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Posted: 6 years ago
Ek aecret bataoon??? 
I napped away to glory aaj noon
I might contribute in burning down the thread tonite ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
My weekend plan.
Re-Read first 200 updates ROFLEdited by putti77 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Hey SoSy family.
How are things here..A-V trust all you guys are well...I have too many messages to catch up now. Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
hope all is well with Nisha ...

have not been able to read most of the comments there a reason why the name of the thread is just Symphony now???did i miss anything?
Posted: 6 years ago
Drishti - study well
captain ki har bath mano

yes i cost 2500 per
no wont tell u my weight by letting u know the cost of making me shutup

thanks captain
Posted: 6 years ago
but I believe I would be heaviest.
my BMI is just under overweight  falling in normal.
Posted: 6 years ago
Darned G(j)enesWink

"Ennachu ma ivalukku?" Whats wrong with her?" Akka was irritated

Amma eye signalled her Appa was in the car, II went and sat by him as Akka yelled

"Ishita he came all the way and hes here right now for two hours and u cant go to Sam's?" Akka jumped to conclusion

"U dont know anything ka" II mumbled

"Yenna ma nee she is talking like this, has Appa cgotten to all of u?" Akka panted, unable to talk with her weight and the heat
"Vandu just go have a good time" Amma hissed

"U are also supporting her? Its so bad ma" Vandu was self righteously angry

"He is leaving for Paris" Amma whispered

R&B and Sam and Tan were chatting with Ranjan with a man they all seemed to know standing like 30 feet away on the street corner

"LEAVING NA?" Akka yelled

"Hes going, he sold his shares no... now he has tickets too" Amma said

Appa had the AC and music playing he couldnt hear their exchange

"when did this happen? Why didnt she tell me?"

"Shes upset, just let her be" Amma felt bad for II
Amma rarely felt bad for II

II was fiesty and confident, and mostly caused all her drama herself

Now... it wasnt her fault, yet she was dressed up and ready to sing, not complaining or throwing one fit

Amma's heart went out to her

"Paavam di kozhandai, yedu sonalum she will argue first but relent, she does everything to the best of her abilities, not everything right... but everything the fullest" Amma teared up

II sat in the car by Appa, chatting about her song picks

"HOW is Appa taking this?" Akka was stunned

"appa is very upset, Appa doesnt like him.. he is very suspicious all the time, and now he goes off and buys a ticket to return"

"Why didnt she tell ME?"

"She told me on the way here kanna"

"She can quit and go" Vandu began

"HOW can she?" how selfish of him to think that" Amma was angry

II got out...
Around the time R&B returned

"Amma vaaa its sooo muggy outside, Akka will be dehydrated, go ka have fun at Sam's

"U come kanna" Akka begged

"Umm.. no" II shook her head

"Hey Vandita, can Shravu ride with Tan?" R&B asked

akka nodded dazed..

"I am leaving" II provoked her husband

He walked over to her, as Amma was directed to the front

"I am  coming to get u in 30 minutes" he warned

"they havent eaten..." II argued

"they can eat at Sam's"

"Vendaam" she hissed

"Take them home feed them and drop them off" Vandu offered

"Yedaanu panren naan u go ka, u will get tired standing" II worried

"Dad's waiting its too hot outside" she worried

"30 minutes" he warned
"I took my car to DII, its there"

"without getting the window fixed?" he asked

"Its OK" she mumbled

"I know the way home, after we eat I will return home to bed" she said

"II lets" he began

"Hey I am taking Dad home, hes not eaten either" Sam walked by
R&B was frustrated... he nodded

Vandu left giving them a piercing look

"U go to Sam's get something to eat.. none of us ate veg biryani Mahavir made, I might take them home for that, Appa loves elaborately made rice" she mumbled

"He can make something else for u" R&B was overjoyed she would take them to MM

"(MM is my home )I dont need ur recommendation for that" she sulked reminding she was still angry
"Agree... u dont" he half smiled

"U must go to Sam's"

"Ur answer back at u" he hissed softly (MM is my house too I will come home when I please)

She brought Amma Appa home, fed them veg biryani Mahavir was embarrassed he didnt have much to offer the couple
II served rasmalai and ice cream cake, Chachi had sent... she sent a guard/driver home with them so he could bring her car back and ensure Amma Appa got home safe in the new Hyundai
Delhi was notorious for car jackings etc especially if a new car was driven by older people

When one of the guards sat down to drive, she saw R&B's car... he had finished up dinner at Sam's and was returning home

Amma paused the car and stepped out to thank him for Mahavir's hospitality

"Its ur daughter's house too Mrs Iyer" he reiterated

"I know but we usually visit when the whole family is here... it was odd to come with her to an empty house"

"U could have stayed the night" he said politely arms across his chest

"Oh! no... periappa is home alone with the nurse, Selvi is  coming early tomorrow,
and Bala Mami and I are going to go see a friend at Noon" Amma listed her committments

Appa stepped out

"Did u like her singing?"

"Yes I did Mr Iyer" "Greatly" R&B said politely. "thanks for asking"

"We can take her with us if u want to go to Samyukta's house" Appa provoked him too


"Umm... no..." R&B said bluntly "shes fine here"

Appa was flustered

If he wasnt the son in law, Appa would have punched him for that unspeakable crime. If he wasnt II's Appa, R&B would have... umm... never mind...Embarrassed

II turned crimson, and felt her insides twist...

"Call pannu kanna" Amma begged


"Good job BTW... Appa said we must buy u something enna venum sollu... dress or purse?" Amma offered generously in her own middle class way

"Both ma" II said

"Sure kanna both" Amma hugged her tight

"Sorry" they both said to the guard

"No problem Auntijee, beti aapki hai jitna marzi baatein keejiye" he said cheerfully

"I am going upto change" she warned tidying the grand formal dining table

Dont" he ordered

"Why? did u have some titilating Iyer fantasy in mind?" she hissed
Walking inside elegantly attired in the orange and green kanjeevaram with the strings of jasmine and
jhumkas, picking up her bowl of rasmalai, that only contained the milky syrup

"A few" he said smugly

He leaned on the dining table pulling her effortlessly, as she emptied her bowl of milky pistachio flaky cardamom flavored rasmalai residue on his jeans

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