An Arranged Love Marriage (AR FF) #2; NEW PART- 04.08.2018(Page 40)

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finally the busy bee update uff bohot intezar karaya is update me liye but the wait is worth it
such a long part woahhh I just loved it so so so so so so so so so so so so very much raise to infinity

start was hilarious hahaha bechara armaan his expression r worth watching when ridhz push him nd he fell from the bed haha
poor guy sab uske romance ki band bja dete h hihihi
then armaan he rahul ki bjai wat a fall again I guess it's a falling day for them
aww poor rahul uski love story khatre mein h muski is an try with him

the kitchen scene was so romantic hayye lovely adorable
armaan ki naughty ness nd ridhz shyness
so finally the honeymoon
woahhh woh 3 honeymoon destination r perfect Italy, Austria nd my fav Switzerland I m so excited for the coming part more excited then ar themselves *wink *
loved ridhz is curious to know her honeymoon destination but armaan adamant nor giving her details

loved the passionate morning scene but it is unfortunately a dream
what seriously dream *pout*
I hope nd actually I my sure armaan will fulfill his dream at make it real very soon
such a long part lovvveeed it
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Loved it
Super awesome ..
Continue soon
Tc :)
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nice update...                                              rahul is always a kabab mei haddi in ar romance Arman is so write about it. armaan is getting so naughty and romantic but ridimma is ridimma bechare koe tadapaye jaa rahi hai abh toh taras khalo bechare pei...                  ar helps rahul to manofy muskan gud. i liked rahul dialogue very much"bahut muskil sei haath aya hai tommy tumhare varna apni files mei hie busy rehta hai" so ridimma rahul ki advice follow Karo and don't waste ur previous time in shyness...                    armaan wild dreams made me blush..    ar talks cute and naughty...                     update soon and thanks for the pm...
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I loved loved loved the update.

Rahul Armaan and Riddhima are adorable together ^_^
Armaan ne kitna curse kiya hoga Rahul ko uske romance me haddi ban gaya voh :v

I loved AR romance. . . They are beautiful <3

Finally Honeymoon vo bh itna grand! Sirf Armaan hi kar sakta h :D

His wild dreams :P It made me bluah so hard! And then that comment of making it a reality! I can totally imagine Riddhima's face :P

Cant! Just can't wait for next update!

Please update soon!

Chitra :)
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I m new here but this story is just awsom each parts are amazing lovely
please next part 
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Kb ka mahoorat nikla hai part dene ka behen jiii...
Wait kr kr k sookh gaye ab...

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Part 48

NOTE: I will again have to post in 2 parts considering the amount of images I needed to add. SO do scroll down for the continued part!
*There is NO PM part guys!! I had put up a note that I have just posted the art on the thread and was going to be late in sending the PMs to all. Phew... I think I created some misunderstanding. But let me clear it. This IS the part there's nothing more to it!*

Robin (one of the maids) entered their room with a trolley of breakfast. "Ma'am the breakfast is ready. In case you need anything else you can call through the intercom I'll be at service!"

"Sure! Thank you..." She smiled at the boy and took the trolley. As she got busy arranging the breakfast on plates; she missed his attire as he had already stepped out. He stood in front of the mirror combing his hair when Riddhima's eyes caught his glimpse and she was bowled over would be an understatement.

He wore a simple white t-shirt paired up with a brown leather jacket and faded jeans. Armaan settled in front of her rubbing his palms as he was about to grab his plate he caught her staring at him! No doubt her eyes held appreciation but more than that he could read surprise. Smiling deep he whistled aloud to grab her attention at the same time tease her!
"Excuse me Miss... but I am happily married so you can't be checking me out you see!"
He ended with a wink leaving her embarrassed to the core.

"Huh?..." Tucking her strand behind she looked away clearing her throat;
"Umm... vo ... aapko pehle kabhi aise kapdo mein nahi dekha...toh..."

He frowned at her explanation "Ohh... toh what were you thinking; main bachpan se suit- boot aur blazers pehenke ghumta hu?"

That definitely cracked her up filling the rooms with her giggles "Nahi par... bas I was a little surprised toh..."

"Ab yaha main shirts and formals peehenke toh nahi ghum sakta already itni thand hai and come on we are on our honeymoon. Yaha pe formals mein nahi rehne wala main so get used to this new me! Vaise mujhse toh kisine kaha tha ki yaha aake koi suit mein nahi rahega! Unke wardrobe mein se purane aur kuch naye dresses dikhenge mujhe yaha pe... par tum toh apne suit mein hi ho?"

"Haan actually I was thinking; hum kal raat hi aaye hai toh main thoda thak gayi thi. So why not; today we just explore this place itself. Ye jagah kitni acchi hai. Kal se bahar ghum lenge. Aaj yahi rehte hai; is liye ye dress hi pehen liya. It's more comfortable na."

"Hmm... fair! Theek hai; aaj yahi ghum lete hai aas paas. Main bhi thak gaya hu! And I am sure tumne ab tak jaroor dekh hi liya hoga ki yaha peeche ek lake hai toh vohi chale jayenge aaj. Tumhe toh fir poore duniya mein aur kuch nahi chahiye hoga; vohi pe kho jaogi tum; nahi?!"

She smiled embarrassed at his comment as it was definitely true! She actually had lost herself in the beauty of the place when she noticed the lake last night.


After their breakfast he took her around through small lanes as the place had beautiful cottages worth watching. They then settled on the lawn nearby their cottage relaxing for a while. But soon the kida within Armaan came alive and he started teasing Riddhima. It was a treat to watch her turn into shades of red. After a while they literally turned kids. He started chasing her and once that she was in his arms she went crazy with laughter as he started tickling her. Armaan did not let go of her till she confessed of checking him out though with a face that could give cherries some complex and definitely the teasing session only increased after that! But a real cherry on top was Robin's brilliant cooking which left them sated after all their masti!

They spent the evening by the lake; lost in each other's embrace talking about nothing and everything. The day had almost come to an end but neither of them realized how the time passed away. There was so much they had to catch up on. Some things said and done many things still pending but nothing felt incomplete as they had each other's company! He had not attended a single call since morning rather switched off his cell phone and had also snatched away her cell.

Climbing the stairs they made her way straight towards the main door but he held her wrist.
"Ruko... vaha nahi..."
Turning her towards her right he pointed out; "Is taraf!"

She noticed he was pointing towards the out-house which he said was yet unfinished so she frowned at him. But instead of any reply he just held her hand and tagged her along towards the outhouse. Unlocking the door he moved aside as she stood still behind him; "Tadaaa... this is our stay for the night!"

She stepped ahead with a huge smile as the room was just perfect. It was small yet warm; beautiful and cozy.  It magically cut off the outside cold though not completely; but was definitely warm and comforting. Armaan was more than sure that she would love the room. She walked ahead caressing the soft pillows lightly looking around the entire cottage with so much affection. Armaan locked the door behind as she got busy in checking out the place forgetting him for a while. Her feet as expected stopped by the window and she undid the curtains completely to see the nature look pretty covered in fog. But along with it she felt goose bumps arising as the chilly winds kissed her.

Armaan stood by her side but he was busy admiring his beautiful wife least interested in outside view. Riddhima was well aware of his gaze but did not react. She kept admiring the view but suddenly she started feeling the air around turn hot as he stepped closer. With every step as the distance reduced her breath turned frantic. As he was just two steps away she finally decided to react and turned around but froze in her spot as he uttered "Statue!"

She had no clue why was she into the game but her body involuntarily stopped at his command! Her heart beat went crazy as she could sense him step closer from behind. Staying in the same posture she just shut her eyes as he slid his arm around her waist and pulled her back jamming her into his chest. Her flying hair that tickled his face were pushed over to her other side of neck when she tried to move his hand off her waist.

Riddhima shivered as he whispered making her stop "I don't think I told you to "move"... at least not yet!!"

She stayed where she was as he uttered huskily over her earlobe as it is making her helpless. She gulped hard as his lips descended on her bare neck. As her hand was already down on her waist placed over his; he intertwined her fingers bringing her closer. She tried her best to be calm as she was not allowed to move but his kisses created havoc in her body. She stopped her hands from moving but she definitely couldn't stop her body from shivering in his hold.

"Armaan..." A helpless moan escaped her mouth as he nibbled her earlobe.

"Shh... you are not allowed to speak Riddhima... you know the rules!"

Placing sloppy kisses all over her neck he loosened his hold over her and stepped in front of her. Caressing her cheek with his thumb as she blushed deep red; he traced her arm lightly with his index finger. He noticed that her kurti had a string in front and smirked to himself. Letting his hand move up to the string he bent over her ear and whispered "MOVE!!"

His hand held the string to untie it and as expected she instantly gripped his wrist to stop him the minute his words fell on her ear. As her eyes flung open she saw him leaning over her with his face just inches away. She loosened her grip and he instantly moved his hand away; now busy staring into her eyes with mischief clearly sparkling in his eyes. He did not utter a single word and just kept smiling at her which she knew was because of her flushed face and deceiving body!

But however shy that she felt she couldn't move her eyes away getting involved into a long eye lock. She jolted a little by surprise as he held her arm and rubbed them lightly as she turned shivery. She looked away as he dragged her close;
Relax...  main tumhe kha nahi jaunga!

"Aap please... aise mat dekhiye mujhe!"

"Kyun nahi?"

"Kyunki... "

"Hmm hmm...kyun ki kya?"

Her breath hitched as his thumb drew circles over her palm staring at her endlessly. Not wanting to run away any more she fumbled for a minute but looked up to meet his gaze. Bringing her hand out of his hold slowly she pushed his hands down but stood still in her place. Having a mini debate with herself as he could see; she finally stepped ahead nestled into his arms. Automatically his hands circled her petite figure and his face buried deep in her neck.

Their hearts pumped at a faster rate as the two held each other so close. Their lips met like no tomorrow and they were taken into another world full of love.


As his bare body towered hers under the cozy comforter she shivered reading the passion in his eyes inspite of his body heat providing her enough warmth. Caressing her forehead he covered her chin; throat and her neck with innumerable kisses and love bites as she finally let herself free in his hold.  Her delicate fingers ruffled his perfectly set hair as he moved south.

Moving his hand out of the blanket he shut the lamp shades turning the room pitch dark. But she seemed too oblivious to it as she was already dazed by his kisses and caresses over her body. She couldn't deny that his mere touches successfully washed away the longing and all the pain being away from him for the past days. He left no stones unturned for the missed out days and nights away from each other leaving her in moans and groans. His passion definitely was high tonight giving her a sneak peak of whatever that he was dreaming since morning. Keeping his promise he had turned the dream into a reality and a hot unforgettable reality is what she could say!

She trembled feeling his touch all over her body while he kissed her ferociously. Their hot breath and perspired bodies mingled and the cold night ended with a beautiful union. Their bodies never lost contact but as the morning brought fog along making her shiver he hid himself deep into her neck snuggling closer. His hands got back to caressing her curves and she once again drowned into the pool of his love forgetting about the cold and every damn thing in the world!


Sun started peeping through the curtains trying to catch a glimpse of the love birds too busy entangled into each other. Kissing away those dry tears he planted a sloppy kiss against her cheek. Armaan caressed her cheek as she was still shivery and he knew she wasn't cold for sure! The night had left her trembling... she still hadn't got used to his touch. Maybe her heart had given in but her body was still not under her control. Her body still reacted to his every touch as if he was touching her for the first time and he absolutely had no complaints!!

"Ar...maan subah ho gayi hai; hume... vapas chalna... chahiye!!" She murmured still with her eyes closed. Her cheeks tint red while her lips quivering as she spoke.

Pecking her lips softly he made her open her eyes and held her chin "Uhuh... I have a better idea; why not we first catch on some sleep?"

Her face flushed as he teased since they had not had a wink of sleep entire night. Suddenly she realized that her eyes were actually heavy; deprived of sleep! Getting the cue she shut her eyes as he planted soft kisses over her eyes and pulling the comforter up over them snuggled closer pulling her into a warm embrace which definitely helped her drift into a calm soothing sleep.


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PART 48 (continued)

  An hour after or so... his cell started ringing disturbing their sleep. She turned away moving off him irritated by the disturbance and he somehow grabbed his cell tapping the table blindly. His eyes snapped open as his mother told him that she was supposed to call her last night but it was almost noon but yet she hadn't called so Ananya made a call herself.

The clock struck 10:30 and both of them were very much fast asleep. Riddhima started whining like a kid as he tried to wake her since Ananya wanted to talk so he just cut the call telling her they would call back soon. Ananya knew that they were on their holiday and needed their time alone; but both her kids had been through so much so she couldn't stop herself when she received no call. But talking to Armaan she was sure they both were ok so she too did not insist much and cut the call.

"Riddhima... utho baby! Din bhar sone ka program hai aaj?"

"ugghhh... mujhe sonaa hai. Abhi toh soyi hu main mat sataiye na Armaan. Let me sleep!"

"Well ab ye galat iljaam hai; ab tak toh sataya nahi tha... but if you insist..."
As she had her back towards him; he started making patterns over her bare back slowly moving down and soon as he moved in front and circled her belly button her eyes opened up wide. Turning around swiftly she held the blanket tight against her chest making him chuckle at her pale face. Soon enough colours rushed back to her face as she realized what she had been complaining about!

"Toh kya keh rahi thi tum?"

She quickly shook her head denying that she ever said anything. Shifting closer he leaned over with his face inches away from her. Holding her delicate fingers playing with them and she as always shivered;
"Ek baat batao... ye mere choone par kaanpna kab band karogi tum?"

She stayed mumb keeping her eyes downcasted not bothering to reply at all.
"Arey bolo!! Kuch toh jawab do!"

Meekly she stated her reply making him smile wide "Jab... aapka asar mujhpe hona band ho jaye!"
And that indirectly meant NEVER; understanding which he simply placed a sweet kiss over her head.


Armaan was busy over the phone trying to know if Rahul had manofied Muskaan by now and finally somehow he had!
"Acha ab hum vapas laute tab tak aur kuch khurafati mat karna. Varna vaha lautke vapas square one se start karna padega... kyunki Muskaan ka ghussa toh tu jaanta hi hai!"

"Chill bro I know! And buddy thanks for all the..."

"Haan haan bas; ab jyaada oversmart mat ban. Varna abhi Muskaan ko call karke bol dunga usse baat karne ki bajai hume yaha phone kar karke disturb kar raha hai! Fir toh vo tuj..."

He had not noticed Riddhima walking out dressed in a beautiful knee-length one piece. The minute he turned and saw her he missed a beat. His cell was long forgotten and so were Rahul-Muskaan. He definitely knew she would look pretty in a western dress and was wanting to see her wear it. But right this moment that she was in it; he changed his mind. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea!

He stood gawking at her completely stunned rather mesmerized by her beauty. His mouth still slightly open while his eyes forgot blinking! The plan was to go out and have fun; but she looked so angelic in that attire that all his plans had subsided for a while. After all there were people out there who could definitely not stop themselves from staring as she looked so mesmerizing; but how could he handle that? Wasn't she getting ready for his eyes only!!

Riddhima hung the earring in her earlobe and pushed her hair behind as they disturbed; when she noticed Armaan standing right behind!
"Armaan i am almost ready just a minute..."

She bent ahead to grab the lip gloss but was turned back. He checked her out top to bottom and whistled shamelessly making her blush;
"Main soch raha hu ki aaj ka plan postpone karde... Vaise bhi the way you are looking right now; I am not sure if the people outside can afford to bear this much heat! So why not save them from you?"

Her knees turned liquid by the intensity of his eyes. She placed a hand over his eyes instantly;
"Armaan aap... aise mat dekhiye!"

Holding her hand he placed a kiss over her palm adding another shade into her already red cheeks
"Toh fir kaise dekhu baby?"

Dragging her closer he held her chin speaking right over her lips; "You know you are looking so pretty... you should often wear such dresses. Actually nahi...I was really going to suggest you so; but on second thoughts... rehne do; tum ye sab jyaada na hi pehno toh accha hai!"

She frowned at his words a little disappointed; "Haan matlab... if you dress up like this more often toh mere saare kaam toh ho gaye samjho! Mera dhyaan kaam mein lagna thoda sa mushkil ho jayega you see... so..."

And within a minute she was hiding in his arms to cover up her blush as he continued with praises bluntly!


"Aap kya kar rahe hai?... Aapne promise kiya tha aap yaha pe apne office ka koi kaam nahi karenge!! Toh fir?

Armaan who was sprawling lazily over the comfy swing quickly turned towards her and placed his tab away pulling her down onto his lap.
"Toh tumse kisne kaha main kaam kar raha hu?"

"Tof fir tab pe kya kar rahe the aap?"

"Hmm dikhata hu ek minute... here..."
He handed over the tab and she saw her b'day pics displaying on the screen. A sweet smile spread over her lips in an instant.

"Ye dekh rahe the aap?!"

"Tum bohot khoobsurat lag rahi thi us din. Matlab you look preety humesha hi... par us din sabse acchi lag rahi thi tum!" He placed a soft kiss over her head and pulled her close.

 "Acha... ye sab baad mein dekh lijiye. Umm... mujhe aapko kuch dena tha!"


"Apna haath deejiye!"

He frowned a bit but anyways forwarded his hand and she turned it over. She opened a box that she held and as it opened he saw a metallic ring; with a stone at the centre exact replica of the one he gifted her.

Though the band was more masculine and bold, she delicately pushed the ring into his finger and squealed; "Perfect!!"

"Ye kya hai?"

"Ye aapka gift hai! Aap humesha mujhe kitne sare surprises dete hai; gifts dete hai... aur humari shaadi ko jis din 6 mahine poore hue vo ek mauka tha when I had planned things for you; par vo bhi sab cancel ho gaya. Is liye aaj de rahi hu. Aapko kaisa laga?"

"It's really nice baby. I loved it!!"

"Vaise iska thoda credit aapko bhi jaata hai since ye gift ka idea na maine aapse hi churaya hai; see..." she held her hand next to him pointing towards the ring he had gifted. She looked so excited about it just like a kid and he couldn't help placing a kiss on her cheek.

"Ye dene ki ek khaas vajah hai by the way. Aap humesha mujhse dur hi bhaagte ho na toh this might help me a little..."

Armaan instantly pulled her closer and whispered in a husky tone "Baccha ulta bol rahi ho aap... you are the one always running away from me."

She made some distance pushing him through his chest getting his point "Tch mera matlab... vaha aap sirf apne kaam mein lage rehte hai! Har do din baad koi conference; kuch meeting kuch na kuch hota hai aur aap Mumbai ya India se hi bahar chale jaate hai. Ya toh fir aisi jagah jaakar baith jaate hai jaha insaan aapko phone ya messages through bhi contact na kar paaye."
She pouted making him chuckle at her cuteness; "Aur fir aapne hi kaha tha na ki ye stone... iska colour meri aankhon se milta julta hai. Toh jab aap mujhse dur honge tab ise dekhkar hi kam se kam mujhe yaad kar lenge aap! Toh is liye bhale hi aapko jyada ringa pehen ne ki aadat nahi hai; aap har baar bahar jaate waqt ise apne paas rakhenge... bass!"

Riddhima ordered him and how could he avoid her orders!
He placed her palm over his heart and continued; "Toh ab se ye humesha mere paas rahega; kyunki bahar chale jau ya kahi bhi rahu tum toh humesha hi mere dil mein rehti ho is ring ki jarurat nahi tumhari yaad dilane ke liye. Par tumhara ehsaas hai is mein jo humesha mere saath hoga; tumhare kareeb nahi bhi rahu fir bhi!"

Placing a sweet kiss over her lips he accepted her gift gladly.


   Australia was indeed a wonderful place. They started from Queensland and explored many other places around. They had limited days since two more places were to be visited. But there were no complaints as they explored many places very well; with all sights worth seeing; tried innumerable delicacies. The breath taking fun rides were enjoyed by them to the fullest. All the possible nearby lakes were undoubtedly visited on her command!

Soon after they moved ahead in their journey and reached the most awaited destination "SALUZZO!!"

Along with all these adventures the two had turned expert in pulling each other's leg! But this time; having all these 24 hours to themselves made them realize how much they were missing on in their life. Armaan promised himself that however busy he might be; he would definitely take her out for whatever small trips he could manage at least for 2 days every month. It did not matter even if it was the lake side house just outside the city; but condition was the entire time; those 24-48 hours must be named for her and only her!

"Armaan I am warning you give it back!!"

"Ohhh... main toh dar gaya. Tum mujhe warn kar rahi ho... is it? Hmm... kya kar logi tum agar main vapas nahi karu toh?"

"Par aap kyun nahi vapas karoge?"

"Kyunki I don't want to!"

"This is sooo unfair. Main toh aapko kabhi nahi rokti kuch bhi dekhne se!"

"Well that's because I see things that are sensible; aise stupid chimpanzees ko nahi dekhta main tv pe!"

"Enouggghhh... that's it." She pulled off the main plug and shut the tv.
"Ab rakhiye apna ye remote apne paas; koi jarurat nahi mujhe iski huh! Par khabar daar jo use kuch bhi ulta seedha kaha. Aap bas jalte hai... varna "mera Shahid" sabseee handsome hai samjhe aap?! Hump..."

Armaan had nothing against him; but when he saw her sooo lost in watching Shahid how could he digest that view! And this "mera Shahid" thingy was absolutely not something he could bear! So what if he was inside the tv and she was miles away from him. He was still jealous; after all he was her husband! The dreamy smile that she had as she saw Shahid on screen was simply too much to handle.

Riddhima huffed in pure anger and walked out.

"Ab tum kaha ja rahi ho?" Armaan followed her as she opened the door.

"Main kahi bhi jau isse aapko matlab?"

"Riddhima apna bachpana band karo tum! Andar chalo; vaise hi bahar thand badh rahi hai."

"Toh badhne deejiye. Mujhe yahi khade hona hai... har baat mein aap apni marzi nahi chala sakte samjhe aap! Main jo jee mein aaye vohi karungi huh..."

Stating her intentions clearly she started walking down the stairs; "Huh humesha mujhe daant-te rehte hai! Pata nahi khud ko kya samjhte hai? Ab main apni marzi se kisi ko pasand bhi nahi karu! Ye kya baat hui..."

Armaan smacked his forehead seeing her completely upset. He followed her as she kept walking away cursing him under her breath. Some instant damage control was to be done before things were out of hand so he tried to cool her "Acha suno meri baat... ruko!! Chalo vapas andar; dekh lo jo bhi dekhna hai tumhe main kuch nahi keh raha bas?"

"Nahi... ab kuch nahi dekhna mujhe!!" She stopped and folded her hands against her chest

"Par abhi toh dekhna chahti thi na tum ab main man..."

"Haan dekhna chahti thi tabhi; ab mera man nahi! Is mein bhi aapko problem hai?"

"Nahi main kaha kuch keh raha hu. Main toh bas... tch ab kaha jaa rahi ho tum?" He frowned as she settled inside the car dressed up in that beautiful chiffon dress paired up with a fluffy shrug which would absolutely grab attention of many as she looked angelic in it.

He got really worried as she opened the door and wasn't letting him come along.

"Riddhima enough alright! Dekho ye majaak nahi hai; you don't even know this place; aur aise sham ke waqt akele bahar mat niklo tum. Let me..."

"Vohi toh... aapko lagta hai main kuch samjhti hi nahi! Aur vaise bhi aapko itna tension lene ki koi jarurat nahi kyunki main car mein hu. Ab car ke andar koi mujhe kya kar lega! I just want to go for a ride alone; aap baithiye aur dekhiye ab jo dekhna hai aapko."

"Riddhima... abhi isi waqt tum gaadi se bahar nikal rai ho varna..."

"Jee nahi... Good bye Armaan!"
She started the car and was out of his vision. Armaan got really tensed seeing her adamant; he quickly asked the keeper and borrowing their car went out in search for his angry little wife. Riddhima knew it wasn't safe but she was safe in a car anyways and she had planned to just take a round and come back to miff him as he had been so stubborn with her! Even she could get stubborn... and he had to suffer now.


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