga porey?" she asked as if he was going to lie

He half smiled

"So I can go back to India?"


He didnt answer

"Is that a yes?" she asked in her sleep drugged voice, arms behind her head, one of her legs on the other one, shaking it theatrically

"u are all dressed up" she accused

"Where are my clothes?" she demanded peeking on the side of the sofa bed

They were all gone

"Great u are dressed to kill I am wearing a J Crew hoodie"  "I have a job and nice clothes too u know, I gave it all up to go see someone, avanukke kavala ille (looks like he doesnt care)

"I am telling Dad, hum chalte hain ghar" she went on and on and on

He walked over sat by her on the bed she immediately brought her hand from behind her head and readied for ambush

"I have meetings" he whispered smiling

"Oh yes... those things were people get into a room and talk abt stuff and dont get nothin done?" she asked

He bend down... and graoned on her lips

"Pohaade da" she whispered

"ill be back at 4 ish... ur 4 ish is always 9 ish or some ish" she whispered holding his face

"who did u shave for?" she asked somberly

"two Chinese guys" he chuckled

"Are they cute?" she asked probingly

He burst out laughing...

"Do u want MY opinion?" he asked gasping

"I know... umm... u are straight and all" she mumbled as he took her hand, and placed it in places that made her pink

"I get it" she whispered biting her lower lip

"I can text u pictures if u want?" he asked

"Just one will do" she said smugly, he bend down and kissed her fully

she hugged him tight not letting go


She wore clean clothes from her makeshift book shelf and let herself out, fixed her chai, made poha... Ranjan was in the gym, Manya said

"Do u want to go shopping?" asked R&B's wife the one with NO purse contents

"Champs Elysees? Manya asked speaking perfect French

"If I dont throw up for two hours" II made a face, as sweat beads formed

She ran to the bathroom and retched


"Do u like being pregnant?" Manya asked softly

II blushed first and smiled later

"I dont know if I have loved anything more" she said


"Not even chocolate?" Manya asked laughing

"Sorry... yes, chocolate first, and then the baby" Ii smiled

"Dimpal ka kya number hai?"

"How long do u want the list to be" II teased

"OMG! he is not even in the top 10?" she asked startled

"Mushkil hai" II said somberly

Manya looked at her seriously

"Did it bother u how he lived his life?"


"I dont talk about it" II declared

"So  does it bother you? U come from such a different family... we are pretty screwed up... " Manya weaved her fingers through her pretty... short hair

"Every family has its own thing" II protested feebly

"Ours is pretty screwed up" Manya said sadly

"I am biased because its my family now" II smiled

Manya smiled slowly...

Ranjan walked in

"Are u plotting R&B's downfall?

"Downfall ki plot karange pappajee... ay tey dimpal nu Daddy banaan waaste tayyari karan lag padi" Manny cackled cynically

"Dimpal is invincible" Ranjan said proudly

"Chai banaoon?" II asked

"she just threw up" Manya tattled

Ranjan panicked

"Oh no... doctor bulaayen...?" he asked

"Nooo nooo no Daddd" II squirmed

"This is not good" he warned

he texted... R&B called

Ranjan handed her the phone

"Hey" R&B greeted

"I AM FINE" she whispered

"Are u sure?" he asked

"If I say I am not, will u come home?" she asked

He chuckled

Akka texted her around 11, to let her know she was returning to Munirka before Navaratri since her in laws wanted her to be home
II was really bummed, she called, her phone she threw on the bed yesterday was on his desk now
II tortured her by asking her to take many pictures of baldie's head using every zoom feature on her camera... various cross sections of the green  hued bald head like it was prime real estate...ROFL

"I secretly pray he shud stay bald" II gushed breathlessly kissing the pictures audiblyROFL

Apdi mattum nadakkattum mavale, I will make ur Rakshasan bald" (If that ever happens)AngryCry Akka threatened her

"when are u returning to work?"

"After Dushera" Akka was morose

"Stay another month ka"

"Its the baby's first deepavali di, how can I stay here?" Akka grumbled

"Hes only 8 weeks old... did u ask Selvi what happened to her cousin?"

"She is dragging her feet, the cousin's husband doesnt want her working too far from home, that girl lives near Dwaraka"

"Can I ask Sofia?" II asked excited

"Sam probably pays her Rs.25,000 a month... na bondi ayiduven (i will go broke)" Akka giggled


"Do u know Shanti Niketan di? A room rents for Rs.25,000 there Sam's bungalow will rent for a crore a month or something" Akka sighed

"Sofia doesnt own the house" II mocked

"GENIUS. PODI!!" akka scolded
"Let me ask no?" II pleaded


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Posted: 6 years ago
Looks like one more mistake on the way...
Asking Sofia to babysit Shatabi...
II can't you stay away from these mess?
Why do you want to hurt yourself...
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Posted: 6 years ago
tiny windows open and reveal a little bit of the closed house that manny lives in.
not only II can peep in and find glimpses of the messed house but that little opening slightly let a little sunshine seep into her heart...that sentence when II says im biased because its my family is one such ray of sun shine that caused manny to reciprocate with a warm smile 

more in a bit 

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