Software Symphony 23 - Page 111

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Posted: 7 years ago
Corruption & Conscience

She went to bed around midnight, he was asleep face down... he held his phone in his hand,  she picked it up and put it on the bedside table

"No babies tonight Dad" she muttered as she slid beside him turned away from him and tucked a palm under her cheek and shut her eyes... she couldnt sleep for the longest time

It felt like she had interviewed for a dream job for months and just got told they hired someone else

She did mental math scenarios of when practically a promotion was possible if things rolled from today...
2-3 years, before she could get a job like Bally's Senior Deployment Manager
3 yrs after that would be Group head

3-4 years afterwards for a Bansal like position
Almost 40?
Not pleasant

She sat up when her brain spit out the results...
All along she had been imaging 5-6; 5-6 years, the 5-6 year estimate was being carried that many years now.
Somewhere along the way years had passed by...

Her alarm went off at 6, she had a 8 AM with Ashwini, she wanted to go see Periappa and Akka before work but after hitting snooze she cudnt get up until 6:20

20 minutes she could have spent driving to Munirka... went in snoozing

She turned, he was half asleep...

"Jaldi so gaye?" she asked softly

He reached out dragging her closer

"I have a 8 O Clock" she said gently removing herself from an embrace

He grabbed her again...

"So jao, mujhe jaana hai" she said somberly

"II" he prodded

He gently wrapped his arms around her securely

Settling in her neck... snugly

"Its a Monday" she informed him

"He was going to be in Janakpuri" (the scarves guy)

"Hmm" she said no longer enthusiastic

"I can drive u after work" he offered

"I was hoping to buy it on my way to work" she muttered

He chuckled at the quick wit

"Now?" he muttered gently rubbing himself on her

"No..." "Duty calls" she said mustering enough cheer to make it appear normal

He extracted... one kiss... two... three... with each some of her clothing loosened

"I can give u a ride to work" he begged, in her ear

"Monday is bus day... a cute banker sits by me" she moaned as he nipped

His phone rang... and he had to let her go


She got to work at 8:07 ran to her meeting room with the Daily Perk coffee

Ashwini had brought muffins and coffee for both, she chuckled promising to drink both in the next hour

They reviewed the morning run reports, talked about Lajpat Nagar and Rohini showrooms, decided to take turns with both

 Ranjan was expected to visit Ghaziabad this week Ashwini informed her

"Great!! we can show case GHZB as a poster child for KMPG quality" II said eagerly

"I wont go that far, I am working with my team to strip Gurgaon workshop off the toxic stuff, will take a week max... then we can load the Version 2 and go from there?"

"Looks good to me... I have  meetings with Bally all week, he will intro me to my new boss, we have a lunch for it tomm...
naye bandey ko khush karte hain making it seem like we can do nothing wrong" II chuckled

"U seem to be a in a good mood?" Ashwini asked smiling


"Its a Monday and I have a job" she smiled

"thats true" Ashwini smiled


Upstairs on 20th, R&B reviewed Patna "showroom" lease documents

Ranjan had finally picked one of the sites R&B had recommended and had sent papers for review

He eyes them carelessly

The daily "Labor report" slid into his in box, he didnt pay much attention to it usually

It was all the "contract help" the workshops hired to tide over peaks in repair shop business.

It varied between 20- 100 at Gurgaon showrrom and similar numbers elsewhere

He went to his  hard drive and looked at how many he employed altogether between shorooms and workshops
And looked at Corp Office  employees... there was a lot of fat every where..

He ran some math, just for kicks to see how many could be "safely let go"
He came up with 17 for Corp Office

"Govt Liaison Officer" was a WHOLE TEAM

All they worked was with maruti, he wondered what other "government" was there?

IT Deptt? Ministry of Commerce?

He paged Mrs Sagar and asked her to bring documents relating to job functions and responsibilities across the company

Jacque called from Argent and he couldnt go back to looking at the reports she brought in

The GHZB and Dilshad Garden deployment reports were stacked up on his desk by 7 PM that night...

She came up to drop off somethings Ranjan asked her to

She wandered as Ranjan's new assistant Emad informed her Ranjan was "around"
She couldnt find him, so she popped into R&B's office

"I am leaving some papers in his yellow bin will u tell Emad to tell Dad?" she asked

"U could text him"

"I did.. but he wanted it for tomorrow and he is supposed to be around and I cant find him"

R&B looked preoccupied... he barely nodded

"I didnt know the floor was so huge, I almost got lost" she muttered

"90% could be gone and u wudnt miss them" he chuckled derisively

"Kyon?" she asked startled

"Only he (Ranjan) knows what they do"

"they are redundant?" she asked, she cared too much for Ranjan to watch go uncared

"Umm... ya putting it mildly" he said not looking up

"To keh sakte ho na?" she asked angrily, she felt like someone was robbing Appa

"Why?' he asked bluntly

"Because just like you could tell KMPG their SW was ridiculously buggy and klugey Mr Bhalla
, u could tell him where else Mr Ranjan's resources are being wasted" she explained blistering

He bristled she could tell

"He placed me in a position of authority to whet the SW Ms IYER!" he said bitingly.

"Since u show up at this office everyday I am assuming u hold SOME position in the company?" she asked gently mocking

"I am not incharge of re-engineering, if thats what u are looking for" he pointed out

"Utilizing your position of influence and power  u can suggest improvements that would help the bottom
line u need not always be part of a consulting company or the restructuring team" "U KNOW THAT"she said passionately

"Hes hired them all, he must know what he wants them to do" he said carelessly

"Tum itne uncaring ho, u witness monumental wastage and yet choose to be quiet?" she asked baffled

"Its not my job"

"WHAT is your job?" she asked pained

"To sign expense receipts, approve new hires and review daily reports of cars sold" he said flatly

"U are contributing to the problem by hiring more?" she askedShocked

"I am not contributing I am just approving reqs"

"Do u get paid for this job?" she asked bluntly

"Excuse me?" he asked angrilyAngry

"Does he pay you to show up at work?" she demanded mercilessly

He nodded

"Then U owe it as part of your employment ethicsAngry... or do your ethics only extend to SW purchases?"Ouch

She had no idea why she was feeling protective for Ranjan but she was...

He looked like he was just about to blow up like a IED...

Posted: 7 years ago
Aiyooo.  II and R&B fighting!!!  That too over Ranjan's company...Confused

I don't know whether to take cover or enjoy the showLOL

Poor II is reconsidering all her career plans and R&B is going to fry her for questioning his ethics.  Cry
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by VeeIyer

@ shidin0117, Anu, Hspcanada, Envee, Nividances...
Thanks for the overwhelming concern Smile
Iam a bit embarassed as I have hogged 2 pages of queries & concerns on my well being from all of you !!
Never thought I would be the centre of such attention...

A few words on our heroine  Nisha Clap
One of the posts ( pritee mishra 's ) says how Nisha has raised the bar of what and how much a woman can do if she so chooses to...
Imagine, coming back late at night from a BBQ party and sitting down to write just because us "Pavlovians" are circling our laptops in anticipation Smile
Kudos to you Nisha...words fail me...and I have actually run out of adjectives Clap

Agree with u vani, Nisha is like a super woman, she gives into our demands, writing daily, I wonder if it does tax her brain. She makes everything look so effortless, multitasking ...managing home, family, career and then writing. I admire her so much...
Posted: 7 years ago
Is this going to be one show down?? Shocked

Good II is asking him to PROVIDE help Clap

RB is careless...He does not give a dime Sleepy

Ranjan is hiring too many ...FOR WHAT ...Even I am baffled now Confused

Posted: 7 years ago
I dont know why...but i really like their fight with words...afterall all these began from their famous world wars,right?DIL vs son!!!hmm...pleasure to read!!what if ranjan comes to know about all these??paavam he will be downhearted again by his sons attitude!Edited by ishruhi - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Wow was missing this professional battle I am now waiting for ramans response 
Posted: 7 years ago
This is so R&B! He wouldn't bother with things that doesn't fall within his authority, especially when it comes to Ranjan. Whereas, II will go that extra mile for anybody she cares about. I've always wondered about the way R&B carries himself around Ranjan; his resentment has practically turned to indifference. N that allows him to overlook such blatant corruption without doing anything about it. He just doesn't consider it his business.
But II questioning him regarding ethics has bristled him well and good, since he's in reality rather principled. We've seen the Samar fiasco in Patna. There's going to b quite an explosion I believe.
Posted: 7 years ago
Oooh, dhamaka, was missing their fights at the work place, these two can lead or head the WAR OF WORDS. I think II took the bull by the horns and gave him back properly. 
If it was Argent, or if his and Ranjans relationship was different he would have done it. Now also, since he is holding a position and drawing a salary, it is his responsibilty to point it out to where or what is dragging the company performance. 

Bravo II, for giving him a rude awakening. Waiting to see how the Dude will react. Hope its positive reaction.

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