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Posted: 6 years ago
very sorry about your mum...for me aging parents are a vulnerable spot, specially when they try to be strong and brave for you CryCry
Thank god you were with her when she fell and could get help immediately. i know ambulance and ER costs a bomb, as we went thru something similar a couple of years back...

forget the injury, we practically had to be given oxygen when presented with the bill !!!!
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Posted: 6 years ago
At the outset a big hug to all you girls out here who are grappling with issues and emotional rides. I guess we are an intelligent bunch that try to do our best under the circumstances.

Nisha you are right no logic or motivation can explain anything to a parent who child has to go through this kind of trauma. Pain of this kind has no purpose really! ( Kafka is wrong Cry ).

Shru What a lovely daughter you are. Take care dear I hope your mom recovers soon. I guess it would have been so much more difficult for you and her if you guys were away from each other.

Anu Big hug to you too.

Ashu, Drishti, Nouf, Namu Putti, Shev, Vidya Vani

Did I get the names right??
Posted: 6 years ago
I feel so terrible right now!! 
Why should just a few extra cells of YOUR OWN BODY harm you?????? 
I am simply blank... 
This is not the way one imagines his/her life

Posted: 6 years ago
Hey Asma and Ashu..

Posted: 6 years ago
Shru I am so sorry..
its terrible.. 
Please take care..
aaj Subah itna sab kuch ho raha hai..
and i don't know wht to say
Posted: 6 years ago
# Venice Diaries 5
Cooking... Sounds...

Her gift to him for his Birthday was a "Couples Cooking Class"
He was in the shower when she stood braiding her hair, she told him about it

" U are a better cook" he chuckled

"Well... I need to prove that publicly" she gloated

He steped out, spraying her with water from his curls...

"Naa kulichachu da, there is enough water in there, Selvi could  wash our D II balcony" (Ive taken a shower already, thanks) she laughed heartily

He did too at her sense of humor, he noticed she was relaxed again, when she came running to him in bed... she appeared distraught when she tried to joke

He wondered if it was Mr Iyer...

"hows everyone at home?" he pried

"I dont know... I havent even called, Akka's nt answering her phone... or it wont go through" she smiled

"U want to talk with Bala?" he asked through the mirror

"And here I was hoping u will be a regular dude who doesnt like his biwi cozying upto her mayka" she giggled

"I like Bala" he muttered

He looked for his Harry's razor head bent...

"apdeenna? (what does that mean?) "U dont like me?" she asked hurt

"In bed I do" he nodded...
She emptied her cavernous, hair accesory pouch on him

"I was a fool to ask for extended time off" she said sulking

"U cud go back tomorrow" he winked

"ab to main bilqul nahi jaaongi" she crossed her arms across her chest and tapped her toes

He threw his head back and laughed...

"Fiiine... I guess" he said, reaching for his underwear

She ran with it to the bedroom, and then to the lounge... he nabbed an edge and pulled her... yanked her

She fell on him instead of letting the piece of sexy underthing go


Well she is one... she asks her boss's boss for time off...

He picked her up.. she wore a sea green sleeveless shoe string strap dress with yellow/purple flowers on it

"Last I heard u were a married woman" he teased, feeling her neck adorned with a pearly yellow fashion necklace... missing the yellow cord

"My hands are" she shook her choora in his ear

"what time's the class?" he asked, laying by her

10 ? at the Rialto Market... Daniella Cabrini" she put on a poor Italian accent

He chuckled

"U are mean" she was offended

"take a class" he ordered

"why ur wife cant be imperfect?" she asked

"(A perfect wife)Keeps me from straying" he said seriouslyLOL

She was ballistic at that sexist, chauvinistic? horrific remark...

"U stinking dog" she hissed RAKSHASANEY!!!Angry
As they tussled on the bed

"She wants us to go to the market, pick out items based on what we are supposed to cook, Seafood, Meat, or Fresh

"I SIGNED US UP FOR FRESH" she laughed hysterically

"Vegetarian?" he asked dryly

"Umm.. ya... u can call it that" she giggled

they got there at 10 :11 AM... the weather was moist and breezy, carrying with it the scent of water...

He spoke broken Italian... very well... she noticed


"How did u know I enjoy cooking?" he asked

"Ur Paris book shelf has more cook books than  Sanjeev Kapoor has" she laughed

He smiled

"Did u climb the wooden ladder and check them all out?" he asked in awe

The living room wall had floor to ceiling bookshelf, some of which can be accessed only with a ladder

"Have u cooked all of it?" she asked

He smiled... "nope, some"

"U have like 500 books" she said

"Thats (too) much... may be 100" he smiled

"Pannirkeya?" (have u cooked she asked)

"Like  one or two from every book" he admitted

"U have a long way to go... I volunteer to eat, if u will cook, u shud be done by the 80th Bday" she said

Suddenly realizing she was tying herself to him for another 60 years

She didnt look at his expression fearing she will spot indifference...
She picked tomatoes... the juiciest ones...

"If I take 6 months off and cook all day I could be done sooner" he laughed

"Or that" Cryshe smiled... continuing to look down


"Can u take 6 months off he asked?"Embarrassed catching her off guard


Akka helped Selvi move the bookshelf in the DII study...

"Nee tookade kannu" Selvi yelled

Shravu yelled "Pattteee Amma book shelf tookara" (shes lifting the bookshelf)

Mrs I ran to the study "Selvi adu pinnala perukkalenna yenna ippo? (why are u sweeping behind the shelf NOW?)

"Ayyo Vandita sollichu ma" (Vandu asked me to)

"Podi velila" Amma ordered

Vandu walked out sheepishly

"Amma taaye, oru prachanai porum... nee vera kelappaade" (one trouble is enough, u dont start now)

Periappa's bed was empty... no nurse either... Akka leaned on the half open door way and began to cry

"Furniture tookarengre, illenna azhare... both are bad... go raja" Amma scolded (u want to lift furniture or cry)

Appa knocked on the door... tired hungry... and angry

"Ennachu?" (what happened)

"Nothing" Amma hid

"U KEEP ADVSING ME LIKE A MILITARY GENERAL, I have no powers in this house" he began to yell

"yennachu pa?" Vandu asked angrily

"His BP IS STILL HIGH... amma doesnt want me to call Ishita" he thundered

Shravu: What happened to periya thatha? (badey Nanaji)

"We only admitted yesterday" Amma begged

Selvi went to get the dustpan and brush to scoop... from the balcony

"Selvi... neenga sollungamma... Ishita kitta sollanuma vendama" (shud we tell my daughter or not)

"Aiya... Umm.. paavam kannu ippo daan poyirku" (poor baby she has just gone on vacation)

"I have to run around in this house" Appa shouted

"I WILL GO" Vandu spat back... "U stay home... Nobody is forcing u pa"

"Ask ur brother to come no?" Amma hissed, specifically in English, so Selvi cant hear it

D II took on a familiar look... audiographically

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Posted: 6 years ago
Oh Sush and Vaani also online...
Shruti take care..
SR and Shilpa are missed ..
Nammu should be on the way to office...
Envee, Sri, modernfamily..
Dristi kya Kar rahi ho?
Anu, Nisha, Shev Di, Shruti..

Posted: 6 years ago
Hey! Have a meeting today and was getting ready early: breakfast lunch aise...

Nisha, perhaps you should change the title of this thread from Ginger and Gingerly to Venice diaries...

This thread seems to be very gingerly indeed.

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